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You pick up the scroll labeled “Leneth.,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
TgwZ6(TgwZ6)Adult (m)2,4287263
f7tgr(f7tgr)Adult (m)5,8111,3031
s1fsBaby SkywingenHatchling (f, F)14,2465,62758
vHWSFLenxx VhwsfAdult (f)10,0641,3553
HHLceHigh IceAdult (f)3,7291,0627
igNqFlying TemptationAdult (m)8,5381,3508
NHEv8Lenxx NeverlandAdult (f)2,9427646
BNMoeLenxx MoeAdult (f)3,2259872
y5YDBLenxx YdAdult (f)6,1658146
HAGXfLenxx HagxfAdult (f)6,7049693
VRKqMLenxy VrkqmAdult (m)5,8919921
bm4fLenxy WindAdult (m)2,9366055
LO5WQLenxy LowqAdult (m)8,0781,16110
d2K4ELenxy Flying HighAdult (m)6,5411,3574
INSc8Lenxy WhisperAdult (m)4,2031,1475
CqHFvLenxy CqhAdult (m)4,0079732
9rO6PLenxx OrpAdult (f)7,8331,1532
WSgNLenxx Hoping Skywing 2Adult (f)14,6026,36818
avYKSLenxy HouxAdult (m)5,8041,1738
6dIBKLenxx Flying SilverAdult (f)3,6839633
bWHUl(bWHUl)Adult (m)2,3058273
zTcBR(zTcBR)Hatchling (m, F)3,6519212
jQXq3(jQXq3)Hatchling (f, F)4,5085741
v7OdtLenxx VodtAdult (f)4,6211,3541
DZpggLenxx DzggAdult (f)4,2146121
3PlQT(3PlQT)Adult (m)4,5441,3621
8ud8CLenxy UdcAdult (m)7,7971,3542
o7PbzLenxy TwopicAdult (m)2,9968661
wzmCa(wzmCa)Adult (f)6,3471,2254
yWQZJotneHatchling (f, F)14,9956,04551
uIEzJ(uIEzJ)Adult (f)6,8571,0389
mQgPLenxx Prunus cerasusAdult (f)13,9686,63820
lrYHJLenxx ColdAdult (f)3,25598812
VVEDSLenxx VedsAdult (f)2,2449258
6QPopLenxx QpopAdult (f)11,1321,4005
w5u5Lenxy BerberisAdult (m)14,0086,63827
qiy4LLenxy QiylAdult (m)8,0011,3531
gqsV4Lenxy Last ChanceAdult (m)4,9571,2566
hIoT6(hIoT6)Adult (m)6,1561,2594
oLJ7j(oLJ7j)Adult (m)2,7998933
ZBNzY(ZBNzY)Adult (m)5,0881,0993
2EBQW(2EBQW)Adult (m)5,6871,1202
eNHnBaby Prince AutumnHatchling (m, F)13,1245,83049
m78IYou may be LuckyHatchling (f, F)4,5331,02316
FdAFLenxy Circium arvenseAdult (m)16,4696,59176
BpiRYLenxy Leaf DropAdult (m)2,3679004
cn5Xf(cn5Xf)Adult (m)2,80043612
J88FLenxx Vicia craccaAdult (f)3,8557834
gl5NKLenxx AvitaAdult (f)4,4041,2083
skkiLenxx Mistress Diascia 2Adult (f)16,9686,922132
SGf6K(SGf6K)Hatchling (F)2,7791863
8VUaa(8VUaa)Hatchling (f, F)1,6564396
hhD62Miss BBQAdult (f)3,64366520
BUmFXMiss AugustAdult (f)3,0506124
uUKb1Lenxx SummerAdult (f)4,1164206
W4hGGLenxy WahgAdult (m)7,7381,2525
2aGyLenxy DiasciaAdult (m)20,3836,87085
rmHPmLenxy RampamAdult (m)4,1401,0304
O2uiLenxx Lobelia 2Adult (f)2,9233902
QV9cNLenxy Kirja ThuwedAdult (m)6,2791,4354
7dMKLenxy KaprifolAdult (m)5,2261,78086
b3aZDLenxy HappyAdult (m)7,4921,1342
BFqyLenxx FiolAdult (f)5,2901,67879
