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You pick up the scroll labeled “Leneth.,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
lEnEt(lEnEt)Adult (f)8,1341,3535
HSrla(HSrla)Hatchling (F)8603415
hL4oJLengselHatchling (f, F)2,8697723
LicfJLenxx LicfjAdult (f)12,2231,2164
MQvujLenxx MqvujAdult (f)7,6991,1632
Vgn4Lenxx VagnaAdult (f)9,6031,7123
bgMEABig MeaAdult (f)7,1561,6604
77b9rLenxx BrAdult (f)9,3461,2973
V52L8Lenxx V5Adult (f)2,5038802
BFd8mLenxx SantiagoAdult (f)4,2831,44612
jFGpBLenxx Sapphire ThuwedAdult (f)5,5778675
jV2xKLenxy JxkAdult (m)7,9011,1803
HyMauLenxy HymauAdult (m)6,3621,1421
KNYG4Lenxy KnygAdult (m)7,5821,2152
6r58fLenxy IsanAdult (m)3,7108033
kk1UWLenxy SeaweedAdult (m)6,0131,0032
hC9lDottieHatchling (F)5,3251,2784
5hFuLenxy Darth VaderAdult (m)6,1931,2154
pUFJTHottentottAdult (m)3,3301,1392
rHQfpLenxy RhqfpAdult (m)7,3271,3694
UUZfV(UUZfV)Adult (m)3,5833605
181ilLenxy LittleAdult (m)8,0291,3106
aE3hLenxx TsukoAdult (f)6,7031,4741
P1tIrLenxx PentrlAdult (f)4,5381,0803
rYHt8Lenxy ThuwedAdult (m)5,5581,1607
epX5J(epX5J)Hatchling (m, F)5,4429083
CiNfPLenxx CinfpAdult (f)10,5731,4107
knnOvLenxx KnnovAdult (f)9,0831,4855
ZlPa9Lenxx ZipAdult (f)5,1571,2133
pGjcdLenxy CrimAdult (m)3,2097432
E05QSir MinorAdult (m)8,9481,7728
AhKyHLenxy AhkyhAdult (m)9,9111,4353
Itoe9I ToeHatchling (F)2,44617219
miNobMi NobAdult (m)5,5291,3354
BRc8GLenxy MiniAdult (m)3,5191,0394
lzIU9Lenxy IziuAdult (m)8,0631,26911
g3NlDLenxy GnidAdult (m)5,3399652
NlGRB(NlGRB)Adult (m)6,1888261
WcEALenxy Miniman 2Adult (m)8,3831,5593
SOPvgLenxx SopvgAdult (f)7,6891,4353
5fFWbLenxx FwbAdult (f)7,9891,2297
X9RKLenxx PygmyAdult (f)3,9665304
Q29duLenxx PeriodAdult (f)5,7391,0202
2r4jK(2r4jK)Hatchling (m, F)6,8118462
RuqGLenxy FuzzyAdult (m)3,0509594
Al3CMLenxy AtricomAdult (m)6,2541,0474
j3nNkLenxy FluffyAdult (m)1,6097409
yMIYwLenxy MiyAdult (m)2,8321,2892
RdSpLenxx FizzixAdult (f)4,3501,04624
Jt81fPuffenAdult (f)4,7201,1764
8FlFTFifilAdult (f)3,8331,1192
VZVd1Lenxx WildAdult (f)5,1671,1654
WJ3yX(WJ3yX)Adult (f)7,0131,1032
CAFdoLenxx PuffAdult (f)6,1631,0913
am3P5Royal LazyAdult (f)6,8341,67626
k7lQPLenxx RoyalAdult (f)3,9147263
mo0cA(mo0cA)Hatchling (F)1,5692482
06Wt7Lenxx OaxAdult (f)6,9281,1511
15p90Lenxx PoxineAdult (f)8,7721,1733
XelqFLenxx ExelqAdult (f)3,0219995
ULtM9Lenxx UltimateAdult (f)5,1129251
mligWLenxx MigAdult (f)8,3071,4948
kyMC6Lenxx KymAdult (f)10,3441,4524
ZR6KwLenxx ZrkwAdult (m)6,9241,0367
6sB2uLenxx BetwoAdult (m)7,5791,2145
