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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Leilani,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
jxGMD(jxGMD)Dead Egg643
k5RlE(k5RlE)Dead Egg111
ly0TtTykyrAdult (m)5,4068364
n4tkwAmoral CBAdult (f)6,2648388
qPf4k(qPf4k)Adult (f)9,4401,4404
3FqqjPale PoppyAdult (f)6,4931,2926
H8AcOLet's Do The Time Warp Again 2GAdult (f)9,0091,3115
CSfZU(CSfZU)Adult (f)8,5271,2863
y2yl0(y2yl0)Adult (f)6,1981,2641
Futtz(Futtz)Adult (f)7,8591,0234
n132S(n132S)Adult (f)3,7078024
FViaM(FViaM)Adult (f)3,8028121
m6DKx(m6DKx)Adult (m)3,9057911
o5yEV(o5yEV)Adult (f)3,6488025
QVPKL(QVPKL)Adult (f)8,7121,3823
MSNpIvisniAdult (f)2,57685724
1iIPoKalos CBAdult (m)6,9011,2975
tETas(tETas)Adult (m)4,4979623
Lbgnt(Lbgnt)Adult (f)7,3011,1648
Q479LDragon Dragon Literature ClubHatchling (F)2,6914486
yn8q0(yn8q0)Adult (f)6,1281,1612
4DmrP(4DmrP)Adult (m)6,2471,1443
hTLLaRaeverth CBAdult (m)5,9708514
ahh3aMatua CBAdult (f)3,9938243
TsPj6(TsPj6)Adult (f)5,2201,0601
lC8wA(lC8wA)Adult (m)3,3157943
nAB6K(nAB6K)Adult (f)5,8091,2507
2FapO(2FapO)Adult (m)6,1241,1451
nMkpg(nMkpg)Adult (f)2,5346136
BekWz(BekWz)Adult (f)9,8031,6073
8ics4(8ics4)Adult (f)9,5931,5483
Bg8wXLymmithAdult (m)3,5055092
qYnfeMairin CBAdult (f)7,0731,1634
LMUQj(LMUQj)Adult (f)3,7543134
di9gADigerra CBAdult (f)13,2621,4265
qUNhmJennath CBAdult (m)3,8936251
BxMQX(BxMQX)Adult (m)7,2651,2366
K3m81(K3m81)Adult (f)7,3031,2371
UCrkG(UCrkG)Adult (f)7,1661,1691
hfnM5(hfnM5)Adult (m)7,3901,1722
50Lgl(50Lgl)Adult (f)5,3776342
5VgOH(5VgOH)Adult (f)3,8806901
rYvHG(rYvHG)Adult (f)8,6951,2912
lWD6Y(lWD6Y)Adult (f)8,4651,2682
LckPk(LckPk)Adult (f)2,0966332
OL1Ac(OL1Ac)Adult (m)5,4318263
fn7g2(fn7g2)Adult (f)8,5011,1863
XUZ9V(XUZ9V)Adult (f)8,2311,1743
M8IB4(M8IB4)Adult (f)8,6301,1663
Tj2j1(Tj2j1)Adult (m)8,2541,1175
fcv7I(fcv7I)Adult (f)10,1101,1976
hdju8(hdju8)Adult (f)8,4331,3012
NBv26(NBv26)Adult (f)3,2788173
YxqCE(YxqCE)Adult (f)3,7768571
UU5tH(UU5tH)Adult (m)3,8961,0061
I2HFx(I2HFx)Adult (f)3,6288670
bXDkT(bXDkT)Adult (f)3,6578741
IlKoS(IlKoS)Adult (f)3,6088692
Lv9pA(Lv9pA)Adult (m)3,2608231
TKkyn(TKkyn)Adult (f)6,7771,5794
zHQzU(zHQzU)Adult (f)4,6121,0986
h9CYz(h9CYz)Adult (m)4,6281,0719
Ok8YOlaceAdult (f)1,8141,04923
wRjiNChirmryne CBAdult (m)6,8391,0653
EWW2pSamma CBAdult (f)6,2871,1371
Yx1gQ(Yx1gQ)Adult (m)5,1161,0518
WGi2f(WGi2f)Adult (m)3,2247386
ACHnD(ACHnD)Adult (f)9,2161,3622
sSST3(sSST3)Adult (m)9,1191,3551
HioqJ(HioqJ)Adult (f)9,0001,3355
