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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “LadyBelz,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
ooa4kThe Tardis Is A LieAdult (m)3,8438870
JgSyMTime Is IrrelevantAdult (f)5,1981,0252
Kkr2sAeon Flux CapacitorAdult (f)4,2447400
CaDMhCadmium Is My SourceAdult (m)2,9939145
L8jTu(L8jTu)Adult (m)4,7438153
R6hhg(R6hhg)Adult (f)4,5668381
4rDRz(4rDRz)Adult (f)5,1961,0491
32UDt(32UDt)Adult (m)3,8688550
82gw1(82gw1)Adult (f)7,1441,2443
VUckA(VUckA)Adult (m)6,4789861
hBprUWind Beneath My WingspanAdult (f)3,8979401
bCvVyCurvy Is BeautifulAdult (f)3,7908950
tdDiMA Wingspan To Die ForAdult (m)3,9869590
gZdeHHardened GazeAdult (m)3,8609210
12XKw12 Quick WindsAdult (m)5,0299032
iDAcXiWindAdult (m)5,4581,0010
jYeU2Flying Away With The WindsAdult (f)4,9828911
PolTxPoleaxed by the WindAdult (m)4,9828890
JpghCJipseeAdult (m)5,8889521
X9i4r(X9i4r)Adult (f)5,8999771
2OS0X20 Wind SocksAdult (m)4,9981,0181
UlJGn(UlJGn)Adult (m)5,1039602
g90sX(g90sX)Adult (f)4,4308742
IT93t(IT93t)Adult (m)5,2269470
EyiaK(EyiaK)Adult (m)2,9338007
2xJiM(2xJiM)Adult (f)4,0867050
RAtq7(RAtq7)Adult (m)2,7846570
6ycrX(6ycrX)Adult (m)4,4779193
AmZ9p(AmZ9p)Adult (f)6,5289840
TL0hAlbini de Toulouse-LautrecAdult (m)2,39533017
03pfUAlluring Beauty from HeavenAdult (f)3,5107492
Gumyb(Gumyb)Adult (m)5,1457981
fiwNV(fiwNV)Adult (f)3,9139460
KS26P(KS26P)Adult (m)7,2981,3142
TfnUw(TfnUw)Adult (m)3,6889192
3TuBx30 Bucks For FireworksAdult (m)4,0968631
9buaZ9 BowsAdult (f)4,1668421
hWTJB(hWTJB)Adult (m)3,2138102
Ij5WjDraconian Mood RingAdult (m)3,3028210
G0aQSI'm a Man and I Have PMSAdult (m)3,1828320
SDZFoWe're Men So Why Are We PMSingAdult (m)5,8391,1100
vOsRQYou Guys Are WussiesAdult (f)5,4659980
pEagqMen Think Being A Woman Is EasyAdult (f)6,4291,0921
WZnQ0Emerald Shining In The SunAdult (f)6,4859971
XgylI(XgylI)Adult (m)6,9071,1663
Ocv7j(Ocv7j)Adult (m)5,2181,0011
sTtnE(sTtnE)Adult (f)4,9561,0583
wnhBh(wnhBh)Adult (f)4,8121,0381
wD1sQRiding In The WakeAdult (f)4,8541,3272
oirXTSurfing The CurlAdult (f)5,2931,2982
ZoIxWFloating On The WaveAdult (f)4,7751,3361
dICLFOceanic Tidal WaveAdult (f)5,3421,2774
WxrZSWarm Ocean BeachAdult (f)4,8341,3311
5B6J3Walking On The Warm BeachAdult (f)4,9821,3252
ONM67Basking In The Floridian SunAdult (f)4,8941,3343
CYRWaNow I'm Walking On Sunshine WhoaAdult (m)1,5573385
hWTa5I'm Walking On Sunshine Whoa-oaAdult (m)6,1681,2152
MbHO0And Don't It Feel Good Hey YeahAdult (m)6,3891,0852
ihPatStanding By The Ocean's RoarAdult (f)3,8887234
ZkvDZI'm A Surfer GirlAdult (f)7,2661,0562
cB70NSubject 70 NAdult (f)6,0871,2543
YQ9B4Basking In The Sun's RayAdult (m)5,8041,2912
m6VAPThe Sun Warms My WingsAdult (m)8,9491,1841
Ki6aeBasking in the SunshineAdult (f)9,0131,1920
DWcTdDancing On My TiptoesAdult (m)6,2951,0831
