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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Gold Trophy
  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2012 Holiday Cooking
  • 2012 Valentine’s Day
  • 2011 Holiday Event
  • 2011 Haunted House
  • Carrot Cave
  • 2010 Tree Decorating
  • Beat the Heat Summer
  • Magikarp
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You pick up the scroll labeled “LadyRoughs,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
NUsOMold Maker RoughieAdult (m)3,52056253
VcInJennyEE RoughieAdult (f)2,22061542
fGtXPortal Mage RoughieAdult (f)3,3261,26480
1UXvLag what Lag RoughieAdult (f)1,48354332
rNPOIm Smeky Keky RoughieAdult (m)97257259
d1qtDaz N Baz RoughieAdult (m)1,60871627
POQ2Kriss Kross RoughieAdult (m)1,59755327
TYLkK(TYLkK)Adult (m)2,1697832
ncNke(ncNke)Adult (f)2,0287650
0AFLN(0AFLN)Adult (m)3,1818841
PFVBu(PFVBu)Adult (f)2,4039241
iqUPj(iqUPj)Adult (f)2,5158631
NebFMystii Eyes RoughieHatchling (f, F)1,40081335
4mmcBlue In Heart RoughieHatchling (m, F)98347335
dMCvSplit RoughieHatchling (F)7364450
qA7YInvisable Man RoughieAdult (m)97965135
d2UkArctic White RoughieAdult (f)89351133
T1f9Shelly Bell RoughieAdult (f)99445546
uDq1Benny Brendan RoughieAdult (m)1,3614665
8YjiWhite Button RoughieHatchling (m, F)1,07652537
ODEmAlbino RoughieHatchling (F)4022234
oucDZukihAdult (f)7,81075989
TamDLuna MoonmaidenAdult (f)2,04073928
mRu7Molly RingwallAdult (f)74448832
MpIpMadame MisfortuneHatchling (f, F)2,1901,24241
QzkmFairy Light RoughieAdult (f)84160123
QG2YHelium Wins RoughieAdult (m)83045738
CWvD4(CWvD4)Adult (f)2,0468571
FhKiW(FhKiW)Adult (m)3,2239573
Js0vj(Js0vj)Adult (f)3,0299420
kL0FRuby Kisses RoughieHatchling (f, F)66340448
WNELBalloon RoughieHatchling (F)9031436
XMrQJackels Wife RoughieAdult (f)5,32659828
dc1jGoozie Girl RoughieAdult (f)3,18663132
nd9lBam Bam the Bulldog RoughieAdult (m)2,35272816
WaIXNot another Female RoughieAdult (f)96952540
fxN5Freak in Ink RoughieAdult (m)1,28753627
4bnYScarlet Black Rose RoughieAdult (f)1,19550835
ATQnOne Evil Dude RoughieAdult (m)90852044
YC6JYour Sucha DorkfaceAdult (m)2,28381228
2R1BFear The Moon RoughieAdult (m)1,32834418
j30m2(j30m2)Adult (m)1,6336803
1RFMa(1RFMa)Adult (f)2,5527686
HCBpReapers Lass RoughieHatchling (f, F)1,54484824
pK6EMen Wear Black RoughieHatchling (m, F)1,75893127
eRclBlack RougieHatchling (F)7074176
HRmIToken of Death RoughieAdult (m)1,64683633
qIx5Dark And Evil RoughieAdult (m)94144436
tFvBFrank N Stein RoughieAdult (m)75242845
NvTlElle Vira RoughieAdult (f)79741330
g9bSSo Alternative RoughieAdult (m)1,90773134
F98DBlack Odyssdy RoughieAdult (f)2,44686048
eI6vDead Man Running RoughieAdult (m)3,2461,67849
Qifrb(Qifrb)Adult (f)2,7959032
kot3a(kot3a)Adult (f)2,6859123
