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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2015 Valentine’s Day
  • 2014 Holiday Event
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  • 2011 Holiday Event
  • 2011 Haunted House
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Lelyn,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Gzp98(Gzp98)Adult (m)4,1256821
kqYvR(kqYvR)Adult (f)4,5026791
3zc0K(3zc0K)Adult (f)4,1757151
xgeQu(xgeQu)Adult (f)4,2287052
yemro(yemro)Adult (f)4,2237041
2Ft7r(2Ft7r)Adult (m)4,2466933
pVCMN(pVCMN)Adult (m)4,3956753
cgYBU(cgYBU)Adult (m)4,1907181
tx6k0(tx6k0)Adult (m)4,9636452
HK4eN(HK4eN)Adult (m)5,2666321
JSsZC(JSsZC)Adult (m)5,5586261
QYekw(QYekw)Adult (m)4,8796981
b1UY2(b1UY2)Adult (m)4,6357151
fPepv(fPepv)Adult (f)5,5997332
NK4wd(NK4wd)Adult (f)4,9716881
zb0Se(zb0Se)Adult (f)6,0286723
pHUuc(pHUuc)Adult (f)6,0186652
b2nUu(b2nUu)Adult (f)5,9836541
9TH6U(9TH6U)Adult (f)5,8106731
MMY66(MMY66)Adult (m)5,9656511
5BYQH(5BYQH)Adult (f)6,0336571
6ZmrP(6ZmrP)Adult (m)5,9726702
YF2mf(YF2mf)Adult (f)4,1386821
8grn6(8grn6)Adult (f)4,2176741
bfhk1(bfhk1)Adult (m)4,0526962
Bpkld(Bpkld)Adult (m)4,0646841
i6iPr(i6iPr)Adult (f)3,8947111
ZlHCD(ZlHCD)Adult (f)3,5217581
SR0A2(SR0A2)Egg (F)
GSQxKi'ana Sina 0-F01Adult (f)4,3561,93222
a1JFBKi'ana Sina 0-F05Adult (f)6,2241,5324
sHQuHKi'ana Sina 0-F03Adult (f)4,8351,0674
k228UKi'ana Sina 0-F04Adult (f)6,8091,2754
WojNEKi'ana Sina 0-F02Adult (f)6,9038437
bl1PeKi'ana Sina 0-M01Adult (m)4,6971,0931
t6vzZKi'ana Sina 0-M02Adult (m)5,2751,1956
Dr2sQKi'ana Sina 0-M03Adult (m)6,4481,1281
ecjTFKi'ana Sina 0-M04Adult (m)2,8981,2323
O0rgsKi'ana Sina 1-F01Adult (f)4,9928675
sApPdKi'ana Sina 1-F02Adult (f)5,2578971
VLyx0Ki'ana Sina 1-M01Adult (m)5,3638921
nRbCqKi'ana Sina 1-M02Adult (m)5,1658973
bMS8iKi'ana Sina 1-M03Adult (m)8,3511,2522
9IaGlKi'ana Sina 2-F01Adult (f)5,4431,0022
6fNyHKi'ana Sina 2-F02Adult (f)6,1417392
PlqNUKi'ana Sina 2-M01Adult (m)5,0078593
VLaHOKi'ana Sina 3-M01Adult (m)5,5397703
3BHjaKi'ana Sina 5-M01Adult (m)4,8821,2662
FFgTKi'ana Sina T2-M01Adult (m)4,2791,38441
AztcKi'ana Sina H-F01Hatchling (f, F)4,1581,1538
9KlaKi'ana Sina H-M01Hatchling (m, F)1,7634925
zepUSKi'ana Batlu'Saqie 0-F01Adult (f)5,2521,1937
jSOoxKi'ana Batlu'Saqie 0-F02Adult (f)5,4698304
