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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Lady_Sheeleya,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
g17nSky Water get allAdult (f)3,1936130
H0poLLee McAvoyAdult (m)3,8576984
W2QWEAir Shower get allAdult (m)4,1575291
mah78Blazing StoneAdult (f)4,0244371
FmNRFAir StoneAdult (m)4,9184232
xOuktDuel ElementalAdult (m)4,7204571
CJmrcCJ and RCAdult (m)7,6761,2121
CSs8OCiss and Eight'OAdult (m)3,7024664
SJTqvSiv and QuiveAdult (m)3,8034702
cFiFaC'fi and FaAdult (f)4,0404903
FXI2U(FXI2U)Adult (f)3,9214062
V6HvYVee and H'vyAdult (f)3,5554641
h3wzcTime WriterAdult (m)3,4734151
NtTu8Time SightAdult (m)3,7823522
7A2mA(7A2mA)Adult (f)4,0303871
lh9PP(lh9PP)Adult (m)2,8925221
JNI9S(JNI9S)Adult (m)3,4434754
8boOt(8boOt)Adult (m)4,1307325
XQ8sd(XQ8sd)Adult (f)3,9565072
urX1h(urX1h)Adult (f)3,7043541
GTqiI(GTqiI)Adult (m)3,1033842
7aduO(7aduO)Adult (m)4,6013932
NNOSWhite FlowerAdult (f)4,5554424
gWhfWhite LarchAdult (m)3,4893926
RNMA7White ReedAdult (f)3,9254580
2YifBCaptivating MelodyAdult (m)3,2034920
QEPLTWhite  TreeAdult (f)4,7367772
Uen5BWhite DandelionAdult (m)3,2634100
r4vjqWhite RafflesiaAdult (f)4,2694630
g4EEL(g4EEL)Adult (f)4,1673852
X7Wjo(X7Wjo)Adult (m)3,5543531
t3xka(t3xka)Adult (f)4,2174542
DsjOe(DsjOe)Adult (f)4,3334053
ZvYLIJade RainshowerAdult (f)3,6614321
6J0ZxGreen RainshowerAdult (m)3,6624511
7jEZLLime RainshowerAdult (f)3,8063811
09ZhEOlive RainshowerAdult (f)4,3764041
kGAe2Captain GaeAdult (m)3,8563690
shVts(shVts)Adult (f)3,0674482
AetAVMagic Dust Ray AetavAdult (m)3,2014820
PEXDvMagic Dust Ray PexdAdult (m)3,3294940
u3UbFMagic Dust Beam UbfAdult (f)3,0444520
2t9WTMagic Dust Ray W TAdult (m)3,7105170
4c5zNMagic Dust Beam Z'nAdult (f)3,0524670
LuHycMagic Dust Beam LuhycAdult (f)3,4984181
eytZyMagic Dust Beam EytzyAdult (f)4,1833870
AhhzCMagic Dust Beam AhhzAdult (f)3,5144631
HU9zxScattered Magic DustAdult (f)4,4713731
07njgLost Magic DustAdult (f)4,3643590
pUkjiSpread Magic DustAdult (m)3,7463371
0N2FHMagic Dust Beam OnfhAdult (f)6,3609441
wRaeV(wRaeV)Adult (f)3,9963841
5cnc2(5cnc2)Adult (f)4,1254052
mMkbY(mMkbY)Adult (f)3,7323861
tPYOx(tPYOx)Adult (f)4,0653781
aNn2X(aNn2X)Adult (m)4,5274113
jIQAL(jIQAL)Adult (m)3,0494132
C7vsm(C7vsm)Adult (m)3,7704261
DZ9JZ(DZ9JZ)Adult (f)4,3294072
OWprq(OWprq)Adult (m)2,6544745
i9x1iE1 Sky is OpenAdult (m)3,3834571
5Na8PE1 Sky is BlueAdult (m)3,0594490
RV1QFE1 Sky is brightAdult (f)3,6174810
uTcBS(uTcBS)Adult (f)3,5614821
fzrwv(fzrwv)Adult (m)3,4153952
vpYEr(vpYEr)Adult (f)2,8904174
Ud5H7(Ud5H7)Adult (f)3,7863821
