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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Long_Before_Sunrise,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
O91DZQuiver With DelightHatchling4,2494221
0z6CyDream Of A Silver DawnHatchling5,4967103
q6iB7(q6iB7)Dead Egg000
qcZwc(qcZwc)Hatchling (f)2,3025463
tcbEUNo Revelation Just ConfirmationAdult (f)2,5326681
vUwgZTo Glimpse The FutureAdult (f)1,5526152
1SGyzTime Measured Out In BonesAdult (m)4,5098214
6DUmqMy Intuition About You Was RightAdult (f)3,3838123
rfxC5Time To ConsiderAdult (m)3,7228729
1eNasRight In The FateAdult (f)3,5378776
IDXGhNow Is Already The FutureAdult (m)5,1081,0115
OAFg5InfinitesimilationAdult (m)3,9398904
evxGjJust Like Gears In ClockworkAdult (m)4,9669884
0OeanBones Beneath The OceanAdult (f)3,0157502
QsizLQuick As An Arrow Through TimeAdult (f)3,4267113
Y8eZwYour Time Is Yet To ComeAdult (m)3,4538053
HRAJKHours Of Wasted YouthAdult (f)4,0671,1862
XoniwX'ceptional AeonAdult (f)6,2208053
HXF4CTime For SweetsAdult (f)3,8857123
8MU1zPrecogger 03Adult (f)3,71081013
yI80iPrecogger 01Adult (f)7,4861,1520
TGrYxPrecogger 02Adult (f)7,5931,1602
Apy5zTime To Get What You DeserveAdult (f)3,5107096
hTWYSYet Another Division Of TimeAdult (f)2,40260722
XzxD9Reading TimeAdult (m)2,9454588
4uGp8ForseeabilityAdult (f)4,4378595
LKPXVPrecogger 04Adult (m)4,1955099
Ue2G7Fair Day FriendsAdult (f)3,4596328
tinykBarbed As A Silver TongueAdult (m)2,6855721
IlYYtHooked On An UntruthAdult (f)2,5465880
XPluXThe Harm I Actually Did DoAdult (m)2,3495330
mQzqXOpposite Of The Previous ProblemAdult (m)3,0015760
8LK8NThe Only Way You Can LeaveAdult (m)2,3556481
t8wFtWe Will Not Forget YouAdult (f)2,2216643
qdgyxAdvanced Science Is MagicAdult (m)3,3728494
zMrChKnowledge Is A BurdenAdult (m)2,0266172
toRaQClose Encounter Of A Sixth KindAdult (f)2,2115922
UH0YtGive Me Justice Not JudgmentAdult (f)1,9575755
jhxiKJhinxedAdult (m)4,2025582
x5u68Spun Aloft In The AetherAdult (m)2,7685490
z65yQGoodness Limits Your ChoicesAdult (f)2,3256270
w7WHXWind Takes AllAdult (m)2,8186152
YPa3LHow Would I Be Welcomed BelowAdult (m)2,7347801
KcBxHForbidden Questions UnaskedAdult (m)2,26052320
kiKiIFeeling Of Christmas In The AirAdult (m)2,5405431
B7buVWhen The Wind Is HighAdult (m)1,7246203
2kEtqFeel The Wind From The NorthAdult (f)2,4396431
GaUzv(GaUzv)Adult (f)2,2987791
IUbxzLong Cold Drop Through The AirAdult (f)4,1795702
noKO5No Summer BreezeAdult (f)8,7941,1512
Wv5vkDial Back The SunAdult (f)4,2827111
t68klWill You Be My FriendAdult (m)3,3699110
NkkioMust It Hurt Us SoAdult (m)4,6861,0080
JyvtZNever Quite Enough To Earn ItAdult (f)2,8996110
ycPNRYearning To Be Loved As I AmAdult (m)2,5976101
pUghFUgh No Go AwayAdult (m)2,8735831
MAflYMayfly TwocloseAdult (f)2,3257331
ZPbkbI Am So ImpatientAdult (f)2,6146643
l7CZBArrived Without DestinationAdult (f)2,6356693
iGLwaDystopia In Many LandsAdult (m)2,2057790
sqssKI Never Knew My MotherAdult (f)4,0898644
QRzVIQuite A Ways Yet To GoAdult (f)3,1467632
SEa2H(SEa2H)Adult (f)4,0164938
