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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “MaidMirawyn,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
1awNx(1awNx)Dead Egg111
1F4NU(1F4NU)Dead Egg111
7vwdtTempus of Ellemir CBAdult (m)6,4049552
Mz75dLaikas of EllemirAdult (m)6,8437313
LHj38(LHj38)Adult (f)3,5354582
W1m5MAaye of Ellemir CBAdult (f)5,0881,3162
kuKVs(kuKVs)Adult (f)3,9681,0066
9KatJ(9KatJ)Adult (m)3,7199302
35bwX(35bwX)Adult (f)3,8171,1031
8qe2V(8qe2V)Adult (m)4,7219571
3yzEdBura of Ellemir CBAdult (f)3,2736851
E6wajVjetar of Ellemir CBAdult (m)3,3416801
PlIij(PlIij)Adult (f)3,1305092
9cMJr(9cMJr)Adult (m)2,3675272
Z6JAM(Z6JAM)Adult (m)3,9654842
rW3r1(rW3r1)Adult (f)6,3959413
vX84U(vX84U)Adult (f)3,1726943
ikBX4(ikBX4)Adult (f)5,8959743
pfrp9(pfrp9)Adult (m)5,0409886
TFsHMaputla of Ellemir CBAdult (m)1,39533719
WRDTSafura of Ellemir CBAdult (f)2,08757812
woD3j(woD3j)Adult (m)4,9094142
7QKdVeretu of Ellemir CBHatchling (m, F)1,0623717
VmXogVaalea of Ellemir CBFHatchling (F)8874001
qmNfhSmaragd of EllemirAdult (m)3,1905383
xHqs6Emwod of Ellemir CBAdult (m)2,1236703
8I52cMaragda of Ellemir CBAdult (f)6,7571,0643
7ygRDZamrud of Ellemir CBAdult (m)6,1408612
ToniqZumradd of Ellemir CBAdult (m)4,6828642
Wx73rEmpang of Ellemir CBAdult (f)3,3234301
uTaUQ(uTaUQ)Adult (m)3,4465192
Z3pgOHemrallt of Ellemir CBAdult (m)3,1404582
UcGd6(UcGd6)Adult (f)3,2434963
O9n0z(O9n0z)Adult (f)2,8177531
TvqCiNapsugar of Ellemir CBAdult (f)3,4887333
2i4fYXemx of Ellemir CBAdult (f)2,4206632
oZ1ef(oZ1ef)Adult (m)4,8876762
t0tsLQuyoshli of Ellemir CBAdult (m)5,5747151
mVWWF(mVWWF)Adult (m)5,4317691
qkTNVIlanga of Ellemir CBAdult (m)4,6725312
X2arWSutkerezik of Ellemir CBAdult (f)2,1047071
zGacTNapozik of Ellemir CBAdult (m)2,0277091
1sKu4Ejonga of Ellemir CBAdult (m)3,0595561
huktm(huktm)Adult (f)4,1031,0071
s66ux(s66ux)Hatchling (m, F)3,0247025
beNpP(beNpP)Adult (f)2,9388335
h4rxx(h4rxx)Adult (m)2,9098324
wQEqT(wQEqT)Adult (f)6,0831,1216
3YjcJ(3YjcJ)Adult (f)4,8821,1172
I2Q2R(I2Q2R)Adult (f)5,3901,0524
J14A6(J14A6)Adult (f)5,2149777
wafINOlima of Ellemir CBAdult (f)5,6591,4833
EN9GCPaham of Ellemir CBAdult (f)6,6611,7504
s18g2Erudit of Ellemir CBAdult (f)3,8831,1863
M7cpOUcen of Ellemir CBAdult (f)3,9221,2063
boaPOIlumbo of EllemirAdult (m)4,1871,0685
otEQRhodochrosite of Ellemir CBAdult (f)1,70369518
SPhcxMorganite of Ellemir CBAdult (f)2,8166242
iEhMaIculo of Ellemir CBAdult (m)3,7395322
tsirU(tsirU)Adult (m)6,4636922
N1OfV(N1OfV)Adult (f)5,7846870
MlB4o(MlB4o)Adult (m)6,2738160
PQI4RKuimba Dorkface of EllemirAdult (m)4,0114035
AwKYk(AwKYk)Adult (m)5,7161,02131
