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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Lavaedra,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
UFuJStella LightAdult (f)3,6006062
ctPrQuasistar Streak ThuwedAdult (m)4,0746342
EfBcsPayphonesAdult (f)4,8243924
6nUW7Could Not Think Of A NameAdult (m)3,8423757
4QOaYNot Named At AllAdult (f)6,02581711
4p7BO(4p7BO)Adult (f)5,9776730
Z22ITeribinthAdult (m)3,6534982
18siqHallo TharAdult (f)5,2113873
Qc79OAm I NamedAdult (f)11,43493710
q1EEEima rebelHatchling (F)1,9391972
CrVbYim dah second rebelHatchling (F)1,7472072
BHgOEthird one 4 dah weenHatchling (F)2,0552122
44e53hurr idk wuz mah nameHatchling (F)2,6712951
0BpvNhi darHatchling (F)1,8631508
6qdrPopeccaAdult (f)3,0656181
Djr6iim so fat i floatHatchling (F)2,4082331
X9uWcpft no im fatterHatchling (F)2,6992151
0T9VHursamesAdult (m)3,8795175
gQoaVonahAdult (m)3,2005125
CIX1SuerterosaAdult (f)5,3785983
ZCC9lProvidenciaAdult (f)3,2704542
RAVGjRavage teh MehAdult (m)3,2144383
YBXlJSecrascenAdult (m)4,6164233
34sY0ReliasAdult (f)3,1514424
VNam6VinoirAdult (m)4,95865510
aHYTTAhytt 4thAdult (m)4,5881,2981
OYXTcOxymoron HAHAAdult (f)3,8081,2496
lvERuIvairuAdult (m)3,9744376
tkm24District of ColumbiaAdult (f)9,1581,1556
7lgQeHEY      haiAdult (m)4,8537164
hW0LOI Ran Out Of Names To UseAdult (f)4,0815302
lUTBrSarixAdult (f)4,2313373
iAjHZAJAdult (m)4,7384674
YWR1HI'm fallliiiinnnnggggAdult (f)4,5004003
QF4BIRawrrrrrrrrrrrAdult (m)4,5013993
sOIv5Solve D'HennegelAdult (f)5,4724304
vvinfVinityAdult (f)5,6725765
MAgF1MagifiAdult (f)5,8741,2182
OeMNeI CANT anymoreAdult (m)5,0263642
DN6MqThe PokemonAdult (f)4,1433962
H6245OpulusiveAdult (m)4,2154123
fPFPYFlipflipyAdult (f)2,0508216
TH2IZWraith of A Thousand SunsAdult (m)2,4664980
793NvPoint Blank No DiscussionAdult (f)3,2523642
eRgZRThe BBWs Outnumber UsAdult (m)3,8194491
EVAeEIdk what to name you manAdult (m)5,2573851
rAabXI've Got RabiesAdult (f)4,49591514
ZJFZNHoink hoinkAdult (f)4,0318235
s3ikAStay AwesomeAdult (f)3,80256311
1fypoPeriodic Table of ElementsAdult (m)2,68728511
I8pU3I Wonder How Long Of A Name It GAdult (m)3,0487972
uWMdyOh Look I Found OutAdult (f)4,2676347
S1eJwExcuse Me I Have A QuestionAdult (m)4,1303791
GfnKKAlmost Done Naming TheseAdult (f)6,8931,3436
giju0Are You Sure You're AlrightAdult (f)7,2241,3484
JLX5rAlan Turing Had A QuestionAdult (m)6,1347234
3VltyMay I Ask This PleaseAdult (m)4,7749685
cyyUeCyyueAdult (f)4,9429701
dOwPhDowphyAdult (f)5,6658690
7smqUSeventy-eightAdult (f)7,6226223
iHax5iHax v5Adult (f)6,1459263
WEALWEAL teh MehHatchling (F)3,1132094
QKmdQuik DorkfaceHatchling (F)6342404
OufPFusilicaAdult (f)3,3775905
cfrZlFirenzyaAdult (f)5,7385173
EbmQUUqamAdult (f)4,7653684
6mkgRKimiriHatchling (f, F)5,42040910
RvLaTeravek DorkfaceAdult (m)4,4385543
