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You pick up the scroll labeled “Leneth.,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
GnUYILenxx GnyAdult (f)7,7711,3604
x3huvLenxx XtreuvAdult (f)5,3821,2723
DZkqPLenxy VulcanAdult (m)5,4981,06311
dmogNLenxy DmogAdult (m)4,41996448
72GjVLenxy FireballAdult (m)7,1641,0714
rg0VLenxy Tsu'teio 2Adult (m)10,4251,67120
81OYPLenxx Pure LavaAdult (f)3,5475532
vVX98Aprils FoolAdult (f)3,3996165
gRKUpLenxy GrupAdult (m)4,8361,3277
ggdILenxx Tia Maria 3Adult (f)10,4851,68112
69rbb(69rbb)Adult (f)9,6631,2807
DXXG6DXXHatchling (f, F)5,2666436
aYKmBLenxx FrostAdult (f)6,4071,22910
gEvnvLenxx ChrystalAdult (f)8,2331,4376
qRSf9Lenxx SahajaAdult (f)3,1248162
b7S7iLenxx BsiAdult (f)8,3571,2961
hhP08Lenxx HhpoAdult (f)8,3321,3013
AZ5qVIskrystallAdult (m)6,5031,4967
pTlBALenxy TibaAdult (m)6,7191,2625
Q3RWvLenxy QuiwerAdult (m)7,2791,2323
vSMyuLenxy VsmyuAdult (m)4,4818513
dM7vLenxx Istapp 2Adult (f)9,9441,67719
9q3ZWLenxx Kulde 2Adult (f)4,5161,3291
FpegYIskald 2Adult (m)7,2272,07415
pMmGLenxx Frost Gawain 2Adult (f)5,8351,53217
4LttMLenxx Isfel 3Adult (f)5,7881,64412
eZd3hLenxy Revelle IceAdult (m)5,9981,03229
o7veLenxy Tagetes xAdult (m)6,2321,01624
szPz1Lenxx SzpzAdult (f)8,8471,1884
x1TMvLenxx TeemAdult (f)6,9961,2863
trOCuLenxx TrocuAdult (f)7,8171,3915
69f0gLenxx FoogAdult (f)9,2841,2915
rcmidLenxx RcmidAdult (m)4,7709377
Vh5S2Lenxx VhstoAdult (f)8,1181,2975
Y2mzNLenxx YmznAdult (f)6,5191,1362
lYl8ELenxx IyieAdult (f)8,8211,2815
aDdnkLenxy AddnkAdult (m)10,0661,3814
eCVFcLenxy GarnetAdult (m)9,3711,1345
fqlsnLenxy FalqAdult (m)10,3561,3396
BCxK4Lenxy BCAdult (m)10,6511,3328
XTqAtLenxy XtaqxAdult (m)5,3908891
kQ7HvLenxx QsyvAdult (f)7,0821,0563
h1QicLenxy QicAdult (m)7,1411,0026
o1foJLenxy OfojAdult (m)8,3131,0811
J3dVJLenxy JdvjAdult (m)7,9171,2372
JQEDALenxy JqedaAdult (m)4,4678613
nbihFLenxy NbihfAdult (m)4,0109244
0YjhiLenxy OyjhiAdult (m)3,5769256
NKAQXLenxx NkaqxAdult (f)3,6919371
rTmGWLenxy RtmgwAdult (m)4,2521,0182
KDuwuLenxx KduwuAdult (f)6,6707536
8RSgCLenxx SergentHatchling (f, F)5,3201,0318
oxFgVLenxx OxAdult (f)8,3791,3845
5TjAdLenxx TjadAdult (f)9,6501,2475
2UWAcLenxx UwacAdult (f)6,1307664
Qd5wDLenxy QadAdult (m)8,5101,3445
FSTLuLenxy FestAdult (m)9,9451,3036
gM02bLenxy MobAdult (m)9,8671,3618
u0BnVLenxy UnoAdult (m)
kaEABLenxy KaeabAdult (m)
c8c80Lenxx CaeightAdult (f)
86XSrLenxx XsrAdult (f)
0sgp7Lenxx OsqpAdult (f)
TvVCvLenxy TvcvAdult (m)7,3119395
