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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2015 Valentine’s Day
  • 2014 Holiday Event
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You pick up the scroll labeled “LittleHibb01,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
GBzmf(GBzmf)Adult (f)5,3237736
hJgSm(hJgSm)Adult (f)3,1784770
cC5AD(cC5AD)Adult (m)2,9635352
FrR6g(FrR6g)Adult (m)3,0035310
LWDk5(LWDk5)Adult (m)2,7064810
IAKeu(IAKeu)Adult (m)2,5214730
tLjsy(tLjsy)Adult (f)3,1205766
yW7aE(yW7aE)Adult (m)4,8617694
iKU3b(iKU3b)Adult (f)6,1307653
LuDpl(LuDpl)Adult (f)2,7564301
Pr3jr(Pr3jr)Adult (f)5,0177503
3uFyj(3uFyj)Adult (m)5,2587585
bGN9J(bGN9J)Adult (m)2,6334154
xeks9(xeks9)Adult (m)1,7746983
tr3Tp(tr3Tp)Adult (m)6,0856792
cDStCAngela LH01Adult (f)2,9954581
xJbEz(xJbEz)Adult (m)5,9087880
gRdib(gRdib)Adult (f)2,7654051
R3dms(R3dms)Adult (m)3,2804331
KUAJh(KUAJh)Adult (f)3,2264240
alkRMBowsa Booyah LH01Adult (f)3,8285373
qPOhc(qPOhc)Adult (f)2,9214364
K5TQ1(K5TQ1)Adult (m)6,2397941
e3mvOFlames LH01Adult (m)2,7814485
H9teA(H9teA)Adult (f)2,9044180
2k6wg(2k6wg)Adult (m)5,7267692
BT9SzBowser LH01Adult (m)3,8115741
eHXoM(eHXoM)Adult (m)3,2924232
PwRV1(PwRV1)Adult (f)2,9764081
r8FHv(r8FHv)Adult (f)4,4324935
hrTww(hrTww)Adult (f)3,4544351
tMxnwGeodude  LH01Adult (f)3,1744411
p5Aj1The Ninja LH01Adult (f)2,9663990
t6zCKIcy LH01Adult (f)3,3024704
tvJ1EWelsh Dragon LH01Adult (m)3,0243970
zPFeQSandFire LH01Adult (f)3,5144262
RA9CpShimmer LH01Adult (f)6,4336772
UJuYIHelium Seahorse LH01Adult (m)3,1864330
kfhe4Goldie LH01Adult (f)2,8194440
gpyWCJade LH01Adult (f)2,9724591
BiOQkPeace LH01Adult (f)3,0454701
PJ4OlThe Changist LH01Adult (f)6,3347072
RGdWuMrs HellHorse LH01Adult (f)4,5081,0135
lifrYMagma Dino Jr LH01Adult (f)4,9601,2915
Xwg07Pink Pyra LH01Adult (m)4,5081,0923
yxlYBJack Black LH01Adult (m)3,4654252
HoS9aVampette LH01Adult (m)4,3181,0092
MRMVzRidgey LH01Adult (f)5,0319590
jeHE9TerraeRia LH01Adult (m)5,6966351
lTr2rRed Innocent Dragon LH01Adult (m)6,1465360
wcXhgSpike the Metal Creator LH01Adult (m)6,7317754
K0e9QSoul LH01Adult (m)6,4084424
FEnmLMuffin LH01Adult (f)7,0655090
2J5m3WaterSnake LH01Adult (f)3,7034122
cS5P3Magma Dino LH01Adult (f)7,2626824
6nS39Pyra LH01Adult (f)3,7475520
bgoheSpringyButt LH01Adult (m)3,3945212
T9zK6Almond LH01Adult (f)3,5575913
FBDidTinsel LH01Adult (m)6,1828339
ZdSOlCynder JR LH01Adult (f)3,2304540
HGrDxHugger Duck LH01Adult (m)3,2744320
VqdOXThe Metal Creator JR LH01Adult (m)7,1367824
v9NDyGood Nessie LH01Adult (f)2,9664830
P3I6GBad Nessie LH01Adult (m)2,7684723
pRxXQTsuna LH01Adult (f)3,6093634
LvCE8Nightfury LH01Adult (m)2,9354073
OLrAtBlue Moon LH01Adult (f)3,0864171
TawaXShooting Star LH01Adult (m)4,5093762
RCSaDStripey LH01Adult (f)3,7413951
6ytTRPinky 2 LH01Adult (f)3,4434040
xJlw3GawldFish LH01Adult (f)3,6524273
1ctiKSpikey LH01Adult (f)3,8083803
5UDfkLittle Chomp LH01Adult (f)3,0334314
JzkefShallow Jr LH01Adult (f)3,3823442
xFaqVBig Chomp LH01Adult (f)4,1284363
pTXnSPegasus LH01Adult (m)4,1144101
PRQeZYveltal Kinda LH01Adult (m)3,7974134
SbksfHowl LH01Adult (m)3,9783972
hcaOdCrops LH01Adult (f)3,6843933
oBBojStripy LH01Adult (f)3,3893960
