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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2012 Holiday Cooking
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Lord_Kishin,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
XlVNkY e l l o w  S u bAdult4,8544191
gOaNFY e l l o w  S u b  J RAdult4,2524073
vmFNiMy Pet MonsterAdult4,2385045
tTk6gP e t r i e  J RAdult4,1262814
WAbThLBT PetrieAdult6,0041,0737
AjTbkD u c k y  D i n oAdult8,8031,1459
3hbP8Ducky LBTAdult5,1423557
7RFfhC e r a  J RAdult3,3482905
nrmJHT r i  C e r aAdult4,8904242
DB286Cera LBTAdult3,9859135
6UY7M(6UY7M)Adult (m)1,8916132
2WbqK(2WbqK)Adult (m)3,8891,2373
dM7KL(dM7KL)Adult (m)3,6269892
ANdDY(ANdDY)Adult (f)3,6711,0113
AZeUe(AZeUe)Adult (m)3,4071,1230
Q0gPe(Q0gPe)Adult (f)3,6998521
OLtqe(OLtqe)Adult (f)1,7478793
x7Ca1(x7Ca1)Adult (m)1,7296193
oJ6MYBlanc SpaceAdult (m)4,8498913
jntOiIyashino SeishinAdult (f)7,4531,5204
mRA6K(mRA6K)Adult (m)6,7978423
B2Nfb(B2Nfb)Adult (f)4,0957031
hnuKB(hnuKB)Adult (m)3,9721,0692
849lj(849lj)Adult (m)2,2377904
9LFUG(9LFUG)Adult (m)2,2667412
9rpIV(9rpIV)Adult (m)4,5137793
OouvP(OouvP)Adult (m)8,4311,1003
vYSVh(vYSVh)Adult (m)2,6716845
WmYPF(WmYPF)Adult (m)2,4557078
OYQ2D(OYQ2D)Adult (f)2,4737271
wCQyc(wCQyc)Adult (m)2,6197292
4USvn(4USvn)Adult (f)3,8721,0085
fLAUr(fLAUr)Adult (m)4,3661,0516
dFZyD(dFZyD)Adult (m)3,9431,0305
stZPf(stZPf)Adult (f)5,0201,4363
3FTgC(3FTgC)Adult (f)3,4838958
4Kusd(4Kusd)Adult (m)3,9606771
7HKqn(7HKqn)Adult (m)2,0085231
4V9Pw(4V9Pw)Adult (m)2,0755434
dajsv(dajsv)Adult (m)4,6507320
9u61M(9u61M)Adult (m)2,6096223
y1zH1(y1zH1)Adult (m)1,8897232
pDbTQ(pDbTQ)Adult (m)2,5277932
38bd2(38bd2)Adult (f)3,4028305
0tVEn(0tVEn)Adult (f)3,6068381
G3USS(G3USS)Adult (m)3,4708214
FGGaj(FGGaj)Adult (m)3,5198202
ZPE6Q(ZPE6Q)Adult (m)3,5058295
m3UPn(m3UPn)Adult (f)3,2109861
mYrmv(mYrmv)Adult (f)3,7041,1143
I61ts(I61ts)Adult (m)3,6681,1076
b4TgD(b4TgD)Adult (f)3,7218278
6SWUp(6SWUp)Adult (m)5,1596794
BOKH7(BOKH7)Adult (m)5,0826881
ipCse(ipCse)Adult (f)5,6031,2328
TQhBOThe Book of Counted ShadowsAdult (m)7,4291,1575
mB4FV(mB4FV)Adult (f)5,9891,0135
9WhOA(9WhOA)Adult (f)7,6111,1516
r5SEVMorgana FeyAdult (f)8,1239625
LcnKOLenckoAdult (m)7,1091,1215
7EIErM o r g a n a  T h e  V a m pAdult (f)7,7181,0657
T7AlQEterna MortalisAdult (f)9,1571,5976
DnPlgVampire and DumplingsAdult (m)8,8581,0663
