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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Malum,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
2FJkoAfjako ErelanAdult (f)4,5126921
NiknKEh'loel ErelanAdult (m)4,1627400
8sX8xAsaxa ErelanAdult (m)4,5877362
v1JemVijem ErelanAdult (f)5,6495551
sWHYfWhy Erelan iiAdult (m)3,9817271
NQdSaNeqadesa ErelanAdult (m)5,0447541
AMIxEAmixe ErelanAdult (f)6,5746350
xaq4TXaqat Erelan IIAdult (m)2,1757014
xqDh9Xeqdahe NaphareAdult (m)2,7626731
neXZtNex ZetenAdult (m)2,1866461
GKBK2(GKBK2)Adult (m)2,1087491
VSRbL(VSRbL)Adult (m)2,8735091
V26BU(V26BU)Adult (m)2,7775801
jKfIy(jKfIy)Adult (f)2,8576409
Fgch9(Fgch9)Adult (m)2,5155441
nbYDf(nbYDf)Adult (f)2,4475362
VnFhu(VnFhu)Adult (f)2,6125191
8IMEC(8IMEC)Hatchling (F)2,3783703
27X4tAtxat FeathermaneAdult (m)1,9767641
SmbwQSemabecAdult (f)2,3845391
csDhtCesyen ArivgolatAdult (m)2,8376950
ypo70Ypyros TorenkaAdult (f)2,9755492
GBEIIBeii GeraAdult (f)1,8496031
uLTIO(uLTIO)Adult (m)2,6766921
Fv2dZ(Fv2dZ)Adult (f)3,0175461
XQLFA(XQLFA)Adult (m)2,2856200
PsXBu(PsXBu)Adult (f)2,0876150
fRTGE(fRTGE)Adult (f)2,6175969
WluY2(WluY2)Adult (m)2,4295441
PQnE9(PQnE9)Hatchling (F)2,6583271
QcPmSumoruwanda InalasAdult (f)2,2295773
Po1WsPoiws InalasAdult (m)8,9891,3654
fosgBFosAdult (m)4,1964421
QQMAbQ'ma InalasAdult (f)5,1153414
mMZQpMezeq InalasAdult (m)4,0773622
vkTmQVictomaq InalasAdult (f)4,3063400
y5LodYslod InalasAdult (f)2,2626820
OKHMqOkha iiAdult (f)2,8978704
jOkYbQemzeq Inalas IIAdult (m)5,2038143
S4nuoSanuo InalasAdult (f)6,3926221
gBi3eBiee InalasAdult (f)5,7826910
goXW0XwoHatchling (F)2,6953503
RM3xIRamexelHatchling (m, F)4,3767210
3v4oLEvaolHatchling (f, F)4,3747200
1HWIx(1HWIx)Adult (f)1,9556303
BZ4ef(BZ4ef)Adult (f)2,0515392
VzV42(VzV42)Adult (m)1,7906582
1r6oj(1r6oj)Adult (m)2,5706404
aQ8klAqal DysAdult (m)4,4786890
JjEEyJhey DysAdult (f)4,5457400
QeYmCQeymec DysAdult (m)4,5066780
qQc7pQacea DysAdult (f)3,8767321
jVQbPJevaqap DysAdult (f)6,3175620
by8XgByaxa Whispers IIAdult (m)5,8185352
8OCBhBoca DysAdult (f)4,6677241
hKBo5Hekboa Dys iiAdult (m)4,0497251
FByCjFabycja DysAdult (f)5,0217570
Sqx5MSeqaxem DysAdult (m)4,0886530
zNtpNZenta DysAdult (m)6,3336950
9zqJDAzhqe Dys iiAdult (f)6,0586740
2oUP7Thriller Up Freaky IIAdult (f)2,6347062
wzvr9Zevrineces Dys iiAdult (m)2,2587041
lyjf3Lyjfe Dys iiAdult (f)2,4537062
ENIQH(ENIQH)Adult (f)3,0035591
b7w3g(b7w3g)Adult (m)1,6285981
k9LzR(k9LzR)Adult (f)2,5685242
oylHNOlyehn InalasAdult (m)5,9091,03011
