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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Lwyllae,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
ZEQMRhysa and Carwyn LwyllasAdult (f)2,1097294
meCYThayer and Neifion LwyllasAdult (m)2,0816982
OhMsDamyan and Azhar LwyllasAdult (m)3,2211,13711
ITTtJayant and Phocas LwyllasAdult (m)1,5356941
FWIdMinta and Sharyl LwyllasAdult (f)2,0527057
mPk3Nessa and Imani CB LwyllasAdult (f)7,5071,2914
u0cjDeidra and Sunita LwyllasAdult (f)3,4247575
G8L4Finnuala and Yemima LwyllasAdult (f)4,0039011
HJm8Jair and Arturo LwyllasAdult (m)4,0139154
0TvGStein and Blaine LwyllasAdult (m)5,2251,1618
2EbaJannike and Meike LwyllasAdult (f)3,9851,0832
NkBqCaer and Acer CB LwyllasAdult (m)4,2191,0196
fA4qCharissa and Israa LwyllasAdult (f)4,7141,0423
qhknVArrona and Tiye CB LwyllasAdult (f)2,0098493
lSZHoEuthe and Inalis II LwyllasAdult (f)1,8657094
Sr8Ua(Sr8Ua)Adult (f)3,9281,0594
DGFJp(DGFJp)Adult (m)5,5488365
CmXAgMatia and Polira CB LwyllasAdult (f)3,9141,0844
U4oLmJiem and Koril CB LwyllasAdult (m)3,4611,1504
mfQcU(mfQcU)Adult (f)3,8306331
eyk7GNitia and Kina CB LwyllasAdult (f)3,8681,1304
UNvVHMiech and Itoch CB LwyllasAdult (m)3,7401,2673
hB8JBZidar and Draer CB LwyllasAdult (m)3,4871,0883
5OJVE(5OJVE)Adult (f)4,0081,3315
klhJk(klhJk)Adult (f)3,9787216
B9r1I(B9r1I)Adult (f)3,8436413
YXwDz(YXwDz)Adult (m)2,8106892
egl7Z(egl7Z)Adult (m)4,4779154
KZvLDaevin CB LwyllasAdult (m)3,09633013
19rhXimena CB LwyllasAdult (f)2,7984906
hjd3Nanshe LwyllasAdult (f)1,1576011
CqcAFrona CB LwyllasAdult (f)2,3069865
9FWLTullio LwyllasAdult (m)4,0519024
OQA1Thorsten LwyllasAdult (m)3,6631,0193
0ACAOEmund CB LwyllasAdult (m)2,5741,0205
WqRbjNaesty CB LwyllasAdult (f)3,0391,0172
tcv0ZAldra LwyllasAdult (f)2,4281,1001
UUnOdRakas LwyllasAdult (m)2,2699371
RZ601Sijtan-lor LwyllasCPAdult (f)2,3959813
7S8fbLord Leist Lwyllas of CommonsAdult (m)3,1401,0090
Sa37NNyceto LwyllasAdult (m)2,7139690
F4Y30Vuorser LwyllasAdult (m)2,6819320
6oTUQKelasa LwyllasAdult (f)2,3188051
YafOTEnurna LwyllasAdult (f)2,3918120
nfrAeImdar LwyllasAdult (m)2,4018331
QJkP8Inaen LwyllasAdult (f)2,3498080
7WceLDiche CB LwyllasAdult (f)2,5217822
du6GGAthkali LwyllasAdult (f)2,7117642
0nbY1Ereth CB LwyllasAdult (m)2,5367890
VaIaZ(VaIaZ)Adult (m)4,9821,1983
zGtVz(zGtVz)Adult (m)4,3411,2504
MLEmB(MLEmB)Adult (m)2,3756122
xBSJE(xBSJE)Adult (f)2,7016122
zt8QY(zt8QY)Adult (m)4,8141,1343
CLBae(CLBae)Adult (m)5,7068161
Fplu3(Fplu3)Adult (m)4,6348094
BlUe3(BlUe3)Adult (f)4,9239972
wZ0qb(wZ0qb)Adult (f)4,8979083
7ac8F(7ac8F)Adult (m)2,8227132
gWKGn(gWKGn)Adult (f)4,1138231
g97SB(g97SB)Adult (f)4,0608361