pfE9h(pfE9h)Adult (f)4,2733952
D6TeZMoving Mirror LakeAdult (m)3,3754360
wfnsYMoving Mirror SkyAdult (m)3,8554840
IesVzLes and VizAdult (f)3,2124394
DYn2DDy 'n' 2DAdult (m)3,8805003
ZQvybZoe and YinAdult (f)3,5454273
A66c7(A66c7)Adult (m)3,5553891
9OfQRidesAdult (m)4,8873813
oJyRAMagnanimous and SplendorAdult (m)3,7894141
XJU1QMajestic and GloriaAdult (f)3,4854160
6B50Cloaked DorkfaceAdult (f)2,7103967
qgnnBlack YoAdult (m)2,5863849
hXrJEw1 Wrath of the 13thAdult (m)7,3849031
cQYvqDian D'Alsea MAdult (f)2,8164716
wOsFMw1 Rage of MarchAdult (f)3,6124880
AMiFVMarch for AMiAdult (f)2,2864650
CdiA4March for diAAdult (f)2,3055190
56b14Penk on the InsideAdult (m)3,4173862
urE7ZElandur D' Thesla MAdult (m)2,4995281
Cc5fOBlack Widow The DragonAdult (f)4,1433730
vbNjhI am De NightAdult (m)4,7748915
bdDuuBa DuuuuuuunAdult (f)2,1445922
HcNY9Black Widow the StrangerAdult (f)3,3174190
TZVNDSpider SpyAdult (m)2,9144780
p0uNqPound QAdult (m)3,4603762
SH9p7(SH9p7)Adult (f)6,2701,1322
iSl3zI am Pink g1 AAdult (m)2,4765050
iSPDJw1 Pink Spider bAdult (m)2,5044871
r17WbCute in PinkAdult (m)2,6025160
dg2w1Pink flower G1 AAdult (f)2,7425182
Ugn6uw1 Pink Heart bAdult (f)3,0335410
szJH7The Pink CloudAdult (f)2,6315351
QFzhfPink Hat w1 g2 A TempAdult (m)2,7904690
wdsU8Pink West G2 B TempAdult (f)2,7394871
6gCIsPink ClassAdult (f)3,5275113
pRC62The Pink HatAdult (m)4,6593131
WG4nkFake Valentines Day DragonAdult (f)8,2121,1872
7aN4sPink PondAdult (m)3,1156052
kMcEWw1 Black Cliff McCrewAdult (f)2,6855510
jyKiqw1 Black Cliff Mc CrewAdult (m)3,1755182
ZA5QtW1 Red Cliff Bi CrewAdult (m)2,9194641
aHQ5vConceal don't feel don't letAdult (m)3,9694660
pHde3(pHde3)Adult (m)3,0614531
aFMBC(aFMBC)Adult (f)5,1564052
6lLxG(6lLxG)Adult (f)3,6353822
vzsNY(vzsNY)Adult (f)4,2294181
sBGKjWinter FighterAdult (f)3,9405001
UdfmDWinter ChallengeAdult (m)3,8583531
BJHVbWinter RageAdult (m)3,3833810
87fYrWinter BombAdult (f)2,4794020
bIvy8Winter ViolenceAdult (m)2,9704252
W08gDWinter TaskAdult (m)3,5283870
qqgQiWinter StrengthAdult (m)5,8141,1695
FhTf4Fantastically AggressiveAdult (m)3,8245333
PNi9WI Got Silver in my BloodAdult (f)4,6466372
Mvc9CBloodscale Dragon 1Adult (f)3,6924680
hS7QV(hS7QV)Adult (f)3,8344363
R1UAxHigh Water IsseAdult (f)3,3654191
3FOPUHigh Water FupoAdult (m)3,6224500
pGsDfHigh Water IgsAdult (f)3,4244401
KjBHIHigh Water IkjihAdult (f)3,3634341
Bav3rHigh Water BaverAdult (m)3,2324021
Hs7ooHigh Water IslooAdult (f)4,1523961
uuGvkThe littlest Sinii KraiAdult (f)3,7234201
lR9SSalamander Sea WindAdult (f)3,5023645
m1O3Salamander MonsterAdult (m)3,5823634