oTqw8Ki'ana Batlu'Saqie 0-F03Adult (f)5,0801,1362
JDL5tKi'ana Batlu'Saqie 0-F04Adult (f)5,9248654
lTcVsKi'ana Batlu'Saqie 0-F05Adult (f)5,6671,2983
ZWa5JKi'ana Batlu'Saqie 0-F06Adult (f)7,0107705
mXah4Ki'ana Batlu'Saqie 0-F07Adult (f)4,6821,0151
MKjeJKi'ana Batlu'Saqie 0-F08Adult (f)3,9671,0123
J29szKi'ana Batlu'Saqie 0-F09Adult (f)7,1837386
WvsM5Ki'ana Batlu'Saqie 0-F10Adult (f)7,1147403
CtWi8Ki'ana Batlu'Saqie 0-M01Adult (m)4,8931,0782
5hqOIKi'ana Batlu'Saqie 0-M02Adult (m)5,5689153
agsKtKi'ana Batlu'Saqie 0-M03Adult (m)5,3811,0394
NazEEKi'ana Batlu'Saqie 0-M04Adult (m)6,5088111
BGT4PKi'ana Batlu'Saqie 0-M05Adult (m)5,5748402
qPGBeKi'ana Batlu'Saqie 0-M06Adult (m)5,3011,1414
KOv96Ki'ana Batlu'Saqie 0-M07Adult (m)4,8839115
1jYwOKi'ana Batlu'Saqie 0-M08Adult (m)3,9688544
MYsYaKi'ana Batlu'Saqie 0-M09Adult (m)6,5385814
cW3fyKi'ana Batlu'Saqie 1-F01Adult (f)7,6516061
NJEEbKi'ana Batlu'Saqie 1-F02Adult (f)5,4297983
GYZReKi'ana Batlu'Saqie 1-F03Adult (f)7,0147143
xuRxeKi'ana Batlu'Saqie 1-M01Adult (m)3,8908532
PnWLbKi'ana Batlu'Saqie 1-M03Adult (m)5,6079552
kF6DFKi'ana Batlu'Saqie 1-F04Adult (f)6,4408143
E3gKvKi'ana Batlu'Saqie 2-F05Adult (f)5,6058241
iklZuKi'ana Batlu'Aykah 0-F01Adult (f)4,1671,1402
1bCmAKi'ana Batlu'Aykah 0-F02Adult (f)3,2621,2022
wlhiVKi'ana Batlu'Aykah 0-F03Adult (f)5,2931,0603
cmcE3Ki'ana Batlu'Aykah 0-F07Adult (f)4,9948487
0ZzDDKi'ana Batlu'Aykah 0-F08Adult (f)4,7511,1896
Ck08HKi'ana Batlu'Aykah 0-F06Adult (f)4,3201,1756
CmKVGKi'ana Batlu'Aykah 0-F04Adult (f)6,9777802
pWWt2Ki'ana Batlu'Aykah 0-F05Adult (f)6,7098262
aCyi0Ki'ana Batlu'Aykah 0-M01Adult (m)5,8171,2188
zInYAKi'ana Batlu'Aykah 0-M02Adult (m)7,0728149
JPSmbKi'ana Batlu'Aykah 0-M03Adult (m)3,6709951
20jSkKi'ana Batlu'Aykah 0-M04Adult (m)3,8151,3045
klDMeKi'ana Batlu'Aykah 0-M05Adult (m)5,6311,2874
eAyK5Ki'ana Batlu'Aykah 0-M06Adult (m)5,8017091
eZl6HKi'ana Batlu'Aykah 0-M07Adult (m)4,1411,1353
0XdChKi'ana Batlu'Aykah 0-M08Adult (m)4,9621,0131
Vt6oMKi'ana Batlu'Aykah 0-M09Adult (m)4,8878322
3qIjnKi'ana Batlu'Aykah 1-F01Adult (f)5,6668243
hWIiWKi'ana Batlu'Aykah 1-F02Adult (f)6,2247971
5HIHVKi'ana Batlu'Aykah 1-F03Adult (f)6,7178213
5DQexKi'ana Batlu'Aykah 1-F05Adult (f)5,8937403
FoIisKi'ana Batlu'Aykah 1-F06Adult (f)5,9638273