sUWPT(sUWPT)Adult (f)2,7018882
siXV5(siXV5)Adult (m)4,0411,0738
gjHfj(gjHfj)Adult (m)2,1518521
Ldch3(Ldch3)Adult (m)2,0857673
uvRaq(uvRaq)Adult (m)2,1878271
No3u4(No3u4)Adult (f)2,3638483
IKAzShort And Dark RoughieHatchling (m, F)58938440
tuL4j(tuL4j)Hatchling (F)1,5005761
WyYYSmall And Dark RoughieHatchling (m, F)68539541
nbRZSpeckle De DeAdult (m)1,42772726
oqJfSpeckle De DoeAdult (f)1,49074829
kTYABlue BlanoonaAdult (m)1,25660440
ZQiKR(ZQiKR)Adult (f)3,2199312
fbVbs(fbVbs)Adult (f)2,9219131
HX2HSpeckle De DaHatchling (f, F)1,65366717
u6kGBluna RoughieHatchling (F)5833644
38F21(38F21)Adult (m)1,76573910
tbG8Big And BrightAdult (m)1,64695730
fmQRBright And BigAdult (f)1,25186521
jG7UPush Them OutAdult (f)93764817
0HIHProud to Show OffAdult (f)1,02168220
ZtjCProud To ShowAdult (m)1,8055306
DsR0Bright And SmallHatchling (f, F)1,15381819
OdUJBright and BreastedHatchling (m, F)1,09874013
dHS3Bright-Breasted Wyvern RoughieHatchling (F)7272663
9f4D7(9f4D7)Adult (f)3,0011,0163
pYtfU(pYtfU)Adult (m)2,5619634
kkeZQ(kkeZQ)Adult (m)2,5399001
BRYBa(BRYBa)Adult (m)2,3998432
HkK56(HkK56)Adult (m)2,5038341
PsAQM(PsAQM)Adult (m)2,7038284
hvfgQ(hvfgQ)Hatchling (f, F)2,6489780
REJYTrees R UsAdult (m)1,70382924
hVX9Tree To TreeAdult (f)1,73985722
XYCGTop Of TreesAdult (f)1,23261818
SkKmTree TopperAdult (m)1,56152219
nLZub(nLZub)Adult (f)3,0959780
FdgiLeaf  It To MeHatchling (m, F)1,10660021
ffuUCanopy RoughieHatchling (F)6944332
g4X4Who Wants CheeseAdult97747226
34O9Moldie CheeseAdult2,49377736
h89JCheese With BiteAdult2,10668728
8A14Moldie as CheeseAdult1,7271,03226
4jPUCheese DipHatchling (F)74945437
OXLTCheese RoughieHatchling (F)6383283
SxG7Sweet Little LadyAdult (f)1,30366362
WevEHey ChickadeeAdult (f)83747040
HlBfChickaPieAdult (f)2,47380027
7YqESay No To KFCAdult (f)1,71699535
esZZWho Wants ChickenAdult (f)6883915
9FzfHey ChickabooHatchling (f, F)50431822
didFRusta BustaAdult (m)1,87764330
91WHUka BuckaAdult (m)1,73463030
4CMdMz ClauseHatchling (f, F)1,23966524
9YAkMrs ClauseAdult (f)1,47075227
VThWHo Ho Ho RoughieAdult (f)1,1325431
78YYTis Chrissy RoughieHatchling (f, F)7685102
uRkgS(uRkgS)Adult (m)2,3299641
3JiTR(3JiTR)Hatchling (m, F)1,9418951
LBsMSurf and SandAdult (m)1,34187510
UaULBeach BunnyAdult (f)1,26583523
kmsESea SliderAdult (f)1,17270220
poHD6(poHD6)Adult (m)2,8159330
oHPbJ(oHPbJ)Adult (m)2,8099251
6RsbBeach BummHatchling (m, F)1,05972017
Q5HJCoastal Waverunners RoughieHatchling (F)5563498
WHYQMysterious Lady RoughieAdult (f)3,33355832
3kGuWise Forestwalker  RoughieAdult (m)1,83399537
Lfj3Infinate Greenleaf RoughieAdult (f)1,42138318
6L8iBeer Stop RoughieAdult (m)88250544
EXTnLittle Miss Viny RoughieAdult (f)1,80161230
INFsNew Vine On The Block RoughieAdult (m)2,39787132
Qtdta(Qtdta)Adult (m)1,5506983