jDdLbStunning JidAdult (f)3,7073670
8FhClStunning ChillAdult (m)4,1124161
rd4XRStunning RadAdult (f)3,5953810
QbVTQQuicker Than ThunderAdult (m)4,7534412
OZ9jVTick tock hear the clockAdult (f)3,2724202
AGpX9countdown Wish the minuteAdult (f)5,3517904
OdalHhand could be rewoundAdult (f)2,1244113
O8o4kSo much to do and so muchAdult (f)4,9249203
UiiAGI need to sayAdult (f)2,8954731
obJQLWill Tomorrow Be TooAdult (m)4,3784161
vluRNLate Feel theAdult (m)4,3193931
hrPTsmoment slip into the pastAdult (f)4,0354970
AdJYBLike sand through anAdult (m)3,5814780
iv3C6hourglass In the madnessAdult (f)4,2951,0471
sHDgYI guess I just forgetAdult (f)1,8875472
3ZHXATo do all the things I saidAdult (m)3,5044962
aHrusTime passes by never thoughtAdult (f)3,9064964
mpFe0I'd wind up One step behindAdult (f)2,7204450
WcpIDNow I've made my mind upAdult (m)2,9214690
sgl46Today I'mAdult (m)2,5945610
CUDqMgonna tryAdult (f)2,1815921
eCeHdA little harderAdult (f)3,5133600
hidffgonna  make everyAdult (f)2,5835263
X0siHminute last longer GonnaAdult (m)4,0404820
5ePWVlearn to forgiveAdult (f)8,4981,0811
5Ztkiand forget 'cause we don't  haveAdult (m)3,4974131
kjZeUlong gonnaAdult (m)2,8907251
fHdMYmake the most ofAdult (m)3,7535190
kQjDNit today I'm gonnaAdult (m)3,8505100
G54tiLove My Enemies Reach OutAdult (m)3,3934121
f8uoXTo Somebody WhoAdult (f)3,8634690
X8LJQNeeds Me Make A ChangeAdult (f)3,8334170
cfCVnmake the world aAdult (m)3,3793860
UnZfXBetter Place 'Cause TomorrowAdult (f)3,4495020
YCHiqCould Be One Day Too LateAdult (m)3,2094461
RBZVKOne Day Too Late One Day TooAdult (m)3,8194670
gklfiLate Tick Tock Hear My LifeAdult (m)3,6324980
Y8dM4Pass By I Can't EraseAdult (f)4,2914910
G3DooAnd I Can't RewindAdult (f)3,39346219
WufHaOf All The Things IAdult (f)2,5265181
tmgUQRegret The Most I DoAdult (f)2,4234770
KPvXKWish I'dAdult (m)4,4994140
tEDbASpent More Time With YouAdult (f)3,5793901
uqQvdHere's MyAdult (m)3,2794531
Y6J6AChance For A New Beginning IAdult (m)2,8793931
eKqUiSaved The Best For A BetterAdult (f)3,5514782
fifbNEnding In The End I'll Make ItAdult (m)2,7124212
dHpsoUp To You You'll SeeAdult (m)3,4744172
oel1OYou'll Get The Very Best Of MeAdult (f)2,4574760
u1aN8Time Passes ByAdult (m)2,7234950
bdUSSNever Thought I'd Wind Up OneAdult (m)2,2414340
RIH8EStep Behind Now I'veAdult (f)2,5124590
3ncJ8Made My MindAdult (f)2,7195952
q7b9rUp 2day I'm GonnaAdult (m)1,7276911
kYv7uTry A LittleAdult (m)4,1284230
guiQTHarder Gonna Make Every MinuteAdult (m)3,8843870
RiMEeLast LongerAdult (m)3,6643910
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