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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “LadyAine,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
K7SCEAine's DonnaAdult (f)3,5254902
s8GkOAine's Bad WolfAdult (f)4,7876525
kWe1vAine's Clara CBAdult (f)5,2415896
rIw0XAine's Weeping Angel CBAdult (m)3,7577054
TvN5kAine's Moisturize Me CBAdult (f)4,2379426
4skh9(4skh9)Adult (f)7,0371,2378
t1Z9c(t1Z9c)Adult (f)6,9391,2735
ypoFhAine's Wizard of TimeAdult (m)3,9794374
2KisNAine's Time LordAdult (m)3,5894585
iHFNq(iHFNq)Adult (f)2,1806084
dIHvI(dIHvI)Adult (m)2,8505893
tOuGm(tOuGm)Adult (f)3,9615841
4GL9H(4GL9H)Adult (f)3,2554691
uOOFC(uOOFC)Adult (f)3,8535151
1e5Zb(1e5Zb)Adult (f)3,4164502
aYJ7b(aYJ7b)Adult (f)4,4085911
JBMQv(JBMQv)Adult (m)4,3866161
pty8F(pty8F)Adult (f)4,6806301
jHwjK(jHwjK)Adult (m)3,5605052
1MODS(1MODS)Adult (f)2,57556713
eMGzAine's Powder CBAdult (m)1,57545320
y4ZNa(y4ZNa)Adult (f)6,4627041
sMMpN(sMMpN)Adult (f)4,8665522
EX4F2Aine's Call Me Al CBAdult (m)3,4174812
p77fhAine's JulioAdult (m)3,7854443
e7UzlAine's CeciliaAdult (f)3,8093841
yAcQrAine's BoxerAdult (m)4,5217162
zrDSoAine's SunburnAdult (m)7,1984962
YGUCEAine's Blue Masquerade CBAdult (f)8,1215786
wFnNdAine's ForeWind CBAdult (m)6,5957401
9U7jBAine's Sacre Blu CBAdult (f)2,6884662
oxUjUAine's CarnivaleAdult (f)3,6774401
jEo0lAine's Crimson Masque CBAdult (m)3,8295134
Bo764Aine's Masked BallAdult (m)3,5085421
tTj8cAine's Majid CBAdult (m)2,8235372
EJvaSAine's Sani CBAdult (m)2,6555402
WRRTCAine's Ishtar CBAdult (f)2,7885031
SIChgAine's Amir CBAdult (m)2,6535421
HLnnMAine's FahimAdult (m)2,6565161
dhBoE(dhBoE)Adult (m)3,1005581
n4jPF(n4jPF)Adult (f)3,0216031
wyB9d(wyB9d)Adult (f)3,0516191
NMrNS(NMrNS)Adult (f)4,3176052
haBmQ(haBmQ)Adult (m)3,6769222
3AM9f(3AM9f)Adult (m)2,8248084
Ar4BR(Ar4BR)Adult (f)3,3535062
ZUwQ8(ZUwQ8)Adult (f)3,5635031
6xCVH(6xCVH)Adult (m)3,7825762
5WDuy(5WDuy)Adult (m)3,8815911
WqlKg(WqlKg)Adult (m)4,9355401
7NGTj(7NGTj)Adult (f)7,2289108
OGHG9(OGHG9)Adult (m)2,8136302
RZBrv(RZBrv)Adult (f)2,5105701
Qi6M1(Qi6M1)Adult (f)2,3865621
bvmNH(bvmNH)Adult (f)3,7027091
XJxit(XJxit)Adult (m)3,5266932
Mb7BV(Mb7BV)Adult (m)3,4045412
CwEAm(CwEAm)Adult (m)5,2668651
A9c6Q(A9c6Q)Adult (m)4,3857662
SVRqH(SVRqH)Adult (m)3,7133891
Ty4yeAine's Crescendo CBAdult (m)4,3474581
0foJaAine's AccelerandoAdult (m)3,6563691
dW9W0Aine's CavatinaAdult (f)4,0714484
GKAVCAine's FermataAdult (f)3,5224913
5Tx77Aine's Obbligato CBAdult (m)5,4734911
hASyxAine's Cadence CBAdult (m)4,8636031
eFICpAine's Gift of LoveAdult (f)4,3821,1602
K3unEAine's Friendships GiftAdult (f)2,9795282
wyi8nAine's Too SweetAdult (f)2,7285663
