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You pick up the scroll labeled “Leneth.,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
8U7f8Lenxx Nest and KindergardenHatchling (F)2,26852715
xMIOWelcome to Lenxx CaveAdult (f)17,5076,729121
BM8YLenxxAdult (f)6,6231,06040
eljnRLenxyAdult (m)8,7428899
FcOjMr CojHatchling (m, F)7,0461,16331
7P6t(7P6t)Egg (F)
IbKZ1Hells MistressAdult (f)2,94588945
eu94pAprils Fool ThuwedAdult (f)4,1505308
rYHt8Lenxy ThuwedAdult (m)5,5581,1607
Jq8G4Litle GoldHatchling (m, F)5,3421,04910
7Di3Lenxy MidasAdult (m)17,5116,007109
GpBuYLenxx AnastasiaAdult (f)5,9067141
Hbvz0Lenxx BvzoAdult (f)4,9479365
r2YS4Lenxx RysAdult (f)5,1199924
XM6FMLenxx XmfmAdult (f)5,7177794
xxRWLenxy Prince GoldenAdult (m)17,3086,70473
iE0MLenxx Mistress GoldenAdult (f)5,0771,86070
r18JFLenxx PonyAdult (f)3,5199915
QgVfOLenxy QuilAdult (m)9,5561,3396
zwrY5Lenxy BernardAdult (m)5,7947348
JCdfALenxy FireAdult (m)9,4191,4785
JoL0JLenxy King MidasAdult (m)7,9971,34313
MAI6WLenxy Nahua GiftAdult (m)5,67683017
8QYqhLenxx ChocolateAdult (f)3,72093711
Haio6Lenxx HaioAdult (f)3,9861,1566
FW1W5Lenxx IgglyAdult (f)7,7691,1198
MKmQeLenxx FrilleAdult (f)5,2511,42113
Kqa6CLenxy Brave LuckAdult (m)4,7391,0414
uuR1GLenxy Golden ValentineAdult (m)3,08230468
bNB4SLenxx SnowangelAdult (f)5,2689315
0seHVLenxx OsehvAdult (f)3,8648154
KkvKTLenxx JulAdult (f)9,3121,2227
kYA8dLenxx GoldenheartAdult (f)5,28963010
M5aXgLenxy Galaxy goldAdult (m)4,0778947
mCSlNLenxx MintcandyAdult (f)3,2491,0209
h6mKiLenxy PeppermintAdult (m)5,2061,3948
GBlHCSorte GullAdult (m)6,9301,12010
YQf5bLenxy CreedAdult (m)5,60397316
ugF1GAlpha GoldAdult (f)6,1601,70731
WlpCWLenxy HollowAdult (m)2,52839055
pFUOXLenxx Black DiamondAdult (m)7,8441,1296
j4qmVLenxx Royal BlueAdult (f)2,02876615
jOelrLenxy BravehearthAdult (m)6,0796601
1cibRLenxx FrillensiaAdult (f)3,0076298
esMqMLenxx Golden ShadowAdult (m)2,7789118
r9c1oLenxx UrulokiAdult (f)6,1417275
MDAMULenxy Great GoldAdult (m)3,5091,29815
Sud3OLenxy ArmakaAdult (m)5,8489478
jhdiLenxx LeiaAdult (f)3,0961,03118
zJu3yLenxy ObsidianAdult (m)3,9088262
M7tMcLenxy Chocolate ChipAdult (m)3,5258503
wmvlHLenxy SerozAdult (m)5,6968706
CnS4Lenxx SerinaAdult (f)8,3731,78919
tmoeLenxy Martyr xAdult (m)9,3081,22920
2HVPLenxy General Psyko xAdult (m)6,9481,28525
vCMjLenxy Peregrin Tok xAdult (m)7,4121,57716
xQMWLenxy  Gigolo Golden xAdult (m)13,9785,25861