ACofr(ACofr)Adult (m)3,9836973
zQG4D(zQG4D)Adult (m)4,5747800
fXaK6(fXaK6)Adult (m)4,7128944
Trpr8(Trpr8)Adult (f)4,3248642
nqWF5(nqWF5)Adult (f)4,0088354
if7cy(if7cy)Adult (f)4,1308213
pvnCu(pvnCu)Adult (f)2,7197203
Afcbb(Afcbb)Adult (f)4,1958771
LQ2x2(LQ2x2)Adult (m)3,6167563
LSM9u(LSM9u)Adult (f)3,4677305
sEU8w(sEU8w)Adult (f)3,8907753
bi3zq(bi3zq)Adult (f)3,9907762
QLMnZ(QLMnZ)Adult (f)2,9126583
PaogHefina Light Feather LwyllasAdult (f)1,45441211
2jOSBlodawnen CB LwyllasAdult (m)2,1614504
iX3HPwyll LwyllasAdult (m)2,02347123
davkNynnia LwyllasAdult (f)3,1515119
SivuSalim LwyllasAdult (m)7,0361,2407
cX1uBeulah LwyllasAdult (f)3,9128937
npgaBEdrao LwyllasCPAdult (f)3,2201,0853
EOk3hVihray LwyllasCPAdult (f)3,5601,0751
WBT73Emriso LwyllasCPAdult (m)3,0581,0305
QqE6INyneh LwyllasCPAdult (f)2,8361,0052
KZ2hKEnthrilelm LwyllasCPAdult (f)2,2749380
DQvbDFierlye LwyllasCPAdult (f)2,3149021
IvaHoIvaho LwyllasAdult (f)2,5911,0762
8lM0vLady Honen Lwyllas of CommonsAdult (f)1,7966203
mgYNRPoorgha LwyllasAdult (f)2,7919590
a4oK4Dra'kelo LwyllasAdult (f)2,7559640
I9FtcSysild LwyllasAdult (m)3,2209971
d4sk1Urnimis LwyllasAdult (m)3,0859722
DVY64Hinunt LwyllasAdult (m)3,1239930
jiJs4Shy'ormo LwyllasAdult (m)3,1601,0290
XQaV8Lidel CB LwyllasAdult (m)2,7338132
floSt(floSt)Adult (f)3,6835610
gzn1S(gzn1S)Adult (f)3,7315610
QQUNP(QQUNP)Adult (m)4,0746102
r8L5Kumo The Dark Warrior LwyllasAdult (m)8,3997658
RSUpArtemis LwyllasAdult (f)2,92542622
7ADbAeron LwyllasAdult (m)1,70452714
c2rIMirian LwyllasAdult (f)2,1375638
cqERIwica LwyllasAdult (f)1,69387712
00cIHonorius LwyllasAdult (m)2,5851,07210
ZMEWDezirinda LwyllasAdult (f)2,0938378
7WFTKrante LwyllasAdult (m)2,7379227
Q6A9Lupus Emas LwyllasAdult (m)2,7479357
RWo88Aweh CB LwyllasAdult (f)5,3201,0943
BUm3lTasnal LwyllasAdult (m)3,2699683
NxLfTVordyna LwyllasAdult (f)2,8771,0104
REQDfFalag CB LwyllasAdult (m)3,0511,1481
UttRMMoala CB LwyllasAdult (f)3,1061,1242
NQUxVLoarra II LwyllasAdult (f)3,5101,0462
vOVVK(vOVVK)Adult (f)4,3231,1753
L6b2A(L6b2A)Adult (f)4,0381,0342
JUByb(JUByb)Adult (f)4,1409913
ZYjGL(ZYjGL)Adult (f)4,3511,2404
QNPei(QNPei)Adult (f)3,6571,07111
Z8ZfW(Z8ZfW)Adult (f)4,7951,1564
tC1aArron LwyllasAdult (m)3,0404395
qTiXjMalcil LwyllasAdult (m)2,4968784
jnMeAello LwyllasHatchling (F)61614311
6iZ0uJalla CB LwyllasAdult (f)3,2531,1023
an2V5Jehon LwyllasAdult (m)2,8981,0064
8f18lErindall LwyllasAdult (m)4,2221,1364
JRhAtRynosa LwyllasAdult (f)3,9621,0893
uG4TX(uG4TX)Adult (m)3,7561,0593
b3V0x(b3V0x)Adult (m)3,2201,1742
ZOT8x(ZOT8x)Adult (m)3,4161,1496
zVt2x(zVt2x)Adult (m)3,4591,1295
ewH7U(ewH7U)Adult (f)4,5257574
