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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Lillian78,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
6ESBHun-DunAdult (m)2,95063018
3bvELouhi and LoviatarAdult (f)4,4861,38511
uWAsBlue DiabloAdult (m)3,6636872
YGucBluest WhisperAdult (f)2,2936664
0MlfBlue Grass BelleAdult (f)2,1356221
EeXJVelacishAdult (m)2,1736444
dSMYbDreumunAdult (m)3,1626971
bjFRTMululeAdult (m)3,7166591
7JmX4Dudley-do-RightAdult (m)3,3396251
8YXU6Twining StarsAdult (f)5,6758562
AJ5lQDouble Play CallAdult (m)3,3926481
VpE0JCool TwosomeAdult (m)2,5396831
CDeHeDoubleTree InnAdult (m)4,2397111
CkdipChip And DipAdult (f)4,8336918
CGiN3Fiona and FelicitaAdult (f)3,8437222
K2Y0PTaffy and ToffeeAdult (f)3,5187263
3bWktTalon in Place CBAdult (m)4,8308162
V12SkThe Bigger Folly CBAdult (m)1,8607060
WWnEMStrek CBAdult (m)1,4885902
wtsuMFoil My Plans CBAdult (f)1,6616293
FRfgEPeter Hale CBAdult (m)1,5305731
rYO6OBluestone DuetAdult (f)2,1166671
AXzCfBluefire Spirit CBAdult (f)1,8386471
jb3y0BritneyS CBAdult (f)4,7759482
3F7edKFed CBAdult (m)4,7539422
6hu8aDivine Prayer CBAdult (m)1,9966804
D5802Divine Intervention CBAdult (f)5,4079002
6X1VGBrutish Bernold CBAdult (m)4,3198342
SqaqiVerbal Account CBAdult (f)3,6388083
0aNEmSerise Seraso CBAdult (m)5,2667411
tEtBJDangerous Jail Bird CBAdult (f)2,0826651
A0EHDSamuel Marcos CBAdult (m)4,7948411
za4uWCedric the Brave CBAdult (m)6,0718561
Vr8zQ(Vr8zQ)Adult (m)3,0596531
rexBzDerek Hale CBAdult (m)1,7436651
y0usKJoyous Townie CBAdult (f)1,8206971
3NMJzSteel Nutz CBAdult (m)1,5425811
l7YQzBlueberry PuristAdult (f)2,0915972
9ja5OBlueberry Muffin CBAdult (m)2,6768293
dNgPBBlueberry Pie CBAdult (m)2,9028391
Ux0mZTin Foil Master CBAdult (m)5,6199231
vVIQcTwo Headed Hydra CBAdult (m)3,8819742
riHujHulda and Helga CBAdult (f)2,1406540
YQ3YLTwin HottiesAdult (m)4,3169631
3IwemRubber Ducky CBAdult (f)2,4886151
yO7zsChatty Kathy CBAdult (m)2,7186390
qrSlTMona Lisa CBAdult (f)2,4726461
KdEPlIDEK Beautiful CBAdult (f)5,4837941
XCFsPCutie Pututie CBAdult (f)6,3339211
3ihKSHedgewitch CBAdult (f)2,2556732
ibHdgDusty Mage CBAdult (f)2,1786540
OlsgdGandolph the Wise CBAdult (m)2,1546521
uhPr9(uhPr9)Adult (m)3,1646471
JbOLv(JbOLv)Adult (f)2,7356550
T5xogDance Tunes CBAdult (f)5,9995401
SiOlhEh So So CBAdult (m)5,1946141
kmqv1Starr Jones CBAdult (f)3,7116862
k2xee(k2xee)Adult (m)7,0636822
uFAwl(uFAwl)Adult (f)7,1376541
qT3AoSeeker's SnitchesAdult (m)4,6527781
47Nz5Hows About That CBAdult (m)2,5067442
jBn7H(jBn7H)Adult (m)3,7119171
F8LeL(F8LeL)Adult (m)3,8129420
hJA2B(hJA2B)Adult (f)3,4648640
VPDz6(VPDz6)Adult (f)3,6089311
vmOHZ(vmOHZ)Adult (m)3,5889201
