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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Platinum Trophy
  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2021 Halloween Event
  • 2021 Valentine’s Day
  • 2020 Halloween Event
  • Snow Wars 2
  • 2019 Valentine’s Day
  • 2018 Halloween Event
  • 2017 Holiday Event
  • 2017 Halloween Event
  • 2017 Valentine’s Day
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You pick up the scroll labeled “LizzyMarie,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
XhACzAeon Dragon BirdsAdult (m)4,4294653
aLP3SGlassy Wings of ClearAdult (f)4,3645121
cct2rDragon GlassyAdult (m)3,5293710
2gy8m(2gy8m)Adult (m)4,1929200
ibSOE(ibSOE)Adult (f)3,5169041
GMSVb(GMSVb)Adult (m)2,4776422
5jlxs(5jlxs)Adult (f)6,4476162
t19D3(t19D3)Adult (f)6,1599043
J659J(J659J)Adult (m)7,6041,1955
S11Zy(S11Zy)Adult (m)5,3688830
cxuus(cxuus)Adult (m)3,5768701
5Bc1q(5Bc1q)Adult (m)3,5538721
jxofo(jxofo)Adult (m)3,4498730
cMoiEAetheri PrincessAdult (f)4,9696970
bKArQAetherian PrinceAdult (m)4,8616750
LMOyc(LMOyc)Adult (f)3,3033974
3gYcv(3gYcv)Adult (m)3,9974791
lUr6I(lUr6I)Adult (f)4,2285980
dHOJ1White Birds are BlackAdult (f)3,31289710
eJAQrI am a BirchAdult (m)7,5951,2102
DwzMkSpruce Trees are HardAdult (m)3,8774942
luJR9Daffodil is a Weird FlowerAdult (f)2,8954562
swomaSwoma is my nameAdult (m)2,4185081
zib8fMorning Glories are BoringAdult (f)4,2154872
954S0I am a Wild OneAdult (m)5,5175700
H6tYD(H6tYD)Adult (m)6,7709581
V72pn(V72pn)Adult (f)8,2641,0243
FvYPF(FvYPF)Adult (f)7,6421,2112
oNOK8(oNOK8)Adult (m)4,0929171
aGjYG(aGjYG)Adult (f)4,1699182
TF7Go(TF7Go)Adult (f)5,3308121
5YGGj(5YGGj)Adult (m)4,6621,0362
c8XgrWild Male Coming ThroughAdult (m)3,8615042
AsQu9Another Wild BoiAdult (m)3,1314703
YzpGUGreen Orb of PowerAdult (f)3,9245020
Swr9sBoi  is a Green OneAdult (m)3,2154671
RJRnbGreeny Orb BoiAdult (m)3,0603861
bwgDQOther Greeny Orby BoiAdult (m)4,2334410
UVZ89(UVZ89)Adult (m)6,8239511
bViq1(bViq1)Adult (f)4,3103691
euvKh(euvKh)Adult (m)8,3009764
0BMpB(0BMpB)Adult (f)7,7561,2115
EGLhq(EGLhq)Adult (m)4,8498374
tE3tW(tE3tW)Adult (f)7,1351,1273
DPPBl(DPPBl)Adult (f)7,1001,1642
wL2p3Angal Blue is Angal BooAdult (f)7,5451,1902
9eMdIOnce in a Bluemoon AngalAdult (f)7,7881,2013
x1pktRed Siren's are ScaryAdult (m)3,6993964
ajArTWild Red Faced BoiAdult (m)3,3377272
s9bu3Blue Colors are for BoysAdult (f)3,4044494
bkaF1I'm Blue Da Bu DeAdult (f)2,9274212
sf0foBlue Girl in a Blue WorldAdult (f)3,5154464
IecBIRed Bois GoneAdult (m)3,2284703
1mNBbRed Colors are for Not MalesAdult (m)4,0754580
ue5V2Smol Blue GirlyHatchling (f, F)3,2853854
