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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Lost_Girl,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
8IYFvFLOOD NanAdult (m)3,2791,0063
5TM1qFLOOD KingAdult (m)2,7928780
DgroCFLOOD LadyAdult (f)2,7868491
34hovFLOOD LetherbyAdult (f)2,7898771
uVB7GFLOOD SherlockAdult (f)3,0108930
UCdMpFLOOD HolmesAdult (m)3,3779262
FLqX6FLOOD WatsonAdult (m)3,4109882
MpibkFLOOD JohnAdult (f)3,5799571
PbpchFLOOD Elementary LoveAdult (m)3,5379401
YeihvFLOOD Magnetic LoveAdult (m)3,7121,0210
nLfa6FLOOD Psychic LoveAdult (m)3,6899782
j9AUVFLOOD Vampy LoveAdult (m)3,7389940
b9JZ7FLOOD Mutant LoveAdult (m)4,4051,0842
SZiRRFLOOD Puppy LoveAdult (m)4,4841,1150
3pibIFLOOD Dark GardenAdult (m)4,8121,1853
bJp8SFLOOD Cup of TeaAdult (m)4,7961,1500
p6seGFLOOD Crisis CoreAdult (m)5,2101,2152
iWHlAFLOOD VintageAdult (m)5,1091,2280
pPvDgFLOOD SandmanAdult (m)5,4431,2503
WBYenFLOOD Final Fantasy SevenAdult (f)5,1231,2221
OmbGOFLOOD Final Fantasy TwelveAdult (f)5,2431,2314
kIDCIFLOOD SquallAdult (f)7,4031,6002
TQvH1FLOOD TidusAdult (f)4,2888611
KtOc6FLOOD DisneyAdult (f)4,6829690
tWX6IFLOOD DreamworksAdult (m)5,1221,0331
153TaFLOOD PixarAdult (f)5,0141,0470
FE2Y5FLOOD Iron ManAdult (f)3,7141,0350
EHE8kFLOOD HawkeyeAdult (m)4,2441,1273
mLgO9FLOOD Tony StarkAdult (f)4,3411,1192
MbbktFLOOD Pepper PottsAdult (f)4,7041,2671
SmmUNFLOOD Capt AmericaAdult (m)4,2261,1690
ElgVEFLOOD SteveAdult (f)6,5071,3932
bcmjqFLOOD HulkAdult (f)5,6201,3481
tDL7nFLOOD GentleclawAdult (f)3,5936471
SSXmOFLOOD RedAdult (f)3,8716650
eXjppFLOOD  OrangeAdult (m)4,5784221
RXI4oFLOOD YellowAdult (f)3,0685113
IFED3FLOOD  GreenAdult (m)4,1424181
YoibZFLOOD BlueAdult (m)4,6226121
fB4LBFLOOD PurpleAdult (f)4,3405910
7vH8cFLOOD WisptailAdult (m)5,3929470
CmOEYFLOOD SlimerAdult (f)5,3589791
qh9K8FLOOD BluefootAdult (m)5,3159520
nRR6kFLOOD HungryAdult (f)3,1838390
FBCg4FLOOD Facebook ChatAdult (f)3,1468520
vufnfFLOOD VulnerableAdult (f)3,1228302
9kI05FLOOD WaterLoverAdult (m)4,0869982
j6diEFLOOD JodieAdult (f)3,7209450
a1hWQFLOOD AlbertAdult (m)4,1761,0573
lbU7kFLOOD SeahorseAdult (m)4,1141,0150
9lXqrFLOOD FortyninerAdult (m)3,9059092
4na6hFLOOD AnashAdult (m)4,3107740
54FC6FLOOD SoftseaAdult (m)4,6647740
qkqQQFLOOD QuietStormAdult (m)5,0859531
5KEBtFLOOD KeptEggAdult (f)4,6699051
69lqYFLOOD LollipopAdult (f)5,1329450
ZLeMTFLOOD ZealAdult (m)6,5211,1582
0GNBhFLOOD ObliviousAdult (m)5,1061,0721
18GFlFLOOD LaughterAdult (m)4,9621,0622
p1haVFLOOD PeashootAdult (m)4,3478600
633OYFLOOD SeanAdult (m)5,6201,1470
FsPbJFLOOD FlibberAdult (m)4,6288782
2DeIZFLOOD DeliciousAdult (f)5,2779430
cvcPZFLOOD PipelineAdult (m)5,4071,2000
