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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “LoranaLee,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Ti4JcAlter Lee G1Adult (m)5,0828851
pyLM2Beyla Lee G2Adult (f)4,7721,0482
XJpZBFeiwel Lee G2Adult (m)11,6881,3402
NW0RPCharnette Lee G3Adult (f)11,3561,3694
G7mCOBeylke Lee G1Adult (f)6,8581,1681
V0s7LBer Lee G1Adult (m)11,1431,4382
szrTiChaskel Lee G1Adult (m)10,9241,4271
xGEHUBine Lee G2Adult (f)12,7501,4781
3DhbjBluma Lee G2Adult (f)3,5377491
3hOFJFishel Lee G2Adult (m)7,7129192
Zui51(Zui51)Adult (m)4,3977501
YJnqu(YJnqu)Adult (m)4,5277401
5andfFrayda Lee G2Adult (f)5,1429722
rUKvZArke Lee G1Adult (m)6,0319171
kAqUNFreyde Lee G2Adult (f)7,7239292
rRhEoFeige Lee G2Adult (f)8,3681,3543
EHsSPDvoire Lee G2Adult (f)7,2931,0422
5mKoeEidel Lee G2Adult (f)7,3771,1293
LOL0tElkie Lee G2Adult (f)7,3981,0772
Fm56SFaiga Lee G2Adult (f)7,2321,0722
2JDPzBayla Lee G3Adult (f)7,4161,0881
0gioc(0gioc)Adult (f)4,3777121
p2uzN(p2uzN)Adult (m)11,8041,3624
QS5LEBeylke Lee G2Adult (f)8,0031,2111
HPliIBeylke Lee G3Adult (f)6,7141,1786
ghU9iBashe Lee G3Adult (f)6,1911,1732
kcrhnR e l e a s e 1Adult (m)8,2951,2052
KsoC2R e l e a s e 2Adult (m)12,3111,5514
MC5DlBinke Lee G3Adult (f)4,6821,0182
gmdJkFrayde Lee G2Adult (f)7,9831,2032
59CsaFayvel Lee G2Adult (m)7,7341,1783
JZaHPFeibush Lee G2Adult (m)7,6921,1813
ZOMxjFeivel Lee G2Adult (m)7,9041,1963
pVhS2Freida Lee G2Adult (f)7,4211,1722
SDPtTBluma Lee G3Adult (f)7,7021,1923
lZwHXBlume Lee G3Adult (f)11,3551,5282
NwrEnBreindel Lee G3Adult (f)12,2611,6662
XVUC4Fishke Lee G2Adult (m)10,9331,3332
R5XaTHirsh Lee G1Adult (m)11,7231,2512
h8OwnR e l e a s e 3Adult (f)8,2201,3213
y8wECFaiga Lee G1Adult (f)11,1761,4841
resv3Alte Lee G6Adult (f)8,0601,4501
UlpwXFeiga Lee G2Adult (f)8,2041,4812
HCi6GR e l e a s e 4Adult (f)8,2201,3113
ozryZHeschel Lee G2Adult (m)11,5461,3933
gwp9C(gwp9C)Adult (f)12,0881,3752
jfmPcElye Lee G2Adult (m)8,2761,3463
uBMiDHershel Lee G1Adult (m)7,0341,1322
h49NZAvrom Lee G2Adult (m)12,3401,5792
kGODbBashe Lee G1Adult (f)6,2219341
o6pkKFruma Lee G2Adult (f)7,6539262
6Bc1BFeigel Lee G2Adult (f)8,3911,3342
xACK4Frayda Lee G1Adult (f)12,6141,5322
kt2JoFrayde Lee G1Adult (f)6,8541,1554
tQf8xEizik Lee G1Adult (m)8,7341,4251
q5yjDGavrel Lee G2Adult (m)4,1426621
h59RZBenesh Lee G2Adult (m)12,0301,4811
UVrsyFaigel Lee G2Adult (f)12,0961,4932
gIN5bBer Lee G2Adult (m)12,1391,5303
nQhspChaskel Lee G2Adult (m)12,4401,5392
JXN7bAizik Lee G1Adult (m)6,8801,0132
1UfaxBashe Lee G2Adult (f)5,2049191
zZcTgFayvel Lee G1Adult (m)9,1771,4043
jIrprElya Lee G2Adult (m)6,5111,1282