lTJDLenxx Sister Golden xAdult (f)12,6574,283109
WMfCLenxy Major Golden xAdult (m)13,3485,88167
gvhBLenxy Mister Golden DAdult (m)17,2976,65286
F5GhlLenxx Golden Viking DAdult (f)6,7371,27511
ktMlLenxx Klavoatie xAdult (f)4,8441,28123
1WFGLenxy Tango Moon xAdult (m)7,5361,33014
4R7AZ(4R7AZ)Hatchling (F)1,6221974
lsH9F(lsH9F)Hatchling (m, F)4,05176954
n9HulAs perfect as EverAdult (m)7,7781,10518
W05wLLenxy AlvAdult (m)8,4791,0273
pHVKuNorwegian VikingAdult (m)6,5071,16712
YJVuxLenxy S'KarmaAdult (m)6,2091,10910
gFUVrLenxy FairiesAdult (m)7,3751,4082
8kA5vLenxy PriliAdult (m)4,7448955
T0xbwLenxy ChocoAdult (m)8,7041,3169
L2LpHLenxy ColAdult (m)6,7941,2177
vAQsJLenxy FiresunAdult (m)3,0301,0642
gWfKhLenxy FurynessAdult (m)3,4431,14672
fJ8wvLenxy MysticAdult (m)6,0071,29416
6hd3xLenxy DeemAdult (m)3,8431,1212
9j39HLenxy Black SilverAdult (m)6,1119856
XVUVQLenxy UnholyAdult (m)4,56462912
y9CypLenxy Perfect StormAdult (m)8,2561,0228
kQHtyLenxy GuiltyAdult (m)7,8291,4086
7q9OiLenxy SilverSpiralAdult (m)5,10934137
RdqzrLenxy DelucionAdult (m)2,7428185
NidOHLenxy NidohAdult (m)5,0631,0692
CUdesLenxy CudesAdult (m)6,2318969
mkHvbLenxy silverheraldAdult (m)7,1151,3566
GB3FLenxy K SilverAdult (m)15,2286,631158
n7JH9Lenxy DraxyrAdult (m)6,6911,1142
FHF0NLenxy AuraAdult (m)5,3323836
RKmBCLenxy CaarAdult (m)3,3837724
T6WTWLenxy KaystripeAdult (m)2,9457988
feUGNLenxy AmberAdult (m)4,9211,0646
NdExGLenxy IcecoldAdult (m)4,0481,1473
rKGRCLenxy DavidAdult (m)3,1431,0771
H4mGYLenxy NoelleAdult (m)4,6571,03016
Gt6abLenxy Silver SunAdult (m)4,4295318
HaAaCLenxy Ghostly ShimmerAdult (m)7,1201,33633
IaGmkLenxy Blue FaranirAdult (m)5,3889164
9klHCLenxy Radiant ColorAdult (m)6,3571,05525
qtmuuLenxy NaosAdult (m)6,1609439
YtQQTLenxy ScarecrowAdult (m)6,2529377
r73aNLenxy SilverghostAdult (m)4,5711,32010
qi878Lenxy DarlingAdult (m)3,5585825
PaY4HLenxy JinglebellAdult (m)5,7311,2067
OXZvBLenxy DarknessAdult (m)3,6273037
wi6FaLenxy WigfaAdult (m)3,9698051
3EHYfLenxy GhostmoonAdult (m)6,3498615
s5kDVLenxy Third GhostAdult (m)2,6846388
wXKg7Lenxy WxkgAdult (m)8,1381,3434
f4bnnLenxy KaocanAdult (m)7,7231,3301
nRZILenxy AsterixAdult (m)4,2021,09118
t4NQLenxy ArgaionAdult (m)5,0781,31816
qlEtLenxy Gift Of S'aarAdult (m)5,6781,37617
klfXHLenxy FixAdult (m)2,4726056
qoov4Lenxy GroovyAdult (m)8,2761,2075
Z2hvNorwegian FreyHatchling (f, F)11,6344,56892
K5KILenxx NeytiriAdult (f)16,2936,04291
