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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Meadbhb,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
MIOKA(MIOKA)Adult (f)5,1809347
FxYyGStorm Tossed Ulrick-2PBAdult (m)3,3658555
eEFypStorm Tossed Urien-2PBAdult (m)3,3488666
PlbUbStorm Tossed Jenkins-2PBAdult (m)3,0248675
WbQxq(WbQxq)Adult (f)4,1558864
XtmqF(XtmqF)Adult (f)4,0826675
BjLF3Storm Tossed Fierce-CBAdult (m)3,3898754
oOrXCStorm Tossed Lyva-CBAdult (f)4,1278499
fqzi8Storm Tossed Ocean-CBAdult (m)4,1068863
PjiCLStorm Tossed Miazma-CBAdult (f)3,9418533
LzQASStorm Tossed Edgar-CBAdult (m)3,7558844
E8JzfStorm Tossed Aerata-3GCAdult (f)3,43856432
GryTEStorm Tossed Allana-CBAdult (f)4,7839094
QbFirStorm Tossed Teasha-CBAdult (m)3,4448744
v40pK(v40pK)Adult (m)4,1906815
lOuG1(lOuG1)Adult (m)4,1726947
xFjXQStorm Tossed Injector-CBAdult (m)5,3621,3814
4N31mStorm Tossed Goblin-CBAdult (m)3,4241,0424
PYnlpStorm Tossed Quiz-CBAdult (m)4,1258804
oM8qzStorm Tossed Zaada-CBAdult (f)3,4338562
maC7wStorm Tossed Eyeburn-4GCAdult (f)2,6538151
CwwW3Storm Tossed Pink-CBAdult (f)4,7689671
mxYIYStorm Tossed Heart-CBAdult (f)3,1069130
ojsNRStorm Tossed Cookie-3GSTAdult (f)4,1838222
DDNFaStorm Tossed Ulrick-CBAdult (m)3,5288743
9gBF9Storm Tossed Bettle-CBAdult (f)5,5371,0809
psEvVStorm Tossed Quanty-CBAdult (f)4,7599127
wdLAAStorm Tossed Misha-CBAdult (f)5,4199348
7RZSYStorm Tossed Quinn-CBAdult (m)6,9611,30425
wXC2KStorm Tossed Gyser-CBAdult (f)4,0579879
gR86HStorm Tossed Yazmine-CBAdult (f)2,39855612
VyriwStorm Tossed Quinta-CBAdult (f)3,8798623
cynqAStorm Tossed Norade-CBAdult (m)3,2578453
b7A4XStorm Tossed Nadia-CBAdult (m)3,5439334
GNRO4Storm Tossed Zane-CBAdult (m)3,4348682
2qydZStorm Tossed Ian-CBAdult (m)4,1308545
nf8g6Windswept EleganceAdult (f)4,1958786
0HJh3Storm Tossed Lezayo-7GMAdult (f)5,1081,1406
6ggDmStorm Tossed Ma'am-2GPBAdult (f)5,2508173
6087cMean Joe Green-2GPBAdult (m)5,4908125
dwzxwBig Ben-2GPBAdult (m)5,0507952
LUvRyStorm Tossed Energy-10GMAdult (m)6,6059035
NG81iStorm Tossed CB Z-2GPBAdult (m)3,7278353
Hg8QzStorm Tossed Enchanted-3GCAdult (f)6,4479243
kdaUkStorm Tossed Watchman-2GCAdult (m)6,6369383
vui8kStorm Tossed Wish-CBAdult (f)5,0978884
KmtIWWindswept Gravity-3GCAdult (m)4,0868555
7lP1WWindswept Sir Lyran-3GCAdult (m)4,6938625
3OsJMJack LambertAdult (m)4,0838064
UD0h1Storm Tossed Iksle-2GPBAdult (f)4,3879189
ftlXVHinds Psycho WardAdult (m)5,2768735
cIjnHStorm Tossed Jackle-2GPBAdult (m)6,6741,2465
CPB3CSunstorm Blackness-4GCAdult (m)4,8649363
nlWAtTerry BradshawAdult (m)3,6998803
VFrJzSunstorm Clash-4CAdult (m)3,6408425
2Fr2mStorm Tossed Vincent-CBAdult (m)6,1361,1375
akypVStorm Tossed Tuxedo-3GPBAdult (m)8,1511,2745
AgKv4Windswept Iklsa-3GAdult (f)3,5508822
LAn6TStorm Tossed Beauty-4GCAdult (f)3,6431,0178
xamsyStorm Tossed Siren-3GCAdult (f)3,0249634
Dz72mStorm Tossed Jala-CBAdult (f)4,4628684
XNG8gStorm Tossed Zanie-CBAdult (m)4,2378986
J7O4eStorm Tossed Cruiser-CBAdult (m)3,3727247
fi7UZStorm Tossed Eboney-CBAdult (f)2,7966808
9wAgwStorm Tossed Your Turn-2GCAdult (m)9,0911,2087
xX9jqStorm Tossed Xnix-CBAdult (m)3,9279617