wV1JmWind Veers And Takes Me With ItAdult (m)2,5616511
4YgIqYou're Asking For A Long ListAdult (m)2,5396551
mWtEhMy Way Is The High WayAdult (f)2,3866360
53Ba2You Can't LandAdult (m)2,8066401
GUwmWYou Vowed You'd Never LeaveAdult (f)1,8246581
JDmokAddiction To Bad NewsAdult (m)2,8306412
44YrXFourty Four YearsAdult (m)2,4968041
RTJbMCiboleroAdult (m)4,09474713
UDUGEUntil Depression Releases GriefAdult (f)1,6995901
INifXDo Something Now Not LaterAdult (f)1,9166120
QKGeFFind My Heart On My SleeveAdult (f)1,8006282
6159WThe FrostmaneAdult (m)3,6798764
quUk9First Ripple Of ComprehensionAdult (m)2,5576391
wX9x4Nature Is Speaking To UsAdult (f)2,3506281
4LiyZPeace SpreadsAdult (m)2,1976441
09VRFLike Oil On Troubled WatersAdult (f)2,4386843
OJM6uA Step Towards RedemptionAdult (m)1,8175951
4OIpJA Hard Lesson LearnedAdult (f)2,1026283
LzFkvA Calming Influence On The WorldAdult (m)2,2355253
D6uTBI Am Here To Set Things RightAdult (f)1,6386402
uTd0HI Am Not Here For GratitudeAdult (m)7,3031,0073
Sf9TBWhere Is My Other Brother AtAdult (f)7,4121,0073
r5LZrRaise Me From The River's EdgeAdult (m)4,0378065
VVDyqEnchanting TruthAdult (f)2,5955812
GzMlpWrapped In Chill MistsAdult (f)3,61768814
88VAGInfinite FemininityAdult (f)2,6685253
TmiWbTrue Musical InspirationAdult (f)4,4599443
nzOBHI Follow The Cries Of TriumphAdult (f)2,6916211
FuZukBasking In AttentionAdult (m)3,7708316
r9s2a(r9s2a)Adult (f)3,1795684
9KvARDisturbing In Thought And DeedAdult (m)4,7269631
fLOUqFlaunt And FloutAdult (f)3,7919752
r6UR2(r6UR2)Adult (m)3,6839262
DKZRmCorrect Information Is A WeaponAdult (f)3,3968363
fyxMpBlue Is The Color Of MagicAdult (f)2,7778353
4nZrD(4nZrD)Adult (m)3,9597551
XhOvzA Foot Placed On My HeadAdult (f)1,6966131
KH49VShame Worn Like A MedalAdult (m)1,7886610
syGcvI Will Not Let You Erase MeAdult (m)1,7106070
cBPXUI Will Exist HereAdult (f)2,1266610
SvyJTReach Across The Candle's LightAdult (m)1,9386690
gcZNXExtinguish The Gentle FlameAdult (f)1,8266331
RnX8EJust As The Sun Begins To RiseAdult (f)2,3186531
7h5fZHeed The Call Home ChildAdult (m)2,4225361
gzM8TYearn For What Cannot Be HadAdult (m)1,8606161
cGvgfShimmeringlyAdult (m)1,9596290
bowr9Broken Bow Of A Sunken ShipAdult (f)2,2596510
Uz6dXHave Mercy On Fools And ChildrenAdult (m)2,1246650
KOVQAKnowing Of Various Quiet AreasAdult (m)2,6326502
grzraGently Rising ZaturnAdult (f)2,6015920
1GVV1Something Slips Into The SeaAdult (f)1,5945901
PYdnfWhat Can I Do NowAdult (f)3,9297431
8Wg2WLonely Rivers Run To The SeaAdult (m)2,3476330
gtMZ1Beauty Has Weighed Against MeAdult (f)2,5826571
0zrxhColorful And Free As A KillifishAdult (f)2,3416441
dlqV5My Judgment Has Been SwayedAdult (m)2,1715650
PMesOFor Someone Better Than MeAdult (f)2,2665710
kdg0vMy Growing HungerAdult (m)2,3895871
jDivIEveryone Is WaitingAdult (m)2,7166150
Q4480Brinewater DaysAdult (f)2,5885551
3audBWon't You Invite Me InAdult (f)2,7545592
i1eI2Saltmarsh NightsAdult (m)2,5905791
z7Z28No Time For HeroesAdult (f)2,1156500
uXSdHA Hero Dies AloneAdult (f)2,1056421
