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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Leafshine,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
LjYCfLeliana - Welcome to the nurseryAdult (f)2,6396271
THVtU(THVtU)Adult (f)1,8267361
Bapgh(Bapgh)Adult (f)1,8807130
rcpQg(rcpQg)Adult (m)1,8887110
DKsZt(DKsZt)Adult (f)1,8427270
nfgrU(nfgrU)Adult (m)1,8807250
c6s7D(c6s7D)Adult (m)2,2356660
XrjrM(XrjrM)Adult (f)2,3066550
XV4gn(XV4gn)Adult (m)2,1626570
vsuzp(vsuzp)Adult (m)2,1786590
khYAo(khYAo)Adult (f)2,1876361
eB1Gu(eB1Gu)Adult (f)2,0746280
CfWDI(CfWDI)Adult (f)2,3406771
Jb3bB(Jb3bB)Adult (m)2,3766711
hmxbn(hmxbn)Adult (m)2,2146560
Fl0bn(Fl0bn)Adult (f)2,1986560
5KABe(5KABe)Adult (f)2,2286431
48sqh(48sqh)Adult (f)2,2906680
0dtyd(0dtyd)Adult (m)2,3717882
VjvxI(VjvxI)Adult (f)2,4697951
C3wOl(C3wOl)Adult (f)2,3657641
v4DTd(v4DTd)Adult (f)2,3868031
yitFo(yitFo)Adult (m)2,3177861
tee6q(tee6q)Adult (f)2,3517971
iotehIotaaAdult (f)2,4528021
xOXgLDeku - Welcome to the GroveEgg (F)
8KF3s(8KF3s)Adult (m)2,4887520
DoyXn(DoyXn)Adult (f)2,4957540
42bF8(42bF8)Adult (f)2,4877781
457ekA Beautiful StoryAdult (m)2,9256754
Ovk0DYakul's SpiritAdult (f)2,8297051
ZKZFQ(ZKZFQ)Adult (f)2,9626960
bMewySimgularityAdult (f)2,3077590
atOeWTell you somethingAdult (m)1,8577972
bcDjjI Still WonderAdult (f)3,0478101
gnNxcHoping for that Moment AgainAdult (m)2,1007500
KybPfwat u lookin' atAdult (f)3,2807132
HiHaEmlem masterAdult (f)3,0197050
PXq9wCoil    -pcAdult (f)2,3546830
BODC7Mold a Pretty Lie for YouAdult (f)2,6877104
pGPuiThe Rogue with FaithAdult (m)2,2866201
jp7g2A Bard in LoveAdult (f)2,7347092
izX3lA Bard With LoveAdult (f)2,3197031
8gOrWAshes of AndrasteAdult (m)2,7567072
zN9ZkPride    -pcAdult (f)2,4207031
wuNd4(wuNd4)Adult (f)1,9738030
mjwTN(mjwTN)Adult (m)1,5508150
4qpoJ(4qpoJ)Adult (f)1,7908040
HgEbLLovegood GlacewingAdult (m)2,8287011
cwdab(cwdab)Adult (m)1,8857610
uGMUKBagrak and YatulAdult (f)2,2736781
LNNCRMaferath and HavardAdult (m)2,2566831
WV0aBAunt Marge''s Big MistakeAdult (f)3,7157051
kWlV2Gurton BusterAdult (m)2,4827051
awqOk(awqOk)Adult (m)2,4437114
vU2VY(vU2VY)Adult (m)2,4977042
NN1btHEY YOU'RE REALLY PRETTYAdult (m)2,3245581
zwS1z(zwS1z)Adult (f)2,0687052
Gvwev(Gvwev)Adult (m)2,1058014
1f3d1Gulabi ChaiAdult (m)2,6586212
o2GLEHwasa's Jjajang RamyeonAdult (f)2,0947043
DqdpiSizzle PieAdult (m)2,1697152
qDbo5(qDbo5)Adult (f)2,3417041
OybTO(OybTO)Adult (f)2,4436031
HQL2wa rather large Mantis ShrimpAdult (f)2,6257041
GcWcg(GcWcg)Adult (f)1,9037670