6AkCu(6AkCu)Adult (m)5,8509231
IHRGmAlien Close EncounterAdult (f)3,1937192
YeZWpTixxisAdult (f)3,0467221
Y9QEpTouched By An AlienAdult (m)3,1047632
DdBDJHidden In Area 51Adult (m)3,9618223
HtihRClose Encounters of the 3rd KindAdult (m)3,9047791
ngQxBYou Are Not Alone In This WorldAdult (m)4,7699463
zvT87From Xanadu To Kubla KhanAdult (m)6,4411,2372
wyvBJThe Invasion Is RealAdult (m)5,7161,3531
5QkvR5 Quiver Death PunchAdult (m)4,9408900
uBGiIInvasion of the Body SnatcherAdult (m)4,2938141
EOyR7The Song Of The HeartAdult (m)3,6006461
WX9tHDularfulla Geimurrokk IIAdult (f)4,9338171
tz4atMystery Van IncorporatedAdult (m)7,1329711
sXHKtSexy In My SpeedoAdult (m)7,1369361
v3AJKGibbs Autumnal EquinoxAdult (f)4,6677062
VvAlqMystery of OutworldAdult (f)6,6601,2194
jzsQ5JZ-3175Adult (f)8,4901,0912
5q01H(5q01H)Adult (m)6,1921,0800
w374g(w374g)Adult (f)3,5858060
iXSYB(iXSYB)Adult (m)3,5888382
ZUN6U(ZUN6U)Adult (m)3,7157861
eldMl(eldMl)Adult (m)3,5567873
qxZ2g(qxZ2g)Adult (m)3,6568111
LCJca(LCJca)Adult (f)3,4344721
dDIAlDial My HeartAdult (m)4,2718613
edlmMDo Not Meddle In My AffairsAdult (f)5,0109352
AHuxj(AHuxj)Adult (f)4,3779282
4Uy6j(4Uy6j)Adult (m)3,7518191
R8wfm(R8wfm)Adult (m)4,5519210
44kfh(44kfh)Adult (m)5,2278623
C2JIa(C2JIa)Adult (f)5,0821,0013
ZcEIt(ZcEIt)Adult (f)4,0824112
mZ1KR(mZ1KR)Adult (f)3,9184800
Zctm4(Zctm4)Adult (m)5,2401,0680
4PlLB(4PlLB)Adult (f)5,3111,0591
E9DKw(E9DKw)Adult (m)3,8946970
CnQHh(CnQHh)Adult (f)5,9641,0271
2h4Zb(2h4Zb)Adult (m)5,6238891
L0HtaAra Noa SweetzAdult (m)4,0898853
igXeW(igXeW)Adult (f)4,2758740
VmVfR(VmVfR)Adult (m)6,3011,1643
urkiwLaffy Taffy Is The DevilAdult (m)2,6919151
oB4ctWake Me Up When October EndsAdult (m)2,7808981
avQf2Avoid The Necco WafersAdult (f)2,7469020
Zpi9LI Stole Your Peanut Butter CupsAdult (f)2,7479081
38gDTGive Me All Your Tootsie RollsAdult (f)2,7339041
K9nCxWitch Doctor Is InAdult (m)3,2401,0361
Tc7UCoral BlossomAdult (f)3,48576452
uJ5XQueen AngellaAdult (f)2,21177011
HbU8Pink Lady SlipperAdult (f)8,96584110
XoYG3Melodious RubiconAdult (m)5,2861,1715
O4wvvLyrical RubiconAdult (m)5,4981,2137
gGQd8Rubicon SonataAdult (m)5,5321,3044
O2oC8Pink Cobalto CalciteAdult (f)5,5591,2631
NVXOQRubicon SonnetAdult (m)5,4701,2783
QmFFNPink Sapphire TopazAdult (f)4,8951,1382
DSvnePink Spinel RubiconAdult (m)5,5411,2093
w5O2vPink Cherry TopazAdult (f)6,5429352
SpDpOAmethyst Rose RubiconAdult (m)5,9741,1264
tto1rPink Ruby TopazAdult (f)5,9661,0803
RfF4LPink Mulberry TopazAdult (f)6,9011,0504
4qfKjMorganite RubiconAdult (m)5,9971,1152
eoYs3Pink Flamingo TopazAdult (f)5,9811,0912
NUBQaNubile RubiconAdult (m)6,4749870
8IOFLRose Quartz RubiconAdult (m)6,5548732
Z47h0Zirconium RubiconAdult (m)5,3139112
SjiZASnozzberry Rhubarb CordialAdult (m)7,0111,0742
IV4PTCherry Rhubarb CrispAdult (m)6,6041,0331