J8QGBJaqab InalasAdult (m)5,9371,0047
pmSNzPesmen InalasAdult (f)5,9591,0174
HGmu5Ghemau InalasAdult (f)5,8661,0314
nS4z9N'saza InalasAdult (f)5,8401,0285
iPDjeIpidje InalasAdult (m)5,9919863
Iikd6Likida InalasAdult (m)6,0151,0167
BftEgTaeg InalasAdult (f)4,1651,1524
kygOZKygoz InalasAdult (f)4,0631,1541
l5cTJIscatej InalasAdult (m)3,9421,1570
smYELSimyel InalasAdult (f)5,1681,0721
nKevhNikevh InalasAdult (m)4,6278951
cseHfSchef Inalas iiAdult (f)6,3737721
7sfeJIsfjel Inalas iiAdult (f)6,7147792
XjYlEXyjieHatchling (m, F)4,3787240
XyV2jXyjavHatchling (f, F)4,3857190
evo7GEvoa Sou'tarasylAdult (f)5,6466662
JEYW2Jeywa Sou'tarasylAdult (f)5,8766840
WrsqxWresqa Sou'tarasylAdult (f)5,6616550
deffjDefja Sou'tarasylAdult (m)6,0536550
gd6moDaimo Sou'tarasylAdult (m)5,9446380
ORTwiOrtwi Sou'tarasylAdult (f)5,9225691
JpLcHJ'plech Sou'tarasylAdult (m)5,8516840
yh8suHasu Sou'tarasylAdult (m)5,6736831
GWU0yGwuo Sou'tarasylAdult (f)5,6876201
ARWJzArjez Sou'tarasylAdult (m)5,4516241
aunvzAunvez Sou'tarasylAdult (f)5,3267791
QOT1SQotis Sou'tarasylAdult (f)4,7617770
TF5DIT'fadi Sou'tarasylAdult (f)4,8747270
7tAtNItat'n Sou'tarasylAdult (m)4,7267411
thlxoKoji Hirane iiAdult (f)3,6387134
HyljrHyljyr StormbornAdult (f)1,8776131
qhyX5QhyaxiAdult (f)3,0056071
n3tRX(n3tRX)Adult (m)2,1547651
9YRiX(9YRiX)Adult (m)2,3115371
43dnR(43dnR)Adult (m)2,2136410
gfnqd(gfnqd)Adult (m)2,4165890
6kboy(6kboy)Adult (f)2,1686251
ZKWf5(ZKWf5)Adult (m)3,1165823
Cpsrw(Cpsrw)Adult (m)1,5776070
6Jwnc(6Jwnc)Adult (f)2,1486700
NwwEu(NwwEu)Adult (m)2,1786660
EMo80(EMo80)Adult (m)1,7717590
sxDkD(sxDkD)Adult (m)2,2276390
STVzY(STVzY)Adult (m)1,9176041
CbmGt(CbmGt)Adult (m)2,5006443
GcY13(GcY13)Adult (m)2,6775452
fawXb(fawXb)Adult (f)2,0955352
Tx3hZ(Tx3hZ)Adult (f)2,9205713
yudHf(yudHf)Adult (m)2,3025191
j0zOD(j0zOD)Adult (f)2,7245331
PN6ZBPenzabe AtishaAdult (m)3,8777282
HobWqHobweqa AtishaAdult (f)3,2848151
VBTLPVatke AtishaAdult (f)3,4708030
nSEkwNeskew AtishaAdult (m)4,4216952
Rpd5cCitrus Berry iiAdult (m)4,2666793
e58YPEapya AtishaAdult (m)6,7538783
2Bd3SAbedes Atisha iiAdult (f)5,9425681
lZ0CKIzock AtishaAdult (f)3,0067703
buV6VFlowergirl AtishaAdult (f)4,3863952
kZvlcFlowerpetal AtishaAdult (f)4,4824032
b1ZrWCupideon Floral Movements iiAdult (f)4,8648863
k7kCtCupideon Petales Blancs iiAdult (f)5,7961,0412
6B6CCSweetheart Atisha iiAdult (f)3,7119831
f8VCGBloom Atisha iiAdult (f)3,6959791
2sE3GCupideon Darling iiAdult (f)4,0511,0071
R4KmPCupideon Dear iiAdult (f)4,0761,0141
70LNhCupideon ValentinaAdult (f)3,8751,0544