jQhLeJoleeAdult (f)5,1581,1107
eSIiELenxx SlideAdult (f)4,7201,0725
eqnih(eqnih)Adult (m)4,8731,3293
shMcX(shMcX)Hatchling (F)2,2822461
GOOP9(GOOP9)Hatchling (f, F)3,4841,0612
A2y1qLenxx AtoyaAdult (f)8,0751,3265
jOBmB(jOBmB)Adult (m)3,8128272
40MWILenxy RednoseAdult (m)4,1821,1572
qDWl6Lenxy HellhoundAdult (m)3,9049903
2UdV7Lenxy DevilAdult (m)3,9401,0223
SSI1P(SSI1P)Adult (f)4,6971,1612
wwXMzLenxx XMAdult (f)4,2621,0605
sUjNxLenxx SunxxAdult (f)3,8961,1493
BN16mLenxx BnmAdult (f)10,5001,2882
5hiMP(5hiMP)Adult (m)1,1126211
kC8pJLenxy KcpjAdult (m)5,1528417
6XXDZ(6XXDZ)Hatchling (f, F)6,5288444
b5HUi(b5HUi)Adult (f)5,8678404
AbMlu(AbMlu)Adult (f)6,4541,2313
VAQi0Lenxx VaqioAdult (f)2,9081,4314
bJJoILenxx BjjoiAdult (f)7,9471,3613
4s4tqLenxx StgAdult (f)7,9571,3263
vgGrOLenxx GroAdult (f)4,9331,52235
SgOsnLenxx Blue ElfAdult (f)4,4061,6502
6Aa13Lenxx AtrettenAdult (f)2,7948933
kXoycLenxx KxoycAdult (f)9,0531,2112
CSDl7Lenxx Csdi ThuwedAdult (f)7,0481,2224
FW84ALenxy FwaAdult (m)10,9431,2213
Cm8tcLenxy CmeightAdult (m)3,1758963
Km33rLenzy KimAdult (m)4,9341,4954
GTGiuLenxy GiuAdult (m)4,7671,46734
oNgP(oNgP)Hatchling (m, F)7,4591,68312
ccG7FVerdandeAdult (m)7,3501,91913
QXMvXKentaurAdult (m)7,4071,3315
P8EjOLenxy PejoAdult (m)7,6951,1114
k1XkALenxy XkaAdult (m)4,0241,1071
QY9R9Lenxy Temptation 2Adult (m)5,7821,4018
5FkhpFylgjeAdult (f)3,4741,0958
HnN3GLenxx CloudyAdult (f)3,0748146
fFxGJLenxx FfxgjAdult (f)6,5171,1765
MdopYPandora TarantullaAdult (f)8,3871,14510
9G84LLenxx DreamerAdult (f)5,4761,23211
ngU5ZLenxx UrAdult (f)3,7151,3109
PmHT7(PmHT7)Hatchling (F)1,9883763
OJsbvLenxx SailingAdult (f)4,4775742
uA9lLenxx KittenAdult (f)10,2521,93314
PnZG0Purple PenguieAdult (f)8,9222,06120
HAgojLenxx HagAdult (f)4,4519451
2UZ4wLenxx TwozAdult (f)3,4368260
JsWgCLenxx JswgcAdult (f)7,4541,2954
SNTN1Lenxx SniliAdult (f)3,1189683
GWfzTLenxx GemstoneAdult (f)2,2358650
6LUSlLenxx LusiAdult (f)7,7831,3352
u3yoHLenxx UyohAdult (f)7,8061,3730
7cgsh(7cgsh)Adult (f)8,4691,1387
bGXGL(bGXGL)Adult (f)6,5171,1611
rAoRLenxx Ridgewing 3sAdult (f)3,0794413
I1G5SLenxx Purple Flower 3Adult (f)5,1421,3385
Pu74NLenxy CharlieAdult (m)3,5879432
3uaqG(3uaqG)Adult (m)3,9209435
Ayk1oLenxy AykoAdult (m)8,9331,3465
zOyVoLenxy OzzyAdult (m)3,1111,0603
pVlZzLenxy PvizzAdult (m)9,7481,4622
QYeEmLenxy QyeemAdult (m)9,1011,1042
qlU6SLenxy QiussAdult (m)4,6041,2912
nnpLpLenxy LilacAdult (m)2,0179638
4Hn95Lenxx HnAdult (f)2,8236054
jzP2TLenxx JzptAdult (f)10,4581,3912
DVqtFLenxx DvqtfAdult (f)11,6101,3651