wk3QPCherry Rhubarb CobblerAdult (m)6,8701,0253
vlxIbCherry Rhubarb CordialAdult (f)6,9429232
w5LXvRubicon TopazAdult (f)3,6657192
Hav4FCotton Candy Fluff 2GAdult (f)6,1861,0072
uAIwfRubicon of All EvilAdult (f)6,8069362
mobU1Pink Poket ProtectorAdult (f)7,1581,0882
0NC5zI Was Once ObsoleteAdult (m)6,5659720
dOnT5Don't Forget Me When I'm GoneAdult (f)4,9098511
3UDaqI SingAdult (f)5,3659931
MPXrdGoddess on the Mountain TopAdult (f)3,3286411
qaDIGVenus Was Her NameAdult (f)3,3386852
Dh52AThe Keys To My HeartAdult (f)4,6471,1586
QHtvFSyns of LoveAdult (f)4,2871,1375
Sd6v4Lady Peony RoseAdult (f)5,3171,1124
xzjhuSweet Sugar Coated CandymanAdult (f)4,6669702
FfYBILips Like Sugar CaneAdult (f)4,7639882
G2gXHSWAK From A RoseAdult (f)4,2698091
o3OyjI've Got Mixed EmotionsAdult (f)5,6811,0760
bS31WNo Shame in LoveAdult (f)3,0958202
7RexE(7RexE)Adult (f)4,1938074
HiY8OHi Yate OhAdult (f)4,2529271
5zcsUDon't Let The Ashy Knees Fool YaAdult (f)4,0628671
dzik9Ashen FaceplantAdult (m)4,1999220
uJ4FjAshen DesireAdult (f)4,3229282
Ux42LAshen DeluxeAdult (f)4,5718401
PFx6cAshy Knees Are NormalAdult (m)5,9951,0732
zPvUIPancho Villa Was HereAdult (f)6,0761,1912
Mx8tF(Mx8tF)Adult (f)4,5548421
tw7Vb(tw7Vb)Adult (f)5,7021,0202
PJ79L(PJ79L)Adult (f)6,2099740
04Pt2(04Pt2)Adult (m)5,6689971
BFpcS(BFpcS)Adult (f)5,6669732
QX93I(QX93I)Adult (f)6,2651,1752
jZKkc(jZKkc)Adult (f)4,6761,0050
8v2mE(8v2mE)Adult (m)4,0707950
Qykox(Qykox)Adult (m)3,7138544
01RD7(01RD7)Adult (f)4,9308541
NgVzpTitanic IceburgAdult (m)4,8451,1315
aA0cLGigantic IceburgAdult (f)4,7081,1381
RgIJrMammoth IceburgAdult (m)4,1537814
FoHJjSuper Mondo IceburgAdult (f)6,5671,0512
s2Dg1Gigantic DragonatorAdult (m)7,1211,1822
XQjB3Super Gigantic IceburgAdult (f)7,2521,1561
IP9uq(IP9uq)Adult (m)6,4181,0212
OcaXiOcaxi Mos DeepAdult (f)4,3508791
LMPRnPrehistoric LamprayAdult (f)4,3639331
j4MIUMaisey the MosasaurAdult (f)6,0481,0331
EPIb5(EPIb5)Adult (f)5,5331,1213
iv1n1(iv1n1)Adult (m)6,2899541
jRp39Megalodon Subject 39Adult (f)4,7788421
LhyUOMysterious Sea SerpentAdult (m)8,5761,1142
31CnHigh on Elements of HeliumAdult (m)2,2041,29126
SFViAtomic Element Number TwoAdult (f)1,7961,0323
dP1oElemental Double HelixAdult (f)2,14489214
Nq14Christmas Float Dorkface ElementAdult (m)6,7281,2916
XY52VBubble TapeAdult (m)3,3828861
tUiwqMy Voice Is All SqueakyAdult (f)5,2681,0033
iO4V6Gravity Has Forsaken MeAdult (f)6,2758501
2IgG6No Wings No Guts No GloryAdult (m)5,9601,1135
HRUyAI Think I Might Be HighAdult (m)5,8311,1764
QATEVWould You Like A BalloonAdult (f)7,1271,2203
oWUUfGravity Doesn't Own MeAdult (f)7,4381,2576
vdtyHI Have More Air In My HeadAdult (m)4,4078765
3hm1s3 Mililiters of AirAdult (f)6,9921,0030
gYHjw(gYHjw)Adult (m)7,2191,3181
Mp4VsRoyal Peace and SerenityAdult (m)7,9261,0070
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