B44nSBahanes Atisha iiAdult (f)5,7656841
zomvPZomvepHatchling (F)1,0906821
Nz5EmNezaemHatchling (f, F)2,7051,1240
rLN4lRelnaliHatchling (F)1,9407021
nAE3ENaehe King of AshAdult (m)2,0637690
28PQWTaqael Lord of AshAdult (m)1,9467420
LYUntLyuna Queen of AshAdult (f)2,2498010
GRF2aGrefaer Knight of AshAdult (m)2,2468050
h1hkiHiki AshmouthAdult (m)2,0027631
4Wr9ZAweraz AshtarAdult (m)1,9707610
SrNooSir Noo of AshAdult (m)1,8866442
h19Yg(h19Yg)Adult (f)3,5475441
sTR4u(sTR4u)Adult (f)2,6975041
CDLJ4(CDLJ4)Adult (f)3,1587021
4qOAP(4qOAP)Adult (m)2,6245582
D9EZB(D9EZB)Adult (m)2,0766930
SPMIV(SPMIV)Adult (f)1,8106552
94kYF(94kYF)Adult (m)2,1246940
7ssUYIssuy Vare'emAdult (m)4,2736431
e2wU7Eaqui Vare'emAdult (f)4,2276410
jJsNcJesnec Vare'emAdult (f)4,2116530
OH0GLOhogol Vare'emAdult (m)7,3915012
WP97BPai Vare'emAdult (m)6,7715260
zrquFZrequf JosamanAdult (f)5,3056060
6sYVwAsyva JosamanAdult (m)7,6605770
KxVJhKexjaveh JosamanAdult (f)7,6615750
lEmPkIemek JosamanAdult (m)2,4896851
1xoeHIxoeh Ivaran iiAdult (m)3,6797092
9tvWtAtvewahet Ivaran Josaman iiiAdult (m)2,1847031
lPoVF(lPoVF)Adult (m)2,5465351
VXMd3(VXMd3)Adult (m)2,4065650
etIXIThe Blind Twelfth SonAdult (m)3,3027077
o27fYOaifi Oarati iiAdult (f)2,8666042
dYzSS(dYzSS)Adult (m)2,6376071
WtbboWaetbebo SyghimyeAdult (m)4,5327692
YOMWLYomwel SyghimyeAdult (m)3,7404681
Hf5upHifsup SyghimyeAdult (m)3,8435745
mVzJ7Vezzi SyghimyeAdult (m)2,2334133
0EBfwOebi SyghimyeAdult (m)2,8867121
p5CU5Pecue SyghimyeAdult (f)2,7227972
tMx30Mexeo SyghimyeAdult (m)2,7097342
glosNGlosen SyghimyeAdult (f)2,3329322
HerWwWhera SyghimyeAdult (f)4,1476422
nj9rqYulehigh WinterwindHatchling (F)3,5332411
MCncYMcNacyHatchling (f, F)2,0186660
4lyt7Alyt TaronAdult (m)6,6237070
4V3cEAvece TaronAdult (f)8,4047961
6tVpeAtv'pe TaronAdult (m)12,3258221
AZtWYAzernomenan TaronAdult (m)3,2307024
f4J7D(f4J7D)Adult (m)2,9645913
XKZUGKazug JosamanAdult (f)4,9954790
9gwQkGewek JosamanAdult (m)5,2785051
uyGdjUygye JosamanAdult (f)2,4547793
JF2lGTig JosamanAdult (m)5,5759971
Cb2j6Ceba JosamanAdult (m)4,1141,0020
kcSOYSoy JosamanAdult (m)5,5779180
8abbhAbba JosamanAdult (m)5,3229230
E0isVEosi JosamanAdult (f)4,5989530
lAqh4Laqah JosamanAdult (m)5,1738641
IZxlwIzxlew JosamanAdult (m)5,1868471
8z4AiZaai JosamanAdult (f)5,8928841
xD0GPDopa JosamanAdult (f)5,9778830
iub51Iuba iiAdult (f)6,3747761
0qAXKArctic Rich iiAdult (m)4,7378441
GO6tvMidtern iiAdult (m)4,7638410
XXMV5Ternicca iiAdult (m)4,7418480
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