JjdRT(JjdRT)Adult (f)9,5151,3632
vhD6d(vhD6d)Adult (m)9,2841,3552
wNKie(wNKie)Adult (f)9,1391,4022
vb8j5(vb8j5)Adult (f)9,2201,3664
WFk37(WFk37)Adult (f)5,7571,0174
3sLse(3sLse)Adult (f)6,4451,1083
Tuoze(Tuoze)Adult (m)2,5446593
03qWI(03qWI)Adult (m)4,3448873
8s22NMAGIC the White Dragon CBAdult (f)3,9817991
wruuDHumid HibiscusAdult (f)9,9361,6786
TV1Cv(TV1Cv)Adult (f)4,8683522
hN3Er(hN3Er)Adult (f)8,5231,27810
gGYNIHeart of the Jungle 2GAdult (f)3,0875675
x9p68(x9p68)Adult (f)5,1529642
12CJO(12CJO)Adult (m)5,3569655
wjozA(wjozA)Adult (f)5,1509462
tIO0C(tIO0C)Adult (m)4,5117514
fuUXx(fuUXx)Adult (f)8,8361,2935
MU8Zo(MU8Zo)Adult (f)8,6391,3814
dc4QQ(dc4QQ)Adult (m)8,5751,3355
qEyH8(qEyH8)Adult (f)6,9621,1581
gbxZD(gbxZD)Adult (m)7,8921,2362
bCGwV(bCGwV)Adult (m)8,3731,2350
xlYPYkid cobraAdult (m)7,2128331
A8PDk(A8PDk)Adult (f)2,5747042
estfYAmriossin CBAdult (f)4,9987347
VLvCn(VLvCn)Adult (f)5,3338632
GvX33(GvX33)Adult (f)2,9709184
yySZk(yySZk)Adult (m)4,2378343
Xy33n(Xy33n)Adult (m)3,8538123
Bm7Al(Bm7Al)Adult (f)7,2951,2112
N2RSK(N2RSK)Adult (f)4,2658932
s2wfk(s2wfk)Adult (m)6,9491,0568
ce0pT(ce0pT)Adult (f)7,2319911
Mye8S(Mye8S)Adult (f)7,6771,1264
INsBE(INsBE)Adult (m)8,3141,1175
yDCzC(yDCzC)Adult (f)10,3011,34010
FKWOVA Rose By Two NamesHatchling (m, F)4,9587705
3eLdP(3eLdP)Adult (f)8,9701,4192
hNyI1(hNyI1)Adult (m)6,9711,3014
03VQK(03VQK)Adult (m)6,2549293
EHDNl(EHDNl)Adult (f)10,7741,3725
376tBelula CBAdult (f)1,2725093
q2HpY(q2HpY)Adult (f)2,6858594
33WrH(33WrH)Adult (m)6,7251,2305
PlZGpHeewawoo CBAdult (m)12,1811,1652
4l9wQWoowahee CBAdult (f)12,4751,3516
vyA2zVyasz CBAdult (f)4,8379711
SpN22Tedyss CBAdult (m)8,9851,20310
uwbnSunicourAdult (f)2,46264959
XGO1SilkstraAdult (f)2,3724373
3ehJNerolAdult (m)8,8951,54114
IKaA5Ikaas CBAdult (m)7,7191,5117
TZ7V3Aralu AsheraAdult (f)8,6241,6596
7KKc1Vyshhe CBAdult (f)6,0829423
d9CKuBurnt Candy 2GAdult (f)5,6899002
FZEu9Maithi CBAdult (m)5,2428984
f5ocV(f5ocV)Adult (m)3,7166884
PX2xd(PX2xd)Adult (m)3,8557452
YOgm9SCP-YOgm9Adult (m)5,6428272
AglBbAglBb Angel BabyAdult (f)4,3699463
x9Lp4(x9Lp4)Adult (f)5,0759975
FqXa7(FqXa7)Adult (f)3,4555323
N0AoP(N0AoP)Adult (m)8,5351,2136
H3WY7(H3WY7)Adult (m)9,1881,2665
hft21(hft21)Adult (f)3,7281,0062
bEPrU(bEPrU)Adult (m)6,8341,1793
mxbLI(mxbLI)Adult (m)7,7231,2714
P6Zyn(P6Zyn)Adult (m)7,9721,3232
Cb7Ru(Cb7Ru)Adult (f)3,9087643
2HVf9(2HVf9)Adult (m)6,4881,1571
dAfjE(dAfjE)Adult (m)8,2961,2464
mXZ7b(mXZ7b)Adult (f)8,3541,2676