rNu8ESunken SunsetsAdult (m)2,9614641
45CQHRisen Light ShinesAdult (f)2,8664561
nrR54Sunny Skies are BlueAdult (f)3,7894921
A8fq3Sunlillies aren't RealAdult (f)2,4174861
aucf2Sun Colored Dragons are SillyAdult (f)2,8564464
jaDANSunbathing is the best GameAdult (m)4,1714560
nKWop(nKWop)Adult (m)3,9084241
PRNiO(PRNiO)Adult (m)5,4725571
c6QnM(c6QnM)Adult (m)6,8898993
xWHkJ(xWHkJ)Adult (f)5,5088912
YcrFc(YcrFc)Adult (f)5,5768791
UxaGm(UxaGm)Adult (f)8,7521,1002
d7eAG(d7eAG)Adult (m)7,6741,1651
8nQ0j(8nQ0j)Adult (f)5,2028472
xy9ln(xy9ln)Adult (m)5,2568200
Pd6Mt(Pd6Mt)Adult (m)5,5098931
nmF7d(nmF7d)Adult (f)5,7261,1213
RQ8cH(RQ8cH)Adult (m)5,7211,0992
prh8f(prh8f)Adult (f)7,7991,2411
j4kCr(j4kCr)Adult (m)5,4401,1452
bC2q6Aria SchmariaAdult (f)3,0305453
PlOqyHot Pink Coming ThroughAdult (f)3,3705111
HJgeCManly Men are Hot Pink TooAdult (m)3,8964950
qgeHyHot Pink Top ClassAdult (f)3,8804900
q1DD1Hot Pink Manly ManAdult (m)4,2554300
UBCD2Aria Hot Pink SchmariaAdult (f)4,1864660
4nolBSpace Pink ManAdult (m)4,2644651
pZRH2(pZRH2)Adult (m)5,4125471
dJHUFHeartshine StarshineAdult (f)5,2861,1382
g4xvJYoung Love of a Champions HeartAdult (f)4,0039571
5h9LpSchmopy LoveAdult (f)3,4525361
fIIFKWild Ashen Warrior BoiAdult (m)4,6116891
QvFmkAshen Warrior PrincessAdult (f)4,2616490
TdZTX(TdZTX)Adult (m)3,6294373
sF61r(sF61r)Adult (f)4,5334372
TZ8zD(TZ8zD)Adult (m)5,5109081
1RCDB(1RCDB)Adult (f)8,1409292
yBO9s(yBO9s)Adult (f)7,9809221
UxypB(UxypB)Adult (m)7,5671,1751
e5gph(e5gph)Adult (m)7,7251,1881
CqOs1(CqOs1)Adult (m)5,5568872
fPSi7(fPSi7)Adult (m)7,1269810
CyZa0(CyZa0)Adult (f)5,6879553
xVY68(xVY68)Adult (m)5,9101,0011
Kqkl3(Kqkl3)Adult (f)9,7561,0622
Luw23(Luw23)Adult (m)7,3761,0163
bMg4uWild Glace of Wings AzureAdult (m)4,0854731
J1kekGlaze Azure PrincessAdult (f)4,0644901
2kokXPrincess of Glacen WingsAdult (f)3,8874451
DNTlpWild Prince of GlaceAdult (m)4,8565392
SxAlx(SxAlx)Adult (f)6,2999911
jdimcSnap and Trap PrincessAdult (f)3,6334830
o9RhqTrappy Snappy BoiAdult (m)3,7144920
Iaw6mGator Lator PrincessAdult (f)5,1665020
P9e4S(P9e4S)Adult (m)6,3599784
baHLOSnicker Snak ManAdult (m)3,7444710
uegIYPrincess of Snicker SnaksAdult (f)3,7114711
SMdHg(SMdHg)Adult (m)4,4038093
SzQrSBloated BeachballAdult (f)3,7714622
214vuBouncy Bois are Hard to KeepAdult (m)3,4604901
K7Cg2I'm a BaloonyAdult (m)3,4485142
xuSci(xuSci)Adult (f)6,3511,0022
Mvpt6Purple Bouta BoiAdult (m)4,5904973
ygVExPurple Milky MilkshakesAdult (f)4,4444951
M7MNSNurple PurplesAdult (f)4,4575201
2n0diToot and Lute of Purple ParadiseAdult (f)6,2068162
Ob02x(Ob02x)Adult (m)5,3215381
