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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “LtShinySides,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
iYUFLXuzzenthThe BrightAdult (f)4,6705521
tDlR3Mondrum The Bunny KillerAdult (m)6,6641,2901
eNfIrTisisdag The Clumsy OneAdult (m)3,0485682
oLE9XDiddrecross The ChosenAdult (m)3,7125300
mz6xWQannones Protector Of The WeakAdult (m)2,9455312
1RmHYYzyn Protector Of The SkyAdult (m)3,5145360
G2axlBradre The CarefulAdult (m)4,0144662
YuFvhRersen BraveheartAdult (m)3,6554771
NILd0Sissuth WarmheartAdult (f)4,5554690
NiYExCardim The BrightAdult (m)2,4995521
Ad4blOnoth The CreepAdult (f)3,2665851
DfeuLChikat The WarmAdult (m)2,6775020
Dz4ReFedhaerth The AdorableAdult (f)3,2205091
eAWXAFamraeAdult (f)3,3515290
xhQxGYnenterth The Skinny OneAdult (m)3,4234810
hFjnHFeozyntolth The Strong MindedAdult (f)3,9354681
rYg7hItys The BraveAdult (m)3,9074780
FKuF8Rakeim The Fast OneAdult (m)4,7304402
YxRYxCaghayna The AdorableAdult (f)4,4054763
UwXm8Pendys The AdorableAdult (m)4,4034890
JstqGFrergados The HungryAdult (f)4,3914813
XKBlhDoldrem The FierceAdult (m)3,5725172
TpSayShomre The HungryAdult (f)4,0335852
OAqHHAegyrrithAdult (f)3,9525192
NLfINSerrephin The SqueelerAdult (f)3,0325330
T0gqVFamryphi The NocturnalAdult (f)2,5914741
IoFOrUthonth BraveheartAdult (f)2,9034931
IizClMyldronth The CleverAdult (m)3,5305002
E3mguIllante The CleanAdult (f)6,2535152
VqtHxShiodysAdult (f)6,3055592
V8WE5Aday The TenderAdult (f)6,7166386
kpsu8Brotien The Strong MindedAdult (m)5,6965491
bloUQGrorgass The InsaneAdult (m)5,1095921
SoP49BizutAdult (m)4,2284035
TaiJSBaiphessAdult (f)5,4235691
5AciHQardom The CalmAdult (f)4,4734321
p4gOuQiarsicraiss ChampionOfTheGreenAdult (m)3,9506111
5tYz8DuldrureAdult (m)3,9494133
fhlD4FidhiAdult (f)6,4305691
JkvURFrydarth The Taker Of LifeAdult (m)6,1474882
aWtKoCyndunth Protector Of CreaturesAdult (m)5,5024601
UpDLgHirvy The SwiftAdult (f)3,1075322
wtFTTTermoss Redeemer Of MenAdult (f)3,3414811
e61LNChullin The VoicelessAdult (f)3,3505410
7WRfFCevi The Life GiverAdult (f)5,0545581
YwekbChavyntyAdult (f)4,4574262
04OQOGorveirret Protector Of The SkyAdult (f)5,6405172
IpXRWMyghun Eternal FireAdult (m)4,1596761
eIlS3Shegyth Gentle MindAdult (f)3,9816761
Y3GEUDimmeth The CalmAdult (f)6,3701,1111
SX2ZhYphyss Eternal FireAdult (f)3,0885212
QRXr1Pomrud The VictoriousAdult (m)3,8775682
u1XsjDorgacras The CleanAdult (m)3,3384800
qpMsQYrganerth The StrongAdult (m)3,2454740
TKF5JMeri The AdorableAdult (f)3,7834761
RzgtBPyghunth The StrongAdult (m)4,0544970
N3mFpYtylth The Rabbit SlayerAdult (f)4,2105040
z4bsLOigheg The TyrantAdult (m)6,2058750
2sD6oRugess The PowerfulAdult (m)4,2585191
