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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Little_Adele,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
k9zKzAurora LeeAdult (f)2,0878017
K0HkaSu TienAdult (f)2,1338124
AGdxxMr MaestroAdult (m)1,9588035
yLWbIUnderwater Night LightAdult (m)1,8437733
fHbaWScreams of HorrorAdult (m)1,8887784
1hjkrFlight of TsviAdult (f)1,9468073
8IjqlArorikiAdult (f)1,9148023
Z6JXRBreezzzeAdult (f)2,0408051
d4Z8cIce-chillingAdult (m)1,9188123
9xT2eSweetgingerbreadAdult (m)1,9198042
4xK0tToshka PotatoAdult (m)1,9278012
JNXdxSparkling Pink DiamondAdult (m)1,8668055
um5qIMyth-frosty freshnessAdult (f)1,9208092
l9FRvGingerbread The YoungerAdult (m)1,8998031
nBnGrStarearlAdult (m)1,8647492
QpwmhFiery colorAdult (m)1,9627883
nuwa8IglobruaryAdult (f)1,9617752
v4QBRFlying yellsAdult (m)2,0148033
3YCFRWildflower nectarAdult (m)2,1527952
tH3YHThe Night WitchAdult (f)2,1158031
ujnXGSpring Flight PetalsAdult (m)2,1057865
SJQGMNight RendezvousAdult (f)2,0767842
05YEzForest Flower NectarAdult (f)1,8187643
LiiKfPurSparklesAdult (f)1,7877441
I4sQ0Faceless MysteryAdult (f)1,9237642
QFvfJBeautiful NiliaAdult (f)1,9677802
HNbovThe moon does not know the WayAdult (f)1,7887502
dG4qHLight Blue LightningAdult (f)2,3666822
zmGZ1Nectar of Mountain FlowersAdult (m)2,6207041
B1CSyCharlie ChavAdult (m)1,9337624
MtkzsNight FreshnessAdult (f)2,5736743
QxhWiBeryuzaAdult (f)5,4776343
fVpX5I want to eat your heartAdult (f)1,9197671
3WTPKI want to eat your soulAdult (m)2,6666202
emHMhLight lanternsAdult (m)2,6736572
7Tv6GDarkness FlashesAdult (f)1,9847932
QMAipPeony InitoAdult (f)2,3586741
21VQpCry of the Exhausted SoulAdult (f)2,0487803
HZu7ASong of the Wind in the HairAdult (m)2,1227996
sWoy4Starlight Among CometsAdult (m)1,9197393
5DsHaI want to sleep aaaaaAdult (m)2,4506382
yAtAEI was eatenAdult (f)1,9587665
bin0OEarth in the portholeAdult (f)2,8067682
TpU9xNight PeresvetAdult (m)2,1358062
LyxGJMy love sleeps quietlyAdult (f)2,0738062
xhhDxFlying High Where Clouds Are NotAdult (f)2,8387631
xfEUZGive him magical dreamsAdult (f)2,5086712
2NKbJSparkling TearsAdult (f)1,9906729
nc1YEWhiny SingingAdult (m)1,6896723
AM7XhStars don't know the wayAdult (m)1,7696934
XsaDLGeorge Martin LeeAdult (m)1,9637183
8HXnaEmerald Northern LightsAdult (f)3,5208133
KRyE5You're a bee I'm a beekeeperAdult (f)2,2868073
rlAyCBakery ProductAdult (m)2,2538052
TlvlLSparklingScreeAdult (m)2,1857993
jN578Lee YongbokAdult (f)2,0987574
BBFTkLee HwanAdult (m)2,0567502
