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You pick up the scroll labeled “Leneth.,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
O9EXHexiHatchling (F)5662432
IJeodLenxx JediAdult (f)2,6919481
XIHUXihAdult (f)2,8334603
QIUYLenxx QijyAdult (f)3,8447672
XGsOeLenxy XOAdult (m)3,8417971
FHPIcAlmost EpicAdult (m)6,7561,64621
Q4A3Lenxy AlbinAdult (m)3,1866753
UAUtbLenxy UautbAdult (m)8,0421,3653
W0sAI(W0sAI)Adult (m)6,5191,0656
jPgcTiny LicoriceHatchling (f, F)10,9574,195106
gWD9Khan AnaisHatchling (f, F)13,9765,31181
uQMdoLenxx Black GoldAdult (f)6,4231,02311
FQb2kPure EclipseAdult (f)5,4711,3586
u8HluMagic RavenAdult (f)4,81393413
AobjjPerfect ValkyrienAdult (f)5,2931,0886
UJZGrMr SweetsAdult (m)5,4239887
iWEWEPure AzerAdult (m)2,01375617
OqquOLenxy AtaeAdult (m)2,5877967
947CXLenxy PiratAdult (m)4,8759272
FkliALenxy Black SabbathAdult (m)2,3888317
DtodgLenxy KhasAdult (m)4,1431,0347
dJfBdLenxy Red StarAdult (m)5,7431,33110
Ww6FLenxx Mo'oath 3Adult (f)17,3217,23861
KtMKZBlack Bell 3Adult (m)7,3841,1758
0WKg8Lenxx Tridy FrilleAdult (f)2,0239616
GGeSpParalyzing BlackAdult (m)4,8991,01012
mV7W3Lenxy Silver altAdult (m)5,0137433
ZYcdDLenxy Pure BlackAdult (m)5,0281,3002
9NbELenxy Turok 4Adult (m)18,9476,77176
6BTPtLenxy Silver BlackAdult (m)5,5421,23311
jA0RQLenxy Zapper StripeAdult (m)1,3286628
6gYeILenxx Drakon SilverAdult (f)5,5931,311100
ddnvXubiHatchling (F)1,95122817
nCWISprotHatchling (F)3,1513147
YRiTBlackheart kidHatchling (F)1,8433347
9oJPFroskenHatchling (F)1,6991205
AeZfBut ask PoliteHatchling (m, F)11,7095,75171
CXhu4(CXhu4)Hatchling (f, F)2,7435813
b5CTHPiratAdult (m)6,0541,17717
OmJnhIlluminous NoirAdult (m)5,8201,45119
VoigkVoytAdult (m)3,7329648
Mg6I4Lenxy IvoryAdult (m)6,5311,2306
YggQKYggqAdult (m)2,8659866
HUqlNHuqinAdult (m)2,3121,0158
Xuf3LXufelAdult (f)5,6381,2999
FI6YuValkyrienAdult (f)4,13784515
DtMdlConspirataAdult (f)3,6341,21031
ieCNPSort RoseAdult (f)2,3161,06837
LTQVJBlack EmbrosiaAdult (f)6,7711,49828
WUXCQLenxx WuxcqAdult (f)4,46498241
oHKQLenxx Virgin Warrior 2Adult (f)12,8766,12624
B16JDLenxx DargalAdult (f)2,0347313
Nhlh5Lenxx Frilled Zan 2Adult (f)5,6191,60420
JZVr9Lenxy Black RoseAdult (f)3,3441,2817
8WpljSir Lenxy GawaineAdult (m)4,4038578
dn489Heavenly MarrowAdult (m)2,7671,03212
IiBQAOld ValkyriAdult (m)4,3931,1014
pT9Tg(pT9Tg)Adult (m)3,5738882
MfXMBLenxx Rose NoirAdult (m)2,8499897
n6VaX(n6VaX)Adult (m)4,4924862
g4cBELenxy Marek 3Adult (m)7,8451,1354
sGnMG(sGnMG)Adult (m)7,6841,4625
hmeih(hmeih)Adult (m)5,5731,1781