DTsnELe TeaAdult (f)3,75993834
Usa92Nineteen-ninety-twoAdult (f)5,7248790
Dd99nDaimanAdult (m)5,5998242
DNtJVivasseAdult (m)4,8357684
o5GhVireliaAdult (f)4,7154411
syjFpSyjafAdult (f)6,0928532
vgCLPapua FairAdult (f)4,1076022
FBQ0TamanneAdult (f)4,4995951
nLeKNephreetiAdult (f)2,6655438
GDrePLuzorusAdult (f)4,7583762
PHkMdHolly Contestant 4Adult (f)3,7714272
62avKHolly Contestant 3Adult (f)4,8314642
m4Z7rHolly Contestant 2Adult (f)3,4105195
2O9qlHolly Contestant 1Adult (m)3,4765862
MVSgnMalachyt Leapyr 5Adult (f)4,9403733
ulfVLLeap Year 6Adult (f)3,7954692
f6Zt1Holly Contestant 7Adult (m)4,0614691
UD8cQHolly Contestant 8Adult (m)3,7934672
FNKQuHolly Contestant 10Adult (f)3,9694883
FNc3jHolly Contestant 9Adult (f)4,4954281
EtU7OHolly Contestant 16Adult (m)3,6995593
ZkJt6Holly Contestant 12Adult (m)3,9364833
qs29GHolly Contestant 11Adult (m)4,3244733
rWXMBHolly Contestant 13Adult (f)3,2594374
EJNiOHolly Contestant 14Adult (m)4,1734353
nQnvoHolly Contestant 17Adult (f)4,8514573
h6vlXHolly Contestant 15Adult (f)3,5744203
AiH0sHolly Contestant 19Adult (f)3,3244382
trmJfHolly Contestant 18Adult (m)4,5414191
nAGBvHolly Contestant 20Adult (f)4,2823681
fJMZGHolly Contestant 21Adult (m)4,5833721
7Z6kTHolly Contestant 22Adult (f)3,5233440
J2GJGHolly Contestant 23Adult (f)4,7134081
Sm9BlHolly Contestant 24Adult (f)4,0902991
DIfgdHolly Contestant 25Adult (f)3,8802901
5bTBgHolly Contestant 26Adult (m)3,7603644
RoPYKHolly Contestant 27Adult (m)4,1813890
eJegqHolly Contestant 28Adult (f)3,2123720
OVRTdHolly Contestant 29Adult (f)4,3493792
idG5aHolly Contestant 30Adult (m)4,4473821
XdAURHolly Contestant 32Adult (m)4,8703260
AAL2KHolly Contestant 31Adult (f)4,8463240
oKVKmHolly Contestant 33Adult (m)3,0635512
8rCIRHolly Contestant 34Adult (m)2,8015412
gIn4eHolly Contestant 35Adult (f)4,7873562
VPn0PHolly Contestant 36Adult (f)4,0106861
LdM4LHolly Contestant 37Adult (f)4,0146691
pApDcPapDC 38Adult (m)4,0406661
jTS4EHolly Contestant 39Adult (m)3,9806631
IPE7cHolly Contestant 40Adult (f)4,1336891
jk0a2Holly Contestant 41Adult (f)4,1946982
SHqeeSquee 42Adult (m)4,6864150
6Puv0Holly Contestant 43Adult (f)4,0364110
fgnM1Holly Contestant 44Adult (m)3,5614080
YJNHHHolly Contestant 45Adult (f)4,5393990
YDSInHolly Contestant 46Adult (f)5,5963740
PChqFPresent 47Adult (m)3,5563400
cJbaeJade 48Adult (f)3,1283871
Zp3SoHolly Contestant 49Adult (f)4,3124181
eDiHiHolly Contestant 50Adult (f)4,3234171
9Z6sXHolly Contestant 51Adult (f)4,1614242
qrLHbHolly Contestant 52Adult (f)4,6984130
fF8GBHolly Contestant 53Adult (f)3,6574380
s6ZQvHolly Contestant 54Adult (m)2,56367016
mc99LHolly Contestant 55Adult (f)4,2725031
6T99fHolly Contestant 56Adult (m)3,0334301
58sm1Holly Contestant 57Adult (m)4,2894481
A0I1KHolly Contestant 58Adult (m)4,1664511
dl7ZSHolly Contestant 59Adult (m)4,3454303
