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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “LittleMoons,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
vEHBDL'Zellen CovaHatchling3,1937114
HetEGL'Hetegg CovaHatchling2,8476373
DHyrTL'Hydrat CovaHatchling (f)3,5287832
BugfyL'Bugfy CovaHatchling3,4297462
d9fdkL'Claashed CovaHatchling (m)3,5277891
Z25NjL'Univeeris CovaHatchling3,2647033
TFT8zL'Blameo CovaHatchling2,8046192
J3puRL'HoraAdult (f)6,3431,1253
CJA8KL'Aevum CovaAdult (m)6,0211,1534
QyD0dLet Me See The FutureAdult (m)4,2438973
i8zSWL'Serpensas CovaAdult (f)6,6401,2352
nvQjIL'Decus CovaAdult (m)4,0211,0711
mcfCFL'Gloris CovaAdult (f)3,0988712
P6XbQL'Byssae CovaAdult (m)3,5308041
dIvfbL'Nimbus CovaAdult (f)4,0586761
dWaBkL'Berris CovaAdult (m)3,8458553
9MbkHBlueberry CloudsAdult (m)9,0191,3072
YRxx0L'Destenen CovaAdult (m)4,0118083
jnoCrL'Byakti CovaAdult (f)4,2078434
kf77GL'Amhiq CovaAdult (f)8,1381,3635
mQ40dL'Abya CovaAdult (f)10,1681,24911
NxC7OL'Unmei CovaAdult (f)9,6421,1131
IP10uL'Inpendio CovaAdult (m)5,4249221
8bJ75L'Diu CoveAdult (f)4,3389981
Ie1imL'Haveo CovaAdult (f)2,9847530
PpIj7L'Recens CovaAdult (f)5,9451,0091
LZhhvL'Dapel CovaAdult (f)3,7028391
2uJsiL'Eoeois CovaAdult (m)4,0008111
CGa55L'Cattmem CovaAdult (f)4,1978882
IcSgcL'Selflest CovaAdult (f)3,7047761
1bo92L'Knif CovaAdult (f)4,1128192
VvGcHI Keep All My Pain Right HereAdult (m)8,4851,4491
1ay4GAnd Then Someday I'll DieAdult (f)10,1661,3784
fGTGDL'PadusAdult (m)13,2621,4889
9ktXyI Keep All My Rage Right HereAdult (m)10,2021,2943
WPhUrAnd Then Some Day I'll DieAdult (f)7,4238631
oDOBYBut I Try And I Try And I TryAdult (f)3,4647142
wBdcMMartian PigeonAdult (f)2,6566451
wIJuzI'm So Tired of This FeelingAdult (m)3,7358052
368UuWhat Is The Point Of SufferingAdult (m)4,1518704
mLbchMediocre DescendentAdult (f)2,9496562
a478MI'm Sorry I'm Sorry I'm SorryAdult (m)3,6607253
t44y2We Live Until We DieAdult (f)4,1258271
cJPEdI'll Try To Be Better This TimeAdult (f)3,8308253
IrXtHI Keep What I Feel Locked InsideAdult (m)4,3018624
D8jbFOf  My  HeartAdult (f)9,0251,3221
rSTr2But I'll Do My BestAdult (m)8,9951,3261
N73MAL'Bronzae CovaAdult (f)7,9551,2271
SZKlkFire AboveAdult (m)3,2296892
0YAbpL'Goldynnechyld CovaAdult (f)3,9578444
kzvDLChild of AntaresAdult (m)3,5136962
W8d7jNot to DieAdult (f)3,7348875
Si0d4Bronze AccentsAdult (m)2,9085903
JVVhpCan You Hear Me AeonAdult (m)3,4247313
ODAaoLYRICAL IHatchling (m, F)3,2086681
OJcGKMercury NoodleAdult (m)3,6046172
8zJDSL'Requisito CovaAdult (m)3,7828282
kRPPPB L 0 0 D S P I L LAdult (f)2,7986422
H4WsFL'Weerdfeesh CovaAdult (m)4,0909042
32fQvL'Deed CovaAdult (m)3,9598124
TxeeVL'Teer CovaAdult (m)4,2047882