ecGJzSpeckles LH01Adult (f)3,5903982
DsRUiAqua Pegasus LH01Adult (f)3,3003711
DmFPtScreaming Muff LH01Adult (f)4,4255652
9GlD4Starry Night Jr Jr LH01Adult (f)4,0144931
nv6CnStarry Night Jr LH01Adult (f)4,2325551
Z1WVwOrange LH01Adult (f)4,0385411
NNcyERoyalty LH01Adult (f)5,1075480
OX4j0SunSong LH01Adult (f)5,1565242
Rp9QmCloud o Thunda LH01Adult (f)4,7394675
H6qBfSolid Red LH01Adult (f)3,8663881
XNosMSolid White LH01Adult (m)4,2494511
l0zzvGloria At Day LH01Adult (f)4,4875173
BWyahBooYah LH01Adult (f)3,4814245
BRIipWyve Gold LH01Adult (m)3,8493347
dPpFgStarry Night LH01Adult (f)3,8183993
zqjWkPinky LH01Adult (f)3,1784343
c5TrKTerraria's Feared Guy LH01Adult (f)3,4334343
CitBPMy Favourite Colour LH01Adult (m)3,6693853
xAGtSPyro LH01Adult (f)4,9574794
7JsvqThe Fat Seahorse LH01Adult (f)3,4963882
AKT7xShallow LH01Adult (m)3,7084223
JsnnDSnowyButt LH01Adult (f)3,3923942
gb4UlCan of Pee LH01Adult (f)3,4973943
SL7BVUnderworld Pegasus LH01Adult (f)3,1274171
rA40rMetalMan LH01Adult (m)3,4444412
o0iCaGloria At Night LH01Adult (f)3,4584633
34jfWCarrie LH01Adult (f)3,9094011
Ws5j1Ill Rudolph LH01Adult (m)3,5574451
KxcCEMe LH01Adult (m)3,2024781
e3xQvRed Heartsnake LH01Adult (f)3,1764783
rRQ42I Want Candy LH01Adult (m)3,1784671
GxxKDRosie LH01Adult (f)3,2335143
2QtLPKrave Sweet Edition LH01Adult (m)3,1585093
l7EZqCoffee's Better LH01Adult (m)3,2574441
s3pLaShiny Charizard LH01Adult (m)3,4354210
lMXF1Planterus LH01Adult (m)3,3834132
zKNrYWinged Mankey LH01Adult (f)3,2843561
X841LIcy Drake LH01Adult (m)3,3804131
Obu3nWalka LH01Adult (m)3,5604262
rp1iYMrs Nippy LH01Adult (f)3,3104082
ITDuuPokemon LH01Adult (m)3,1804860
FgYHDGreenScale LH01Adult (f)2,6664522
G5u0ZAlly LH01Adult (f)2,6674800
jN2nxBitey LH01Adult (m)2,7494591
aQKGBDuoHead Mark 3 LH01Adult (f)3,9965522
kWJx2Duo-Glidar LH01Adult (f)3,1974893
fhnK2Ganon LH01Adult (f)2,8704563
gRZK1WindyButt LH01Adult (m)2,9624502
tMhfKCandyButt LH01Adult (m)3,0624900
i6nWSNippy LH01Adult (m)2,9654552
W7kn5heroicos auriantico draco2 LH01Adult (f)3,3923801
oRzTHLochNess JR LH01Adult (m)4,1423261
2B3p1DuoHead Mark II LH01Adult (f)5,4423943
HxWYaMaskMan LH01Adult (m)4,0613362
jPYoIHot Meany LH01Adult (m)3,9353432
VezKJMidget LH01Adult (m)3,7314062
cZkyNLittle Razorz LH01Adult (f)3,5754002
u0s7eheroicos aurantiaco draco LH01Adult (f)3,3844082
GbWeeCloudy Butt LH01Adult (m)5,5391,0424
ZTXtlInverted Nyan Cat LH01Adult (f)3,7394372
doUKvwinged and pink lizard LH01Adult (f)5,6299543
6FlWnThe Creator LH01Adult (f)5,2359457
IjSG7ShakeIt LH01Adult (f)4,9307443
ct7kAYellow Charizard LH01Adult (m)4,8057534
iVHLMDuoHead LH01Adult (m)4,1787613
FzdeLBolt LH01Adult (m)3,2135094
Joaj8Little Mort LH01Adult (f)3,8524904
KFwdjEntei LH01Adult (f)4,3783652
ozdi3Little Peppy LH01Adult (f)3,7924611
hAGtzYellow Salamence JR LH01Adult (m)4,9116192
L5PyfAgent W LH01Adult (f)3,7154892
TRSTqMintyCorn Jr LH01Adult (f)3,5694852
m0sJoYellow Salamence LH01Adult (f)4,6916472
Be5VBMintyCorn LH01Adult (m)3,3594552
VSzJkFrosty LH01Adult (f)3,1174114
uOUJCBlue Flame LH01Adult (m)2,7974292
QrQ6GSpyro Jr LH01Adult (m)3,4364334
kxBIRVampette Jr LH01Hatchling (F)1,5952862
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