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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2019 Valentine’s Day
  • 2018 Holiday Event
  • 2018 Halloween Event
  • 2018 Valentine’s Day
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  • 2017 Halloween Event
  • 2017 Valentine’s Day
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You pick up the scroll labeled “MAKESHlFT-CHEMlSTRY,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
TkN57Scuba SymphoniesHatchling (m)4,5328472
yzShXThe Cogbuck ConundrumHatchling (m)4,5778502
DUx4pGo Green for the LeprecogHatchling2,4754854
Db0xgSir Max is BackHatchling2,8925113
4HqrNTo Our Valued CustomersHatchling2,2894472
lxkI1The Great Silly Particle SearchHatchling2,4804764
4ikkLSir Max's Birb ExpeditionHatchling (m)4,5888432
Z0ykQThe Ides of March Have ReturnedHatchling2,5904762
4gP9kDoctor Fissionton's Bug BashHatchling2,5464793
U0PcHToontown's Surprise UpdateHatchling5,1948545
ixIB0The Toontask to Save ToontownHatchling2,0864204
ZHcCgDoctor Dimm's AlibiHatchling (f)4,4538583
9rggQSaving the Best for ToonfestHatchling (f)4,5418252
7FhQgMeet the MeterHatchling (m)4,4398666
miNs3Doodling DoodlesHatchling (f)4,4568554
M9QPiReanimating the TooniverseHatchling2,3654712
bXzibMachines of Our DisgraceAdult (f)3,3589481
Ucv2LImjussayinAdult (m)5,1181,1431
bxVpHWho's Got Your LoveAdult (f)5,0488142
vzqUQMuzzy's CrescendoAdult (m)5,8197823
0X0AeAtom 7KAdult (m)3,7707682
f5d6pStringnumberAdult (m)5,6929263
oPnmEOpen MeAdult (f)4,9469445
UkNpnFisherman PunchyAdult (f)5,3218614
kDQt7Tome of the FangAdult (m)6,6679477
WcgYWThe Brunching ClubAdult (m)8,9001,2187
1OuIWElement of BoldnessAdult (m)5,5771,0884
ab2QTBug WorksAdult (f)6,2531,1455
rNBKFThe Pebble TroughAdult (f)7,8551,1648
TmHy4NabopolassarAdult (f)8,1021,1583
t2XRxPeachy PajamasAdult (m)5,8371,1321
M2ME6Meowing BirbAdult (m)5,8411,0403
zOn15Frosted CometAdult (f)5,4061,0562
yJQ3qStriped FrogAdult (f)5,8171,0892
in6cHDusty PathAdult (f)6,1891,1274
fyoTaHeart MeltAdult (m)6,2351,3792
Xosx7Dog's DayAdult (f)6,1041,2132
GAVdzMaizes and MonstersAdult (m)6,7511,1003
ETT6MRecovering the StonesAdult (f)6,2351,1136
gINJkSavanna PunkAdult (m)5,0771,0503
QtqUTRadioactive HappinessAdult (m)6,0671,0512
53w82Bunny SprinklesAdult (f)6,6521,0913
JaOJVI'm Dying in a Vat in the GarageAdult (f)6,7971,0506
WDMDeIn-PhaseAdult (m)5,3309983
tRpWjAnimal InstinctAdult (m)5,4431,0243
paVXQAlmighty FeatherAdult (m)6,1051,2454
RMncwBossbot - Corporate RaiderAdult (f)5,6609975
7SWgpWilder MileAdult (m)5,1738471
9x2y6It Is Our CarAdult (m)4,2547902
b0gmqGet On UpAdult (f)6,1891,0082
11malSawchainAdult (f)5,0098123
wG4R5Can You Feel MeAdult (m)5,2677362
FfeEJKill For MeAdult (f)5,6748983
WNiRYWe'll Be In TouchAdult (m)4,0479218
C4kc2Insane 4-Armed Duck ManAdult (f)5,2857512
vmRXHCome and See the Ghost ShipAdult (f)5,4598462