Irg4F(Irg4F)Adult (f)1,5478122
RbMvp(RbMvp)Adult (m)1,8027882
xcz6f(xcz6f)Adult (m)2,5897650
EeyYfAzazel's PlightAdult (f)4,4448042
7xHdPA Grim OmenAdult (m)2,4098062
vuftO(vuftO)Adult (f)1,4418051
OMZT1Godric    -pcAdult (f)2,9877041
TKMl5Leaf    -pcAdult (f)3,1516284
A1oRt(A1oRt)Adult (f)2,6567094
ElMzpouch i got a crampAdult (m)2,6018081
UYotpboo i spooked youAdult (m)1,8598040
DSzX4yeets awayAdult (f)1,6048040
0c9B9A Walk Through the FadeAdult (f)2,9826264
CtjYvBack to Blue SideAdult (m)2,6237042
NeNL2For Just One DayAdult (m)2,3497020
Bgz30Discount PoseidonAdult (f)2,3627051
lDkrd(lDkrd)Adult (f)2,1037061
kPBFNA Hidden BootAdult (m)1,9067370
Iio3q(Iio3q)Adult (m)2,4157162
Gtf4DJust an overgrown PothosAdult (m)2,9827033
mxdEyCaution - Devil's IvyAdult (f)2,9987050
FI0ZrPath Filled with FlowersAdult (f)3,0147060
eNEJO(eNEJO)Adult (f)2,4467042
u4aA2(u4aA2)Adult (f)2,1957051
5pR2KWe're Young ForeverAdult (m)2,7187051
3QuiWWishing on a ScarAdult (m)2,2317011
Ptqu0Inside a Blue DreamAdult (m)3,9237159
C2rdV(C2rdV)Adult (f)1,4778101
SzS5E(SzS5E)Adult (m)1,3808021
CkPm1broo do you even liftAdult (f)2,7477021
Xyp7sKing SarengoAdult (m)5,2305402
CjQlc(CjQlc)Adult (f)3,4067860
FKgae(FKgae)Adult (f)2,7597661
glviC(glviC)Adult (f)1,9567992
EEIWC(EEIWC)Adult (m)3,0037031
O76Xg(O76Xg)Adult (m)2,1287121
s5K7WDiscount ZeusAdult (m)3,5898397
1Vzyh(1Vzyh)Adult (m)2,6335543
sbo9yInferno    -pcAdult (f)3,3647062
Q5ChU(Q5ChU)Adult (f)2,2847030
HcFwAEdgy McEdgelord    -pcAdult (m)2,8507042
3RULiThe Ruins    -pcAdult (m)2,3726121
jNjAdNidhogg    -pcAdult (m)2,3247121
ZBsda(ZBsda)Adult (m)2,5197650
k91e7Waterfall of WishingAdult (f)3,6767551
vqTXU(vqTXU)Adult (m)2,7659251
3iXlfHelgen in FlamesAdult (m)3,5797921
LnE1TSecond BlightAdult (f)2,7097601
LY1GYKuigiAdult (f)3,8077725
QeP6p(QeP6p)Adult (f)2,5087021
lIX0R(lIX0R)Adult (f)5,4939316
lpbnm(lpbnm)Adult (m)2,4897073
FFz6f(FFz6f)Adult (f)2,1377070
oOdO2frigid boyAdult (m)2,8196424
PYuV4Shianni's HonorAdult (f)2,7786592
tmQXSAerinite    -pcAdult (f)2,3186501
BVrCAenemies of the heir beware   -pcAdult (m)3,6197162
zup5FVanity   -pcAdult (f)3,5177042
7P0GbEnvy    -pcAdult (f)2,7707021
TJJ9V(TJJ9V)Adult (m)2,3487211
uQCIfSnitch    -pcAdult (m)3,2577021
WYfHU(WYfHU)Adult (m)1,6258100
hnuED(hnuED)Adult (m)1,4598050
rIUgSi identify as a cheetahAdult (f)2,6477011
t4bnkHaswellAdult (m)2,5167073
fFyqd(fFyqd)Adult (f)7,1738883
r7RGM(r7RGM)Adult (f)5,6968424
un5LdThe Disciple    -pcaAdult (f)3,2697033
a0U02(a0U02)Adult (f)6,1168639
39XLF(39XLF)Adult (m)2,3167060