T8INOPrincess Hyacinth 60Adult (f)4,9113951
J1iZ0Holly Contestant 61Adult (m)4,0993700
XYJsvHolly Contestant 62Adult (f)4,1294200
iEjggHolly Contestant 63Adult (f)4,4343480
aXvdVHolly Contestant 64Adult (f)4,1684091
nXbeDHolly Contestant 65Adult (f)4,1143981
ZQMtrHolly Contestant 66Adult (m)3,6013911
2BiBCHolly Contestant 67Adult (f)3,4923750
qdNW7Holly Contestant 68Adult (m)5,4523640
Su6XNHolly Contestant 69Adult (f)5,8095813
EBTYuHolly Contestant 70Adult (f)4,1123682
XKpTmHolly Contestant 71Adult (f)5,0843392
a7jUSHolly Contestant 72Adult (f)3,7633602
cTjMnHolly Contestant 73Adult (m)4,3743832
hokTOMushroom Brand 74Adult (f)2,9953752
QD70KHolly Contestant 75Adult (m)3,2024413
S7BJvHolly Contestant 76Adult (f)3,9864762
QaIgqHolly Contestant 77Adult (m)4,5415553
JNQj9Holly Contestant 78Adult (f)4,7277553
OrQnEHolly Contestant 79Adult (f)3,9907623
BVcKXHolly Contestant 80Adult (f)5,0417793
ae6jOHolly Contestant 81Adult (f)4,3694410
0Ok9OHolly Contestant 82Adult (m)4,4124340
tCrHmHolly Contestant 83Adult (m)4,1183620
IWc8JHolly Contestant 84Adult (m)5,5163760
Q41ulHolly Contestant 85Adult (m)4,3773351
eOtDaHolly Contestant 86Adult (m)5,3703580
nXWSsHolly Contestant 87Adult (f)4,3083590
ScCQ3Holly Contestant 88Adult (m)3,4473490
qmn33Holly Contestant 89Adult (m)3,6683470
AZNG4Holly Contestant 90Adult (f)4,1803720
iPuf5Holly Contestant 91Adult (m)3,3066661
QOs4FHolly Contestant 92Adult (m)4,8903790
BpDZaHolly Contestant 93Adult (f)4,4894300
62P6NHolly Contestant 94Adult (f)4,5954461
XiYAnHolly Contestant 95Adult (m)4,9114250
AFmdFHolly Contestant 96Adult (m)4,9064260
GaeugHolly Contestant 97Adult (f)4,9104280
fp2WDHolly Contestant 98Adult (m)5,0653660
OOk5FHolly Contestant 99Adult (m)4,6823640
46ECAHolly Contestant 100Adult (m)5,0443471
SOsJ1Holly Contestant 101Adult (m)5,2583970
iuaamHolly Contestant 102Adult (f)5,0843890
uVp9gHolly Contestant 103Adult (f)5,1014020
8VONvHolly Contestant 104Adult (f)5,0754361
Psa9IHolly Contestant 105Adult (f)5,0784341
BEbGXHolly Contestant 106Adult (m)5,0824361
drEXMHolly Contestant 107Adult (f)5,1544840
Ha9nSHolly Contestant 108Adult (f)4,7124211
B1fIlHolly Contestant 109Adult (f)5,0484611
jdoQ0Holly Contestant 110Adult (m)5,7695211
eoYS5Holly Contestant 111Adult (m)4,1966374
XAti8Holly Contestant 112Adult (m)5,9635422
jLYNmHolly Contestant 113Adult (m)5,9595541
LM9cNHolly Contestant 114Adult (m)6,1215720
EHKNPHolly Contestant 115Adult (f)6,1616201
fg9qIHolly Contestant 116Adult (f)6,1936241
PKKVhHolly Contestant 117Adult (f)5,7145480
GHcQ1Holly Contestant 118Adult (f)5,7135540
G67UbHolly Contestant 119Adult (f)5,7165451
OvPZtHolly Contestant 120Adult (f)6,4256712
9EM43Holly Contestant 121Adult (m)5,2215371
qAJYWHolly Contestant 122Adult (f)5,8134801
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