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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Marie19,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
2d38j(2d38j)Hatchling (m)4,6078683
jmTWU(jmTWU)Hatchling (f)4,5868764
SuZhFI Was-Long Ago-Someone StrangeHatchling (f)3,9306121
zXyNj(zXyNj)Hatchling (F)2,9262331
KpEL2Zero-zadow-pezeptionAdult (m)3,5397813
5i5LK(5i5LK)Adult (f)4,4188212
cyQQW(cyQQW)Adult (m)4,1088270
qw5Gi(qw5Gi)Adult (m)3,7457370
KS2Md(KS2Md)Adult (m)4,0917450
daTrQ(daTrQ)Adult (m)3,7387451
43zzw(43zzw)Adult (m)5,2838641
CJJ2W(CJJ2W)Adult (m)3,4287221
bLiCq(bLiCq)Adult (f)4,9978521
0VixX(0VixX)Adult (f)5,2048461
wDjcc(wDjcc)Adult (m)5,3398551
9or23(9or23)Adult (m)5,0538692
5nozHOnce- I Can't RememberAdult (f)6,1571,0041
Fz3f6(Fz3f6)Adult (m)7,5191,0194
fTSyh(fTSyh)Adult (f)4,7191,0211
JLa7j(JLa7j)Adult (m)7,7481,1063
vXQuT(vXQuT)Adult (m)4,3347951
4n73r(4n73r)Adult (f)4,4207541
OZetx(OZetx)Adult (m)5,1808311
1cOMj(1cOMj)Adult (m)5,2138382
ue9DaII  Finally Caught  IIAdult (m)7,1639663
7bf2c(7bf2c)Hatchling (F)2,4112404
X0Ctu(X0Ctu)Hatchling (F)2,4242271
ygBkZ(ygBkZ)Hatchling (F)1,4772111
cB13f(cB13f)Adult (m)4,1838723
zv8qv(zv8qv)Adult (m)5,2849511
mXGGH(mXGGH)Adult (f)5,9911,0383
Y9Xdm(Y9Xdm)Adult (m)3,7957992
tfnkk(tfnkk)Adult (f)3,8908763
E9N3u(E9N3u)Adult (f)3,7068653
5TpJp(5TpJp)Adult (m)6,1929985
7xl2rHirsti the IntellectualAdult (m)3,9728602
jcb4IIn a Place I Could Not FindAdult (m)3,9428452
iW5NzOr Heart ObeyAdult (m)3,8998681
9xyC6(9xyC6)Adult (m)3,8988352
YKwSiThe Last Unicorn- ThuwedAdult (m)5,6349205
UbI67Now That I'm A Woman IBAdult (f)5,0688644
A7M11Somewhere Out of ReachAdult (m)4,0898152
DkbcY(DkbcY)Adult (f)4,2628111
coxdsI'M ALIVE- I'M ALIIIIVEAdult (f)4,4538392
R100U(R100U)Adult (f)4,3348565
gus3KAnd Full of PainAdult (f)4,3338784
IcHDzLabby the No-Eyed Labradorite CBAdult (m)4,2908904
b1iFNOnce- When I Was SearchingAdult (f)4,3928523
xQg5XI AM UNICORN IBAdult (f)2,1016064
Lvv8f(Lvv8f)Adult (f)2,0646002
QOKjnIs Friend But Looks Like Foe CBAdult (m)2,4676522
Vvhus(Vvhus)Adult (m)6,5981,2106
GEcfO(GEcfO)Adult (m)6,3741,1522
Pi0lR(Pi0lR)Adult (m)6,3561,1916
CC25ILabby Thuwed IBAdult (f)4,3971,0574
XBLCn(XBLCn)Hatchling (F)1,2522804
Bfpdu(Bfpdu)Adult (f)4,3481,0701