KcXbSilver LovingAdult (f)17,1576,502123
EInALenxx BrisingrAdult (f)16,4446,759106
aq5BdLenxx LyvingAdult (f)3,4687794
dyjnnLenxx DjinnAdult (f)10,4711,2255
Pp7mQLenxx TiriAdult (f)6,5051,18410
LfX8cLenxx GreenAdult (f)3,8718024
t1oHMLenxx TiohmAdult (f)2,5395794
OCXX0Lenxx OcxxoAdult (f)7,6091,33711
mZErlLenxx BreezeAdult (f)3,7861,1402
U5cdtLenxx BlueflameAdult (f)5,9919322
x3n7Lenxx  RainAdult (f)16,8527,228156
ZbsUpLenxx ImladrisAdult (f)4,3441,1488
iDCQ5Lenxx ShinysAdult (f)2,9136066
889fJLenxx Fire ZugAdult (f)6,1501,1125
bSTBXLenxx MoontiriAdult (f)4,9911,1187
e18yVLenxx LovingAdult (f)6,4487708
B1aYxLenxx JaneAdult (f)5,6641,0227
CbgA3Lenxx SilverhorseAdult (f)3,6191,1113
fjorqIsfjordAdult (f)3,2814589
64ZdmXysticus SurpriseAdult (f)7,4811,15514
A4DzlLenxx XytiAdult (f)7,2251,3264
2HSR1Lenxx ParalAdult (f)2,8088404
mNBroLenxx BrilliantAdult (f)2,3046795
532IcLenxx SunnyAdult (f)6,2171,0173
hTNY8Lenxx UlyssesAdult (f)4,2936553
Ofn2hLenxx Shiny StarAdult (f)4,5475286
QFdAZIce ChrystalAdult (f)5,5471,00233
SHqrMLenxx SurrealAdult (f)7,1271,0728
lsTmLenxx Princess SAdult (f)1,67292270
9Peq3Lenxx ScopeAdult (f)5,7891,2823
A1aAJLenxx EvergreenAdult (f)6,1901,2784
EZQiNLenxx EzqAdult (f)4,5877984
uwplJLenxx IsAdult (f)4,9249932
AjyobLenxx EquusAdult (f)6,0921,0391
2sUS2Lenxx StonehedgeAdult (f)3,5271,0678
r0cN8Lenxx DarlingAdult (f)5,1581,0699
HSSwILenxx SildorsalAdult (f)5,1209534
7u0I2Lenxx LumenoAdult (f)6,3549368
jZMPeLenxx Silver HollowAdult (f)2,6217515
HF64kLenxx SilverstoneAdult (f)6,3231,2473
5ZpPnLenxx ShadowtailAdult (f)7,9821,0948
CiQh1Lenxx Lady GhostAdult (f)4,0571,2712
PaQUlLenxx Christmas ElementAdult (f)4,2391,0085
2oASISeiraAdult (f)4,1801,24230
uKvGLenxx Happy DayAdult (f)6,0331,38618
SVFILenxx NixerraAdult (f)6,7441,66617
53WXLenxx WyxyAdult (f)2,89688428
PrNuG(PrNuG)Hatchling (m, F)2,3887231
pSQsVLenxx RanginiAdult (f)3,9601,1262
VDcmCLenxy RagnarAdult (m)2,6035438
6PJSwLenxy PJAdult (m)8,2991,3706
cATPc(cATPc)Adult (m)3,7368771
eKYIM(eKYIM)Adult (m)3,6069224
2qv6y(2qv6y)Adult (f)5,1499212
gTIl1Lenxx FoxAdult (f)2,20028210
rQddHLenxx QueAdult (f)4,1471,1751
CgFqFLenxx FameAdult (f)6,0271,1414
jgxWELenxx JgxweAdult (f)9,0211,1713
Xxz56Lenxy XxzfemAdult (m)7,8721,2473
dZGApLenxy ZgapAdult (m)9,5241,3597
xGTYKLenxy TyxAdult (m)7,9361,2694
HwubiLenxy HwubiAdult (m)8,6421,4618
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