32OC1Freida Lee G1Adult (f)12,5571,2742
1w3U8Dine Lee G1Adult (f)8,7681,4512
eZ1bqFrume Lee G2Adult (f)4,2156921
NVgEtHerschel Lee G1Adult (m)9,6961,4594
tu0a1Feygl Lee G1Adult (f)9,7891,4203
UXLt4Aizik Lee G3Adult (m)5,1109011
GU893Alter Lee G3Adult (m)5,1439052
3jaCOArke Lee G3Adult (m)3,5997211
467x5Arke Lee G4Adult (m)3,8087711
05dNVAnshel Lee G5Adult (m)7,7729243
3d1NPElkan Lee G3Adult (m)4,2947211
VO1WEArke Lee G5Adult (m)10,7421,4221
qFZIAFeibush Lee G1Adult (m)9,6481,4293
saVZ8Blume Lee G1Adult (f)6,9441,1651
58kI7Hirshel Lee G1Adult (m)11,5031,2201
SHkobFreyde Lee G1Adult (f)11,4981,2312
zYx0oFruma Lee G1Adult (f)11,8511,2431
wVHL5Eizik Lee G3Adult (m)7,7641,2342
Y6VzZGitel Lee G2Adult (f)11,0471,3362
NyfKPHaskel Lee G2Adult (m)10,9611,2872
oXp41Gittle Lee G2Adult (f)11,7231,3851
R0344Beyla Lee G3Adult (f)11,2411,4772
IbcxPBenesh Lee G1Adult (m)7,0641,1853
ko6zmHerschel Lee G2Adult (m)7,8209321
4qFsVFaigel Lee G1Adult (f)8,6901,4532
xbS9pElye Lee G1Adult (m)9,5401,4021
KUzyUCharna Lee G1Adult (f)5,8739372
cELjDAizik Lee G2Adult (m)3,2697352
jPo39Aizik Lee G4Adult (m)3,3217521
Pf7FGHyman Lee G1Adult (m)11,8101,2561
r9gmwAvrom Lee G5Adult (m)10,8161,4132
jtkNjElya Lee G3Adult (m)10,6171,4111
2YvPuFeiwel Lee G1Adult (m)
lvXQ3Dvoire Lee G1Adult (f)
K9iXVFeygl Lee G2Adult (f)7,1721,2261
u7gQ4Gitele Lee G2Adult (f)11,5421,2876
781KOFeigel Lee G1Adult (f)8,5741,4191
q7ZOO(q7ZOO)Adult (m)4,4827511
bVrP6Hersh Lee G2Adult (m)7,6059422
sb0zJ(sb0zJ)Adult (f)11,9431,3652
lsNlADovid Lee G1Adult (m)6,3129831
kILdu(kILdu)Adult (f)12,3071,4082
Vh6CXDine Lee G2Adult (f)9,0851,1593
UsUHGDovid Lee G2Adult (m)12,7951,5202
DmAJYFeivel Lee G1Adult (m)12,2441,6042
mnLEHAlte Lee G1Adult (f)10,2151,4144
XwU3rAnshel Lee G3Adult (m)5,7471,0343
V4jyPAlter Lee G4Adult (m)8,7661,2251
aMwzTAnshel Lee G4Adult (m)9,1431,2461
cEyF4Arke Lee G2Adult (m)7,5411,4292
fOKG4Bayla Lee G2Adult (f)9,1321,2213
JqPWsBaile Lee G3Adult (f)7,8411,4453
zjPkNAvrom Lee G1Adult (m)11,1781,4483
AyLMoAvrum Lee G1Adult (m)11,3691,4571
9RqruGlucke Lee G1Adult (f)11,3751,3753
YtNZlGluckel Lee G1Adult (f)11,7391,3803
UwOCjGlucke Lee G2Adult (f)11,5361,3751
CuudPElkan Lee G1Adult (m)11,2281,4475
wDUtbBasha Lee G1Adult (f)6,1199381
R8nTtBaile Lee G1Adult (f)5,0089071
JZMiTBinke Lee G2Adult (f)3,5027391
OSNNCDine Lee G3Adult (f)10,5621,3991
U8S1dHeshel Lee G2Adult (m)10,8121,4331
Dr6Z7Hersh Lee G1Adult (m)11,2151,4393
RHWJxElkie Lee G1Adult (f)10,9871,4373
9H6fXHymie Lee G1Adult (m)11,6951,2671
72LzG(72LzG)Adult (m)4,3527531
BR4SiBinke Lee G1Adult (f)4,9139891
2MWIZAizik Lee G6Adult (m)3,2147232