YdQBcEverything Is ChangedHatchling (F)1,2852992
STKLqHalfish the PetulantAdult (m)6,9971,0284
evEQ0(evEQ0)Adult (f)4,6361,1281
PLIG1Everything is StrangeHatchling (F)3,1482951
s69JPFrog-Flower-Goblin CBAdult (m)6,7681,0503
LuSNL(LuSNL)Adult (f)4,5621,0372
VSoWv(VSoWv)Adult (f)5,6361,0071
5AXtz(5AXtz)Adult (f)4,3459712
E7KWe(E7KWe)Adult (m)4,4509881
0qiaj(0qiaj)Adult (f)4,5229601
PNH9nFrog-Flower-GoblinAdult (f)4,2649291
9w86p(9w86p)Adult (f)4,3729171
BqSDn(BqSDn)Adult (m)4,2049181
vyDsO(vyDsO)Adult (f)3,9798962
d8HlM(d8HlM)Adult (f)3,6968122
5XEUF(5XEUF)Adult (f)3,8138333
kCR37(kCR37)Adult (f)4,2898182
XlEJc(XlEJc)Adult (f)4,3068211
A6cm9(A6cm9)Adult (m)4,0518401
PJY7L(PJY7L)Adult (f)3,9077993
zsjuX(zsjuX)Adult (f)4,0879341
jq0zC(jq0zC)Adult (f)6,3429983
JNUXG(JNUXG)Adult (m)3,6868481
svrw6(svrw6)Adult (m)3,7328482
Bqvvk(Bqvvk)Adult (m)3,9959162
XbKh9Caelan the Imprudent CBAdult (m)4,5288991
3aEn2(3aEn2)Adult (m)4,4987764
kuoXSNow  That  I'm  a  WomanHatchling (F)2,0803772
eNZF9Now That I'm a WomanHatchling (F)1,7912561
7skCf(7skCf)Adult (m)3,9908572
k9HVb(k9HVb)Adult (m)5,7021,0324
h3ll5(h3ll5)Adult (m)4,0608502
vlU5i(vlU5i)Adult (f)4,2668492
XVbuH(XVbuH)Adult (m)3,8538191
NbmqI(NbmqI)Adult (m)3,8268351
NIAvm(NIAvm)Hatchling (F)2,0333941
lRvHW(lRvHW)Adult (m)9,1491,0306
YQXd0(YQXd0)Hatchling (F)1,9293871
RO15OF a r - A w a yHatchling (F)1,9763762
nPUbb(nPUbb)Hatchling (F)3,7766223
gLnZ0(gLnZ0)Adult (m)4,2781,0252
X1TXq(X1TXq)Adult (m)4,9151,0681
4TrlB(4TrlB)Adult (f)5,0081,0822
G1fe7(G1fe7)Adult (m)4,9361,0042
h6kbg(h6kbg)Adult (f)5,8631,0241
RHKXS(RHKXS)Adult (m)6,3451,0421
VulRc(VulRc)Adult (f)5,1901,0052
9VGOJI Was Innocent and WiseAdult (m)5,5361,0823
apNAzAP NazzieAdult (m)4,3481,0143
OrbhBOrbie the MynifytAdult (f)4,7621,0121
K50QL(K50QL)Adult (m)4,7341,0532
zEOEC(zEOEC)Adult (f)4,3251,0383
VKK8HMandine the MournfulAdult (f)4,9571,0194
9nZVGKawaguc the CertainAdult (f)4,7881,0121
Oew8JCatchrckn the UncertainAdult (m)5,5501,0254
85Cba(85Cba)Adult (m)4,3621,0052
CYzX2(CYzX2)Adult (f)4,6781,0081
u6RRn(u6RRn)Adult (f)4,6511,0201
ld5aI(ld5aI)Adult (m)4,8329943
RgAYo(RgAYo)Adult (f)4,4119453
dXw43Bordelu the DiligentAdult (f)4,5159621
Fp9JeCyndiars the Heartsick CBAdult (m)4,7471,0041
xkHlQGalactiem the GrossAdult (f)5,0659361