s2IbT(s2IbT)Adult (m)2,2358041
A63tnrude dudeAdult (m)2,8657081
E8nyf(E8nyf)Adult (m)2,6367126
iYtSXhighly agitated horsegorlAdult (f)2,0397033
o3hwCRoses of NeptuneAdult (f)2,0387010
zmZEWShishigami    -pcAdult (m)3,1207032
4CNxHNectarine    -pcAdult (f)2,5567042
QqmCUThe Origin StoryAdult (m)2,7726671
3Q2szslightly agitated horseboyeAdult (m)2,8026485
ObZ9Rless agitated horseAdult (f)2,5647061
ZLocANoot noot my fellasAdult (m)2,4287051
KgptGYusaris    -pcAdult (m)2,9017056
u2XSOG O O D B O Y EAdult (m)2,7207031
orSyZAodh    -pcAdult (m)3,2236142
3uqFr(3uqFr)Adult (m)2,1817060
HyleeHylee concernedAdult (f)2,2347520
d5BUJLuna    -pcAdult (m)2,9457071
0QhXiWorld of HopeAdult (f)2,4327112
Gb0dhNagini's FaithAdult (m)1,7597062
jkHCUThe Ruby Sword of GryffindorAdult (m)1,7427171
fPgBDAttack at Godric's HollowAdult (f)1,9807032
BzdArBustling AlleyAdult (f)3,2128111
Vfc1z(Vfc1z)Adult (m)2,1577510
isEexLord BumWings the BraveAdult (f)4,5738040
RwkF2Lord BumWings the OddAdult (m)3,9078311
MLcDRLord Bumwings the WickedAdult (m)3,8297391
78CEbGolden Snidget    -pcAdult (f)3,0396213
7HulDFanged DoxyAdult (m)3,4787043
giLdwYuzu    -pcAdult (m)2,9987032
4SCcHAndruil    -pcAdult (m)2,7127015
gNQOCLove is a ComplexAdult (f)2,5477011
I1h9WMagic ShopAdult (m)2,2847054
dwO7lThe Truth UntoldAdult (f)2,4447053
uvCtLSick of this Fake LoveAdult (f)2,4237022
LUTt0Dal' ThanuAdult (m)2,1787021
SipLeA Sip of Lemon TeaAdult (m)1,8567092
tMVJtA Pear in a PortraitAdult (f)2,1077041
Q3GRE(Q3GRE)Adult (m)2,1277090
3Zsoe(3Zsoe)Adult (f)2,2277050
jlNDw(jlNDw)Adult (f)3,0448031
6mWphPookie    -pcAdult (m)3,7557011
ni0hRNioh    -pcAdult (m)2,5927071
1aYyjBeauty    -pcAdult (m)2,9367021
x8HoIMooonchildAdult (f)2,7947041
und7k(und7k)Adult (f)3,0807091
gYDBeCastle in the Sky    -pcAdult (f)2,7516272
AY6QDSpace KangaroosAdult (m)2,5617052
ESG17Tardis    -pcAdult (f)2,7706573
l9mV8StarwhalesAdult (m)2,9237032
iwLncAndromeda    -pcAdult (m)2,6367061
0nADoI do believe your galaxyAdult (m)2,4087031
cdaw5Your stars in the Milky WayAdult (f)1,8087940
Z87gM(Z87gM)Adult (f)1,7698050
FfUAc(FfUAc)Adult (m)3,1138061
nDDfxDiscord    -pcAdult (m)2,1456771
GUMnYThe Veil    -pcAdult (f)3,9498222
0BSYBPond of HappinessAdult (f)2,0237081
dAIPW(dAIPW)Adult (m)2,4797072
GDj0G(GDj0G)Adult (f)2,1197021
hjUt9Weeping Angel    -pcAdult (m)2,6835942
vWTCd(vWTCd)Adult (m)2,5607072
dpfABEntropy    -pcAdult (m)2,9106086
09xtQFluttering Paper HeartsAdult3,1045326
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