8Qr12Avrum Lee G3Adult (m)3,2577481
W02npBasha Lee G3Adult (f)3,3107571
R074jFaivish Lee G2Adult (m)10,7101,3898
mLqzEHeschel Lee G1Adult (m)7,2781,2613
Zql41Fishel Lee G1Adult (m)10,4591,4273
cc8gKHershel Lee G2Adult (m)4,2276881
QqQYzAlte Lee G2Adult (f)11,8321,5833
c7zdZBaile Lee G2Adult (f)11,7861,6162
KawDYBasha Lee G2Adult (f)11,8511,5702
CGk7bAlte Lee G3Adult (f)5,0179022
y2um6Alte Lee G4Adult (f)3,7877871
22GSMBasha Lee G4Adult (f)4,2637042
vyDXECharna Lee G3Adult (f)4,3067191
HWQh2Bashe Lee G5Adult (f)10,5531,4172
oTsLCBreindel Lee G1Adult (f)6,8181,2053
FbqBcBlume Lee G2Adult (f)12,5681,4592
oJNbtBreindel Lee G2Adult (f)12,4771,4603
roq14Brina Lee G1Adult (f)8,1621,3293
hebXAR e l e a s e 5Adult (m)9,0981,1565
gJ8SWFrume Lee G1Adult (f)12,5271,2504
D95aOBluma Lee G1Adult (f)10,9071,4263
2MUUZChatzkel Lee G1Adult (m)6,1519574
7pqAXAlter Lee G5Adult (m)13,1731,6171
kXGQVChatzkel Lee G3Adult (m)13,0171,6142
SH4UjFishke Lee G1Adult (m)5,9161,0661
54ZnGGavrel Lee G1Adult (m)5,6551,0692
FgIthHaskel Lee G1Adult (m)5,7081,0681
xZQ91Chatzkel Lee G2Adult (m)11,3521,5432
WSIQjAlte Lee G5Adult (f)12,8551,5753
A5MtXBaile Lee G5Adult (f)13,0121,6114
iAbrqBaile Lee G4Adult (f)13,2631,6445
ClOsvFeiga Lee G1Adult (f)5,5971,0094
Jbgn6Feige Lee G1Adult (f)5,6801,0381
mXNONElkan Lee G2Adult (m)7,8681,2162
BIy01R e l e a s e 6Adult (f)9,0791,1854
DJJfyBer Lee G3Adult (m)8,7581,1594
vK6dhElya Lee G1Adult (m)10,9321,4062
95Rd2R e l e a s e 7Adult (m)8,8431,1954
RcZJ1Eidel Lee G1Adult (f)6,7891,1743
3gBbJ(3gBbJ)Adult (m)11,8841,3705
EdNuSGitel Lee G1Adult (f)12,7351,2774
ZVWCpBrina Lee G2Adult (f)4,7441,0312
Yw89zAnshel Lee G1Adult (m)6,2199163
935EiEizik Lee G2Adult (m)5,8461,1291
NJ2TDAvrum Lee G2Adult (m)12,6931,5002
txPsH(txPsH)Adult (m)11,9871,3913
fWV5tAlter Lee G2Adult (m)6,7021,2262
sP5duHeshel Lee G1Adult (m)9,8941,4004
gWHzpGitele Lee G1Adult (f)12,4831,2401
6n9qIGittle Lee G1Adult (f)12,3951,2981
ywjskCharna Lee G2Adult (f)6,8371,1773
2HA1KCharnette Lee G2Adult (f)6,8221,2741
Nh0bOBenesh Lee G3Adult (m)7,1671,1964
B52prFaivish Lee G1Adult (m)7,4251,1731
k64NrCharnette Lee G1Adult (f)7,2181,1883
hTSSdBayla Lee G1Adult (f)6,2519332
oGzhJIser Lee G1Adult (m)12,4051,2661
fKq35Beyla Lee G1Adult (f)6,1459531
nPmdcAnshel Lee G2Adult (m)6,4261,2052
bb7OWAvrom Lee G3Adult (m)3,7047881
K5dHA(K5dHA)Adult (m)4,4857501
0qGrMBine Lee G3Adult (f)5,3617261
ThFlnDovid Lee G3Adult (m)5,1177332
UHPDCBasha Lee G5Adult (f)5,6297521
xb9KXBrina Lee G3Adult (f)10,8881,2935
klAlwBine Lee G1Adult (f)5,1759074
3vtPZChaskel Lee G3Adult (m)11,1771,4454
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