H1FYA(H1FYA)Adult (f)4,8349074
MsyzH(MsyzH)Adult (f)4,4118973
moiqo(moiqo)Adult (m)4,8689133
bvakBVestoslifAdult (f)4,8029062
m2Adj(m2Adj)Adult (f)4,3069212
tVJTf(tVJTf)Adult (m)4,9018754
uLs27(uLs27)Adult (m)4,6348794
83eFf(83eFf)Adult (f)4,5868724
O5oiUTheodosopoulos IBHatchling (F)2,3435233
PDKLv(PDKLv)Hatchling (F)2,4515143
RGIwu(RGIwu)Adult (m)4,4118744
66r9c(66r9c)Adult (m)4,8778582
AqinA(AqinA)Hatchling (F)2,9975732
B1OMn(B1OMn)Adult (f)3,9551,0331
0D8Oj(0D8Oj)Adult (f)4,8561,0073
4tcT8(4tcT8)Adult (m)2,9918224
H32Bb(H32Bb)Adult (f)2,9698151
2va7J(2va7J)Adult (f)3,0428292
qoK1N(qoK1N)Hatchling (F)2,7486775
loQD8(loQD8)Adult (m)4,3389702
qrsKv(qrsKv)Adult (m)4,2529584
BUSEA(BUSEA)Adult (m)4,4459662
AKGAyaka GaaayyyyAdult (f)4,8489293
GebDF(GebDF)Hatchling (f, F)6,4576433
qL7He(qL7He)Adult (f)4,1278981
OKsDA(OKsDA)Adult (f)4,5149932
yia1c(yia1c)Adult (m)4,4659022
0hmPi(0hmPi)Adult (m)4,4881,0363
gnog1(gnog1)Adult (f)4,4689792
H6ou7(H6ou7)Adult (f)4,1568710
RSFBT(RSFBT)Adult (f)4,3181,0203
nRO6J(nRO6J)Adult (m)4,6961,0243
CYU82(CYU82)Adult (m)4,6341,0685
qKNsx(qKNsx)Adult (m)5,4221,0701
zQKxa(zQKxa)Adult (m)5,8561,2292
zhP1I(zhP1I)Adult (f)5,8971,0783
RMx2W(RMx2W)Adult (m)7,3081,1081
b3j0u(b3j0u)Adult (m)7,0391,2124
5XyVMWittle Purple NoodleHatchling (F)4,1872813
tWJ9l(tWJ9l)Adult (m)7,3521,1554
PX6w1(PX6w1)Adult (f)4,9631,1752
iNEyz(iNEyz)Adult (m)5,0711,1783
a8cEI(a8cEI)Adult (m)5,1601,1751
8Ocrm(8Ocrm)Adult (m)7,2111,1551
1WEhk(1WEhk)Adult (f)7,4381,1104
UziKg(UziKg)Adult (f)5,1611,1282
78Aln(78Aln)Adult (m)6,3621,1112
EKPHO(EKPHO)Adult (m)5,7251,0992
EE1od(EE1od)Adult (m)6,0041,0381
NdVUH(NdVUH)Adult (m)5,8961,0294
g2dJ2(g2dJ2)Adult (m)4,6349341
g2sFe(g2sFe)Adult (f)4,7629312
6gd4g(6gd4g)Hatchling (m, F)5,6818244
vWI0h(vWI0h)Hatchling (F)2,2743053
JFIyz(JFIyz)Hatchling (F)2,1093152
dxImt(dxImt)Adult (m)6,1708452
T8zF6(T8zF6)Adult (m)6,5108393
qnIeo(qnIeo)Adult (m)4,4468294
qPbHF(qPbHF)Adult (m)4,3038193
Qj4ng(Qj4ng)Adult (m)6,2921,0231
vpY0H(vpY0H)Adult (m)5,0711,0502
Ea8qd(Ea8qd)Adult (f)5,9581,0212
BKsRU(BKsRU)Hatchling (F)2,3343424
5YW9y(5YW9y)Adult (f)5,7049714
Mva55(Mva55)Adult (m)4,4067451
L6fUr(L6fUr)Adult (m)4,6419002
E5aiy(E5aiy)Hatchling (f, F)4,9947073
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