szGi0Giaddroirth The BrightAdult (m)2,8554791
pDa6iEvini The Evil OneAdult (f)2,6764650
4g4JWTyghantur Bringer Of DeathAdult (m)3,7753680
9b00IDugheinth Eater Of BunniesAdult (m)3,0735022
aNzZ4Viopilaerth The GentleAdult (f)4,7155281
8FK9tFonnenth Eater Of BunniesAdult (f)3,9956681
68aHGBeimryt The Mysterious OneAdult (m)3,2415403
yxvGMBrumbat The SwiftAdult (m)4,2795560
rwiYnRiogho The DeathladyAdult (f)3,4275161
ze5GwSitoth The SqueelerAdult (f)5,0397272
JPiVhHotyth The TenderAdult (f)3,0425301
vgUFEArdos Eternal FireAdult (m)3,8816871
eaBJsPyndaros The SlowAdult (f)3,4755871
0X4ikTavi The MagnificentAdult (f)3,7876281
wvcTvInyphi The SlowAdult (f)3,1965241
yrTkHChirrenerAdult (m)2,8584661
a1klPYmreontilth WarmheartAdult (f)2,7114682
sQY5ZTokuntotAdult (m)3,2145031
JeLQRParrephyrth The PowerfulAdult (f)6,6569483
6lmn1Xerrydog The PowerfulAdult (m)3,9184361
EMS2lFathinth The GreatAdult (f)3,3714081
l4sIZRophairan Protector Of The WeakAdult (f)3,1994211
8J01PGodynth The EternalAdult (m)4,0624580
YhhxiChezyth The KindAdult (f)2,9854960
Dn1u3Qardurth The MammothAdult (m)3,2784820
FxBiGIarves Protector Of The SkyAdult (m)3,1034750
CQHpXRennu The InsaneAdult (f)3,2685941
QqkNPCaporthAdult (f)3,1805721
i9K6fJathig The NocturnalAdult (m)3,0345021
mhTY7Funnas The QuietAdult (f)3,0395140
dRR7QFrairrid The TiranAdult (m)4,6335291
zHxwFJimbocramAdult (m)5,6615300
F64JmNummyrth The DarkAdult (m)6,0106152
ek9b6Iphis The BarbarianAdult (f)3,3425271
sXL8PAmmess The QuietAdult (m)5,0225712
bpsxJYrmei   Ammiss The GreatsAdult (f)6,5765003
ZTyIyTagonynthAdult (m)4,4245321
RydyYShoganetAdult (f)7,0155633
sGm1tChosig   CommyssAdult (m)3,1855162
ZwWrMIphis   InyphiAdult (f)3,8305640
tINExBymor   ByradAdult (m)3,9744950
PeoUCOzophae The Strong MindedAdult (f)3,5445273
fhMYwChaldrynthAdult (m)3,4055763
1YajVShorrudith The Evil OneAdult (f)2,9805190
cBSbGIthanyt The DeathlordAdult (m)2,8945221
zs2U2Frypor The YounglingAdult (f)3,4885121
bwerPBrozzerat The VictoriousAdult (m)3,4194590
W4oxIShindedul The MysteriousAdult (f)3,6374601
MmZFZXialzryd   ZeldreradAdult (m)5,8056042
9ulJTGari   TipyAdult (f)5,2255461
y5F8RKynied  UldratAdult (m)3,4505412
780eJAedholalth   AzanthAdult (f)4,0514920
ywSU2Rovryr The RedeemerAdult (m)6,1675493
SHTstQidrarthAdult (m)4,4534982
oP22MZemynAdult (f)5,5635430
EGch3Guthyrud The CleverAdult (m)3,9196040
5bfpRSeidirreAdult (f)6,1565902
4SdZLVaedinAdult (f)6,3925931
N0TYKDioghai Bringer Of DeathAdult (m)4,9835671
PwH2MCyrgoat The StrongAdult (f)3,9006003
pl09HFrathyss Protector Of The WeakAdult (m)6,8185981
jlvrbBatynthAdult (f)3,4184321
jXpOkOamrul The MysteriousAdult (f)3,8884681
xbgNwPenorry The Mysterious OneAdult (f)5,4845760
