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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2021 Halloween Event
  • 2021 Valentine’s Day
  • 2020 Holiday Event
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  • 2020 Valentine’s Day
  • 2019 Holiday Event
  • Wreath Decorating
  • 2019 Halloween Event
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You pick up the scroll labeled “LadyNova,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
G625l(G625l)Adult (f)3,8148731
msVO9(msVO9)Adult (m)3,7058611
lloNA(lloNA)Adult (f)3,7778481
nbBdU(nbBdU)Adult (m)6,1441,0011
gch4L(gch4L)Adult (m)5,1131,3400
9xXyS(9xXyS)Adult (m)3,5968481
G9I5L(G9I5L)Adult (m)5,1081,3880
8s0md(8s0md)Adult (m)5,0961,3920
8Bgt9(8Bgt9)Adult (f)5,2201,3610
teLG5(teLG5)Adult (m)5,1511,3490
EpZFL(EpZFL)Adult (m)5,0401,3830
s89le(s89le)Adult (m)4,4869973
liEOu(liEOu)Adult (f)5,6001,4551
WraEP(WraEP)Adult (f)3,2531,0272
ghcjW(ghcjW)Adult (m)3,3071,0102
vh1tI(vh1tI)Adult (f)3,2751,0133
ooNV3(ooNV3)Adult (m)3,1579942
E0kiV(E0kiV)Adult (f)3,3251,0213
ppHoL(ppHoL)Adult (m)2,9271,2545
ENwU5(ENwU5)Adult (m)3,7139003
W76Qq(W76Qq)Adult (m)5,8291,2464
Tg1em(Tg1em)Adult (m)3,5127211
6mFbi(6mFbi)Adult (m)3,4857371
PBjhc(PBjhc)Adult (f)4,7917521
mFjFd(mFjFd)Adult (f)4,6787672
6kZCf(6kZCf)Adult (m)2,9557642
2ZwCx(2ZwCx)Adult (f)3,2808383
2tobp(2tobp)Adult (m)3,2618412
2sVHh(2sVHh)Adult (f)3,3408612
yJxkl(yJxkl)Adult (m)3,2888422
WMs94(WMs94)Adult (m)3,1698172
dKPDP(dKPDP)Adult (m)3,3168743
WDHUt(WDHUt)Adult (m)3,4577963
zwilj(zwilj)Adult (f)3,3367782
ZVAzF(ZVAzF)Adult (m)6,5611,2655
S9KTy(S9KTy)Adult (m)5,6771,1782
psjwX(psjwX)Hatchling (m, F)3,1167463
cPHvh(cPHvh)Adult (m)4,2199593
uLa0K(uLa0K)Adult (f)6,3071,1053
vtYIV(vtYIV)Adult (m)4,8879294
371M1(371M1)Adult (m)4,0779271
wfUxw(wfUxw)Adult (m)6,8931,3342
uCWQL(uCWQL)Adult (f)6,2561,2692
ikFAp(ikFAp)Adult (m)5,0231,1121
s1Aza(s1Aza)Adult (m)6,4641,3102
mMhdm(mMhdm)Adult (m)6,2041,2583
x7lDp(x7lDp)Adult (m)3,2598051
zpgaT(zpgaT)Adult (m)2,9927771
g3P2F(g3P2F)Adult (m)5,5981,1132
6pE8K(6pE8K)Adult (m)5,4938961
xsA8J(xsA8J)Adult (f)4,8529301
3LQpO(3LQpO)Adult (f)5,4991,1281
LCFLT(LCFLT)Adult (m)5,5821,1622
ko3NK(ko3NK)Adult (m)4,3918842
5LJGR(5LJGR)Adult (f)4,2928932
zHV09(zHV09)Adult (m)4,1148963
rTxCd(rTxCd)Adult (f)5,0611,1071
A6rwo(A6rwo)Egg (F)
6rLZBralza NovaAdult (f)99533326
OfgiOfegina NovaAdult (f)2,48352256
M40gsMaogs NovaAdult (f)3,6171,0772
qDXzHDexzeh NovaAdult (f)6,0688292
