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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Lycaenion,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
2dUOUSpace and Time LycaeusAdult (f)5,0129792
S2p8SLady StephanieAdult (f)4,1821,0852
3VluDRedrum LycaeusAdult (m)5,0738862
hnpwOEat Your Peas LycaeusAdult (f)5,5174821
OQBNaReal Men Wear Pink LycaeusAdult (m)4,7734610
D12PMIcelord LycaeusAdult (m)4,1548152
QtASLGlacial Drift LycaeusAdult (f)4,4248720
aZLkCUrsula and Aqua LycaeusAdult (f)6,4831,0331
lpi0pInto the Night LycaeusAdult (f)2,7949852
IFykSInky LycaeusAdult (f)2,2487990
XLbTQLady of the Night LycaeusAdult (f)2,1907461
SXBNbSyggi LycaeusAdult (m)6,1081,0311
bReSXMidnight LycaeusAdult (f)4,0311,1143
dUsReJumpscare at NightfallAdult (m)1,5477472
w1BrzBonecrusher LycaeusAdult (f)3,4808950
oC3gMBone Widow LycaeusAdult (f)2,6956052
Do7kTEarl LycaeusAdult (m)1,8158071
O21StGratuity Tucci LycaeusAdult (f)5,6065101
GmxkNBlood Moon LycaeusAdult (f)3,9819943
sn0AYLunar Eclipse LycaeusAdult (m)3,7717833
5rGchBlood Bourne LycaeusAdult (m)4,3028640
CRUYdBlueBro LycaeusAdult (m)8,6361,2363
TxHQ1Blue and Gold LycaeusAdult (f)7,9211,2512
hKxET(hKxET)Adult (f)4,6697535
gEO1YBrimscythe LycaeusAdult (m)4,7091,0712
qtbBRBruto son of Bruto LycaeusAdult (m)3,9337282
nAka7Necromantia LycaeusAdult (f)3,7178600
vD3to(vD3to)Adult (m)2,6556521
nq6IHLumier LycaeusAdult (m)7,3271,1812
glL4hVarda LycaeusAdult (f)4,5534342
iw7KeMorticia LycaeusAdult (f)2,2908523
5zKzdNightingale LycaeusAdult (f)2,9297182
LkzCOShadow Maiden LycaeusAdult (f)3,7199091
8AYNMEschew Sunlight LycaeusAdult (m)2,8876702
QGMCECeleste LycaeusAdult (f)3,1127022
7qL7LMoon Unit LycaeusAdult (f)5,0738971
RgZbOCelestial Sky LycaeusAdult (f)4,0308081
6X1hOMazithra LycaeusAdult3,6761,2303
O8J2BScythe LycaeusAdult (m)3,3329402
seBncPygmy Puff LycaeusAdult (f)1,9587151
pjnpMFeed Me Seymour LycaeusAdult (f)2,0846890
X8WDuThe Long Night LycaeusAdult (m)4,7273841
CZRKELady CarlyAdult (f)2,8299944
lIScpBaroness LatieshaAdult (f)2,9128491
o5W0KDuke HrrrrAdult (m)4,8323471
8X1BrPrince PwyllAdult (m)1,2056030
I8cq6Lord UlmoAdult (m)1,7966430
QM9OlDementia LycaeusAdult (f)2,9394791
HtAJjDepsia LycaeusAdult (f)2,6464751
SpIzEMy Own Best Friend LycaeusAdult (f)4,9899662
9fCfkSir Simon of the Round TableAdult (m)4,1231,0961
k8kTDConnor ValourAdult (m)1,5816160
lFwUrDo Right By Me LycaeusAdult (f)7,5141,1360
D2MkTInara Du-lacAdult (f)2,2138081
DO7P9Boo and Bop LycaeusAdult (f)2,1017951
Kd0pSLord ClashAdult (m)4,0441,1352
1eHLqThunder LycaeusAdult (f)4,9739942
UgMYqCinder StarAdult (m)2,6278102
1aNGUFirebolt LycaeusAdult (m)4,3729112
G8iibFrostfyre LycaeusAdult (f)5,3179011
j37WN(j37WN)Adult (f)3,6227060
imc9n(imc9n)Adult (m)4,6758670
UuLdr(UuLdr)Adult (f)3,3766801
oWlKWOld Lady LycaeusAdult (f)4,1638832
oRcv8Lapis Lazuli LycaeusAdult (m)6,9755683