tmR9R(tmR9R)Adult (f)1,9998321
77cZ0(77cZ0)Adult (f)2,0497351
0E6kL(0E6kL)Adult (f)3,1679742
ncTWl(ncTWl)Adult (m)2,8121,0071
uDYTA(uDYTA)Adult (m)3,0601,0181
WomZR(WomZR)Adult (m)2,3099661
0AqX7(0AqX7)Adult (f)2,2649221
61RiW(61RiW)Adult (f)2,5219370
Imo4Hexual Appeal RoughieHatchling (f, F)1,97044129
qbFYVine RoughieHatchling (F)7304186
bik8Sweet AlternativeAdult (m)1,88070329
BrpiHoly AlternativeAdult (f)1,98569425
v9cKh(v9cKh)Adult (m)2,0876813
UTMZSweet Little AlternativeHatchling (f, F)1,86681131
5vAaUltimate Dorkface VineHatchling (F)1,7156284
KPPYAwww Sweet DreamsAdult (f)74753821
QSXzMucho Man NotAdult (m)99451634
rkHTp(rkHTp)Adult (f)3,0469533
quYiW(quYiW)Adult (m)3,0979442
LQTAThat is So CuteHatchling (m, F)62038037
EkX1DayDream RoughieHatchling (F)6092652
tS4ODeep Down Im  YoursAdult (m)1,87469933
7gCCDeep Down Im HisAdult (f)2,40582938
Lr2uT(Lr2uT)Adult (f)2,1927171
jUvPp(jUvPp)Adult (f)3,0549230
q6R7Deep Down Im TheresHatchling (m, F)2,02166722
admDDeap Sea RoughieHatchling (F)6534004
QiIEDeep Sea RoughieHatchling (F)1,4365014
svsRDelightfully PurpleAdult (f)79150129
JDk5Dorsal CreekAdult (m)78548825
9mztPurple StrikeAdult (m)97448442
2DHAN(2DHAN)Adult (m)1,7147231
TgvLRumple StiltskinHatchling (f, F)80241829
PsqePurple Dorsal RoughieHatchling (F)4432263
xK9NBurgandy DelightAdult (f)74447033
aCxmVin DorsalAdult (m)98142046
0OoVRaspberry PaddlepopAdult (m)2,63285830
om8QBurgandy RumAdult (m)1,86695427
AHB4Ruby HeartsHatchling (f, F)64541634
o5EpRed Dorsal RoughieHatchling (F)2,8482930
lTibElectric SparklingAdult (f)1,86789136
keaMElectric FriedAdult (m)1,78887728
NPTkWho Needs EnergexAdult (m)1,48057813
fa93b(fa93b)Adult (f)3,7291,0993
mKkUElec TricHatchling (m, F)1,24570526
umOPElectric RoughieHatchling (F)5533502
5f4VHot For LoveAdult (m)1,0375092
v4tEEmber BelleAdult (f)1,1265341
iXOlHot for DorkfaceAdult (m)3,77784111
hYX1a(hYX1a)Adult (f)2,1758193
gc0VD(gc0VD)Adult (f)3,0159963
dOGqb(dOGqb)Adult (f)3,2839842
LSZDk(LSZDk)Adult (f)3,4391,1582
j673Hot Little PatootieHatchling (f, F)1,0385134
TdmpEmber RoughieHatchling (F)6444022
GTJUPinks Just Not MeAdult (m)8515535
LvInMolly WringwallAdult (f)1,3345933
CSukd(CSukd)Adult (m)3,0969100
XnDYK(XnDYK)Adult (f)3,0268821
1uHeLets Go Flamingo DancingHatchling (m, F)8025023
b5beFlam IncoHatchling (f, F)7204583
lSP2Flamingo RoughieHatchling (F)2,4705651
Ey95Krazy KatieAdult (f)1,9461,26250
U622Lots of FrillsAdult (m)2,0741,34242
TRtjBillions of FrillsAdult (f)2,79339819
9tnsNo Frills BrandHatchling (f, F)98556545
mjTCIcy ColaAdult (f)87948144
e7VDI am a SurviverAdult (m)90553231
tNnQSandi BloomsAdult (f)84442748
VIlmIcy LoadAdult (m)3,04289346
AccuEmeralds Forever DorkfaceAdult (f)2,53691341
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