D9gO9Golden Dream of FoodAdult (f)2,2078033
mQiEBMaestro Su SailoAdult (m)2,1057903
aL6ZsStar of Flower HappinessAdult (f)2,2078021
yzIiKEmerald Sharp ThornAdult (f)2,1308031
lwTCBI am your heart and soulAdult (m)2,1378043
pVkNVGolden Good BoyAdult (m)2,0398101
YBNcwStarcaptinessAdult (m)2,0938031
Rz9IWLi CaAdult (m)1,9788083
dW5cXItza LaAdult (f)2,0108051
3R4wlEmerald of the NosatyiAdult (m)2,5167971
YMmAGTwo-headed AspidAdult (m)2,3418062
04HYZFengari FenAdult (m)1,2084084
WsbbyForest Berry Cotton CandyAdult (f)3,0176551
rEINiBristly AspidAdult (m)2,4298033
rVXHRCaviar from MelonAdult (f)2,3998013
mbkspMelodious ScreamsAdult (f)2,7866873
GnAoLGalactic PollenAdult (f)2,9597243
wXydVHeart and Soul of InitoAdult (f)2,6238056
t2Ix7Frozen Cold SerionAdult (m)3,5377592
lDyriNocturnal Nightmare DreamAdult (m)2,7108031
N1cqKNight CandlesticksAdult (m)2,8228042
Mrr8bGlow of the Milky WayAdult (m)2,8798062
bpcyDFire Heart Your DestinyAdult (m)6,0877813
GX7tkMilk CloudAdult (f)2,6858081
HcWHqIskristAdult (f)3,0718082
DfZNiWilliam ZelenkaAdult (m)2,3028081
DSM5lSugar wool Raspberry TasteAdult (f)2,5478051
YwG0FCries of Heart and SoulAdult (f)2,3578042
Ywzl8Angelic Singing of the DesertAdult (f)1,9698095
qCeMbKevin SevenAdult (m)1,8928053
AUu57Avula SevenAdult (f)1,9308094
5c1byAngelic Singing of the MountainsAdult (f)1,9068141
JQRjfOgni LeeAdult (f)1,9678021
9h2E2Gebrik Patrick von MessAdult (m)2,2138051
sG92sMajor MiorAdult (m)3,77745210
l8RUOMintgumiAdult (f)2,5838072
vZrWWNightparksAdult (f)1,9648052
vADcPLolly LavgoodAdult (f)3,2108022
APlubMilady StarAdult (f)2,0618031
4Nl8V(4Nl8V)Adult (f)2,0648044
otO8D(otO8D)Adult (f)2,0478057
sb44M(sb44M)Adult (m)2,0478021
3pm2q(3pm2q)Adult (m)1,9498074
k3FE1(k3FE1)Adult (m)2,0968061
lObgOAnd the Machines RoseAdult (m)2,7126514
P8i5nFrom the Ashes of Nuclear FireAdult (f)2,6556962
v1RjQwent to war on the destructionAdult (f)2,9457113
wNhBeMark LovegadeAdult (m)2,6836951
u20RJ(u20RJ)Adult (m)2,3757921
r3ygoCarrot JamAdult (f)3,7354422
BZrln(BZrln)Adult (f)2,6956881
2BBmG(2BBmG)Adult (m)2,7196931
oy3CJ(oy3CJ)Adult (m)2,3156622
AjS0S(AjS0S)Adult (f)2,3198021
c6gJLAnd it went on for decadesAdult (m)2,1957722
8dHfT(8dHfT)Adult (m)2,2327911
rYeprForgotten Flower In the FieldAdult (m)2,2547611
rZEeyRaysayAdult (m)2,6286512
WAYBc(WAYBc)Adult (m)2,8256421
SKGwZ(SKGwZ)Adult (f)2,2098031
2jlcw(2jlcw)Adult (m)2,3778071
q4e4F(q4e4F)Adult (f)2,2928062
yU1qMRedightAdult (f)2,2758021
rOUFjRowfiAdult (f)2,3928023
kBVXFHeavenly BreathAdult (f)2,6996544
