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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2012 Valentine’s Day
  • 2011 Holiday Event
  • 2010 Tree Decorating
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Laurarockstar,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
tR0FdJack and JohnAdult (m)4,7151,0603
0gYfMSarah and SandyAdult (f)3,4181,0722
GF7paJane and JulieAdult (f)2,5848042
VWo6White  RoseAdult (f)2,6251,0184
iZCUWhite  RockAdult (m)2,1778997
E40q3White PetalAdult (f)2,0284054
A4HDFloating BubbleAdult (f)1,7219058
GvS8Floating FunnyAdult (f)1,4296832
Tv5qNight  WarriorAdult (m)4,2261,1497
YG0a0The Darkest Dorkface Of Them AllAdult (m)2,5022155
d1ZOKThe Starlit Night DorkfaceAdult (f)2,2307643
2ThIBluno WaterAdult (m)2,2589528
0aJkIce  WaterAdult (m)2,2058712
8jiKBright   TailAdult (m)8105286
YNYiBright  HeartAdult (f)1,5396372
ukqGBright   EyesAdult (m)1,2585900
QMj8d(QMj8d)Adult (f)7,4254960
pB2OL(pB2OL)Adult (m)7,5005000
tSrDRainbow    WingsAdult (m)2,2891,0143
ZXH1FRainbow  BloomAdult (f)1,2763761
HdNSKRainbow  DanceAdult (m)2,4996535
qMrrkMrrk The CheeseAdult3,6191,00110
3fl3Wave HeartAdult (f)1,5938342
ErJqWave WingsAdult (m)3,3817185
8CqkWave  DancerAdult (f)1,4105111
bLtDVine  FuryAdult (m)1,3067328
nqf4Vine   BeautyAdult (f)1,4796423
3L2OLove DreamAdult (f)2,2721,0247
8qBPSoaring  DreamAdult (m)2,1569803
Jjj4Sweet  DreamAdult (f)1,60169713
tBSiCrazy DreamAdult (m)1,8056282
gDf0ZDream   StarAdult (m)5,0507923
QoETSea LightAdult (m)2,0127545
XnN8Sea  SnakeAdult (m)2,29451113
29msViolet BreezeAdult (f)1,7159044
vH3nFire  BreezeAdult (m)2,1341,0394
5EiCNight   LightAdult (m)1,78880111
AXEQBright   LightAdult (f)1,5317014
d4JYjEmber LightAdult (f)1,9268151
sBRS9That Warm Leap Day FeelingAdult (m)2,8158715
nQP9SEmber  SunAdult (f)2,8014592
iQ0BVPink  ClawAdult (f)3,5991,1853
PFEKvPFINKAdult (f)2,6568211
A9sSOrange  n'  GreenAdult (m)1,9519166
8RSrT w i nn ieAdult (f)1,5938676
3GiOStunningfire and LaurarockstarAdult (f)1,1664570
QnXniI'm sexy and I know itAdult (m)4,2306952
8UYDGolden  LightAdult (m)1,1846945
KOOStMagic BubblesAdult (m)2,3169970
0C1naLil' BubblesAdult (m)2,8216514
CT8nGray RoseAdult (f)1,8188238
NfmZGray SunAdult (f)1,5297313
8sckFThe Sick DorkfaceAdult (f)3,7861,2258
J8YK6Grey Dorkface Of LightAdult (m)2,3022386
0ZMTGreen  GuyAdult (m)1,4907401
nH58Lady  GreenAdult (f)3,4057384
3O1aIGreen BloomAdult (f)4,1561,3008
OPdbDPlod PribianAdult (m)1,4225945
k87JMy ProtectorAdult (m)1,32959010
jQOdGuardian Of GoodAdult (m)1,5227396
7bkrGuardian  Of  TruthAdult (f)2,1248905
TKPBSLeap Day GuardianAdult (f)2,6878664