6xbNmAndet The YounglingAdult (m)4,1536500
euG0JNughoidai The DeathlordAdult (m)6,3451,1711
9ZjkwOpis Champion Of DragonsAdult (f)7,8041,3081
b4okyEghorth Destroyer Of LifeAdult (m)3,3085031
smVdrBovnorAdult (f)3,8797411
UNLiuOmass Protector Of The WeakAdult (m)3,3655401
qMSD1Nyndri Protector Of The ForestAdult (m)3,0184701
3MsDaTyghyn The Taker Of LifeAdult (m)3,3816533
h4Ra6Mivodai The MagnificentAdult (f)3,2254181
aM0GyMevoth The BrightAdult (f)2,8325461
kdylbSytor The Mysterious OneAdult (f)3,1235202
PfrCWSuphyressAdult (f)2,4155902
H8FI5NeghesdanthAdult (m)3,3105231
eeJHOTendridil The DarkAdult (f)2,7604631
suwyYTolrosdess The Dark OneAdult (m)4,4466492
Vao50Mymrurrirth The CreepAdult (m)3,1395721
J90uiAedholalth The Evil OneAdult (f)3,2875582
QAmqDBemminth Eater Of AllAdult (f)2,6995003
DjbBKMymmul The DragonladyAdult (f)3,3475331
k5SIJRennecro Destroyer Of LifeAdult (m)3,5264521
JwnILPerda The GrumpyAdult (m)4,0113761
F58z2Embineon Champion Of The BlackAdult (m)4,2473711
Tr5fXChagirimAdult (m)3,6923900
3gtbpJondriniAdult (m)4,2983760
QjnQtBynnentyth The MagnificentAdult (f)4,7094102
HncVBPimrylu The QuietAdult (f)5,3955312
PYZp9Geolzren Lord Of The SkiesAdult (m)5,7575381
DIGFEBierilanthAdult (f)4,6225030
95x17Narsiraess The SwiftAdult (f)5,8615900
K229FUmbeim The KindAdult (m)4,0126520
5I0jPBymunth The PowerfulAdult (m)3,2265232
4qKDJUghanth Redeemer Of MenAdult (m)4,1313851
HnCDcUnni Redeemer Of MenAdult (f)4,8094172
ICx7uChondreinth The KindAdult (f)3,6615152
D9uLdIedys Protector Of CreaturesAdult (m)2,9625301
g7CE4Gillyn Protector Of CreaturesAdult (f)3,1614812
zOjGWEllarth Protector Of The WeakAdult (f)3,9563752
E4ckvEtan The PowerfulAdult (f)2,8754821
ttk2yEiryssAdult (m)3,2554821
ysI3fQyndronth The SlowAdult (f)6,2051,3202
yGCkgDaindimAdult (m)3,5994712
Y9FxiLara The VoicelessAdult (f)3,8344631
ejpC7Xervy The CleverAdult (m)4,4206393
KWLEzZunniagAdult (m)3,6844331
DM0KxQommus The Rabbit SlayerAdult (m)3,8134511
rs2znZyndri The Jealous OneAdult (f)3,3364041
2FieAZarsed The Dark OneAdult (m)4,2135472
n2QU1Api Protector Of LifeAdult (f)3,5544381
tBoUDIrru The BarbarianAdult (f)3,9454670
suirrYndeda  SildrophalthAdult (f)6,2571,1101
6iCI6Opis   FryporAdult (f)5,7991,0421
xQTRMZygoss   ZiemyAdult (m)3,6766451
QvS5mKizicrud   KodaynAdult (m)3,7596330
inaHcGraydaym   MyzynyAdult (m)2,9675240
L3HPNYldrie   VymirthAdult (f)3,6035221
lUOvwPeomryss The MagnificentAdult (f)5,5635552
TbufINadhyssarthAdult (f)4,4525314
ogeEVQirgenAdult (m)3,1245711
r7r4UGroindi Eater Of BunniesAdult (m)3,6085982
GRk3VKindod The MammothAdult (m)2,9934701
V0ZlZNudrem The GiftedAdult (m)2,9024833
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