3okQHFuzzbucket's Bingo Gift-2GCAdult (m)4,8669607
JrufBWindswept Lion-2GCAdult (m)4,1428849
eXZWnStorm Tossed Tiger-CBAdult (m)5,8241,0904
XpwP9Storm Tossed Dash-2GAdult (m)3,4318042
R9bBg(R9bBg)Adult (f)5,7978595
0UwmZStorm Tossed Paladine-CBAdult (m)4,33383410
d1iZdStorm Tossed Faith-CBAdult (f)4,1098604
AJLfyStorm Tossed Una-CBAdult (f)6,4041,0458
XTSdWStorm Tossed Victory-CBAdult (m)5,73486221
spRfsStorm Tossed Match-CBAdult (m)5,5171,06610
yvoVIStorm Tossed Rogue-CBAdult (m)4,74394812
z6CDrStorm Tossed Zinnia-2GCAdult (f)5,02190911
DHKnEWindswept Ocean-2GCAdult (m)4,8898924
RZDsCStorm Tossed Headwind-CBAdult (m)3,3778844
i4dFJStorm Tossed Umberto-CBAdult (m)3,5558773
OCTpDStorm Tossed Zada-CBAdult (f)2,5015913
cZoucStorm Tossed Delay-CBAdult (m)5,8889793
seETyStorm Tossed Freak-CBAdult (m)4,7128344
2bckUStorm Tossed Bitra-CBAdult (f)3,1868472
biHx2Storm Tossed Pebast-3GPBAdult (m)4,2738738
ZoFayStorm Tossed Love Biscuit-4GCAdult (m)4,4788484
1gsjGStorm Tossed Renagade-CBAdult (m)3,8568343
bjSXGStorm Tossed Acursed-CBAdult (f)3,2268875
4Y76DStorm Tossed Lady Death-CBAdult (f)3,5351,09211
JKtgSStorm Tossed Uli-CBAdult (f)6,9731,1455
mCoDXStorm Tossed Nuptual-CBAdult (f)4,3121,0213
z7NmkStorm Tossed Vince-CBAdult (m)3,3778582
yHTQeStorm Tossed Dragon-4GSTAdult (m)9,6361,29210
aONhsStorm Tossed Glint-3GSTAdult (m)5,0498566
3Vc7NSunstorm AlphaAdult (m)4,1028378
ZCQXQStorm Tossed Storm-2GAdult (m)3,9407977
TuOFHStorm Tossed Ickthess-CBAdult (m)3,3359003
58AskStorm Tossed Zimgnoll-3GCAdult (f)3,5219843
ho7tkStorm Tossed Noctimare-3GCAdult (m)3,5259781
aRZwWStorm Tossed Asteroid-4GCAdult (f)3,4049873
VxPU6Storm Tossed Cavern-CBAdult (f)3,5291,0851
hc7sbStorm Tossed Jazz-CBAdult (m)3,2498793
s6ehnStorm Tossed Ester-CBAdult (f)5,2521,03910
eTFYsStorm Tossed Zoey-CBAdult (f)4,3138463
37mzEStorm Tossed Jabril-CBAdult (m)3,6899487
RFtgf(RFtgf)Adult (m)6,2128794
rURUOStorm Tossed Xebella-CBAdult (f)3,5018872
3lpVZStorm Tossed Plant-2GPBAdult (f)4,4847293
Q4u1vStorm Tossed Lazarus-2PBAdult (m)3,61794811
cMnnpStorm Tossed Omaira-CBAdult (f)3,8288504
hK3e8Storm Tossed Kindred-CBAdult (m)3,4289012
NgrWhStorm Tossed Bee-CBAdult (m)6,5338854
HBypxStorm Tossed Oa'si-CBAdult (f)3,4898843
7rgrSStorm Tossed Seafoam-CBAdult (f)7,3541,0627
oOaWWStorm Tossed Baskerville-4GPBAdult (f)8,1221,0934
4IHJsStorm Tossed Xiomara-CBAdult (f)4,8368244
Gq3DFStorm Tossed Narnia-CBAdult (f)4,4898503
70QOYStorm Tossed Tidal-CBAdult (f)8,7781,3668
npKekWindswept Eventine-2GCAdult (f)3,5408385
mYI7mStorm Tossed Zorean-3GPBAdult (f)4,1447433
mi93MStorm Tossed Potential-3GCAdult (f)4,7097763
xHmdiStorm Tossed Jesserant-3GCAdult (f)4,4597572
BYz8IStorm Tossed Regal Unicorn-2GCAdult (m)5,6111,4483
gUwIwStorm Tossed Grizzle-CBAdult (f)2,8458133
1msKhStorm Tossed Sygn-3GCAdult (f)2,9377973
T44YyStorm Tossed Chi-2GCAdult (m)2,7838682
fhquaStorm Tossed Paavo-CBAdult (m)3,3068744
3yMZqStorm Tossed Yvonne-CBAdult (f)3,8438115
YEkpYStorm Tossed Mercedes-CBAdult (f)3,4438637
uR5r4Storm Tossed Variety-CBAdult (m)3,5027973
v3bPxStorm Tossed Izzy-CBAdult (f)3,4378576