I72U9FLOOD Study in BlueAdult (f)5,4931,2090
81iRaFLOOD Study in SlimeAdult (m)3,0089872
1vbMiFLOOD Love MeAdult (m)2,9299720
Dd318FLOOD DarthAdult (m)2,9659771
OrH7H(OrH7H)Adult (f)3,0269842
PIN3uFLOOD PincushionAdult (f)2,9339812
9uB3Q(9uB3Q)Adult (m)2,0648092
VkVJt(VkVJt)Hatchling (m, F)1,9767891
XabWv(XabWv)Adult (m)4,0164676
2WlDOFLOOD YarnAdult (m)5,1681,2633
i73YTFLOOD KnitAdult (m)2,9689861
reigmFLOOD PurlAdult (m)3,1231,0280
rd6hYFLOOD KnittingAdult (f)3,7561,2113
frN7QFLOOD CrochetAdult (f)3,2529862
a4d88FLOOD Spinning WheelAdult (m)2,9838371
v7LM3FLOOD LoomAdult (m)4,8381,2236
Xs1vcFLOOD CrowleyAdult (f)2,8938305
hqn3JFLOOD AziraphaleAdult (m)3,0418211
QPd62FLOOD Crochet HookAdult (m)3,0388442
KOas7FLOOD PotOAdult (m)2,6228841
ujRUXFLOOD ChristineAdult (m)2,7218681
2R0C3FLOOD PhantomAdult (m)2,7778742
v0BuEFLOOD ShockAdult (m)5,6171,5392
SXfi6FLOOD DraceHatchling (F)3,7778240
XMKL1FLOOD GramisHatchling (F)1,5314652
oaskHFLOOD AerithHatchling (F)2,7727072
pFTjCFLOOD Red XIIIHatchling (F)4,2714302
QZuJTFLOOD BarrelAdult (m)5,6561,5531
CF7EMFLOOD BalthierHatchling (F)2,9228592
MJg8gFLOOD ChrysanthemumAdult (m)5,7021,5122
Uj2dmFLOOD RoseAdult (m)4,8641,3431
D6uRdFLOOD TigerlilyAdult (m)4,9511,3810
WqJE5FLOOD AlexanderAdult (f)2,0966701
8d0CeFLOOD HephaestionAdult (m)2,6548482
6AgLMFLOOD CidHatchling (F)3,2094383
60Z2lFLOOD TelsaAdult (m)2,7328392
Dpnq2FLOOD EinsteinAdult (m)2,7428375
2Hue5FLOOD VenAdult (f)4,3321,2744
56vWMFLOOD BaschHatchling (F)5,5861,1523
2aQ45FLOOD FranHatchling (F)1,7755844
p9kopFLOOD MjrnHatchling (f, F)7,1631,1360
fOZn4FLOOD VosslerHatchling (F)4,8378842
4ELsPFLOOD PeneloHatchling (f, F)5,7741,0882
BZICeFLOOD VincentHatchling (F)2,0406082
AQ8jaFLOOD AsheHatchling (f, F)5,3389293
n9pCNFLOOD   BaschAdult (m)3,2008651
RZK7bFLOOD NoahAdult (f)3,2628571
gGBi5FLOOD GabbyAdult (m)3,9451,0111
03LILFLOOD Jack SkellingtonAdult (m)3,5379461
9b1rqFLOOD SallyAdult (f)3,7059691
30SihFLOOD Oogey BoogeyAdult (m)2,0576511
uR1qvFLOOD RufusAdult (m)3,7319301
GGaVeFLOOD CissneiAdult (m)2,4675152
1gA8pFLOOD KairiAdult (f)4,3839293
rWsT4FLOOD DiZAdult (f)4,8851,0751
8sZaDFLOOD ReeveAdult (f)3,8879411
6v8MrFLOOD XemnasAdult (f)6,2411,0553
AKVQWFLOOD LexeausAdult (f)7,3611,2373
JQmNEFLOOD Warrior of LightAdult (f)3,8218963
hnDFrFLOOD Mad ScientistAdult (m)4,7038321
0DYP2FLOOD RikuAdult (m)5,0051,0461
cUYf6FLOOD ElenaAdult (m)4,5691,0262
93Lt9FLOOD TerraAdult (m)7,6171,4794
ml3uhFLOOD MarluxiaAdult (m)6,9361,1421
5XIkQFLOOD SoraAdult (m)5,4571,1011
oYsCBFLOOD BarretHatchling (F)2,8847603
DgME4FLOOD DenzelHatchling (F)4,2134511
Ig7ZeFLOOD XigbarHatchling (F)1,3013341