nYiCdRothull LwyllasAdult (m)3,4751,0284
KuOJwItalda CB LwyllasAdult (f)2,7817892
aE7BiTaivoro LwyllasAdult (m)2,7649603
nyntb(nyntb)Adult (f)3,4931,0461
vhoHc(vhoHc)Adult (f)4,7591,1353
PDAY2(PDAY2)Adult (f)5,1071,1842
1EiVz(1EiVz)Adult (m)4,8621,1963
IAp11(IAp11)Adult (m)5,2691,3546
LJvU9Isylla LwyllasAdult (f)3,6601,0853
gqCxRMurheil LwyllasAdult (m)4,2469032
WIqT6Farad CB LwyllasAdult (m)3,6371,2681
oeZ2E(oeZ2E)Adult (m)3,8091,0161
sX6jP(sX6jP)Adult (f)4,9931,1541
NbxWZ(NbxWZ)Adult (f)5,5907973
hFzwc(hFzwc)Adult (f)4,0995972
JVEx5(JVEx5)Adult (f)4,1385871
7gviC(7gviC)Adult (f)4,3056123
kVFWB(kVFWB)Adult (f)4,1126030
eH2EJTyr and Maith CB LwyllasAdult (m)3,4031,0083
egS34Daur and Shen CB LwyllasAdult (m)3,5999283
GbWo8Nedar and Dyton LwyllasAdult (m)3,5358094
u0l6U(u0l6U)Adult (m)2,8347074
0XDQ7(0XDQ7)Adult (f)2,8136991
EgwdABrydan CB LwyllasAdult (f)3,1191,0363
22xIFHonril CB LwyllasAdult (m)3,6231,0353
jwXNgOldryna CB LwyllasAdult (f)2,8741,2403
sLR7mJeenth CB LwyllasAdult (m)2,8891,2522
nqqzb(nqqzb)Adult (m)3,6171,0841
Fm2YC(Fm2YC)Adult (f)4,7031,1983
9KXco(9KXco)Adult (f)4,1961,0403
IaDXg(IaDXg)Adult (m)5,2351,3312
RxnqM(RxnqM)Adult (f)3,8056345
na7M9(na7M9)Adult (m)3,9845651
0O2YAtarah LwyllasAdult (f)1,6138635
j63hTayla LwyllasAdult (f)1,6896425
5mkLSeck LwyllasAdult (m)1,6037573
Ao8nHuri II LwyllasAdult (m)1,4117072
mpcnJudoc II LwyllasAdult (m)2,2627621
CJorCajore LwyllasAdult (f)4,6871,0466
LMDPcAughar LwyllasAdult (m)1,8888235
XgVvcAeral LwyllasAdult (m)2,5058642
A8Du1Quarrion II LwyllasAdult (m)2,8191,1674
0CJ3dSkelirr LwyllasAdult (m)4,1301,0332
4v0krIndara LwyllasAdult (f)3,1301,0293
WS6sm(WS6sm)Adult (f)2,6545884
hXtbw(hXtbw)Adult (m)3,9357950
SxRW8(SxRW8)Adult (f)2,8677112
kO8pI(kO8pI)Adult (f)4,3848792
zaOlQ(zaOlQ)Adult (m)4,1158381
6358Waqar CB LwyllasAdult (m)1,8351,0124
lDCrTierra CB LwyllasAdult (f)5,0301,4883
U7NCMya CB LwyllasAdult (f)1,8087053
7YRHCahir LwyllasAdult (m)4,5321,0732
nBTbFulco II LwyllasAdult (m)4,8271,0939
5iKfShulpae II LwyllasAdult (f)2,8099252
IXXT8Chaen LwyllasAdult (f)2,2359332
Q9uThCarumo CB LwyllasAdult (m)1,9397121
E3q3WRonk CB LwyllasAdult (m)2,5255571
BEaf0Taioma CB LwyllasAdult (f)2,0717203
XrFiq(XrFiq)Adult (m)3,1701,1286
XJwbS(XJwbS)Adult (f)4,1866163
CcrVVRyrima CB LwyllasAdult (f)2,9958093
VBAiaAiya CB LwyllasAdult (f)2,8738300
7pEkaSulissa CB LwyllasAdult (f)3,0901,1334
yNxVzSerad CB LwyllasAdult (m)3,8791,3262
itwZ5Elatha CB LwyllasAdult (f)4,0561,1862
baLdORynirr CB LwyllasAdult (m)4,7591,1212
pkS7URuenth CB LwyllasAdult (m)5,9501,0419
GaVjJRancer CB LwyllasAdult (m)4,2671,1401
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