vdohKLenxy VoldokAdult (m)4,3709812
KbrUzLenxy KaburAdult (m)1,1796401
M859aLenxy MeightAdult (m)7,4061,2263
dKVEOccaHatchling (F)937673
h6WJOkralHatchling (f, F)3,10898816
adQICaramellosHatchling (f, F)4,5434572
wo0dhLenxx WoodAdult (f)4,0958490
0iu4HLenxx OiuAdult (f)4,2779544
VhFALenxx HappinessAdult (f)3,2284453
8Vp0Lenxy BraveAdult (m)8,1051,8897
8mddLenxy CurrageAdult (m)8,2261,3607
gMfq9(gMfq9)Hatchling (m, F)2,1667631
MU6eaLenxxMugeaAdult (f)3,0739272
S0efjLenxx SerafiAdult (f)2,9769355
gu1cLenxx AuroraAdult (f)5,5557708
xpBAu(xpBAu)Adult (f)9,3331,2671
JPZmR(JPZmR)Adult (m)4,7369612
eQBZRLenxy BeqzrAdult (m)3,3079491
E1hPYLenxy EpyAdult (m)4,9757331
eUfLNLenxy UlnAdult (m)4,2658221
iJ81GLenxy NightdancerAdult (m)2,8259561
d2GsjLenxy NightwatchAdult (m)6,6801,29914
0kHlLenxy NocturneAdult (m)4,0524953
tNJp(tNJp)Hatchling (F)2,9087213
arZzKLenxx ArzzkAdult (f)3,0598512
NSp6Lenxx NeotrophicalAdult (f)2,3343493
a1JXLenxx FantaAdult (f)9,8911,2758
WAC5NLenxx WacnAdult (f)7,1271,3153
BWe7hLenxx BweAdult (m)7,4561,2255
iJsRQLenxy RougeAdult (m)3,8119862
IOwqLLenxy IolAdult (m)4,5188174
iH2ZYLenxy ZoloAdult (m)5,7541,5041
2813yLenxy YAdult (m)10,6011,4283
IrflLenxy Paradise ManAdult (m)9,2871,8104
AEtQv(AEtQv)Hatchling (m, F)2,04429570
0dIDk(0dIDk)Hatchling (m, F)3,7428628
kPgsm(kPgsm)Hatchling (f, F)2,3643545
vTeoLenxy OrionAdult (m)6,7181,61516
CiYutCiyutAdult (m)4,7251,1575
uOMSILenxy GremlingsAdult (m)2,2496274
1YeC3Starling GiftAdult (m)4,0835615
e7tTgLenxy GalaxyAdult (m)2,0748346
sYXyj(sYXyj)Adult (m)5,7541,3081
O5DB0Lenxy Bleak 2Adult (m)5,4701,5379
ARPCLenxx NeferethAdult (f)6,6591,53516
W4mB3Astro StormAdult (f)8,5431,8404
Tt24jLenxx GnokAdult (f)5,5591,1622
smXtCLenxx SmixxAdult (f)6,9811,0063
YgkV8Lenxx FirestarAdult (f)3,0587695
h8yNgLenxx HyngAdult (f)5,1311,1774
NimfULenxx NimfuAdult (f)6,5061,1751
eZhr5(eZhr5)Hatchling (f, F)2,5588761
8iWQG(8iWQG)Hatchling (m, F)4,0909067
VZNeUVulpeculaeAdult (f)4,79281915
k6aYDLenxx NyxAdult (f)3,38679511
jMIF9Lenxx JaymeeAdult (f)3,9271,1377
jeFD3Lenxx JefdAdult (f)6,9611,1543
bYu2BLenxx Blue DreamAdult (f)6,5599153
hVsNLenxx Galathdriel 3sAdult (f)8,4251,75317
6PkOtLenxy KotAdult (m)6,4471,1646
k6JNLenxy AranwionAdult (m)3,8141,1269
S5ppaLenxy ZapAdult (m)6,1031,4638
MgH4(MgH4)Adult (m)7,6841,64818
nn5rT(nn5rT)Adult (m)7,7361,2074
5Ix7s(5Ix7s)Adult (m)5,7991,5065
cQj9Lenxy Elrond ThuwedAdult (m)4,74496013
tn4A2(tn4A2)Hatchling (F)1,9221451
QpiHdLenxy MoontearAdult (m)5,3441,8118
K7CcsBlue KissAdult (m)2,8281,00712