WhpBiKi'ana Batlu'Aykah 1-F07Adult (f)6,8877133
U4cttKi'ana Batlu'Aykah 1-M01Adult (m)5,9278173
MYd4GKi'ana Batlu'Aykah 1-M02Adult (m)5,7928191
BOwYEKi'ana Batlu'Aykah 1-M03Adult (m)5,4579612
gkbAVKi'ana Batlu'Aykah 1-M04Adult (m)6,4588102
5u5NhKi'ana Batlu'Aykah 2-M01Adult (m)5,8597383
OPYpKi'ana Letu 0-F01Adult (f)1,5043783
UWExKi'ana Letu 0-F02Adult (f)1,5473922
buou0Ki'ana Letu 0-F03Adult (f)5,9551,0497
bVoz6Ki'ana Letu 0-F04Adult (f)6,4637564
YuesKi'ana Letu 0-M01Adult (m)1,6993704
rkI3Ki'ana Letu 0-M02Adult (m)1,6573672
pLVTmKi'ana Letu 0-M03Adult (m)7,4211,4326
PXavTKi'ana Letu 0-M04Adult (m)7,6131,4996
f3OSqKi'ana Letu 1-F01Adult (f)8,0187683
YQ413Ki'ana Letu 1-F02Adult (f)7,6267753
Eaa6sKi'ana Letu 1-M01Adult (m)7,5677772
UzGptKi'ana Letu 1-M02Adult (m)7,8997804
8XEQBKi'ana Letu 1-F03Adult (f)6,5671,4227
wIWdFKi'ana Letu 2-F01Adult (f)4,2291,1412
fxvPtKi'ana Letu 2-M01Adult (m)4,0601,1222
W2FpRKi'ana Letu 2-M02Adult (m)2,2911,2012
pfX3rKi'ana Letu 3-M01Adult (m)5,0548633
P7IaKi'ana Letu H-F01Hatchling (f, F)2,3455635
d0EcKi'ana Letu H-M01Hatchling (m, F)1,5193533
M2AgbKi'ana Zaym 0-F01Adult (f)4,7027161
ZaypmKi'ana Zaym 0-F02Adult (f)4,7207181
GsxeKKi'ana Zaym 0-F03Adult (f)5,2777401
hntSOKi'ana Zaym 0-F04Adult (f)5,1436801
7JND4Ki'ana Zaym 0-M01Adult (m)4,5847151
hW0TeKi'ana Zaym 0-M02Adult (m)4,7257151
FQ14dKi'ana Zaym 0-M03Adult (m)5,5077451
AHXvpKi'ana Zaym 0-M04Adult (m)5,2096791
icJ0CKi'ana Zaym 1-F01Adult (f)5,1326651
YGx6GKi'ana Zaym 1-F02Adult (f)7,1737384
pd4Y6Ki'ana Zaym 1-M01Adult (m)5,0656701
hCNhQKi'ana Zaym 1-M02Adult (m)4,6256692
haQsXKi'ana Zaym 2-F01Adult (f)6,1936701
WEc7EKi'ana Zaym 2-M01Adult (m)7,0096873
oyVZhKi'ana Zaym 3-F01Adult (f)6,5275823
XxGaKi'ana Zumru 0-F01Adult (f)1,07455011
enDLKi'ana Zumru 0-F02Adult (f)1,5901,1574
6mX9Ki'ana Zumru 0-F03Adult (f)1,5601,0587
8n92hKi'ana Zumru 0-F04Adult (f)5,4629285
S09aKi'ana Zumru 0-M01Adult (m)3,2081,74425
D4ScLKi'ana Zumru 0-M02Adult (m)4,6721,2864
YGm4DKi'ana Zumru 0-M03Adult (m)5,5011,5845
Vh7ihKi'ana Zumru 0-M04Adult (m)6,0767925
Qgdk3Ki'ana Zumru 1-F01Adult (f)5,7567672
SUnzkKi'ana Zumru 1-F02Adult (f)5,1988694
IDrMXKi'ana Zumru 1-M01Adult (m)4,9791,0211
LLO6OKi'ana Zumru 1-M02Adult (m)6,0208292
FColaKi'ana Zumru 2-F01Adult (f)5,6345762