ukn83My Golden LovelyAdult (f)4,4391,4419
nHuZI Fly Like A PenguinAdult (f)2,1927493
4eIlHarvest  MoonAdult (f)2,1418542
hgGkAqua  FlameAdult (f)1,5547503
IZdrWater  FlameAdult (f)2,0428173
IsmJI Cool You OffAdult (f)1,5918232
MkdTI Toast YouAdult (m)2,2475009
6o1pMThe Leaping FlameAdult (m)2,3809571
5tPlJMagenta FlameAdult (f)2,5268320
r8DLPRed   FlameAdult (m)2,6789462
6sJvSugar HeartAdult (f)1,36157717
GTZTSweet  HeartAdult (f)1,4367363
LeesuLeesuAdult (m)5,1327632
4WI0SBeautiful Frozen FlowerAdult (f)2,8079891
KbnULife WaterAdult (m)2,3661,1075
KXOnWater    LilyAdult (f)1,7236902
pEjGtDream WaterAdult (f)2,6822587
nCndDragon MagicAdult (f)1,2536866
vLboOne  WishAdult (m)9995780
s4gJDream MagicAdult (f)1,7286855
eVLQRSweet  MagicAdult (f)2,1397352
hjBFMinty  Mint  MintAdult (f)2,3379413
FRr0Minty  FreshAdult (m)7594860
5mXooMintie CutieAdult (f)1,1123690
YthtRLovely MoonlightAdult (f)2,4418012
pXN7TBold MoonlightAdult (m)4,3061,2233
TkV8QAnother Moonlight DreamAdult (m)1,8315554
kRYnAqua StarsAdult (f)1,8757442
kiTRViolet  StarsAdult (m)1,4487921
95oQTri TangleAdult (m)6,8961,3107
J55pjTri TailAdult (f)1,2654920
v2F6Still SoundAdult (f)2,0799053
ClZEStill MoonAdult (f)1,7258762
t2ZdT w i n n i eAdult (m)1,7618115
F2NEEnergy SongAdult (f)2,8419004
MHhEiEnergy LightAdult (f)1,4133612
tCipdDoggie the FlamboyantAdult (m)4,4577631
dFJorTeddy  BearAdult (m)1,2795033
lca3OThe Leap Day PillowAdult (f)4,0468797
EvI7jLovely CushionsAdult (f)2,4468141
i78J8(i78J8)Adult (f)3,9404211
Q4oUPink   FuryAdult (m)2,5301,0205
6ZfZPink  HeartAdult (f)2,2209296
3rphPink WarriorAdult (m)1,2936260
eetvcI am a girl at heartAdult (m)3,0067274
CTfE1I  wish I was a girlAdult (m)3,0529633
TW0f8Superrrr Sexy PinkAdult (f)5,1087692
QHTt2PinkiepuuAdult (f)2,0117151
81ZbYRyuzaki LolitaAdult (m)1,9507150
ZXdunHoney TinselAdult (f)5,1181,21022
bsSGGBlue and PenkAdult (f)4,8191,6019
UmnP2Bronze and BlueAdult (m)4,5871,24019
5AM7T(5AM7T)Adult (f)4,2761,0143
lh9hStar VineAdult (f)4,3461,1887
dDvTPurple  VineAdult (f)2,0359048
oUgLFMystic  StarAdult (m)2,3297273
K2qAASexy  StarAdult (m)2,6559421
0tr4RStarlight  DancerAdult (f)2,2926262
FTm1Tiny  ClawAdult (m)2,3019614
ToScTiny  WingAdult (m)1,6308044
bW93YTiny  BlazeAdult (m)1,3344980
fj5VNTiny  FlameAdult (f)1,9756424
Rj0p9Teeny  Tiny  SparkAdult (m)3,2205854
FjM6rGothic KittenAdult (f)2,5557821
XOOSuMini MystAdult (f)1,7565182
6CK0HDark Myst Kitten PieAdult (m)2,3776914
6MmtWDark Myst Kitteh ClawAdult (m)2,5622745
sGoK3Tiny PrankAdult (f)2,2259531
a4E1PLil'  BlueAdult (f)2,8837173
JCq5mTiny  BlueAdult (m)1,9087352