wr6wTHow Glitters Thine HoardAdult (m)2,9166173
dioGvBedded Down In Crushed EmeraldsAdult (m)2,1175142
9CMfDA Gem With No More MagicAdult (m)2,3505512
pS1MFColors Announce The Season EndsAdult (m)4,0421,2252
u4DyIYou Have Die For A Last WishAdult (f)4,0091,1961
cx1zsThe Magic Of OctoberAdult (f)3,2158952
Tc2pnYaymor MallomarAdult (f)3,3574593
KIy5DChorus Of HowlsAdult (f)2,9937683
XjcxrMagical SamhainAdult (m)2,5765155
33eyMLet Us Abide HereAdult (m)1,8775951
fEytwAll My Stories Locked InsideAdult (f)1,9326461
uzQcNUntil The Last Lark SingsAdult (f)2,1806550
jdF94Until The Memories Fade AwayAdult (m)1,9745531
DInKVName Written In Disappearing InkAdult (f)2,0845681
mfWqcA Hidden ChestAdult (m)1,6645551
1FKDGQuietly Singing At SunsetAdult (m)1,8526273
TFlJKUpon A Rose-Colored DayAdult (m)1,7145652
GWNvfGood Will Not Be ObliteratedAdult (f)2,0406001
3CjzwBlinded By Your Own ExpectationsAdult (f)4,33383114
tyCbuA Voice That Could Shatter GlassAdult (f)4,45186814
5y3g9When Your Kindness Is InsultedAdult (f)2,0365240
zsQI0Be One's Primary ConcernAdult (f)2,3485480
o5tAIBridled With Blackberry BloomsAdult (m)3,8886767
uNqFmGolden Arrow To The HeartAdult (f)1,9307223
P0C9kGuardian Of Heartfelt FeelingsAdult (f)1,5256042
DWUZjHour Past The Stroke Of MidnightAdult (f)6,0086132
KkVCtSpinning On Threads Of SilverAdult (f)5,7536322
Z5Ve5(Z5Ve5)Adult (f)2,4016161
bo4aQHarsh Words Broke A Loving HeartAdult (f)5,8481,1462
bqM1pTears Beyond CountingAdult (f)3,5821,1582
aHKYaHolly Red Leaf GreenAdult (f)5,0921,1022
OGm6uWitnessing Historical MomentsAdult (f)5,5671,0433
wyNm7Seeing All Shades Of GreyAdult (f)3,5319705
deWtpThree Drops Of DewAdult (f)3,1076566
eCCH5(eCCH5)Adult (f)2,9026084
IVtuaHistory Won't Forget Or ForgiveAdult (m)3,0315720
K3SizOnce Was Life In This WorldAdult (m)2,1377111
jidUGThose Are Flaws Of HumankindAdult (f)2,7266092
xyexVForget Where You Came FromAdult (m)1,7416361
f7X32Remember Where You Are GoingAdult (f)2,8265540
L3ZcDA Hiss Through The TeethAdult (f)2,6455470
QUMFoHuffs Out A Disbelieving GrowlAdult (m)3,0146000
1rcHTThe LandsliderAdult (m)2,6325501
PwAvhWritten In Faded ScarsAdult (f)1,7386851
bjjMxBefore The World BurnedAdult (f)5,2941,0752
xgpSWSomething Shines In The DustAdult (m)4,2544448
M6NbkNever Too Far From ReachAdult (f)2,4776500
R8fHBThe Stars Are Calling MeAdult (m)1,5066371
CqyjyWouldn't Believe Attack ShipsAdult (f)1,9467211
gC9A6Not Close Enough To Be TakenAdult (m)1,3866460
VDoV9To Follow The Midnight SunAdult (m)1,6386761
WHIVxWhen Joy And Gratitude OverflowsAdult (m)1,4156711
juLDRBless My Lucky StarAdult (f)1,3526741
YnFb9The Sky Knows My True NameAdult (f)2,4535141
yqg2yTail Of A CometAdult (f)1,9146711
ZV9e3Shortly Before MidnightAdult (f)2,2806291
RKlKmIn The Shadow Of Silver StarsAdult (f)2,9705854
9qGrZNo Power Shall Be InvulnerableAdult (m)3,6287161
WcL18Herbal HealerAdult (m)2,4597082
qeZZjMagic Of HerbsAdult (f)3,0075413
C83e5Angel Of HealersAdult (m)2,3888211
vafwsStudy Of PeaceAdult (f)3,4089194
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