UnUBU(UnUBU)Adult (f)4,6158254
xRFE9(xRFE9)Adult (m)6,8571,4102
rz0O5Rhoddion of EllemirAdult (f)2,2087195
SJVDFKoha of EllemirAdult (f)2,6036835
kGggwDavana of EllemirAdult (f)3,6357554
CLJ9EStrenna of EllemirAdult (f)3,1285613
VJveGNadani of EllemirAdult (f)3,1705843
WxtbdRegalo of EllemirAdult (f)4,2257521
wNZ4MZawadi of EllemirAdult (f)4,1367431
SAwGoSawGo of Ellemir CBAdult (f)3,2538643
20WIvDadiva of Ellemir CBAdult (f)3,0318472
ZQHxPOpari of EllemirAdult (f)4,5524462
y3O83(y3O83)Adult (f)3,2659143
ZaCDT(ZaCDT)Adult (f)5,3781,0723
OfFDy(OfFDy)Adult (m)3,7006240
oLn2o(oLn2o)Adult (m)3,3934813
ptbTa(ptbTa)Adult (f)3,7444642
l4F52(l4F52)Adult (f)2,8605892
Bx9BC(Bx9BC)Adult (m)4,1477821
b76un(b76un)Adult (f)3,6094481
JhycY(JhycY)Adult (f)3,7875001
JHDcn(JHDcn)Adult (m)3,7394651
L08W9(L08W9)Adult (f)3,4479282
2q8je(2q8je)Adult (m)3,5259882
5cOaT(5cOaT)Adult (f)2,6476612
LJSnE(LJSnE)Adult (m)2,6366951
fHmyG(fHmyG)Adult (m)4,6971,0493
ql4WB(ql4WB)Adult (f)4,6461,0820
UFWFeOgromen of Ellemir CBAdult (m)5,3721,0602
QMhkTEnom of EllemirAdult (f)5,8941,0803
DqcRG(DqcRG)Adult (f)5,1488245
8mmPy(8mmPy)Adult (f)8,6918813
cjyQT(cjyQT)Adult (m)4,3197743
lteZS(lteZS)Adult (m)4,1537911
JptEH(JptEH)Adult (f)5,3834902
iTp0G(iTp0G)Adult (m)4,5364562
5CRn2(5CRn2)Adult (m)3,6474042
FGP9k(FGP9k)Adult (m)4,0724942
TgIlJ(TgIlJ)Adult (m)4,4667863
CiKzZ(CiKzZ)Adult (m)4,3808111
4nCI8(4nCI8)Adult (m)4,1917852
CgeEFelfuj of Ellemir CBAdult (m)2,07752011
EPAAShari of Ellemir CBAdult (f)1,1775646
Z37iM(Z37iM)Adult (m)5,1378212
9U8wKKukla of Ellemir CBAdult (f)5,2956651
Y0oJAKrinka of Ellemir CBAdult (f)8,0461,1511
jKIGLUzluk of Ellemir CBAdult (m)4,1524303
ilMrm(ilMrm)Adult (m)3,0554761
uC9o0(uC9o0)Adult (f)2,4176462
ZB05E(ZB05E)Adult (f)4,7119851
uabjSerendibite of Ellemir CBAdult (f)2,71469835
aXO6Cordierite of EllemirAdult (m)3,00789637
NAvvMessy Obsidian of EllemirAdult (f)2,17183935
lTDYMessy Onxy of EllemirAdult (m)2,61991735
T66eYBlakkr III of Ellemir PBAdult (f)3,3337714
9wuyZWakuda Arsan of EllemirAdult (m)6,1217852
ZfWmOOmnyama of Ellemir CBAdult (m)4,6141,1143
bMRBHPiktas of Ellemir CBAdult (f)5,0441,0986
ttQxXSwart of Ellemir CBAdult (m)6,1656451
bsuvIJuoda of Ellemir CBAdult (f)3,2484301
PJnv0Silver Onyx of EllemirAdult (m)3,0466524
9Myx1Oji Thuwed of EllemirAdult (f)4,7637954
bCHkXMelns II of Ellemir PBAdult (m)4,1327954
ha6EXMessy Ebon of EllemirAdult (m)4,3744381
rlhTvMustanahaline of Ellemir CBAdult (f)3,9174571
Qchet(Qchet)Adult (m)3,7378477
eJ1ue(eJ1ue)Adult (m)4,0249013
L47w(L47w)Hatchling (m, F)2,71853816
TOY2(TOY2)Hatchling (F)65228015
OYyhq(OYyhq)Adult (f)2,2207252
hFshC(hFshC)Adult (m)2,1638251