W0Z0PKi'ana Zumru 2-M01Adult (m)7,3075932
2ACpKi'ana Zumru H-F01Hatchling (f, F)3,5921,0049
G6d4Ki'ana Zumru H-M01Hatchling (m, F)3,2901,0774
7uNmKi'ana Salmu 0-F01Adult (f)3,4411,39121
XbWNWKi'ana Salmu 0-F02Adult (f)9,0781,88815
lyylJKi'ana Salmu 0-F03Adult (f)4,5859742
v5HCcKi'ana Salmu 0-F04Adult (f)6,0521,3702
LV7erKi'ana Salmu 0-F05Adult (f)5,2948802
T585yKi'ana Salmu 0-F06Adult (f)4,8827973
SiTG8Ki'ana Salmu 0-F07Adult (f)6,9636743
ULP5jKi'ana Salmu 0-F08Adult (f)5,2006572
ym9mKi'ana Salmu 0-M01Adult (m)3,5421,35525
0D7fSKi'ana Salmu 0-M02Adult (m)9,1821,62915
X5RALKi'ana Salmu 0-M03Adult (m)3,9148917
VBqaFKi'ana Salmu 0-M04Adult (m)4,1078487
b7PHQKi'ana Salmu 0-M05Adult (m)4,2079801
dQQoyKi'ana Salmu 0-M06Adult (m)5,4269914
rGlBZKi'ana Salmu 0-M07Adult (m)6,0566931
Z8U7aKi'ana Salmu 0-M08Adult (m)5,7086911
XXrN5Ki'ana Salmu the Unwanted 1-F01Adult (f)4,05253223
g0qrhKi'ana Salmu 1-F02Adult (f)4,1021,1247
F3a1SKi'ana Salmu the Unwanted 1-F03Adult (f)4,7611,1455
v9pF4Ki'ana Salmu the Unwanted 1-F04Adult (f)3,8111,0755
9UCRTKi'ana Salmu the Unwanted 1-F05Adult (f)3,8541,1736
rY7QrKi'ana Salmu 1-F06Adult (f)4,5148613
vubvGKi'ana Salmu 1-F07Adult (f)4,6418691
zHKMtKi'ana Salmu 1-F08Adult (f)7,2117283
kkxb5Ki'ana Salmu 1-F09Adult (f)5,5635763
Xpx7Ki'ana Salmu 1-M01Adult (m)4,0281,91320
V1vuSKi'ana Salmu the Unwanted 1-M02Adult (m)6,7661,2066
EdcA7Ki'ana Salmu the Unwanted 1-M03Adult (m)5,6191,2844
wcmr9Ki'ana Salmu the Unwanted 1-M04Adult (m)6,3111,4503
w7hY2Ki'ana Salmu 1-M05Adult (m)5,7329114
9URpbKi'ana Salmu the Unwanted 1-M06Adult (m)9,9531,69710
OjlNMKi'ana Salmu the Unwanted 1-M07Adult (m)6,5471,1547
2glm7Ki'ana Salmu the Unwanted 1-M08Adult (m)6,1347481
wAXyAKi'ana Salmu the Unwanted 1-M09Adult (m)5,5641,2453
VKlRLKi'ana Salmu 1-M10Adult (m)6,8015821
gEs8SKi'ana Salmu 1-M11Adult (m)7,2327243
PaRXZKi'ana Salmu 1-M12Adult (m)7,4047323
6t6dGKi'ana Salmu'Metal 2-F01Adult (f)4,0741,0102
LCxjmKi'ana Salmu 2-F02Adult (f)4,7999494
0iQxZKi'ana Salmu 2-F03Adult (f)5,7271,1967
PcEtLKi'ana Salmu 2-F04Adult (f)4,9811,2112
qWBSQKi'ana Salmu 2-M01Adult (m)5,7361,2246
eBiGvKi'ana Salmu 2-M02Adult (m)5,1461,1264
JBUwFKi'ana Salmu'Silver 2-M03Adult (m)6,3866802
C3VKwKi'ana Salmu 3-F01Adult (f)3,7991,0702
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