PcIlbMark of CainAdult (m)7,3181,2942
k8KunLeaky Cauldron Pea SoupAdult (f)4,1719502
jM2FVLereath of NocturnisAdult (f)4,1738414
8tEJuLilyth VondraculAdult (f)6,8551,2302
M5sBcEternal Death WishAdult (m)7,0261,5003
gIJpvKyuketsuki MegamiAdult (f)6,9211,5333
dC3gANocturnis Vampiris of AzraAdult (m)6,3161,31114
NiL8VVampires EmbraceAdult (m)6,2851,3903
MgEoP(MgEoP)Adult (m)2,1966693
ZZeVN(ZZeVN)Adult (m)1,9676412
DcqBn(DcqBn)Adult (f)2,3986155
yNn8O(yNn8O)Adult (f)2,3786032
toUo0Kishin HeartseekerAdult (m)8,4161,9212
Neir9Romance HeartseekerAdult (m)6,9661,9095
82tDW(82tDW)Adult (f)2,9588284
QCIAOCupids ValentineAdult (f)7,8561,6423
Sn42T(Sn42T)Adult (m)3,2375771
Tgag2Casanova LoveAdult (m)8,5001,7658
xfET2(xfET2)Adult (f)2,8047875
CpQsOSaint Valentine's MassacreAdult (f)7,5181,5532
7rdPY(7rdPY)Adult (f)2,1177433
ZfLOZ(ZfLOZ)Adult (m)8,5221,0834
smX8U(smX8U)Adult (f)7,3988906
toBGP(toBGP)Adult (m)7,5099013
gf4L6(gf4L6)Adult (m)11,2661,6455
GEg84(GEg84)Adult (m)12,6631,5688
LLKuKLuke UltravioletAdult (m)6,4331,0764
VsqrqV a s e r aAdult (f)6,7441,6755
tZm6XT i a m a t eAdult (m)6,4351,3785
GLMvC(GLMvC)Adult (m)2,5971,0470
GPofy(GPofy)Adult (f)2,5809990
twqJn(twqJn)Adult (m)2,5239573
Y92R6(Y92R6)Hatchling (F)1,9343312
HiR5v(HiR5v)Adult (f)4,3668444
zhCBpTerrible TurpentineAdult (f)3,6059881
yxuo3(yxuo3)Adult (f)2,8858801
aEgJr(aEgJr)Adult (m)2,9569062
9gTTf(9gTTf)Adult (f)2,1338433
SBIB8(SBIB8)Adult (f)4,7599432
M6jfq(M6jfq)Adult (m)4,7769571
cGqLJ(cGqLJ)Adult (f)5,9591,0063
ggUom(ggUom)Adult (f)2,3396764
61Jts(61Jts)Adult (m)3,9009193
fKGv5(fKGv5)Adult (f)8,2151,1712
4FTv9(4FTv9)Adult (m)8,3091,1574
6ISZk(6ISZk)Adult (f)7,2661,4078
c3fJB(c3fJB)Adult (m)6,8081,0885
Gr7kH(Gr7kH)Adult (f)8,1261,1986
3idDG(3idDG)Adult (f)8,2351,2175
4c6SJ(4c6SJ)Adult (f)10,3711,3616
Dnda7(Dnda7)Adult (m)8,9741,2576
VT1dpS i r  T u r p e n t i n eAdult (m)6,7691,4396
t38MJTurpentine in a CanAdult (m)4,7161,1173
Re3DGReed TurpentineAdult (f)7,6921,0093
4jUOQP a i n t  R e m o v e rAdult (f)8,8371,2654
tEfkIT u r p e n t i n e  T e k k iAdult (f)3,0496102
3eTZnThe TurpinatorAdult (m)3,0406072
baTfPTurpentine BatAdult (f)3,0536261
2ONvbT u r p e n  T i n aAdult (f)2,5857662
11nKZTurp TurpAdult (m)5,1039622
duRQ0The Great Paint RemoverAdult (m)4,8319054
xiTCY(xiTCY)Adult (m)2,4046766
HlPEk(HlPEk)Adult (f)4,5579321
GPToOGrobbieAdult (m)6,7281,6112
9urNdN y n eAdult (f)5,5991,3591