iJpmzStorm Tossed Diva-CBAdult (f)4,7579327
oKao5Storm Tossed Flash-CBAdult (m)3,8738934
MkCxmStorm Tossed Isis-CBAdult (f)3,6908502
HmPAyStorm Tossed Titan-CBAdult (m)3,3248562
FCqsoStorm Tossed Bailey-CBAdult (f)4,5639186
IY5hxWindswept AnleyAdult (f)3,8758265
rvUUOStorm Tossed Preditor-CBAdult (m)4,0219296
itRtdStorm Tossed Dharma-CBAdult (f)3,4049483
vT42DStorm Tossed Eternal-CBAdult (m)3,4619515
bmL43Storm Tossed Zinger-CBAdult (m)6,8531,2605
09gmoStorm Tossed Gem-CBAdult (f)5,9489306
K4nqJStorm Tossed Blue Gemma-CBAdult (f)3,8449372
c7m3EStorm Tossed Alexandrite-CBAdult (m)3,97987111
ym0hN(ym0hN)Adult (m)6,1148811
ODUXxStorm Tossed Yara-CBAdult (f)7,8731,0475
3DbSaStorm Tossed Red Diamond-CBAdult (m)3,4279082
zcrOvStorm Tossed Zombie Beast-3GMAdult (m)5,02573112
QwBwwStorm Tossed Flame-CBAdult (f)3,8229983
kgOoZStorm Tossed Freedom-CBAdult (m)6,3779428
rXWvvRuby Eye's Gift-CBAdult (m)4,2088116
IxqV7Storm Tossed Lemonade-3GPBAdult (f)5,3279906
x1coSStorm Tossed Purple-3GSTAdult (f)4,3948919
Qfq1vReality Girls-3GCAdult (f)4,8789885
diEYzStorm Tossed Moldine-CBAdult (m)4,1268253
4wgKgStorm Tossed Abbot-CBAdult (m)7,7441,1597
6z2j2Storm Tossed Lawna-CBAdult (f)4,7929295
5oNpYStorm Tossed Heaven-CBAdult (f)4,37686914
5hOeUStorm Tossed Regal-CBAdult (f)4,93697616
Hz6O6Storm Tossed Voninkazo-2GAdult (m)3,8268805
KMBjfStorm Tossed Petal-2GAdult (f)4,0268764
mXhH8Storm Tossed Raakel-CBAdult (f)3,5748432
SFtr4Storm Tossed Trickster-CBAdult (m)5,3141,0409
CiRzRStorm Tossed Quelina-CBAdult (f)3,4468552
LruQ3Storm Tossed Frosty-CBAdult (m)4,7478591
nkhmf(nkhmf)Adult (f)4,3919283
xSiwb(xSiwb)Adult (m)4,2819180
hEDwp(hEDwp)Adult (f)4,2367056
FnL9K(FnL9K)Adult (f)4,1297065
IAzkJMontre's Seventh Gift-CBAdult (m)3,4308686
dlgmGStorm Tossed Kinsman-CBAdult (m)6,0711,03714
qWn2FStorm Tossed Emerald-CBAdult (f)3,9119386
j1SyMStorm Tossed Jasmine-CBAdult (f)2,5208495
X1hwNStorm Tossed Grossular-CBAdult (f)3,7759026
lnHeuStorm Tossed Wafa-CBAdult (f)4,6348753
1rhOJ(1rhOJ)Adult (m)3,4485295
TYsXzMontre's Fifth Gift-CBAdult (m)2,93481615
KXk7LStorm Tossed Repeat-2CAdult (m)3,8908716
bXMdvStorm Tossed Sapphire-CBAdult (f)2,9437703
PGjcEStorm Tossed Might-CBAdult (m)3,2507962
LmdC1Storm Tossed Nance-CBAdult (f)4,6569655
bgPocStorm Tossed Ziva-CBAdult (f)3,3859141
9BrBdStorm Tossed Kestrel-CBAdult (f)2,7427272
K4bZ4Storm Tossed Kelp-CBAdult (f)2,7307282
T39HnStorm Tossed Anglina-CBAdult (f)3,2708914
FA1oZStorm Tossed Defense-CBAdult (m)2,7467822
M2wBtStorm Tossed General-CBAdult (m)3,3597173
OftwWStorm Tossed Battle-CBAdult (m)4,1688916
dREd0S'Anjin's Second Gift-CBAdult (f)5,29790912
qC1MqAurora's Halcyon-5GCAdult (f)6,25998110
CWmurStorm Tossed Hawra-CBAdult (f)8,2601,0883
iVi2eStorm Tossed Valley-CBAdult (f)3,2668604
khsO9Storm Tossed Horn-CBAdult (m)3,1528661
UGbBMStorm Tossed Energy-CBAdult (m)6,2471,0558
Dh624Terrible TowlsAdult (f)4,7408582
s89QtThree River StadiumAdult (f)4,3138633
L1DOeSix Super Bowl RingsAdult (m)5,8899219
BqpUyStorm Tossed Clash-4GSAdult (m)4,6558659
qWSPOJerome -The Bus-BettisAdult (m)8,2461,1636
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