uGOfEAine's Fabulous GiftAdult (f)5,2796422
VUAQwAine's Gift of AffectionAdult (f)5,4896684
q5ksrAine's Pink MoscatoAdult (f)4,1994641
LG1o9(LG1o9)Adult (f)2,6445542
NwX9w(NwX9w)Adult (f)2,1065922
QQwFL(QQwFL)Adult (m)4,2846471
AtFdU(AtFdU)Adult (f)4,1206501
wZgsu(wZgsu)Adult (f)4,1786291
JYjwi(JYjwi)Adult (m)4,1106122
zWU5D(zWU5D)Adult (f)3,0694811
30C1Q(30C1Q)Adult (m)3,0044871
eDypo(eDypo)Adult (f)3,2595382
IzG3BAine's Killer Queen CBAdult (f)3,9504983
Ng7QIAine's Bicycle RaceAdult (m)3,9075323
IY1J3Aine's I'm Going Slightly Mad CBAdult (m)3,1244391
RHSXuAine's Fat Bottomed GirlAdult (f)4,2073931
fEpV5Aine's Beautiful DayAdult (f)3,9084282
AvlgnAine's One VisionAdult (f)3,5704322
fplO0Aine's DeliliahAdult (f)2,8855062
MhcVjAine's Under PressureAdult (m)4,5844091
OOsbrAine's Mother LoveAdult (f)4,1274553
a1GkDAine's Radio Ga Ga CBAdult (f)3,6743731
PCtqWAine's Bohemian RhapsodyAdult (m)4,2446150
stjLUAine's Great Big Sea CBAdult (m)4,0354911
iPKHPAine's Sea of No Cares CBAdult (m)3,7724701
L65IqAine's Fortunes Favor CBAdult (f)3,9814851
c8YWOAine's Something Beautiful CBAdult (f)3,6864761
3GqeAine's Hot Aire CBAdult (m)2,31430616
kG7tRAine's Up and AwayAdult (m)3,8573721
5H4mfAine's MylarAdult (m)3,1334751
qVKzzAine's Beautiful Balloon PBAdult (f)3,4714521
BCDoeAine's DirigibleAdult (m)4,2234292
UJUMrAine's Zeppelin CBAdult (m)5,4996622
LIzKnAine's Airship CBAdult (f)4,5926431
k8Yxz(k8Yxz)Adult (m)3,4545612
1WFydAine's War and Peace CBAdult (m)4,7785282
mhCr8Aine's Sense and Sensibility CBAdult (f)4,8325381
Khi8hAine's Crime and Punishment CBAdult (m)5,6491,0964
tYkn5Aine's Life and Death CBAdult (m)6,0935371
pO0AqAine's Mischief and Mayhem CBAdult (m)3,4165981
jlLcqAine's Memory and Dream CBAdult (f)3,5078352
ntuF8Aine's Sand GullAdult (f)3,6184173
uzn5UAine's Sand Glider CBAdult (f)3,8213691
ac9KAine's Black FuryAdult (f)2,40940429
7FHUAine's SableAdult (f)3,22242025
YLBNhAine's Night WingAdult (f)2,9447404
HdyQfAine's Midnight ScreamAdult (m)2,4824812
nbfg5Aine's Night VisionAdult (m)3,6095172
iw3NTAine's Falling DarknessAdult (f)3,3134603
km7J0Aine's Darkness LingersAdult (m)2,7804572
L76neAine's Dance with DarknessAdult (f)3,7713991
KeAJNAine's Autumn NightAdult (m)4,7145530
GzhnjAine's Shadow in the DarkAdult (m)3,9665983
KKByDAine's Queen of DarknessAdult (f)4,2254522
AbxmUAine's Night BladeAdult (m)3,9284811
6pjzbAine's Midnight GardenAdult (m)3,2743994
PofpRAine's Darkness before DawnAdult (f)4,1464621
W4hrAAine's Dark NessAdult (f)4,4424083
iOwJeAine's Dark MessAdult (f)4,2224302
UyF0fAine's Dark Paradise PBAdult (m)1,8184994
tYbDpAine's Black 'n GoldAdult (m)1,8564934