sFiu5Fius NovaAdult (f)6,2416211
Y4rBMYarbim NovaAdult (m)4,2031,0492
VjyjwViyew NovaAdult (m)5,8467782
wRdS6Wardse NovaAdult (m)5,9657903
kfl8Kefleite NovaAdult (f)2,02239149
1J82VIjeve NovaAdult (f)6,8811,30812
UYOZpAlbinen NovaAdult (f)5,4959931
VRP8CVerpeit NovaAdult (f)5,4309461
shpfXShapfix NovaAdult (f)6,4547721
nLFkONelfko Aibou NovaAdult (f)4,6321,0702
KKAIAK'Kaia NovaAdult (f)3,3951,0552
uSbgMUsbeg NovaAdult (f)5,0198592
IBwvkIbwik NovaAdult (f)4,1629031
BnyKkBnykk NovaAdult (f)6,1916592
Of47rOfater NovaAdult (f)4,4357611
wLv64Welva NovaAdult (f)4,4647581
7pRNkParenk NovaAdult (f)4,5077622
PyJ6jPyje NovaAdult (f)4,4157461
DgKvbDogkev Dorkface NovaAdult (m)7,0105083
Cq23eCasee NovaAdult (m)2,8636401
6xl1AAxila NovaAdult (m)1,9564860
Lnni8Lennieit NovaAdult (m)4,6339671
vMeTyMety NovaAdult (m)4,8929831
ydyyMDyyma NovaAdult (m)4,6051,0711
S81XdSeixad NovaAdult (m)4,3081,2235
xB1tFBit NovaAdult (m)4,0448602
mttQIMitti NovaAdult (m)6,0158852
0STzKOstez NovaAdult (m)5,5546171
VfdNIVedni NovaAdult (m)6,4587564
vA2BtVasbat NovaAdult (m)4,6967293
1Og4IIogai novaAdult (m)4,5557581
lOSlfIosif NovaAdult (m)4,4517611
aqImqAqim NovaAdult (m)4,5617561
gFoyGreyfoy NovaAdult (m)2,04740824
F1aRFlar NovaAdult (f)1,70839939
LMDJMidjana NovaAdult (f)1,94840026
f7zlvZelva NovaAdult (f)4,3759421
u9cefUcef NovaAdult (f)3,8821,2642
Lg2O8Lagsos NovaAdult (f)4,2947451
GfkD9Gafkad NovaAdult (f)5,5688712
QtSIBQutsib NovaAdult (m)6,7846021
I0U3KIouek NovaAdult (m)5,5521,0891
6XSh7Veria NovaAdult (f)5,4509936
FYThtFyth NovaAdult (f)6,6361,0043
aqCauAqcau NovaAdult (f)7,5618943
70frNTofren NovaAdult (f)6,8988865
jZWc4Jeza Izaya NovaAdult (m)5,6531,7007
IgYGYIgy NovaAdult (m)6,1229831
d3DfjDedfj NovaAdult (m)7,1709272
XsY1XXsyix NovaAdult (f)7,4549572
gWpgzGwepeg NovaAdult (f)6,9861,0317
r6llNRaiin NovaAdult (f)6,5298635
Vv4M5Vavams NovaAdult (f)8,7427041
bfr1PRingshan NovaAdult (m)6,2061,43221
RDDGTRaddagat NovaAdult (m)4,2601,4075
7JGDcTejgad NovaAdult (m)8,7687042
IMNdCImnadec NovaAdult (m)8,4507551
yUAZ7Yuaz NovaAdult (m)8,7248302
YQIjjYolij NovaAdult (m)7,3457413
diMBkDimbek NovaAdult (m)8,3507030
5s6rCSarc NovaAdult (m)9,1706151
olGLgGolana NovaAdult (f)6,6551,03810
5mMqDSammeq NovaAdult (f)5,0891,2861
dYgn2Dygin NovaAdult (f)7,7408013
CXBGdCaxbeg NovaAdult (f)6,4961,0211
gCw0PMiss Weasley NovaAdult (f)8,8616122
upgSwShalu NovaAdult (m)5,8131,0493
smB8JCeittu NovaAdult (m)7,48695810
kavBpKavbap NovaAdult (m)6,1208205
DhgVKDhagav NovaAdult (m)6,4671,2344