mJ3w9Tai Xiao Long LycaeusAdult (m)4,2898582
spsE4Frilla LycaeusAdult (f)4,8464560
OocnLFrostbyte LycaeusAdult (f)4,1598201
EhbZWBaroness CrystalAdult (f)4,4441,1793
0r9MrRoy and RogerAdult (m)1,9367291
8Y1q1Yen and Triss LycaeusAdult (f)5,1669450
QzFhHMadness and Distain LycaeusAdult (m)4,6428741
JbuAYBronzed Lady LycaeusAdult (m)3,4981,0670
qrV3ALord FarquadAdult (m)2,3516912
N8L5YGomez LycaeusAdult (m)3,0629403
EjdcjGoldilocks LycaeusAdult (f)5,1819871
ZW71bHades LycaeusAdult (m)1,5437401
SSpdZTrouble LycaeusAdult (m)1,5617470
V7uyhFire Burn LycaeusAdult (m)1,5817261
brZGTThanatos LycaeusAdult (m)1,5767250
lcp4LLady Spook LycaeusAdult (f)3,3835091
V1gArGrave Robber LycaeusAdult (m)2,8366272
jIj37Count My Spots LycaeusAdult (f)4,9019481
uUdm8TumbleDryAdult (m)3,7841,1011
b26p1Lady FioraAdult (f)2,5591,0232
QaXnMSir Malcom of the Round TableAdult (m)1,9358121
jYVvdBreanne Du-lacAdult (f)2,1547061
kCqP3Sam Weiss LycaeusAdult (m)9,4661,3985
VZTUQGood Eats LycaeusAdult (m)2,8499471
LdvBtValen LycaeusAdult (m)2,3059501
F28TnSparklepants LycaeusAdult (m)2,7441,0522
4nJVcManawydan LycaeusAdult (m)3,6651,1061
azqO0Hell Bound LycaeusAdult (m)2,1227332
EqgjAHoneyToes LycaeusAdult (m)4,7599472
1xuwYRigantona LycaeusAdult (f)2,4567490
CdGSdSlephnir LycaeusAdult (m)2,5887841
mLUMvCrying Wolf LycaeusAdult (m)5,3311,0041
ENU2SIcebringer LycaeusAdult (m)3,6991,1675
5bjfpElsa LycaeusAdult (f)5,1048341
MoeiMImperia LycaeusAdult (f)2,2556661
L5E1iFeathers LycaeusAdult (m)6,1321,0773
gvi2lPrime Plumage LycaeusAdult (m)6,1021,0531
ipjOqFeathered Friend LycaeusAdult (m)5,9691,0132
d8mRyCornish Pixie LycaeusAdult (f)4,9909641
go3OK(go3OK)Egg (F)
FzdQyLuneska LycaeusAdult (f)4,9137602
Dj5rMLux LycaeusAdult (f)4,6038800
FJRUiSunburst LycaeusAdult (m)3,7838270
1Ss1LLucina LycaeusAdult (f)6,8795661
30uFjBlacklight LycaeusAdult (m)5,9111,0241
YOS5hDarknessa LycaeusAdult (f)8,3951,2011
sOfb3Nerezza LycaeusAdult (f)5,7205761
VITiNStarkiller LycaeusAdult (f)6,1155880
d4IxSHarvest Moon LycaeusAdult (f)8,1741,1953
ryYhZNocturnal LycaeusAdult (f)5,8254722
aiJOhSpellweaver LycaeusAdult (f)1,7766630
oNFAfLord SpellmanAdult (m)3,5331,3573
dhEEZGerald LycaeusAdult (m)2,3568060
GKjq3RICHARD LORD OF THE FLAMEAdult (f)2,9271,0374
uXnJAFluttershy LycaeusAdult (f)5,3105171
FClHi2-Is goldAdult (f)5,1978240
CG9nG1-Natures first greenAdult (m)5,1658021
NgSk9Luna LycaeusAdult (f)4,7371,2753
dXjeiMuna LycaeusAdult (f)6,0924521
lz9hTFalling Skies LycaeusAdult (f)2,9678472
1p4cpAlpha Centauri LycaeusAdult (m)4,4057073
LsU7EAndromeda LycaeusAdult (f)5,6944541
UmF4EGalactic Quest LycaeusAdult (m)3,3791,0121
4OM9iUrsa Major LycaeusAdult (f)5,6191,1982
8viFdLord LawerenceAdult (m)2,7809541
1iVrSBaron LarsAdult (m)2,2828031
dd0pIDuchess TiffanyAdult (f)2,9728773
0xZNmPrince GendryAdult (m)4,8741,0411
jQFADNimros and Nimrod LycaeusAdult (m)5,7674772