48fQgWaterbear of Pacific WatersAdult (m)3,1988598
Z1ijCTamar Flying BaeAdult (f)3,6414204
0HWZZMeko no TomoAdult (f)1,31537012
6FrvLNoir is Black in FrenchAdult (f)2,6634424
KeomDNoir Boi YellAdult (m)4,5885894
7nfvxNoir SnoirAdult (f)2,9844283
S1rYhBlick Black BlepAdult (m)2,9644401
sRD2UBlacky Draggy GarlAdult (f)2,7774462
ELUkBOozing Black BlepAdult (f)3,0014632
NWZHbShouting Black BlepAdult (m)3,6125121
y1yUrBlack BlepAdult (m)3,9974521
GYygtBlickety Black BlepperAdult (m)3,4493950
uVUDtGhoulish Tatter TotAdult (f)2,5144591
SOfW3Skelly Jelly BeanAdult (f)2,0715042
5tb9FSkeletons Hide in my ClosetsAdult (f)2,6444942
KSxERI am the Bone ManAdult (m)2,1504141
5u1GlBoney Phoney GalAdult (f)3,1975061
jhyKu(jhyKu)Adult (f)5,0571,1273
iE8AkHoney Lemon GinsengAdult (f)3,7001,06613
bOzWkChamomile Tea Doesn't Taste GoodAdult (f)3,4085023
SklwhYou've Tead me OutAdult (m)3,4014502
kC3aLI Don't Like TeaAdult (f)3,2685953
EWDhACan I Truffle You a QuestionAdult (f)4,3487681
4SPkIWhere Do I Find Black TrufflesAdult (f)3,6605202
TtlGzYou've Truffled me EnoughAdult (m)5,7607720
xJpSMSalty PotatoAdult (f)3,3865102
LfCJePrincess Potato SaltAdult (f)3,4234572
vnAqABlack Tip PotatoAdult (m)2,9564551
b79GZManly Salty PotatoAdult (m)3,4734351
KnxE0Salty Potato ManAdult (m)8,0251,3164
PicWU(PicWU)Adult (f)5,2488612
JzHM1(JzHM1)Adult (m)4,8428733
78Fol(78Fol)Adult (m)4,1397742
tBYaM(tBYaM)Adult (m)4,2818451
SF9op(SF9op)Adult (f)3,3278281
WcvFn(WcvFn)Adult (m)7,2131,0032
rlkhH(rlkhH)Adult (f)6,8329672
KP0lk(KP0lk)Adult (f)6,8579631
GmyiS(GmyiS)Adult (f)3,0824211
MVp8J(MVp8J)Adult (m)3,3104501
LE9ji(LE9ji)Adult (m)2,9365073
68uZR(68uZR)Adult (f)3,4774641
sJxk5(sJxk5)Adult (f)4,0744030
a6uKL(a6uKL)Adult (m)3,5584644
SZc4q(SZc4q)Adult (m)3,5594191
I76da(I76da)Adult (f)3,7634221
tIr1P(tIr1P)Adult (m)2,7064542
lgDSr(lgDSr)Adult (m)3,3194571
KscqZ(KscqZ)Adult (f)3,6213871
xdScCNusand BloodwormAdult (m)3,4207323
zbe1S(zbe1S)Adult (m)2,6604694
kyg3N(kyg3N)Adult (m)5,0728902
Ytr5O(Ytr5O)Adult (m)3,9055051
kIzeJ(kIzeJ)Adult (f)3,6264861
x8vDh(x8vDh)Adult (f)3,0294691
je2tD(je2tD)Adult (m)2,8715812
hMGtT(hMGtT)Adult (f)4,0574091
n8npU(n8npU)Adult (f)3,8194621
LcnGG(LcnGG)Adult (f)5,6275680
ztJjn(ztJjn)Adult (m)4,5446730
7a1GD(7a1GD)Adult (f)4,5626862
f3GGe(f3GGe)Adult (f)3,6844741
NN3VRNami of the HuntAdult (f)3,2499029
3eNPj(3eNPj)Adult (f)3,7434611
jmu53(jmu53)Adult (m)3,4586501
f4pxB(f4pxB)Adult (f)3,6974741
IAJg5(IAJg5)Adult (f)2,8634052
zLvHi(zLvHi)Adult (f)2,2466232
zu0Fi(zu0Fi)Adult (f)5,1855250
wR3dSBubbling BrundleAdult (m)3,5701,05815
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