ADxH1Accidental InsuranceAdult (m)4,8288633
QjtSfMarshall's Stacks Pancake HouseAdult (m)4,4779142
UNsvLBaker's Dozin' DoughnutsAdult (m)6,1468063
qKtWoParalyzed CelebiAdult (f)4,9438975
mzr5oRed Velvet GentlemanAdult (m)3,6067924
OVhZpTerror RosebudAdult (f)6,6481,0713
1Ss44Holographic LandscapeAdult (f)7,3807636
vx3mMLongjohn LeroyAdult (f)6,1021,0713
FZqC3Sluggo SongbirdAdult (m)6,2489815
lh5sqShogun WeddingAdult (m)5,4538285
uBguEDelivering the ProofAdult (m)5,4149803
v2YriWinter- A DirgeAdult (f)7,3081,0042
zHWLJSpiritual AwakeningAdult (f)10,2101,7113
ORTeyHolm Sweet HolmAdult (f)7,0181,1174
DBpW1Treasure ThisAdult (m)6,1501,0886
hJ6mUVexing ThoughtsAdult (f)6,7291,0556
hpK7ICrack in the MaskAdult (m)5,8591,1605
PpLiDStop 'Em Before They StartAdult (m)7,0321,1616
36FAgMay the Beastman WinAdult (f)7,0461,1562
jv3UkIf We NeverAdult (f)6,0771,0952
JJtpGTiger GeckoAdult (f)6,6571,2313
nHCUEMythical SkiesAdult (m)6,7141,0865
CAgrEThe Twenty-Sixth TestAdult (m)5,1201,0743
HrFYSGnars AttackAdult (m)3,5739392
pNiV9My Prayers Have Become GhostsAdult (f)5,1221,1631
Zq3jIKeep You In MindAdult (m)4,7299473
SvBZ2Time LeaperAdult (m)4,4529483
32MgTOur FragmentAdult (m)5,9138541
gfm9CThe RecallAdult (f)5,1589704
tX4kbAwakening With YouAdult (m)3,8947511
ChMpiChameowmile TigerAdult (f)3,6737824
uYefkLil' MonsteryAdult (m)5,8707733
IbvdmCintiqs Needs More HotkeysAdult (f)6,7587853
sRUmxThe Walk BackAdult (m)6,9497852
7XTqNHappy HeikyungAdult (m)7,2578283
ev74WSid SquidAdult (m)6,3269103
sFjBfWhiny WilmaAdult (f)5,9659013
MHG2rWynne ChillAdult (m)6,6621,3193
0hdInKissy KrissyAdult (m)5,8831,0443
SqXwCBerried in the JungleAdult (f)7,3301,1004
1RSeOBoar to the CoreAdult (m)5,2188502
N60UbFruit HoardAdult (m)7,6321,1342
w4VNcGladiator GamesAdult (m)6,8221,0713
zK6piRecover the GoodsAdult (f)8,4538703
9FOizEerie DiseaseAdult (m)7,6998525
Vpho2Rein CheckAdult (f)7,3791,2423
jSODqThe Thaw That CountsAdult (m)9,2001,0933
cueacPicking FlowersAdult (m)8,6461,2063
XzNVpCracking the BooksAdult (f)8,4151,1504
vjSTcGoing to MarketAdult (m)7,3731,2433
XWBqjThe Truth About Old CobAdult (m)8,8241,0935
WmLSYHickory WindAdult (m)8,2581,10212
jF4rjFor All the TeaAdult (f)7,8351,2486
g9suLForging a LegendAdult (f)8,1401,1524
feD28Waste NotAdult (m)6,9231,2456
xyKNtElectronic SkyAdult (f)6,4111,1893
1gsviStarlit FloraAdult (f)6,5441,2542
IhR7zWhoosh RapidsAdult (m)5,8551,1843
B5C3JThe Spore the MerrierAdult (f)6,7501,1092
srHFMSummer WalnutAdult (f)6,4241,1423
h9AD5Blue to BlueAdult (m)6,0371,1077
LCsORPorta VistaAdult (f)4,6019703
9wzVmSellbot - The MinglerAdult (f)4,3079462
gOPNwVarien's Whispers in the MistAdult (f)5,8951,2821
p3Sy8Bears Gotta RunAdult (m)7,5338623
uy8zDVirtual Riot's BlackoutAdult (f)6,4479213
KKRZU7 Minutes Dead's PeacockAdult (f)6,4221,2032
0wOmDCase and Point's FugitiveAdult (m)5,1821,0951