ojHq5L'Gainana CovaAdult (f)4,0748343
TvahYThirdborn ChildAdult (m)4,4447946
9pMJVMyra the WizardAdult (f)2,4978482
TlTVjPurebred HijinxAdult (m)2,5877580
o3VucOur Future Is BrightAdult (m)2,2486472
zArU6L'Caritas CovaAdult (m)3,2076747
0a3noL'AmoraereAdult (f)8,4011,4914
T1HTiFollowed My HeartAdult (f)3,7598282
WdBWYL'Honoris CovaAdult (f)3,9639410
tMXZiL'Hommemor CovaAdult (f)3,8439292
HSpWmI ''Mist'' YouAdult (f)2,7316902
I3BzVStorm of EmpathyAdult (f)2,5796691
ggsvcL'Divum CovaAdult (f)3,7608770
BCZ3lL'Cinis CovaAdult (m)4,2836822
hX3CyL'Pompeii CovaAdult (f)4,2889371
mu0Q4L'Aeshen CovaAdult (f)6,1051,1974
7oIiPL'Farr CovaAdult (m)2,9026501
qAoiUL'Argentis CovaAdult (f)3,7868122
KnNIAGeneric Destiny FulfillmentAdult (m)2,8136260
ivRP6Skitter Skitter SkitterAdult (m)3,1676612
7XypWL'Egglentem CovaAdult (m)3,8988582
tiLv7L'Innowm CovaAdult (m)4,6168563
JBXu7L'Hendek CovaAdult (m)10,4431,4083
ul2nNL'Barune CovaAdult (m)11,1601,2694
C54f5L'Concernis CovaAdult (f)4,5999711
log6iL'Ronra CovaAdult (f)10,5561,3243
3sCDKL'Akusento CovaAdult (f)9,2681,2146
JAqrRL'Forma CovaAdult (m)3,7988391
S4QrFL'Purpur CovaAdult (m)3,8578671
cZhptL'Discedere CovaAdult (f)4,5068901
3TwzUL'Oentens CovaAdult (f)3,9598684
XTmsKL'Tertia CovaAdult (f)4,1148573
VwNCeL'Swanis CovaAdult (m)4,1128303
nu4uqL'Ater CovaAdult (f)4,0606710
OPDirL'Serus CovaAdult (m)2,8897461
nXEdSL'Tippapirr CovaAdult (m)3,6038231
3sW1HL'Nozomiu CovaAdult (m)11,8111,3061
EEh6nL'Naku CovaAdult (m)9,1311,2204
XWYViL'Caligo CovaAdult (m)9,7561,4222
66Nov66th of NovemberAdult (m)3,4964174
lsSLaL'Kotsuzui CovaAdult (f)9,9941,6403
OGuOWL'KurochiAdult (m)6,6171,3392
nh6tSL'AccipiterAdult (f)4,2541,1651
bqbYxL'VolturAdult (m)3,2257792
iLT4jL'EtaliAdult (f)2,4867261
nJmXOL'OspinaAdult (m)2,7988913
qEEQmIt's Just One Of Those DaysAdult (f)2,3288242
BeWmOMolten RavenAdult (f)2,4198001
PgndgBroken RedAdult (m)2,4636821
P6iGKGeneric Dragon NameAdult (m)2,4717191
yU89vSomewhat of a PuddleAdult (f)2,5597111
3GA8HMultiplied MarrowAdult (m)2,0326631
fkhJMWe Lose Our ColorsAdult (m)2,1946813
fqBlfL'IyserodAdult (m)9,4081,5298
lbKI2Dream Tea SoupAdult (f)3,4407512
S42MIThe Tea Has Been SpilledAdult (m)2,9136411
umxpEDo You Have Games On Your PhoneAdult (f)2,7956162
RCWSDL'Clamerunt CovaAdult (m)4,5027831
jj0eGL'Spillis CovaAdult (f)10,1081,3601
tBWgjQuarantine is Stealing My SanityAdult (f)3,1876501
pBYs8L'Praesidio CovaAdult (f)3,5917292
qax0bL'KaioAdult (m)9,9401,5155
g1Z4eWhen I Heard Your VoiceAdult (m)2,4226650
txiTSWho Keeps Making Salt WallsAdult (m)3,5707912
rdbUxThe Promise Of SaltAdult (m)2,8956781
JvcJtMildly SaltyAdult (m)2,8566520
ljZTQMy Existence Is An AnnoyanceAdult (f)2,7676411
