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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Lilyanora,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
5fce(5fce)Adult (m)80058218
7sK1(7sK1)Adult (m)86561617
GCBK(GCBK)Adult (m)80158816
yTtb(yTtb)Adult (f)80258914
BiRR(BiRR)Adult (f)1,45656719
4tGW(4tGW)Adult (m)1,7931,1767
gSNF(gSNF)Adult (f)1,8391,1785
PFyj(PFyj)Adult (f)1,7861,1723
6E9x(6E9x)Adult (m)1,7871,1687
7UQM(7UQM)Adult (f)2,5521,5639
dHAd(dHAd)Adult (f)2,5651,5546
1TDf(1TDf)Adult (f)1,4379817
gamY(gamY)Adult (m)2,5591,5568
paTf(paTf)Adult (f)1,6951,0765
nUbF(nUbF)Adult (f)1,2058678
uyE2(uyE2)Adult (f)9547196
uNol(uNol)Adult (f)1,1958584
xJaj(xJaj)Adult (f)1,1928575
At2a(At2a)Adult (m)1,6408138
yuFA(yuFA)Adult (f)6604653
P0we(P0we)Adult (f)1,3365816
YKnf(YKnf)Adult (f)9947952
s4Fj(s4Fj)Adult (f)1,0518293
tNqk(tNqk)Adult (f)9637754
x9CI(x9CI)Adult (f)9957942
A1Af(A1Af)Adult (m)1,6371,1607
Bv9U(Bv9U)Adult (f)1,0157835
F39y(F39y)Adult (f)9677525
WRT9(WRT9)Adult (m)9397369
sBRl(sBRl)Adult (f)7145144
RMCS(RMCS)Adult (m)1,3643655
b98p(b98p)Adult (m)1,2703793
dDpW(dDpW)Adult (m)1,2743802
KPOK(KPOK)Adult (f)2,8892995
jWkB(jWkB)Adult (m)2,4593025
WGor(WGor)Adult (m)2,3532934
oHsH(oHsH)Adult (m)2,4032973
CGB6(CGB6)Adult (f)3,3464706
gtlZ(gtlZ)Adult (f)3,0173034
4Uot(4Uot)Adult (f)2,9923014
BG2f(BG2f)Adult (f)1,5693713
70b2(70b2)Adult (m)2,2473725
fj9i(fj9i)Adult (f)3,01271911
On7Q(On7Q)Adult (m)1,8397084
hlIZ(hlIZ)Adult (m)1,7496733
pBXl(pBXl)Adult (m)1,9866299
lD5B(lD5B)Adult (m)1,39655310
D4LN(D4LN)Adult (f)4,40948810
pmk2(pmk2)Adult (f)2,6837194
c5Zf(c5Zf)Adult (m)1,8387404
uAv1(uAv1)Adult (m)4,1854186
WWp2(WWp2)Adult (f)2,5335503
RBOB(RBOB)Adult (m)3,0005511
YQ80(YQ80)Adult (f)2,7118378
8QMl(8QMl)Adult (m)2,6978211
FWI4(FWI4)Adult (f)1,3976139
DWe1U(DWe1U)Adult (m)1,7385060
VbQlA(VbQlA)Adult (m)1,8025200
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