iiWcRLady JenniferAdult (f)4,1741,3125
FJXEVBaroness TaffyAdult (f)4,5981,1794
xeUfqGhostlight LycaeusAdult (f)2,2438230
nLYt6I'll Fortune LycaeusAdult (f)2,1228051
0QYsnPaper Mache LycaeusAdult3,4939813
89krqLord WoolsWorthAdult (m)2,9299690
NZILZBaron FuzzFaceAdult (m)2,3198372
pgBMgPeachy Keen LycaeusAdult (f)2,4581,0564
s7Jm9Tennant LycaeusAdult (m)1,5696034
YJqFsRosie LycaeusAdult (f)1,5535753
CX4KKPinkie Pie LycaeusAdult (f)3,9371,2265
aul3JPinkman LycaeusAdult (m)2,7959047
D13q4Peaches LycaeusAdult (f)3,8761,1792
Gp3CLFuzzball LycaeusAdult (m)2,5688411
Eo8TBFuzzy Feeling LycaeusAdult (m)2,4267665
IFWLzCheyenne LycaeusAdult (f)8,0988341
iFW1WGoldi LycaeusAdult (f)4,7231,2609
ZfcIBBaron Bradley Thuwed StellarisAdult (m)4,2681,53926
52vkePunkin LycaeusAdult (f)1,4897381
3d6HlRight By Me LycaeusAdult (f)1,7316390
ngbv1Imperial Colors LycaeusAdult (m)4,2001,3772
PcuZ2In Purple I'm StunningAdult (m)4,0491,0562
auo9ICrimson LycaeusAdult (m)2,3191,0032
KP4FUChili LycaeusAdult (m)2,0608462
pQ0NCScarlet LycaeusAdult (m)2,4498522
al0b0Nestmaker LycaeusAdult (f)4,6978860
kkCZPIncubator LycaeusAdult (m)5,6989933
9V4wwCarol LycaeusAdult (m)2,1837792
vj2LBCoral LycaeusAdult (m)1,8566960
gsFC3Rhianna LycaeusAdult (f)2,2657022
0L8R7Ralof LycaeusAdult (m)7,4541,1231
5SJi6Valentine LycaeusAdult (f)2,6281,0082
7j9XTJack FrostfyreAdult (m)4,2591,2543
YQe0LFreya of the Wolf MoonAdult (f)3,0979493
V65D4Laufey of the Wolf MoonAdult (m)4,4231,3492
5DrBAOdin of the Wolf MoonAdult (m)3,2711,1062
n6KOYBrandon of the Wolf MoonAdult (m)2,6309384
spVA3Alice of the Wolf MoonAdult (f)3,5369624
VLkW0Montgomery of the Wolf MoonAdult (m)2,2937991
cSjFCFrigga of the Wolf MoonAdult (f)2,1837842
MCBjjBlueblood LycaeusAdult (m)1,7617192
VVI9RDanika of the Wolf MoonAdult (f)1,8707545
HaLIrBaldir of the Wolf MoonAdult (m)1,9207122
rFPTOBlue Moon LycaeusAdult (m)2,2307742
oXYzUOnce in a LycaeusAdult (m)5,2665100
RnRXZReginald LycaeusAdult (m)1,7127144
1Uu9pThe Sapphire Sir LycaeusAdult (m)8,7691,2403
vlu2wScythewing LycaeusAdult (f)4,9628981
YMOE1Victor Hugo LycaeusAdult (m)7,5461,2223
rKUZpNatures Gold LycaeusAdult (f)4,6499540
ZkZG9Whimsey LycaeusAdult (f)4,3221,2392
IV65YTyrion the GreyAdult (m)4,6144361
cnY96Ghastly LycaeusAdult (m)1,4387231
ENWX6Starborn LycaeusAdult (m)1,5517072
tDX5VMisty Morning LycaeusAdult (f)3,0014751
a0RVOBaroness EllieAdult (f)4,1171,1532
VnjqXDuchess AshlinnAdult (f)2,4288333
kasaVPrincess AriaAdult (f)4,5193340
6h5K6Lucina Hex LycaeusAdult (f)3,5601,1928
b6xu3(b6xu3)Adult (m)4,9207801
4jQOBLady GlindaAdult (f)2,5308801
camma(camma)Adult (f)2,3917423
XEICXSithren LycaeusAdult (m)4,4814120
XJS7IRuby Rose LycaeusAdult (f)5,9285771
O92wUPink Terror LycaeusAdult (f)5,7851,1663
R5i1ADarkness Falls LycaeusAdult (m)6,0451,0411
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