mEP3BFLOOD CloudHatchling (F)3,1174332
vc1uPFLOOD LarsaHatchling (F)4,8708863
RYQYkFLOOD VayneHatchling (F)1,4434581
t1b9OFLOOD ReddasHatchling (f, F)5,7319662
tI2PCFLOOD VentusAdult (m)4,9361,0153
6kFiVFLOOD RudeAdult (f)4,3801,0701
Q8iAYFLOOD TifaAdult (f)7,6341,2474
WX4hpFLOOD BraigAdult (f)4,8891,0661
SJiriFLOOD NamineAdult (f)5,2071,1082
l59kVFLOOD AquaAdult (f)9,1411,7205
NHKrAFLOOD CharlesAdult (f)6,9161,1182
TsXRNFLOOD Al-CidAdult (f)6,1111,0092
LHRR7FLOOD ErikAdult (m)6,9221,1843
ms5E3FLOOD XionAdult (m)7,0041,1491
a11B4FLOOD  AnsemAdult (m)6,2591,0543
lfQtNFLOOD SheraAdult (m)6,5361,0803
AEDB2FLOOD GabranthHatchling (F)3,6237660
M3vf9FLOOD Dr CidolphusHatchling (F)1,3894480
87ECtFLOOD VaanHatchling (F)2,8478684
f5G3uFLOOD ReksHatchling (F)4,9718871
qNk8AFLOOD SaixHatchling (f, F)4,1439403
dSr63FLOOD  RaslerHatchling (F)3,1146381
6Q4WaFLOOD IsaHatchling (m, F)4,0539591
15f2TFLOOD MarleneHatchling (F)4,1824331
udUgoFLOOD JoteHatchling (F)1,9296033
69HcOFLOOD MagnetoHatchling (F)2,9032631
KuOstFLOOD LeaAdult (m)4,8057923
1p2F2FLOOD AxelAdult (m)5,4231,0702
H2fqZFLOOD  RoxasAdult (m)5,4581,1262
8KpGZFLOOD RenoAdult (f)4,6671,0193
P1TKpFLOOD Professor XAdult (f)6,2948441
NDuSBFLOOD HankAdult (f)8,5601,3742
aqfH0FLOOD ZackAdult (f)6,0081,0614
GVuYlFLOOD SephAdult (m)6,7941,1143
DuFLrFLOOD XavierHatchling (f, F)5,2491,1702
pdcppFLOOD LehnsherrHatchling (f, F)5,2651,1372
34k5KFLOOD HakuAdult (f)4,0878672
SLI4hFLOOD RabanastreAdult (f)3,8209292
aNLkZFLOOD H2OAdult (m)3,0898522
QruqXFLOOD OroreAdult (m)8,3621,3441
PsRP5FLOOD BeastAdult (f)5,2237533
DPJDZFLOOD EmmaAdult (f)8,4731,3391
J34XcFLOOD  StormAdult (m)8,4121,3433
CXrlkFLOOD FrostAdult (m)4,9041,1273
dUvY8FLOOD AngealAdult (m)5,9381,2812
OgIbdFLOOD GenesisAdult (m)5,8437912
bHEiPFLOOD ValentineAdult (m)6,7168030
YqAeQFLOOD HighwindAdult (m)5,9229831
tCg4EFLOOD BhujerbaAdult (m)8,9111,4524
5c05HFLOOD LockHatchling (F)4,0555186
VWO3o(VWO3o)Hatchling (f, F)4,0168123
VgF41(VgF41)Hatchling (f, F)2,7828881
VWVAjMake me BleedAdult (f)6,3341,3014
3hS5ABloodless and PaleAdult (f)3,1629442
OuI3LBlood-dipped ClawsAdult (f)2,6589431
IK639(IK639)Hatchling (m, F)2,8127395
h1hE2Black n White n Bloody all OverAdult (m)2,5848692
gW5MULord Dracule the InconsistentAdult (m)8,8241,4415
LvLY7(LvLY7)Adult (f)3,7648412
UZITMFlame of luuurveAdult (f)6,2501,3573
4tKsC(4tKsC)Adult (f)4,1068842
5ie4uDancefloor InfernoAdult (f)2,7111,0962
cYVLj(cYVLj)Adult (f)2,6959122
l0ipq(l0ipq)Adult (f)3,0221,0481
u90Uh(u90Uh)Adult (f)3,2291,0423
QB1HE(QB1HE)Adult (m)7,7901,5334
UrAoS(UrAoS)Adult (m)5,9661,1123
23nGj(23nGj)Adult (m)4,2299402
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