mZStgAine's Black is the new Black CBAdult (m)4,5025884
YtckbAine's Black Shimmers TooAdult (f)2,9774433
oAIpqAine's Dark LilyAdult (f)2,9025482
VRLUdAine's Scream into the Void CBAdult (m)3,4075951
ItCdGAine's Black as Ink CBAdult (f)3,9526371
Q5NtPAine's Hella's Belle PB6Adult (f)3,7394841
uCgEdAine's Black Void PB2Adult (m)3,0035081
DOOeSAine's Belle's Void PB7Adult (f)3,4314811
7VCRsAine's Dark Kiss SAL4Adult (f)3,4634972
vKRNEAine's Voided LilyAdult (f)3,2895071
HdvnvAine's Dark OdysseyAdult (f)3,2964981
fo1SDAine's Gilded ScreamAdult (f)3,4455682
f5F9LAine's Sea of InkAdult (f)3,5675771
AdraE(AdraE)Adult (f)3,2995271
ultk7(ultk7)Adult (f)3,8065332
h9fvD(h9fvD)Adult (f)3,2104976
Y7Ynj(Y7Ynj)Adult (m)3,2374821
AbopD(AbopD)Adult (f)2,7714251
Oxap9(Oxap9)Adult (f)3,5255302
B3yag(B3yag)Adult (f)3,5923902
vbmBO(vbmBO)Adult (f)4,2514662
UoZvAine's ToothlessAdult (m)1,69929122
0UAYAine's Dark WarriorAdult (m)1,95535916
W87ZmAine's Black ThornAdult (m)3,1485402
Lukn6Aine's Black LilyAdult (f)2,8584982
mnj6m(mnj6m)Adult (m)3,3334284
2KZYMAine's Dark SecretAdult (m)3,70456612
OMVm6Aine's Mary JaneAdult (f)2,4195065
aJKbrAine's Tootsie PopAdult (m)3,7175973
QwMHwAine's Peanutbutter TaffyAdult (m)2,7555363
5YAORAine's DotsAdult (f)2,5968031
WqF9P(WqF9P)Adult (m)4,4658241
Ecfja(Ecfja)Adult (m)3,0736231
Fs0bG(Fs0bG)Adult (f)2,8628743
qyQ9B(qyQ9B)Adult (m)4,1473652
8UpASAine's Tea Rose CBAdult (f)7,7217283
HSC2zAine's Earl GreyAdult (m)3,7614043
pLJuqAine's Prince of Wales CBAdult (m)2,4706302
v5B0jAine's AssamAdult (m)3,5424081
Z32PMAine's DarjeelingAdult (f)3,0604401
aN6lSAine's ChamomileAdult (f)3,1744301
NjDfwAine's PekoeAdult (m)3,3944611
uqlo8Aine's Tension TamerAdult (m)2,7294841
Gl7xCAine's NilgiriAdult (f)4,3934082
ByJ1tAine's Russian Caravan CBAdult (m)6,9921,1781
7sXCbAine's Golden AssamAdult (f)3,7255672
bMcvaAine's Perigord CBAdult (m)5,0357003
sRofJAine's Black Diamond CBAdult (f)6,7399077
b314AAine's Melanosporum PBAdult (m)5,0186934
4qYZuAine's Perigord Diamond PBAdult (f)5,0996983
eLmfeAine's La Truffe Noire CBAdult (f)3,5235662
g1kfYAine's La Diamant Noir CBAdult (f)5,2547212
tH4JzBTF1CBAdult (f)4,8546302
3Ki4FBTF2CBAdult (f)2,9514925
XZj99BTM1CBAdult (m)3,2125911
exV9mBTF3CBAdult (f)3,4485822
kXbwaBTF4CBAdult (f)3,8086086
hZ36GBTM1PB2GAdult (m)3,6625716
kbX3MBTM2PB2GAdult (m)3,6015913
dx85HAine's Oreo CBAdult (m)3,4744203
XbmYrAine's Chips AhoyAdult (f)3,7734422
hNt6j(hNt6j)Adult (f)3,6055711
pC0WG(pC0WG)Adult (m)3,1166271
G9ulc(G9ulc)Adult (m)3,3756521
iFzDI(iFzDI)Adult (m)4,8431,0495
yGTBB(yGTBB)Adult (f)3,7325671
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