INb6PThe Tiniest Blue I Ever KnewAdult (f)2,9938931
FZjSoTiny  FishAdult (m)1,3464830
05vIRed   HeatAdult (m)2,3079606
oho28(oho28)Adult (m)4,6055432
tOhj4Wing JumperAdult (m)1,1843687
qqCWdWing DanceAdult (m)1,9018091
YIQHHViolet Star's WingsAdult (f)2,8978771
HRNSFNight    SkyAdult (m)2,6363235
s7GtnNight  SwirlAdult (m)2,6858101
v3LFSpring  RoseAdult (f)1,1976607
obC3Spring SunsetsAdult (m)1,2936793
ePsrSpring  CherryAdult (f)2,3665256
IMjYSummer BudAdult (f)1,0564384
rhaYRays Of The Summer SunAdult (f)3,3747098
eoLnSweet FallAdult (f)1,6676862
BggYDBig Time FallAdult (m)3,6641,1672
mAfDWinter   MagicAdult (m)1,3776201
pGBtWinter Snow DayAdult (m)2,4017238
O3uNSky  SearcherAdult (m)2,1209446
dIp7Sky RoamerAdult (m)1,0815791
IJ3QSky   DancerAdult (m)1,5317337
RvH4Glass  RoseAdult (f)1,1834712
8VXUGlass ClawAdult (m)1,6623977
fLehBThe Leaping SandsAdult (m)2,7601,0134
3PpK4Glass RayAdult (m)3,9108012
nftgoGlassy Blue VinesAdult (f)3,2936334
6QKeStone  WingAdult (m)6,6691,26310
X8PAStone  ClawAdult (m)8235031
3CCOiAncient StoneAdult (m)2,7822406
KiVJStriped  StarAdult (m)2,3441,1218
Y7R6Striped WingAdult (m)1,84285310
umu9tStriped WonderAdult (m)1,7363849
RffTfThe Pretty Striped DandelionAdult (f)2,2288115
GV6JGBeautiful  BlueAdult (f)2,4527831
DTbgSunrise  FlowerAdult (f)1,74969511
jUeNSunset  FlowerAdult (f)2,1068933
qVvkSunset ClawAdult (m)1,2735881
vvufSunset  DreamAdult (f)2,29751311
QBmi4Sunset  LightAdult (f)3,7341,2410
GM41Sunset   SongAdult (f)1,8968377
30fIFlame   SongAdult (m)7474794
nS0LLove   SongAdult (m)1,7656512
7cgtDragon SongAdult (m)2,2209054
gMgPsCrazy SongAdult (f)3,3177925
71i2qSweet  SongAdult (m)3,2847896
AIE22Shiny SongAdult (m)1,9186485
bCOZMSun  TailAdult (f)1,2904870
olHJFCaptain  SparrowAdult (m)2,5548142
r6QEpLady  SparrowAdult (f)2,4137150
tAKX4Tropical  WingsAdult (m)1,5103833
BbmbTTropical  SmoothieAdult (m)2,3649710
jth2AForest StarAdult (f)3,6191,2004
UBlFForest  FlightAdult (m)1,0296775
QP66PForest GamesAdult (m)3,9731,1753
gk6V9Black n' Yellow Black n' YellowAdult (f)3,2718186
IrTZ0The Lovely Stentch Of TurpentineAdult (m)2,6268202
HaoBeStar of The Leaping SandsAdult (f)4,6978293
LXqM9Luv Luv Luv LuvAdult (f)3,1471,09415
SfcqBSweetest  ScentAdult (f)5,4471,0508
TidhLChocolate   and    RosesAdult (m)3,9401,3345
ESXQSilver  DeathAdult (m)2,1938947
jBKuScarlet  DeathAdult (f)1,7129054
qWMGDeath  BiteAdult (m)2,2228885
6jJklSweet  DeathAdult (f)2,2107561
MXNa2Death NipAdult (m)2,4177893
ZTv1Water  RyderAdult (m)1,3857717
8daEWater GoopAdult (m)1,5477861
NCFuPond  RunnerAdult (m)4,2701,1517
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