7fGeILenxy GeiAdult (m)2,8677882
mL9XZLenxy KissAdult (m)6,2231,0822
a2YiwLenxy YiwAdult (m)4,9577453
LDAGJ(LDAGJ)Adult (m)5,1991,2272
W6EUrLenxy Moonflight 2Adult (m)5,9561,3304
euv6yLenxx EuvAdult (f)5,7098984
Tf2IkVenus MoonAdult (f)4,2321,42711
FY1SnLenxx ZafirAdult (f)5,3501,7729
QbKap(QbKap)Adult (f)3,7999405
MBiGq(MBiGq)Adult (f)6,1621,4712
gYEa8Lenxx Glory Moon 4Adult (f)4,8571,3162
gLen1(gLen1)Hatchling (F)3,2414472
sRtUK(sRtUK)Hatchling (F)2,78619045
IzitBaby Minty 1Hatchling (m, F)13,0675,75747
qhpJaLenxy QhpjaAdult (m)9,4571,1645
sI2C2Greenie LuckAdult (m)5,2181,0952
ub0UnLenxy MintAdult (m)1,7526911
lflGhLenxy IfiAdult (m)6,9431,3172
aJSrVLenxy AjAdult (m)4,8573391
7kS8Lenxx Wild at HeartAdult (f)15,9866,26367
LlAmLenxx Brave GirlAdult (f)14,6375,92068
OMXHaLenxx OmxAdult (f)3,2645176
4CNWLenxy Minty Hopper xAdult (m)10,0734,42741
N0J1PLenxx umop-apisdnAdult (f)2,2745744
JIvf6(JIvf6)Hatchling (F)4,6738891
XmHBa(XmHBa)Hatchling (m, F)5,4557791
3IjlFLenxx ShiveringAdult (f)6,1295383
gDiyLLenxx DiyAdult (f)3,4071,2283
Iq23qLenxx IqqAdult (f)8,4351,4294
0Jmc7Lenxx OjAdult (f)4,9528865
aNej0Lenxx NejoAdult (f)9,9211,1483
8UfHpLenxx UfhpAdult (f)11,2591,4405
mcajNLenxx McajnAdult (f)6,7181,2170
o2OGOLenxy OgoAdult (m)4,7369502
Zs4jULenxy LuminaeAdult (m)6,34191937
r7Y06Lenxy RyAdult (m)6,6975802
kt7J0(kt7J0)Adult (f)4,8391,3152
XTuPR(XTuPR)Adult (m)3,6148100
Tmf6XTinselfailsHatchling (F)2,2061515
JeCce(JeCce)Hatchling (F)2,48135210
jbGovFrozen OceanHatchling (m, F)3,3118734
liU6Lenxy Proud Blue SeaAdult (m)15,9156,22168
D3vjWLenxy WaterAdult (m)3,5591,1379
Wr1VVLenxx Blue WaterAdult (f)1,7817071
tBycJLenxx BycAdult (f)4,5669102
AcOml(AcOml)Adult (m)3,7145592
fyJ5Lenxy Blues Boy 2Adult (m)17,1046,97855
yDNrQLenxy DnorAdult (m)4,7361,0682
jzGjJLenxy JzgjiAdult (m)4,4001,0731
Yvp8xLenxx YvpAdult (f)4,6071,0711
gIiE4Lenxx GlieAdult (f)4,2241,1032
MGI0nLenxx MgionAdult (f)5,7276862
8NuWSleeping NyxHatchling (F)1,90116311
UUbiLenxx PrudenceAdult (f)9,1751,8166
KLtUGLenxx KlugAdult (f)4,3539961
0b2K7Proud EquusAdult (m)5,3461,00011
FbJFkLenxy FbjfkAdult (m)2,6134253
nKxW5Lenxx KxweAdult (f)9,2821,2064
AXSyNLenxx AxsynAdult (f)8,1941,3286
OHFRFLenxx OhfrfAdult (f)2,4586742
XrslFLenxy XrsifAdult (m)7,7081,3414
TdVbWLenxy PuppiaAdult (m)3,2359881
xTOGE(xTOGE)Adult (m)3,5399152
U8c94Lenxy UtahAdult (m)4,2467242
2AGf3(2AGf3)Adult (f)2,6909374
BZYCLenxy Proud ThuwedAdult (m)2,8984402
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