slJfl(slJfl)Adult (f)2,4799093
1nf0j(1nf0j)Adult (f)3,4251,1180
Y1Wk1(Y1Wk1)Adult (m)3,2507961
5pibF(5pibF)Adult (f)3,1617300
4kc4C(4kc4C)Adult (m)4,5698343
USHSW(USHSW)Adult (f)2,6768410
HBu2r(HBu2r)Adult (f)3,0248952
AlJI1(AlJI1)Adult (f)2,4998322
eRRW2(eRRW2)Adult (f)2,6268982
gi9TA(gi9TA)Adult (m)4,5141,3742
DtblV(DtblV)Adult (f)4,4421,4152
GibiZ(GibiZ)Adult (m)2,2337781
B28TF(B28TF)Adult (f)2,2678244
grrRn(grrRn)Adult (f)1,9377472
uPc9a(uPc9a)Adult (m)1,5937101
YnuE2(YnuE2)Adult (m)4,3759654
pOsAC(pOsAC)Adult (f)2,9499522
vdGqf(vdGqf)Adult (f)3,4908682
jQNrt(jQNrt)Adult (m)3,2638066
i5OIn(i5OIn)Adult (f)9,6801,2817
82br8(82br8)Adult (m)8,5449267
3KYuo(3KYuo)Adult (f)7,3179743
OdP3AOdd PeaAdult (f)6,2901,0665
b6MAiThor OdensonAdult (m)6,2681,2928
B6T0V(B6T0V)Adult (m)3,8579641
pJbf3Gaean SpiritAdult (m)4,3121,4473
BnCTu(BnCTu)Adult (m)4,7091,0406
CAAPp(CAAPp)Adult (f)4,4411,3901
DUn4B(DUn4B)Adult (f)3,4829674
DPzQi(DPzQi)Adult (m)3,4919492
1Sz7i(1Sz7i)Adult (f)3,1655003
9XtxX(9XtxX)Adult (f)2,2111,0550
EVzBZ(EVzBZ)Adult (f)2,3561,1161
aVjSO(aVjSO)Adult (f)2,8811,0871
QVZjt(QVZjt)Adult (f)2,2451,0500
RYs6s(RYs6s)Adult (m)2,5441,0931
zTdTMTada ATMAdult (m)2,2701,0220
3HisV(3HisV)Adult (m)2,2481,0561
YrRVY(YrRVY)Adult (m)3,0779122
fl3Nv(fl3Nv)Adult (m)2,0877286
iair2(iair2)Adult (f)2,0916993
dHiapShokubutsu o TaberuAdult (f)7,4231,5293
HtpJz(HtpJz)Adult (f)4,9395251
RhPbt(RhPbt)Adult (f)7,0521,1049
t5W8N(t5W8N)Adult (m)5,6577971
vmZwC(vmZwC)Adult (m)4,3958304
LIC3Z(LIC3Z)Adult (f)2,8788610
SG3zM(SG3zM)Adult (m)3,9527050
oaV2j(oaV2j)Adult (f)2,3697040
C5KCM(C5KCM)Adult (m)7,5971,1684
qGDAu(qGDAu)Adult (f)2,5506171
oniGV(oniGV)Adult (f)3,4309342
qcHWO(qcHWO)Adult (f)4,8308613
AAk1eSunsong's MightAdult (m)7,7522,0413
vqDNnSunsong's LightAdult (f)6,0051,3025
KerZvSunsong's FlightAdult (f)4,9451,35614
aRxzw(aRxzw)Adult (f)2,9158914
NV1wJ(NV1wJ)Adult (f)3,6401,0072
oeedY(oeedY)Adult (f)3,0889114
DHWhD(DHWhD)Adult (m)4,2377648
Qv9Nc(Qv9Nc)Adult (f)6,2528425
4SnX1(4SnX1)Adult (m)2,2266565
4PCsVB l a z i n g  S u n s e tAdult (m)3,4367455
eBBWF(eBBWF)Adult (f)4,8381,1837
MVgPZ(MVgPZ)Adult (f)7,6908932
Faghp(Faghp)Adult (f)2,5757213
jXRPU(jXRPU)Adult (f)2,5796431
zA6LN(zA6LN)Adult (f)2,5596702
7D3aS(7D3aS)Adult (m)5,1611,1211
uQCDl(uQCDl)Adult (m)2,1678591
SHrFc(SHrFc)Adult (f)2,4418850
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