nTvnGLenxx Ancient Green 3Adult (f)6,2461,0115
CeF5KLenxx Xiacy 3Adult (f)3,11997013
HAm2cLenxx Black SwanAdult (f)7,6581,38016
tKYi5SeierAdult (m)4,2958953
GbYDsMr DoomAdult (m)9,3161,27212
5pep6Lenxy Deamon JipciAdult (m)3,09963974
JknZLenxy IngrataAdult (m)6,6751,50913
sQgvLenxx SniperAdult (f)8,5371,77415
4ei2Lenxx Pure warriorAdult (f)11,5732,07014
rlJNLenxy Random PurityAdult (m)6,1097763
pjFJLenxy King of the dancefloorAdult (m)5,46698213
8HqK1Lenxx Warrior Ice 4Adult (f)8,8471,73220
9kTnJLenxx Golden KhasAdult (f)3,2541,2274
mddPLenxy Sirius Black 5Adult (m)4,6951,50115
RUmFLenxx warrior Dancer 6Adult (m)4,9671,10912
eFFVHot PuffHatchling (m, F)11,9805,59159
12oPLady FireAdult (f)8,6321,5115
m7r6JervenAdult (f)7,8301,1609
iId7BIldebrannAdult (f)6,6381,5383
mhPFVCode RedAdult (f)9,8712,0347
phfOeIncuxAdult (f)5,11394510
FbDKiIldroseAdult (f)6,2411,82711
aH0QAKitty CatAdult (f)6,3581,87810
cRRODMrs RodAdult (f)4,3421,0332
6inbBLenxx Hot PantsAdult (f)3,29985410
AUjGGWitchcraft FireAdult (f)4,6199514
F31fbLenxx RedlingAdult (f)7,8891,6227
G8ETsLenxx GeitherAdult (f)7,1451,4148
ugNUXNuxAdult (f)3,7471,2842
LJROFLenxx RofAdult (f)5,6941,5648
eitQRedneckAdult (m)12,4355,78913
qYYPqLenxy GypsyAdult (m)3,9291,1758
R1lMQLenxy RimroqAdult (m)3,7801,1369
Fd5esViroconvinAdult (m)3,5211,0185
hpKDNGjallarhornetAdult (m)6,3621,1934
q6J6LLenxy SpiderAdult (m)3,9787993
pXnhWLenxy PixelAdult (m)3,6621,0116
R1J6HLenxy Double Red 2Adult (m)5,1361,2334
Jhgf3Lenxy CrimsonAdult (m)4,0181,1217
YosTLenxx Deamon Sanvitalia 2Adult (f)18,9936,35064
IYb9Lenxx Extinct Deamon 2Adult (f)5,2061,56715
L0YhLenxx Arcobaleno 2Adult (f)3,9728808
jikKeLenxx Nonumber 2Adult (f)5,2071,75517
N88HaLenxx Pure Honrem 2Adult (f)5,7721,1867
VVerrLenxx Burning Red 2Adult (f)6,0521,1834
6Rogp(6Rogp)Adult (m)2,2304822
KpfSI(KpfSI)Adult (m)7,0791,7776
1fKMm(1fKMm)Adult (m)6,8871,8195
qZX8LFirst FailAdult (f)3,9408753
7qL8ZLenxy Fail 2Adult (m)4,8181,0741
Z65LS(Z65LS)Adult (m)4,1019603
FYsAWLenxy Thus Pure 3Adult (m)3,6839734
s9QO3Lenxx Fire ValentineAdult (f)5,9301,0811
4Nkjl(4Nkjl)Adult (m)4,4679956
0U2fLenxx Rentis Seilver 4Adult (f)8,4501,7627
I1pO9Lenxx Incu 4Adult (f)4,3529627
KNrsSixth RedAdult (f)8,2331,6029
f9QLaLenxx Redsilver 7Adult (f)6,3511,79613
RfeTGIncu RedlingAdult (f)2,3107694
mWmNDLenxx Red Wind xAdult (f)5,7301,0957
ud3dO(ud3dO)Adult (m)4,6218012
aVFOb(aVFOb)Adult (f)3,1045082
P4QmmLenxx Incu xAdult (f)5,6711,47215
136SeLenxy Incubator xAdult (m)4,0011,3331
o3ngQ(o3ngQ)Adult (f)4,7767074