Gb2vgYuucaAdult (m)6,1521,0252
X2NniLaszlo's Law of the JungleAdult (f)5,3818682
Fme3zLost KingsAdult (f)4,5461,0011
ICN1X20 Thousand Hardcore MembersAdult (m)5,6078951
MN3cBMillenium JusticeAdult (f)4,9278642
4d7vnMewnlight RoseAdult (f)5,7468171
jabjeNappy's LaggingAdult (f)5,1548752
9oU3mCloudy With a Chance of BossbotsAdult (m)5,5539221
psMUkSoft Spoken EPAdult (f)5,1327933
d4EogHow I RollAdult (m)5,1688044
IjKHpIf It Ain't DutchAdult (f)4,8638553
ntLqEOn My Way UpAdult (m)5,5107871
WPIWOI Like to Cha ChaAdult (m)6,1068293
fEuxyHax EverywhereAdult (m)5,8238732
A2nDZBrush BayAdult (f)4,6188163
7wCwWHard Dance GreenAdult (m)4,7848772
KIBJpDeep in the LaboratoryAdult (m)6,2088312
iIGREFrank's PranksAdult (m)4,3877747
PHKIRTuft Guy GymAdult (f)4,9078823
2RN5eAnna's Cruises Travel AgencyAdult (m)5,4267892
Ic8sGBig Mama's Bahama PajamasAdult (m)4,6048713
8jjAsKleptocat ChanguitoAdult (f)5,3748542
sCofxWhole HeartAdult (f)3,9998454
2MlibFrozen NoibatAdult (m)4,5268095
JIY9tSpooky KidAdult (m)5,1818581
jgf8DLost EveningAdult (f)3,6358334
pQuK5Darklit StreetAdult (f)5,2898392
qvA2XSunset CityAdult (m)6,7869934
VA5XgPsychedelic StereoAdult (m)7,3847653
FOdshDrum Solo CupsAdult (m)5,9898942
cJPtTClerk WillAdult (f)6,0341,0733
7Itj3Clerk HerbAdult (m)5,4139102
pQunwSticky GeorgeAdult (m)6,3409285
WZLfVInherit the WindstoneAdult (m)7,5961,1114
4uAvxTrouble in TumbleweedAdult (f)6,2278113
QfX0YThe Coils of MedusaAdult (f)5,6458132
WRC8MGathering InformationAdult (f)5,7908644
SwsJ3Spiny Happy PeopleAdult (m)7,2968313
S77lzInto the Map RoomAdult (m)7,5981,0826
9PSzZTicket to Chelsea CourtAdult (m)6,5698794
vaBT6The Last Dragon RiderAdult (f)8,0281,1545
eNDDVLore from a StoneAdult (f)6,8641,1432
JuDSTWeight of the WordAdult (m)7,7661,1584
nfOPHReady to RubbleAdult (m)7,4411,1013
LMCCONight RunningAdult (m)5,9731,3463
Tz4FfNice Part of TownAdult (f)6,8961,0844
oZ02pLying in BaitAdult (m)7,7471,0616
l4eocPepper Grass NookAdult (m)7,8001,1243
gfPElVive La PenguinoniaAdult (m)7,3701,1385
0oWpkDispatch from Wizard CityAdult (f)8,4381,1536
VJCICPiebald SunsetAdult (m)6,4581,1681
n1vDiPale BatAdult (f)6,2711,1863
CoVLaBounceboroAdult (f)5,7591,1553
3G3g5Grows on YouAdult (m)5,9991,0783
t44BcAngora LuxAdult (f)5,9051,0855
wBnnrMad JesterAdult (m)5,8971,0913
Q8LJSVirtual Riot's Energy DrinkHatchling (f, F)3,6681,0261
yQz1sInto the ApocalypseAdult (f)4,8209912
IxT8SGrav LiftAdult (m)4,8381,0151
iIqNhPlucking TechnologyAdult (f)4,7819972
pyWgZColoured PlutoAdult (f)4,1589931
7bWz1F Minor FactoryAdult (m)5,4528081
2UEmOWRLD's AwakeAdult (m)4,8958762
iISYfA Vacation to RememberAdult (f)6,0861,0043
rsOYsMuldoon's Maroon BalloonsAdult (f)4,4857952
K343LArt's Smart Chart MartAdult (m)3,9388065
WtJH2Jake's RakesAdult (f)4,4139214
Bm56WGreen Bean JeansAdult (f)5,4618053
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