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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Lady of B'sini,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
3774nAeon Ticker cbAdult (f)2,9147438
SuxLwJessica AeonAdult (f)5,5649607
9IjjuJiju Aeon cbAdult (f)4,8337783
xPiaVPivax AeonAdult (f)3,9985923
x7U2vUvex AeonAdult (m)4,0526861
RRa1UUrra AeonAdult (m)4,4226442
GuiUdGuidu AeonAdult (f)4,3956231
gR5BgBagger AeonAdult (m)3,0986622
HiE5pPhie Aeon cbAdult (m)3,0036372
GHSOqmania AeriasAdult (m)2,8086413
Rp3fRLula AeriasAdult (f)2,5576800
Qfxc5Jonial AeriasAdult (m)2,6067452
HOu9qFiona AetherAdult (f)1,8297151
yaUuJAsia AetherAdult (f)2,6826473
u6VJnChristof AetherAdult (m)2,6205953
QL2jbAsh AetherAdult (m)2,6406440
AFGeVFagen AetherAdult (m)2,4538082
giu8Opalescent Prince cbAdult (m)1,4817655
Sf30Albino Dreamer cbAdult (m)1,4784423
F46SAlbino SummerAdult (m)1,0405123
kY4qMy Albino LoveAdult (f)1,4397746
nJjJPGreasy Kid StuffAdult (m)4,0784301
tTgK6Peek-A-Boo Lou cbAdult (m)5,5775671
55OT7Prince of WailsAdult (m)3,5384580
Brg98Princess DyanneAdult (f)3,9874442
iCu49My Albino BabyAdult (f)5,5441,0311
BUW7VVabuwAdult (f)4,5221,1882
mF1h7Sunsong BroethiaAdult (f)2,7887051
BBQSAlbino BansheeHatchling (F)9094783
x5PgdAlmeraid Lizbet cbAdult (f)2,8307571
74gdtAlmerald Ruby cbAdult (f)2,8237312
JkzBZAlmerald Tanzinite cbAdult (m)2,8977242
RPVngAlmerald Basalt cbAdult (m)3,0677170
VZ7X5Almerald Rhodium cbAdult (m)3,0107120
GvOjUAlmerald CobaltAdult (m)3,9376471
xNt8oJosiah Almerald cbAdult (m)3,0737131
ldPZfZra Cavi AlmeraldAdult (m)2,7697222
t6MUPLillia AlmeraldAdult (f)3,3455790
FAkmbAmiable Abbie Anagolis cbAdult (f)2,3247195
sxrC8Sunshine Betty Anagallis cbAdult (f)2,1707033
GcGwelair Loving Anadallis cbAdult (f)2,3106692
2H2OPSoul Of Peace Angallis cbAdult (m)2,5566843
xyNS6Sky Diver Anagallis cbAdult (m)2,3097183
rR2BJStretch Anagallis cbAdult (m)3,5727101
3BzLxArgon Anagallis cbAdult (m)3,2577301
93d0pAmber  Anagallis cbAdult (f)2,9757341
rVDziSweet Willie Anagallis cbAdult (m)3,4897111
FyiWASpaceman  Bill Anagallis cbAdult (m)3,5327251
aZffgLacey Anagallis cbAdult (f)4,0297181
aqaQPArian Anagallis cbAdult (m)3,4087181
Xl4ABHildy Anagalis cbAdult (f)3,4587500
BaWEHBahwe Anagallis cbAdult (m)3,3257401
reT3iSunny Angallis cbAdult (f)3,2306642
87Mj9Anna Anagallis cbAdult (f)3,7327914
lD5JRAmiable AnagalisAdult (f)3,6237692
wokbQBBQ Wok Earl cbAdult (m)3,0777042
3gxTMPlayful MantuanaAdult (f)4,6333982
YApO3Freaky AnagallisAdult (m)2,9467331
8CtC1Frida AnagalisAdult (f)2,9377442
B7JyMRogere AnagallisAdult (m)2,4307111
aZxYNRocky AnagallisAdult (m)2,9637020
fsY6vANTEIRA ANAGALISAdult (f)2,4894511