9r0aRLenxy RoarAdult (m)8,6929355
AVRW0Lenxy AvrwoAdult (m)7,6001,0302
YbfUJLenxx YbAdult (f)7,5088962
z0Zj1Lenxx ZozjiAdult (f)8,3851,3186
O17yNLenxx SynAdult (f)11,2481,3036
jkA5ILenxx KafiAdult (f)8,8501,3278
vYdqXLenxx YdxAdult (f)7,9651,0034
nqEHHLenxy QehAdult (m)10,5321,12910
kE3VGLenxy KevgAdult (m)5,4441,1175
SYtYF(SYtYF)Adult (f)8,8189823
LHw8kLenxy HawkAdult (m)6,7348903
T670TLenxx TotAdult (f)5,0771,0869
YbzskLenxy BzskAdult (m)8,8281,4976
VjUE0Lenxx VjueoAdult (f)7,7301,2213
P43R3(P43R3)Adult (m)7,4731,24810
xc7lr(xc7lr)Hatchling (f, F)8,2341,1071
hlEpz(hlEpz)Hatchling (m, F)9,0631,1061
4jEXhLenxx ExsAdult (f)7,9961,2697
IsLDsLenx IsldsAdult (f)7,2451,0512
AhOSfLenxx AohsAdult (f)8,5681,2882
VfpqJLenxy VefAdult (m)8,8959315
X8MVHLenxy XeigthAdult (m)7,2671,0558
iXoXPLenxy IxoxpAdult (m)10,5861,3295
AzAykLenxx AzaykAdult (f)8,2511,3613
8Sv4SLenxx SvaxAdult (f)7,6826922
catkwLenxx CatAdult (f)7,7951,1881
7IcS8Lenxx IcsAdult (f)6,7631,1773
aQcD1Lenxx AqdinAdult (f)10,4351,4164
cjCedLenxy CedAdult (m)8,5271,4236
AP7nkLenxy ApenkAdult (m)7,2501,0883
L2rcx(L2rcx)Adult (f)6,0329365
AV7ATLenxx AvaAdult (f)10,8651,4188
Igz0uLenxx IgzouAdult (f)5,9651,0703
XzwcoLenxy XzwcoAdult (m)7,0791,0302
TyfnsLenxy TyfonAdult (m)8,3111,2455
kPE01Lenxy KeoiAdult (m)9,2571,2016
02fIv(02fIv)Hatchling (F)1,8342642
GuLJV(GuLJV)Hatchling (m, F)3,0863903
XFzWZLenxy XfzwzAdult (m)6,4441,1784
qXNbwLenxy XnqdoAdult (m)7,3541,2598
jpsxlLenxy JpsxlAdult (m)7,8801,2421
1WW0RLenxy WorAdult (m)9,4811,1254
m6EPLLenxx MeplAdult (f)9,2561,1372
1iylULenxx YloveAdult (f)7,6481,2243
RKtnvLenxx RktnvAdult (m)5,8599814
lfZEV(lfZEV)Hatchling (F)1,8892672
5mfKeLenxx MkemfeAdult (f)8,4831,2963
pdtdWLenxx PtedroAdult (f)7,8241,2503
7yZUPLenxy  YzupAdult (m)7,8951,2613
9SLR0Lenxy RoAdult (m)8,1371,2894
uRlA6(uRlA6)Adult (f)6,8831,2257
VIF0w(VIF0w)Hatchling (F)3,6212591
0WpozLenxx OwpozAdult (f)4,6629073
Js3NjLenxx JesnjAdult (f)8,0561,2613
vpxzRLenxx VpxzrAdult (f)8,8351,1362
nT0AILenxx ToaiAdult (f)9,9381,1944
PdzycLenxy PdzycAdult (m)7,3231,2275
RKMxzLenxy MaqenzieAdult (m)7,5721,2553
h6SBzLenxx BeztaAdult (f)7,6451,3282
PRsniLenxx PrsniAdult (f)7,8521,0253
XjXenLenxx XjxenAdult (f)8,6501,1365
ftNQVLenxx NqkAdult (f)6,7617226
taGFkLenxx TagfkAdult (f)7,7811,1572
Q3jILLenxy QjilAdult (m)7,7641,1965
ZwMzRLenxy ZarwAdult (m)7,6521,3543
MIXODLenxy MixodAdult (m)7,7871,0312
31o0P(31o0P)Adult (m)9,0921,2341
0Zi7c(0Zi7c)Hatchling (F)2,9133591
GqE7sLenxy GetAdult (m)8,2821,3796
