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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Madrigalism,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
CRG0SCeragosaAdult (f)3,14076010
Sk1VhSkivahAdult (m)4,3529689
znsl6ZonslixiAdult (m)4,4029377
aZSSfAzasefelAdult (m)2,8097289
9G0iTNeygoiteAdult (m)7,0501,05916
u7cRCDeafenerAdult (m)2,8497308
7oATUAtuluoAdult (m)3,0227356
8vMAkAyvimakiAdult (f)3,2207206
SxOo8ShaxoueiAdult (m)2,88166412
wO7I0WosevioAdult (m)3,1267048
7vr2fErr'haAdult (f)2,7596546
ScC6lScascixiAdult (m)3,6206552
sQAKySqu'eakyAdult (f)3,3527505
Q7dRq(Q7dRq)Adult (f)3,8697283
qZEpUQuizepuAdult (m)3,9527184
7c4c1(7c4c1)Adult (m)3,6247473
GJYsyGijasyAdult (m)4,6769637
ayaya(ayaya)Adult (m)4,64196610
KkGlyObsidian FirefallsAdult (m)4,9261,0048
Ug1k4(Ug1k4)Adult (f)3,7658082
L0WMW(L0WMW)Adult (m)3,8268023
XnfVa(XnfVa)Adult (m)5,2161,0283
dTZuo(dTZuo)Adult (m)3,0237053
XSYn0(XSYn0)Adult (f)4,4688984
7zdHKSleepy Cotton BallAdult (m)4,6089542
x77EN(x77EN)Adult (f)3,5237732
rmRmT(rmRmT)Adult (m)4,5769403
8h2UU(8h2UU)Adult (m)3,3708013
wuJaI(wuJaI)Adult (m)3,5348192
0jk0w(0jk0w)Adult (f)4,7921,0474
iBuCq(iBuCq)Adult (f)4,0761,0821
Raxk0(Raxk0)Adult (m)4,7471,0091
ygtDv(ygtDv)Adult (f)4,7491,0093
ZEi2P(ZEi2P)Adult (m)3,7369431
2YVlh(2YVlh)Adult (m)3,7449401
iq53v(iq53v)Adult (f)3,7649412
EYGiV(EYGiV)Adult (m)3,7499353
q8iSV(q8iSV)Adult (f)4,1341,0001
2F4DA(2F4DA)Adult (m)3,9989564
wyoND(wyoND)Adult (f)4,0571,0161
yjE5q(yjE5q)Adult (m)4,0449671
FMJsJ(FMJsJ)Adult (f)2,7817032
uVPqK(uVPqK)Adult (m)2,7836772
0UI48(0UI48)Adult (m)4,2269641
XgCCr(XgCCr)Adult (f)4,2079312
epqZ1(epqZ1)Adult (f)3,8899532
VlLaI(VlLaI)Adult (f)3,8499101
uDPSy(uDPSy)Adult (m)3,8929221
aFvXK(aFvXK)Adult (f)3,9339282
RNZxq(RNZxq)Adult (f)3,3487612
P5D1L(P5D1L)Adult (m)2,8146911
zvycy(zvycy)Adult (f)4,1209004
vNZXX(vNZXX)Adult (m)4,1708801
0jpkF(0jpkF)Adult (f)3,0386642
GrG5W(GrG5W)Adult (f)3,0866673
Deqgc(Deqgc)Adult (m)3,2756782
CFvUw(CFvUw)Adult (f)3,1367142
yuaDz(yuaDz)Adult (f)4,4118793
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