jT4Wm(jT4Wm)Adult (f)2,2787671
o4oZoZoootasticAdult (m)2,6846181
IhIuBossuAdult (m)2,0206506
6dHTKrumineAdult (f)1,18469026
VqMnLazdonaAdult (f)1,6705653
2d5TEimoAdult (f)4,4461,1532
0soYBGhost WriterAdult (m)3,7964612
m70TZEsaphaAdult (f)3,7913773
jVXc4BrirotAdult (f)4,8066833
Np8AOWinter KnightAdult (m)3,6687141
9m2diWhite SudsAdult (f)3,5406831
Od92iSnow KissedAdult (f)4,7285343
ormAOFrench Vanilla Ice CreamAdult (f)2,5535133
eKRiBAck Ack CBAdult (m)5,2228320
F83gbAmarel Dodi CBAdult (f)3,7308171
FB8UFAmarel Alexandra CBAdult (f)3,2846921
gkIbzAmarel Kiki CBAdult (f)6,5315770
utXg4Hark Willimina CBAdult (f)6,4401,2181
yqZ7BHail Venus CBAdult (f)5,1531,0203
ajuz7Stargate Rodney CBAdult (m)5,3906881
vp2mnWassup DerickAdult (m)1,7496420
UWbGvEasy Peasey Nana CBAdult (f)5,8915310
FhweoGame On Dude CBAdult (m)5,0505552
fnNK9Sunspot Fink CBAdult (m)6,6645440
12QeLWare DynamiteAdult (m)4,3317450
4DJvwSlick NatashaAdult (f)3,0938042
cO2s1God Thoth CBAdult (m)2,3957251
FFfTG(FFfTG)Adult (m)2,6496841
JMXQi(JMXQi)Adult (f)2,1766811
9p8Ht(9p8Ht)Adult (m)1,6326540
yiw4MFrom the Ashes Boyd CBAdult (m)3,7429534
Ixq0hFrom the Ashes Lyric CBAdult (f)3,5358141
QCmU2From the Ashes Intic CBAdult (m)4,0208331
51HhiFlight Height CBAdult (f)6,8427701
suB58Bebe of Mine CBAdult (f)4,5869623
IqqYbDubai Darlin CBAdult (f)4,8606801
r1p3L(r1p3L)Adult (f)3,1828882
yrnhYSidhe Barron CBAdult (m)5,9016901
Cdz5KBlue Iceprincess CBAdult (f)6,4785421
zQ2KnOopsie BlueAdult (f)4,5293033
AZ2Sk(AZ2Sk)Adult (f)5,0751,0452
eRrXiStiselAdult (m)6,0576891
NrVP3MentalistAdult (m)4,5894663
IE1aeHeliatropeAdult (f)4,1396912
34OtmHelium HalleAdult (f)4,4964180
UlOLADocked BlimpAdult (f)4,7976871
DRXcW(DRXcW)Adult (m)3,2714253
XAEwC(XAEwC)Adult (f)4,6634271
96WiJ(96WiJ)Adult (m)3,0057182
99jLInfernal DumballahAdult (f)9,29993221
aTfWInfernal Dewing CBAdult (m)2,2371,08719
BcPrInfernal Iscah CBAdult (f)2,1621,01424
3dZWInfernal Hecate CBAdult (f)2,28386710
MFNjInfernal Azazel CBAdult (m)2,14576710
1pfOInfernal Herne CBAdult (m)1,63178014
fickInfernal Mbaz CBAdult (f)1,96896125
CsthInfernal Nemain CBAdult (f)2,1281,12016
lQojInfernal Mormo CBAdult (m)1,7578943
gZroInfernal BerithAdult (m)3,70591410
BMrnInfernal JezebelAdult (f)2,70180813
oJAvInfernal PhilatanusAdult (f)1,82574810
fOPIInfernal ThamuzAdult (m)1,95968510
qR4tInfernal PyroAdult (m)2,52678032
PqGLInfernal FurfurAdult (f)2,65769111
stPdInfernal PaymonAdult (m)2,1936115
pWSmInfernal Bifrons CBAdult (m)3,2568337
qtIoInfernal PwccaAdult (f)2,6887025
MgkeInfernal ZaganAdult (f)2,7306176
X31NInfernal PruflasAdult (f)5,6351,0034
FGXNInfernal TunridaAdult (f)3,8526614