hQBhQHarry AnagalisAdult (m)2,3555331
82KzwMalcom Antarean cbAdult (m)3,1387152
6nl20Charlene Anterean cbAdult (f)3,1897061
ekXTeMarshall Antarean cbAdult (m)3,3717322
Zt1LJAnterean Crafter cbAdult (m)2,7297582
P396BAnterean Philosopher cbAdult (m)2,7807451
PmqI3Anterean Friend cbAdult (m)3,1697351
2uZhRAnterean Shadow cbAdult (m)3,0317221
KXYopAnterean Stinger 1 cbAdult (f)2,9677311
yVa9qAnterean Divinity cbAdult (f)2,7977341
GIWClAnterean Pretender cbAdult (m)2,7527231
lvCkoAnterean Lady of Mystery cbAdult (f)2,2346822
fsevpAnterean World Myst cbAdult (m)2,9677421
hj317Anterean Mystery cbAdult (f)2,0135571
VYIBtMystery of the AntereansAdult (f)2,8296361
V90hJModelous Anterean cbAdult (f)2,4986961
pX4cmBetsey Anterean cbAdult (f)3,2897571
etIZTEszit AntereanAdult (m)2,6056874
BGhKfZra Tiberius AntereanAdult (m)2,6257113
6XuhpPinata WitchscaleAdult (m)2,9707031
YOUBpBuyob AntereanAdult (m)2,5807063
iFDYfEdify Anterean cbAdult (m)3,1714311
FMyumYumyum FumyumAdult (f)3,5324880
FOaOrRoofa AntereanAdult (m)2,9127591
n5rJORojon AntereanAdult (m)2,5497021
xCIZzCizzix AntereanAdult (f)2,7297041
N2xGLNigel AntereanAdult (m)2,3347111
z6ZItAriana AqualisAdult (f)2,6764560
bN3DxSabrina AqualisAdult (f)3,1814920
pgqEGBenji AqualisAdult (m)3,0564760
vkE07Valkire AqualisAdult (m)2,6194460
CKXgFAriel AqualisAdult (f)2,6924991
uiz5ZJenia AqualisAdult (f)2,7825100
31nm6(31nm6)Adult (m)2,6206761
HFl0F(HFl0F)Adult (f)2,6707551
wtbmXMerlin ArcanaAdult (m)2,8308082
NUz23Gisela ArcanaAdult (f)2,4528061
8nd17Greythorn ArcanaAdult (m)2,6168033
SysSbJontor ArcanaAdult (f)2,6528021
aYF8Kandy Kane PrincessAdult (f)3,50197084
sGgiKandi KissesAdult (f)2,19567723
jeDhPink PagodaAdult (f)2,7891,33216
Zpy2She's Pretty in PinkAdult (f)1,6068025
NiTXePink Extended cbAdult (f)1,9987273
KC0apAlexandra Aria cbAdult (f)3,0716791
ufRaHPink Persuasion cbAdult (f)2,5627071
YWx4WPink memories cbAdult (f)2,5467001
mh2L3Lady of Distinction cbAdult (f)1,9416311
p3Nx0Pink Baby of Mine cbAdult (f)3,0476111
hY6c7Pavarotti Aria cbAdult (m)3,2426221
SfIsIPink Aria cbAdult (f)3,4256152
PpnhIGeoffrey Aria cbAdult (m)3,1636151
lsvfGAnn Uther Arias cbAdult (f)3,1386511
v4oLqGold N Silver AriaAdult (m)4,3197111
cqVMFBlushing Aria cbAdult (m)2,5606651
lp7wsPink Vision cbAdult (f)2,9247770
zoXNmMoxzia AriaAdult (f)3,5237791
0kDrpDorky AriaAdult (f)2,8406502
XVkRdVector Aria cbAdult (m)2,3207021
sDZmvMarino AriaAdult (m)2,6296771
S6nvOSunov Aria cbAdult (f)3,6114452
BjPn1Pink Dancing GirlAdult (f)2,0107071
1e7QBSheena AriasAdult (f)2,8475060
AdIpIPsi Key Lily cbAdult (f)5,0704180
qmIFUUnder a Spell of Friendship cbAdult (f)4,0974110