rFlHsLenxy Incubatore xAdult (m)4,0191,3342
EexiX(EexiX)Adult (f)8,4991,06911
eW4fJ(eW4fJ)Adult (f)7,9441,2395
j90n5(j90n5)Adult (m)9,7631,37410
PH1dP(PH1dP)Adult (f)9,2931,3297
Ka35t(Ka35t)Adult (m)8,3981,3265
l5Rlu(l5Rlu)Adult (m)8,5411,4355
PgDeH(PgDeH)Adult (f)8,6341,4566
uV4q9(uV4q9)Adult (f)4,2928083
bhAFV(bhAFV)Adult (m)8,4581,3282
KbpSy(KbpSy)Adult (f)8,4811,1623
U6hZN(U6hZN)Adult (m)8,3461,1352
igOSZ(igOSZ)Adult (m)7,2201,2031
6360B(6360B)Adult (f)6,8231,3581
WRGq2(WRGq2)Adult (f)8,2771,2384
J4wmZ(J4wmZ)Adult (f)5,7821,0482
Vc5qe(Vc5qe)Adult (f)7,5931,3975
LTXKW(LTXKW)Adult (f)8,4531,0607
sMIEh(sMIEh)Adult (f)8,0441,2734
vTyl5(vTyl5)Adult (m)7,9501,2632
YmA22(YmA22)Adult (m)8,0961,2513
JwylA(JwylA)Adult (f)9,2341,2844
YjYS5(YjYS5)Adult (f)10,1121,2405
19b8M(19b8M)Adult (f)9,9831,1993
rweAe(rweAe)Adult (f)10,0461,1884
UPa9D(UPa9D)Adult (m)7,4541,2844
s10Im(s10Im)Adult (f)9,6851,2002
dbKyF(dbKyF)Adult (m)9,4901,1723
7MO4R(7MO4R)Adult (m)9,4151,2032
vKMv1(vKMv1)Adult (f)9,0871,1664
bnzV6(bnzV6)Adult (f)9,9261,2022
72YAJ(72YAJ)Adult (f)7,4861,2543
fzMx4(fzMx4)Adult (m)7,3051,2784
jO6g1(jO6g1)Adult (f)7,2319485
J0ItM(J0ItM)Adult (m)7,5439812
XzRnY(XzRnY)Adult (f)6,9149532
pX6qZ(pX6qZ)Adult (f)6,8919462
LBsiB(LBsiB)Adult (f)7,1869554
W6kOe(W6kOe)Adult (f)7,1189371
DoqRo(DoqRo)Adult (f)7,3729762
aImEC(aImEC)Adult (m)9,8891,4243
l3IYv(l3IYv)Adult (f)8,9751,2944
KHGOW(KHGOW)Adult (m)8,2781,3216
Mh8Np(Mh8Np)Adult (m)10,1561,4292
s50CQ(s50CQ)Adult (m)10,1511,3891
1ubIE(1ubIE)Adult (m)8,7741,2988
zVY4D(zVY4D)Adult (f)9,8491,2765
d1FEA(d1FEA)Adult (m)6,9291,2155
eHm9I(eHm9I)Adult (f)7,6491,1851
pSjB9(pSjB9)Adult (m)7,6741,1562
Ie8pZ(Ie8pZ)Adult (m)8,2951,3391
XRgJsLenxy FortuneAdult (m)7,1961,2115
7v34mLenxy VermAdult (m)10,2101,1634
dZ7TO(dZ7TO)Adult (m)8,7321,3325
dug9wLenxx DugAdult (f)7,6271,2915
4tuCoLenxx TucoAdult (f)6,0089528
IMp4gLenxx ImpAdult (f)7,8401,25915
DsC1SlepinerHatchling (m, F)7,4041,24012
oN8dSweet Little MissTakeHatchling (f, F)7,9951,69114
jLgFLenxy ShazamAdult (m)4,0089708
9hPCIRosarenAdult (m)4,0894947
pt42sFast n FuriousAdult (m)2,7075354
4GXjZLenxy FergyeAdult (m)5,37597121
X72AYLenxy XRayAdult (m)4,6701,17822
PGOcPLenxy PgocpAdult (m)11,2131,1607
lhnXZ(lhnXZ)Adult (m)2,2356262
oKpCLenxy Arathorn 2Adult (m)3,7801,1457
6CNkFLenxy Mushroom 2Adult (m)6,4961,1273
EvuvKLenxy Pink Hell 2Adult (m)4,0411,1745
WuksnLenxy Aeza 2Adult (m)3,4121,2596
BpMQLenxy Rosare 2Adult (m)4,41685812
LOnWALenxy Pirwa 3Adult (m)8,2201,7738
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