nUNNUNunnu NovaAdult (m)5,5871,0963
urYcOUryco NovaAdult (m)7,8928082
PdLGDPedalgad NovaAdult (m)8,1449616
cqjbCSamea NovaAdult (f)6,0609326
Dd9E8Danade NovaAdult (f)7,0131,39713
ZKuOjZukoj NovaAdult (f)5,1281,3041
qZ0vJAgyes NovaAdult (m)5,6391,1399
KEF2nKef NovaAdult (m)6,7909452
QGCJtQuocit NovaAdult (m)6,2221,0071
x2wzRWezr NovaAdult (m)10,6817342
b1R3CBire NovaAdult (f)10,3706925
Di2EZDizez Thuwed NovaAdult (f)6,3431,0423
IAOnDIaond Dorkwed NovaAdult (f)7,8227961
6VXdEGavxe NovaAdult (f)10,7077223
MwXr6Asher Penk NovaAdult (m)6,0571,1458
minJ7Min NovaAdult (m)7,1118443
JrRpbErendo Dorkface NovaAdult (m)6,01384612
OCOZLOco Dorkwed NovaAdult (m)6,2781,0125
r64gvRoagv Dorkwed NovaAdult (m)5,6028383
er3aLEreal NovaAdult (m)5,4709851
enMMXEnmmex NovaAdult (m)6,4931,1333
qBjQVIcarose NovaAdult (f)4,7431,19724
S3oL8Seole NovaAdult (f)6,1519817
nrRB3Nerrbe NovaAdult (f)8,3238203
c0MkiComki NovaAdult (m)6,0261,0273
hsazqHasaz NovaAdult (m)6,3699941
xzafHXzaf NovaAdult (m)6,1589831
cfK18Cafki NovaAdult (m)6,0719654
Wpx0YWapoy NovaAdult (m)8,8666692
nKQymRoko NovaAdult (m)5,1369095
QpTKlQuptaki NovaAdult (f)6,1911,0814
J7SEtJetset NovaAdult (f)8,0229851
MwPhyPhy NovaAdult (m)7,8177773
dZaNhDzanna NovaAdult (f)2,9678852
u1J0UUijou NovaAdult (f)3,1121,0552
hmTgUHmategu NovaAdult (f)3,3881,1034
C7LQ3Cetloe NovaAdult (f)6,3658873
rU0NjRuon NovaAdult (f)4,6456871
gDX5EDaxse NovaAdult (f)4,1946630
PPj7REnold NovaAdult (m)4,0191,03011
GTbm4Chankaz NovaAdult (m)2,9591,0932
CYf40Cyfao NovaAdult (m)5,5718194
w1kbHWikbeh NovaAdult (m)6,1848161
XJCBHXjebeh NovaAdult (m)6,2784802
FZkkbIxi NovaAdult (f)4,1026671
rG7MwRagtam NovaAdult (f)2,7261,0601
yqLWpYglaw NovaAdult (f)4,9131,2564
uoq5KUosk NovaAdult (f)5,0271,0081
uHxSfUhx NovaAdult (f)4,9329812
CUIpCCuipic NovaAdult (f)6,5396981
aTihXAtih NovaAdult (f)6,1366691
DphrNDephern NovaAdult (m)5,4961,09413
gUSGnGusgen NovaAdult (m)3,8978552
iwcnUIwec NovaAdult (m)5,1119888
12nAHIenah NovaAdult (m)5,8126904
iLbyTIlbyt NovaAdult (m)5,9536943
jjx0sKohera NovaAdult (f)4,7221,0024
31l6sVolchail NovaAdult (f)6,0051,2227
VNhlqVenihl NovaAdult (f)6,4427733
NY3Q6Nyeg NovaAdult (m)2,3845653
QVMQkQuvam NovaAdult (m)6,6907441
l27BDIstab NovaAdult (m)3,1799654
gAgz1Gagzi NovaAdult (m)4,6888081
oGuwjGuwj NovaAdult (m)5,3167972
EuSwWEus NovaAdult (m)5,9165653
Aqs96Solion NovaAdult (f)4,6471,2312
3kFEHEkfeh NovaAdult (f)5,1111,2841
9venLGvenel NovaAdult (f)9,2586712
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