mgSQ1Anne of Kough cbAdult (f)2,1707483
oDb8qInkydo AshAdult (f)1,9677550
pd79WMervin AshAdult (m)1,9017751
3GEtcElana AshAdult (f)1,9847561
BqD5CMorgan AshAdult (m)2,0187891
FN8bhMorgana AshAdult (f)2,6734770
gJmhU(gJmhU)Adult (f)2,7377410
qu5SRFlight PlannerAdult (m)2,2167031
PrTDmAleah AveaAdult (f)2,2006963
iQ2ogAda AveaAdult (f)2,5087372
Ydzp4(Ydzp4)Adult (m)2,3436842
5aWMt(5aWMt)Adult (m)2,5306830
xA5Bm(xA5Bm)Adult (m)2,6397371
E8kLAMariah Glacewing cbAdult (f)2,6597242
VhPNGPentar Glacewing cbAdult (f)2,8496731
Mm0hPMomph Glacewing cbAdult (f)2,2896301
temlgGimlet Glacewing cbAdult (m)2,81771913
EUAmbAmbue Glacewing cbAdult (f)3,07172010
oQTorTammy Hoag GlacewingAdult (f)2,4967221
18opLHemmingway GlacewingAdult (m)3,1536293
YqKCSYacqui Azure Glacewing cbAdult (m)3,2246043
86k8VSherwood Glacewing cbAdult (m)3,2366783
8Pn2ITheopolis Glacewing cbAdult (m)2,2706311
fzTT9Azure Blue glacewingAdult (m)3,0765340
cDXvCIkla TurmiAdult (f)2,6647012
IpjJPHigh Jump Baikala cbAdult (m)3,4547911
KFF2iLula Baikala cbAdult (f)3,4277991
pvp8VPopvika Baikala cbAdult (f)3,1857821
07H2gHigh Jumping Lula BaikalaAdult (f)2,7667132
2ivPoSamsung Singsum Baikala cbAdult (m)3,1334122
WVpI8Billy BaikalaAdult (m)1,9886571
nKPWRoly Poly Baby cbAdult (f)8426803
DBoRHigh Faloatin' Idees cbAdult (f)6214524
YUW8My Helios cbAdult (f)9776919
BDMHBasking  in the SkyAdult (m)9647004
24e4DBouncing Baby GirlAdult (f)3,5764012
kQG9sBelly Up Betty cbAdult (f)3,4995191
W41EEWee William cbAdult (m)3,4975101
rm9LPFelicia BallooncbAdult (m)2,4426691
5cvTCGhandi Bauta cbAdult (m)4,9877591
M9AEDSerena Bauta cbAdult (f)5,3277542
ryvQzBudda Bauta cbAdult (m)4,9097512
90tP5Serenity Bauta cbAdult (f)4,6427892
QZBjQSerendipity Bauta cbAdult (f)4,5337724
WBHi2Theresa Bauta cbAdult (f)4,5787662
4CPtUMartin Luther Bauta cbAdult (m)4,8597651
QgIfBYesua Bauta cbAdult (m)5,1233811
dnL2LJhau BautacbAdult (m)5,1099203
YP9OzYanna and Anna BautaAdult (f)2,6258051
ZrKMuMoe and Joe BautaAdult (m)3,2225431
qUs0wAreth and Ariel BautaAdult (f)4,1824750
FKUKaTim and Jim BautaAdult (m)2,5827090
dttTdDittitox BautaAdult (f)2,2237100
cqD4QMy Tei Marr cbAdult (m)2,0346951
BCzecZeccib cbAdult (m)4,9401,0871
Hsh9QQ'hash cbAdult (m)4,8671,0271
EBRLWBrelow cbAdult (m)4,4501,0922
rna0pPamo cbAdult (f)4,0001,2191
uttTjLittle Miss Shrimp Diver cbAdult (f)3,2949061
mjSssBig Daddy Telmar cbAdult (m)3,4067621
MFVWJDancing Black tip cbAdult (m)3,0447212
eZEeLady Jessicca's Hero cbAdult (m)4,6461,08266
gAAgEbony Flights of FancyAdult (f)1,90252447
CYBOMy Midnight NinjaAdult (m)2,3571,2478
ahNvMandarin NinjaAdult (m)1,74043257
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