17Vr7(17Vr7)Adult (m)8,2351,2773
OAl56(OAl56)Adult (f)7,2401,1372
3CEds(3CEds)Adult (f)7,5251,1273
meBa5(meBa5)Adult (m)9,4831,20810
X7ILY(X7ILY)Adult (m)9,7691,2962
blxxf(blxxf)Adult (f)9,8011,2522
oPhf8(oPhf8)Adult (f)9,8171,2530
a5nhQ(a5nhQ)Adult (f)9,7911,2553
Qy4Qe(Qy4Qe)Adult (m)9,9061,2883
mKRDM(mKRDM)Adult (f)9,0641,2772
Ei64x(Ei64x)Adult (f)10,7171,4407
tiyvr(tiyvr)Adult (f)11,1731,4643
sCSKc(sCSKc)Adult (m)3,9957153
1AtiIn the Not Too Distant FutureHatchling (F)8272413
Y2WRNext Sunday ADHatchling (F)5631692
710OThere Was A Guy Named JoelHatchling (m, F)3,54856210
c6QSNot Too Different From You Or MeHatchling (m, F)1,8916438
2FCoHe Worked At Gizmonic InstituteHatchling (m, F)1,9513613
fL7ZJust Another Face InHatchling (f, F)1,1973364
nQJFA Red JumpsuitHatchling (F)6092324
7HkEHe Did A Good JobHatchling (f, F)1,0815704
GZ0PCleaning Up The PlaceHatchling (F)39128521
AqTdBut His Bosses Didn't Like HimHatchling (F)7142393
PGR5So They Shot Him Into SpaceHatchling (F)7332497
mR4jWe'll Send Him Cheesy MoviesHatchling (F)1,98320515
GKt4The Worst We Can FindHatchling (f, F)2,38480812
dpZKHe'll Have to SitHatchling (F)8353395
uFTjAnd Watch Them AllHatchling (F)54230310
A6AdAnd We'll Monitor His MindHatchling (m, F)4,75435117
C9gcNow Keep In MindHatchling (f, F)7323916
Gb53Joel Can't ControlHatchling (F)1,3773807
I5e3Where the Movies Begin or EndHatchling (F)1,4383787
832EBecause He UsedHatchling (F)1,3823736
LRssThose Special PartsHatchling (F)6343949
Ta9iTo Make His Robot FriendsHatchling (F)2,01816713
y6FbvROBOT  ROLL  CALLHatchling (F)1,5953122
GAOS5o Cambot oHatchling (F)2,2884463
BBllno G---y oHatchling (F)2,0704886
WPJZno Tom Servo oHatchling (F)1,6583235
YLZ9lo Croooow oHatchling (f, F)7,7291,0863
NuoHuIf You're Wondering HowHatchling (f, F)5,1209125
VBkD5He Eats And BreathesHatchling (F)2,3945432
OxLJlAnd Other Science FactsHatchling (F)1,9775743
b30wdThen Repeat To YourselfHatchling (F)1,9195062
6hfAIIt's Just A ShowHatchling (F)1,4823932
Rb9iPI Should Really Just RelaxHatchling (F)2,3183264
112yvFor Mystery Science Theater 3000Hatchling (F)3,3672541
32HQLady MnemosyneAdult (f)2,8581,00328
hUVILady IambeAdult (f)3,00565619
j3AWLord TyrAdult (m)2,10366813
3AlFLord HeimdallAdult (m)1,6097125
KjmHLady AthenaAdult (f)1,2997026
NyHEQ(NyHEQ)Adult (f)6,9321,2155
tcDgB(tcDgB)Hatchling (f, F)3,8228037
7Ka9N(7Ka9N)Hatchling (F)1,7072273
y4Nsh(y4Nsh)Hatchling (f, F)4,4539515
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