SFJL6Sigilia BaleellAdult (f)2,3078021
RT1TWStrawberry WaddingAdult (f)2,4748012
5qtflAzure BewildermentAdult (m)2,5736119
ipm7W(ipm7W)Adult (m)2,2648021
XLm1AFivru DaneAdult (m)2,6606971
1CHwvStar Cold JellyAdult (m)2,6286722
kRjbg(kRjbg)Adult (m)2,2568053
vOYFVGinger HaleyAdult (f)2,1868033
2JZO3(2JZO3)Adult (m)2,1838052
KAruL(KAruL)Adult (f)1,9364874
JJXFA(JJXFA)Adult (f)2,4018052
qPaQ3(qPaQ3)Adult (m)1,9877664
rDmhaSparkling ForestAdult (m)1,8627722
RfY9m(RfY9m)Adult (m)1,9207890
soRJz(soRJz)Adult (f)2,0397971
rJlLA(rJlLA)Adult (m)2,1377952
8LWJc(8LWJc)Adult (m)2,3476781
Uajml(Uajml)Adult (f)2,5426432
Iprg4(Iprg4)Adult (m)2,0527371
IPDds(IPDds)Adult (f)2,0737602
tTgVO(tTgVO)Adult (f)2,1127841
wownN(wownN)Adult (m)2,1027861
Gnarq(Gnarq)Adult (m)2,5256403
PNsdJ(PNsdJ)Adult (f)2,7396163
Zv5jZ(Zv5jZ)Adult (f)1,9017502
Si8mn(Si8mn)Adult (m)2,0547732
WfJai(WfJai)Adult (f)1,9817611
1zato(1zato)Adult (m)2,0497842
joi75(joi75)Adult (f)2,4556721
SWIln(SWIln)Adult (m)1,9417632
9wEL9(9wEL9)Adult (m)2,0147292
1CCze(1CCze)Adult (m)1,8977303
03SjN(03SjN)Adult (m)1,7746855
34Ga8(34Ga8)Adult (m)1,8456982
ilYEn(ilYEn)Adult (f)1,9387071
jGkMy(jGkMy)Adult (f)1,8216811
EkdTR(EkdTR)Adult (f)2,7808031
pcZao(pcZao)Adult (f)2,8388052
PhIbG(PhIbG)Adult (m)2,9998071
DbXPB(DbXPB)Adult (f)2,1828022
v9rDd(v9rDd)Adult (m)2,1438063
6sGpg(6sGpg)Adult (f)1,6348081
w7eOb(w7eOb)Adult (m)1,5758072
K9YK1(K9YK1)Adult (m)1,6738120
oth9s(oth9s)Adult (f)2,0478112
XZFSZ(XZFSZ)Adult (f)2,5298081
4cFze(4cFze)Adult (m)1,6008042
VlY2W(VlY2W)Adult (m)2,4088061
ZLjjO(ZLjjO)Adult (f)1,6898072
9Gu2z(9Gu2z)Adult (f)1,7218041
x092f(x092f)Adult (m)1,7768091
T0KKd(T0KKd)Adult (f)1,7508021
Sp6x8(Sp6x8)Adult (f)2,8265881
HhR3d(HhR3d)Adult (m)2,5285700
dOmPR(dOmPR)Adult (m)2,4505751
UzQFB(UzQFB)Adult (f)1,8497274
Munj8(Munj8)Adult (f)1,7737582
StNxQ(StNxQ)Adult (f)2,4297632
4PqO4(4PqO4)Adult (m)2,7636613
Ylqc4(Ylqc4)Adult (m)2,3026471
u8J2B(u8J2B)Adult (m)2,2026751
MMlW4(MMlW4)Adult (f)2,5067442
LWTXq(LWTXq)Adult (f)2,1218052
4vX7p(4vX7p)Adult (m)1,8636441
9V7CU(9V7CU)Adult (f)2,1506611
EPSQv(EPSQv)Adult (m)1,7537720
UtO1X(UtO1X)Adult (f)1,8047491
I748k(I748k)Adult (m)1,8137350
ErQ2F(ErQ2F)Adult (f)4,3448041
wFto1(wFto1)Adult (f)2,0966121
2RNnr(2RNnr)Adult (f)2,0777110
HAGYh(HAGYh)Adult (m)2,0446850
5HiFR(5HiFR)Adult (f)2,0636861
X7g3y(X7g3y)Adult (f)2,2927602
2S84h(2S84h)Adult (f)2,4548044
3Mi1n(3Mi1n)Adult (m)1,8048043
ztRZ0(ztRZ0)Adult (m)1,8228081
zpFxg(zpFxg)Adult (f)1,8138032
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