8Ee2Infernal AhrimanAdult (f)2,3106352
ASuRInfernal SallosAdult (f)2,9019163
Ek0VInfernal MarchosiasAdult (m)2,5538384
Jqq2Infernal BylethAdult (m)2,9659973
3iIGInfernal ZeparAdult (f)1,9078375
8hcHInfernal GeryonAdult (m)3,6838936
oFkmInfernal TenebrionAdult (f)2,90489410
jd3eInfernal CamioAdult (f)5,83764911
ZeJpInfernal DeumusAdult (f)5,81361111
li3kInfernal VajrapaniAdult (m)1,49171710
knpPInfernal ForneusAdult (f)2,83069717
S1OtInfernal HauresAdult (f)2,4717283
JiCeInfernal TyphonAdult (m)3,6367549
140IInfernal TemeluchusAdult (m)2,3977126
Y3C9Infernal NisrochAdult (m)2,5596786
PbY2Infernal KitsuneAdult (f)2,4347195
FO1YInfernal PithiusAdult (f)3,5116823
BL06Infernal Sedit CBAdult (m)3,4196446
4nRIInfernal RimmonAdult (m)4,0353795
qdR96Infernal DecarabiaAdult (m)3,98069912
gROlSInfernal ShaxAdult (m)2,3825878
Km4l6Infernal BeelzebubAdult (m)4,5615385
jLVAcInfernal RakshasaAdult (m)3,9676524
l3YpOInfernal SatanachiaAdult (f)3,8656623
VIJKJInfernal Semiazas CBAdult (f)3,8066946
SC31pInfernal Lima CBAdult (f)2,5046556
Acq33Infernal NaburusAdult (f)2,4676346
2duBsInfernal Ronwe CBAdult (f)2,9106036
TgiViInfernal UphirAdult (f)2,5214913
WNHvdInfernal OrusulaAdult (m)4,8057184
VUoIOInfernal Vritra CBAdult (m)6,3226023
cQc6TInfernal BumalinAdult (m)7,9481,48215
hXW1TInfernal Lilitu CBAdult (f)5,2067835
QefbrInfernal CaimAdult (f)4,9326412
QZ3iiInfernal BelethAdult (f)5,3706172
S6lUtInfernal OrobasAdult (m)3,5226152
gHP64Infernal SeereAdult (m)6,4936943
aAlK7Infernal VapulaAdult (m)4,0477053
BmXenInfernal CimeiesAdult (m)4,2486943
RZ6gTInfernal DantalionAdult (m)5,5537743
Em8SZInfernal BalamAdult (m)4,7357743
RiWNZInfernal SamiginaAdult (m)5,4416573
VUQKWInfernal ValeforAdult (m)4,7757345
8oZufInfernal AsmodayAdult (f)6,0857517
VaanWInfernal MaraxAdult (m)5,1097824
gr53gInfernal Barbatos CBAdult (m)3,3127272
1msT2Infernal PursonAdult (m)5,1618001
7SjpQInfernal Raum CBAdult (m)4,4204044
fcB6vInfernal VassagoAdult (m)3,4847131
JH2nIInfernal Stolas CBAdult (f)3,1967325
PPN1GInfernal Flauros CBAdult (f)2,4107279
HXtkdInfernal HexxedAdult (m)3,7437243
kYbLCInfernal Naberius CBAdult (m)5,1815693
nr5XeInfernal GremoryAdult (f)3,4576754
8gRViInfernal Belial CBAdult (m)3,32292515
8d4R2Infernal Ipos CBAdult (m)3,0637423
pX9J9Infernal Orabus CBAdult (m)3,1396972
HdVPeInfernal Harpy CBAdult (f)2,7987182
jvof1Infernal Murmur CBAdult (f)4,5504737
cuDfjInfernal Ereshkigal CBAdult (f)3,3186935
JirfCInfernal Agaliarept CBAdult (m)3,1987363
P0tFRInfernal Caacrinolaas CBAdult (m)6,4307819
W83MKInfernal Jinn CBAdult (m)5,1536653
8b4iTInfernal Pazazu CBAdult (f)5,38264610
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