SWncH(SWncH)Adult (f)4,2081,0833
6p6WU(6p6WU)Adult (f)2,9058421
AFycN(AFycN)Adult (m)2,9348222
YuUng(YuUng)Adult (f)3,8958493
iYnz7(iYnz7)Adult (m)4,7838742
5wutT(5wutT)Adult (m)4,6848792
i7VKKUmkantsha of Ellemir CBAdult (f)4,1201,0342
6lW8B(6lW8B)Adult (m)6,5231,5933
dVBsF(dVBsF)Adult (m)6,6931,5493
SvEPP(SvEPP)Adult (f)6,8321,5662
g9exl(g9exl)Adult (m)7,9971,4554
E1QJbBeinmerg of Ellemir CBAdult (m)4,3071,3804
ZTH1p(ZTH1p)Adult (f)5,6151,4182
E5sdaEbon Argenti of EllemirAdult (f)4,8971,2591
iUp0K(iUp0K)Adult (f)4,8051,1143
aq68E(aq68E)Adult (m)4,4391,1936
BHYfK(BHYfK)Adult (f)4,4081,1232
aeclO(aeclO)Adult (f)4,8131,2093
QtaeF(QtaeF)Hatchling (F)3,3009303
WJdcAMunnar of Ellemir CBAdult (m)1,7577372
piBeULapsang of Ellemir CBAdult (m)4,7989752
x5vjbSweet Bibo of Ellemir PBAdult (m)5,5977263
hKkrlEnglish Breakfast of EllemirAdult (f)5,4199943
lzy1ZStrawberry Painkiller of EllemirAdult (f)5,9177652
pMHCRWild Sweet Orange of Ellemir PBAdult (f)4,9657982
HqF2vBlueberry Bliss of Ellemir PBAdult (f)5,3517982
tr4Zm(tr4Zm)Adult (f)5,3267901
aU6XX(aU6XX)Adult (m)7,2675451
ArXwqShoumei of Ellemir CBAdult (f)5,09074225
cpNHULady Grey of Ellemir CBAdult (f)5,7497592
vHC3kPekoe of EllemirAdult (m)5,7087493
aeyfcMorning Thunder of Ellemir CBAdult (m)6,1998312
zgWVFKona Pop of EllemirAdult (m)4,6823992
fXoqB(fXoqB)Adult (f)4,0093703
fLD3MSinensis of Ellemir CBAdult (f)4,1025502
zwJcQ(zwJcQ)Adult (m)4,7226893
5BBoZTieluohan of Ellemir CBAdult (m)4,9707251
s7wvkAlishan of Ellemir CBAdult (f)3,9044351
KFYGE(KFYGE)Adult (f)3,4554791
8Zipp(8Zipp)Adult (f)3,9147141
LPaHcMasala Chai of Ellemir CBAdult (m)4,0107263
k8nM4Souchong of Ellemir CBAdult (f)4,1164511
kFD9ACardamom Spice of EllemirAdult (f)3,8644202
UnJEBHibiscus Cinnamon of EllemirAdult (f)3,4385964
Ef13A(Ef13A)Adult (m)4,7417634
Lma4MHeartTea Goodness of EllemirAdult (m)4,8264552
PgZEB(PgZEB)Adult (m)4,6713882
hDqSF(hDqSF)Adult (f)4,3447546
nOKB3(nOKB3)Adult (f)4,1023751
BrU8n(BrU8n)Adult (f)3,5714011
BFn2zPassion PuriTea of EllemirAdult (f)3,9105701
LqaoHSunrise Sinsation of EllemirAdult (f)4,2804524
CDk4C(CDk4C)Adult (m)4,3633961
R1eM4(R1eM4)Adult (f)5,6351,1132
BlPpCCaramel Apple Dream of EllemirAdult (f)3,6014842
E8DBcRaspberry Sencha of EllemirAdult (m)3,9567881
4mNmx(4mNmx)Adult (m)4,5097971
ZilNx(ZilNx)Adult (m)4,2767721
IcRoA(IcRoA)Adult (m)3,2255111
5gqP0Tea Bee of EllemirAdult (f)3,2666821
YCPYW(YCPYW)Adult (m)4,0234391
sK2wwChocolate Pu-erh of EllemirAdult (f)4,1834381
ARGMnAmber Sun of EllemirAdult (f)3,7114221
SQPuJRoastaroma of EllemirAdult (m)4,3594211
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