RptjxLenxy RiptxAdult (m)7,7201,3314
W2p03Lenxy WtopAdult (m)7,6341,0422
4BKm2Lenxx BkmAdult (f)9,4381,3662
lfcOBLenxx ObeyAdult (f)7,6721,3282
Xm6ewLenxx XmewAdult (f)7,3781,0313
3pft7(3pft7)Hatchling (F)3,6123061
1Axrz(1Axrz)Hatchling (f, F)4,7338144
onN1RLenxy NirAdult (m)9,5011,3455
pxSKnLenxy PxsknAdult (m)8,2501,2113
WA4JuLenxy WajuAdult (m)6,8151,0124
qNp8eLenxy NeightAdult (m)7,2721,3084
gfMwyLenxy GfmwyAdult (m)7,5731,1541
ZWbdELenxy ZwbdeAdult (m)9,6991,6307
fpkrjLenxy FpkrjAdult (m)9,8761,3793
drk7lLenxx DrkiAdult (f)7,2601,3971
mmDlGLenxx DigAdult (f)6,9441,1923
2X3PaLenxx XpaAdult (f)7,9079352
V0hBnLenxx VohAdult (f)7,8491,1465
0yPA2Lenxx OypaAdult (f)6,2551,1347
MgpFgLenxx MgapAdult (f)8,1551,4855
IqdCPLenxx LqdcpAdult (f)5,4721,0382
TgCOI(TgCOI)Hatchling (f, F)4,9569182
PKeoVLenxy PokemonHatchling (m, F)8,5891,2443
a2XNQLenxx XnqAdult (f)9,9701,1283
XHDfRLenxx XhdAdult (f)9,3571,3993
dVVabLenxx DvvabAdult (f)7,3841,4194
9h9CCLenxx HccAdult (f)7,2421,3291
UXgOXLenxx UxgoxAdult (f)5,8321,1790
jJ3Hc(jJ3Hc)Adult (f)4,6118872
Za8DjLenxy SadjAdult (m)9,9001,0903
HWCDKLenxy HwcdkAdult (m)7,3271,3703
SalQXLenxy SalqxAdult (m)4,7067043
CrlMiLenxy MiAdult (m)9,4351,3932
snbk8Lenxy SleepAdult (m)8,7671,2414
p9ihtLenxy NinteAdult (m)8,2461,2583
DvR2eLenxx LumniAdult (f)8,7151,2988
LGCCRLenxx LgcrAdult (f)7,4841,3816
k6ON7Lenxx KonAdult (f)9,5081,2725
YXonELenxy YxoneAdult (m)4,3434682
tEKpvLenxx TekAdult (f)4,8259022
pokn0Lenxx PoknoAdult (f)6,1718411
xGTvJLenxy GtjAdult (m)5,3999226
2VBEcLenxy VbecAdult (m)8,3801,2994
16EfoLenxy EfoAdult (m)8,4891,4766
iVI1aLenxy IviaAdult (m)5,8717346
PL1QS(PL1QS)Hatchling (m, F)3,9979002
2YY5bLenxx YxAdult (f)7,6401,2443
IvpSOLenxx IvpsoAdult (f)5,7461,1512
QuT1ULenxx CirionAdult (f)5,7921,2954
MmLJyLenxx MlijyAdult (f)6,8511,2094
WitlfLenxy WitAdult (m)4,7499935
wtUB0Lenxy WtuboAdult (m)3,5705215
FKD5xLenxy FexAdult (m)6,1981,0113
XMRvsLenxy MrxaAdult (m)7,7861,2653
F0fwtLenxy FoftwtAdult (m)10,8421,43331
5XMvc(5XMvc)Hatchling (F)3,6536941
qAdaU(qAdaU)Hatchling (m, F)5,5108022
wrMg2Lenxx WrmgAdult (f)6,4239174
Xfk3NLenxx UrdAdult (f)8,6791,3056
hBpI4Lenxx HplAdult (f)3,1514962
CuPPLLenxx CupplAdult (f)7,7661,4022
JBaALLenxx BaalAdult (f)7,7931,3228
wXYjTLenxy WxyjtAdult (m)8,3991,4272
ES9BmLenxy EsdoAdult (m)7,5391,2873
4IIqhLenxy LighAdult (m)4,1807831
u4QSzLenxx QszAdult (f)7,2631,2903
itPrqLenxx PraghAdult (f)7,5831,2914
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