w50xFLenxx WoxfAdult (f)7,5761,3933
I8IYqLenxy IiyqAdult (m)7,4761,3691
0fVkULenxy FvkuAdult (m)9,0081,3762
sP42RLenxx SprAdult (f)10,0091,3751
tO3jyLenxy TojyAdult (m)9,2441,3303
QQI0MLenxy QqiomAdult (m)11,1791,3661
idAJaLenxx IdaAdult (f)7,6951,1621
EIAJtLenxx EiaAdult (f)9,9951,5344
9qkXSLenxx NinexAdult (f)7,8961,3584
OR8GuLenxx OrguAdult (f)7,6721,1473
mnLHcLenxx MnlhcAdult (f)10,0761,3212
QORMGLenxy QormgAdult (m)6,8169603
ExihRLenxy ExihrAdult (m)12,7691,2523
qjeQ5Lenxy QujeAdult (m)5,7151,0652
rE28C(rE28C)Hatchling (m, F)6,7338554
k4KlTic TacAdult (f)8,0611,5591
RRh1VLenxx RiverAdult (f)3,6881,0003
NSdOZLenxx NsdozAdult (f)5,4271,0322
8TJ6TLenxx TjtAdult (f)12,8871,2514
relrhLenxx ReirhAdult (f)6,3788061
n8457Lenxx NAdult (f)9,5141,3951
sgVkvLenxx SgvkvAdult (f)10,1701,3820
rxu7ILenxx RxuiAdult (f)2,7395619
q37GFLenxx QgfAdult (f)4,6345844
HS1ffLenxy HsffAdult (m)9,7071,4373
H5YDhLenxy HydhAdult (m)9,2321,1343
ZH1vhLenxy ZhvhAdult (m)9,7851,3531
qSe7GLenxy QsegAdult (m)7,4641,2952
LgE0Lenxy LegoAdult (m)6,1681,3101
6uNEI(6uNEI)Hatchling (F)2,0251353
VnCh2WindchoirAdult (f)5,2701,3812
6Z45Lenxx SexzehAdult (f)6,5841,0793
ZmmX7Lenxx ZmmxAdult (f)7,9401,3833
ghXiRLenxy XirAdult (m)1,22549520
YmnYLenxy YummyAdult (m)6,1701,3022
CLv2MLenxy ClvmAdult (m)9,4401,3292
C2IOILenxy CiceroAdult (m)7,2571,1608
aMCQiLenxy AmcqiAdult (m)7,4211,3884
lEnEt(lEnEt)Adult (f)8,1341,3535
HSrla(HSrla)Hatchling (F)8603415
hL4oJLengselHatchling (f, F)2,8697723
LicfJLenxx LicfjAdult (f)12,2231,2164
MQvujLenxx MqvujAdult (f)7,6991,1632
Vgn4Lenxx VagnaAdult (f)9,6031,7123
bgMEABig MeaAdult (f)7,1561,6604
77b9rLenxx BrAdult (f)9,3461,2973
V52L8Lenxx V5Adult (f)2,5038802
BFd8mLenxx SantiagoAdult (f)4,2831,44612
jFGpBLenxx Sapphire ThuwedAdult (f)5,5778675
jV2xKLenxy JxkAdult (m)7,9011,1803
HyMauLenxy HymauAdult (m)6,3621,1421
KNYG4Lenxy KnygAdult (m)7,5821,2152
6r58fLenxy IsanAdult (m)3,7108033
kk1UWLenxy SeaweedAdult (m)6,0131,0032
hC9lDottieHatchling (F)5,3251,2784
5hFuLenxy Darth VaderAdult (m)6,1931,2154
pUFJTHottentottAdult (m)3,3301,1392
rHQfpLenxy RhqfpAdult (m)7,3271,3694
UUZfV(UUZfV)Adult (m)3,5833605
181ilLenxy LittleAdult (m)8,0291,3106
aE3hLenxx TsukoAdult (f)6,7031,4741
P1tIrLenxx PentrlAdult (f)4,5381,0803
rYHt8Lenxy ThuwedAdult (m)5,5581,1607
epX5J(epX5J)Hatchling (m, F)5,4429083
CiNfPLenxx CinfpAdult (f)10,5731,4107
knnOvLenxx KnnovAdult (f)9,0831,4855
ZlPa9Lenxx ZipAdult (f)5,1571,2133
pGjcdLenxy CrimAdult (m)3,2097432
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