rfm0yAnother SaltAdult (f)3,0486223
NeBdFSomewhat of a DisappointmentAdult (m)3,2876171
zl9dpVoices in the DistanceAdult (m)3,6918253
7GR2eSalt With Some SaltAdult (m)2,4686671
mOcuHEEEEEEEAdult (m)2,7726351
OsU4VI'm Somewhat of a 'Salt' MyselfAdult (m)3,3396641
HRMNWPrintingErrorAdult (f)3,0236552
MP4KbThe Head and the SaltAdult (m)3,3386952
HpY3qThis Could Be A Cool LineageAdult (f)3,3026631
30LOGLogarithm-Base-30Adult (m)3,7916522
ZCStSS--A--L--TAdult (f)3,0536342
gjO0ML'Gloom CovaAdult (f)4,5507973
8c47IL'Sailivis CovaAdult (m)4,3858892
dcqaVThe Tides Fall and RiseAdult (m)2,3656072
EUx5wL'Seebreen CovaAdult (f)3,1166712
1B3iKMy Disappointment Is UnmatchedAdult (m)4,1919094
aHadqCelestial Fork-KnifeAdult (f)2,7946202
aKEdoHoliday SaltAdult (f)6,8921,0432
BE9InA Salty HeartAdult (m)2,8837182
qrUF7Saltwing FisherAdult (m)2,9147242
dq2riWhy Can't I Be Good EnoughAdult (m)2,7886973
emtaDDiamond in the SaltAdult (m)2,9147173
8KdrWSalt WallsAdult (m)2,9237313
74rguBury My Heart In SaltAdult (f)3,0736563
Nm5TpSnails In My SaltAdult (m)3,0186773
gdPXSSalted WaffleAdult (f)3,0586950
sBn8dSalt in a CanAdult (m)3,0886602
joL3iSalt Instead of SugarAdult (m)3,0936832
hLKUKThis Recipe Calls For More SaltAdult (m)3,1226820
2DCf1You Can't Stop This SaltAdult (f)3,0616581
HEA7JThe Salt of the MoonAdult (m)3,1286621
S2QEKHurry While There Is Still TimeAdult (f)3,7209861
QBrmtKetchup SaltAdult (m)3,0716491
2MYKBThe Littlest SaltAdult (m)3,2016103
V93MOEmotionally SaltyAdult (m)2,9176532
v75kcCasual SaltAdult (m)3,0196691
gwLahPinnacle of SaltAdult (m)4,1626051
RGfDTL'Saltis CovaAdult (f)3,7267611
5FcSDL'Memis CovaAdult (m)4,5309524
I6nRDSodium IntrusionAdult (f)2,8457142
bkISFSalty BitternessAdult (f)2,7146812
OHdfBL'Earthis CovaAdult (f)2,7305992
S0zkcSalt In My SleevesAdult (m)2,7926512
U3f3GL'Proelium CovaAdult (f)5,2601,0452
FeEmoL'Conflecten CovaAdult (f)3,9818253
wqXDSL'Ivens CovaAdult (f)8,2741,0783
aBMykL'Frigus CovaAdult (f)3,3436657
MBh5XL'Baand CovaAdult (m)3,2166413
qTo9lL'Tocoulor CovaAdult (f)3,9025922
1FsYsL'Hoppipola CovaAdult (f)10,1031,3883
6TgsYL'Wiintren CovaAdult (f)3,7978422
wBGpBWish We Were With YouAdult (f)2,5946201
X1GAEL'Yillow CovaAdult (m)3,9997851
DfoNlL'Dindine CovaAdult (f)4,1398781
JrzrTL'Karijin CovaAdult (f)7,9061,7232
lsoDzL'GorudotatchiAdult (m)6,5711,3292
BCigxL'TandemAdult (f)3,0428782
cAu8SL'Ratio CovaAdult (m)3,6071,0791
mDjZoL'Beta CovaAdult (f)3,6841,0941
j5kNoL'Jaqal CovaAdult (f)3,7651,1552
lOCxiAnomaly of Life ItselfAdult (m)3,7739633
HkXtJGold-EdgedAdult (m)2,8038713
UanxsCursed Cold CaligeneAdult (f)2,8758784
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