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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Lady Victorian,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
y4pEMerlin and MordredAdult (m)1,4371,0273
XL0NMag and MorganaAdult (f)1,3789653
JqrSRaz and KazAdult (m)1,4701,0275
kRMuRoxie and VelmaAdult (f)1,44993824
D7YABella and DarlaAdult (f)3,8891,1206
tZW9Kiko and KiraAdult (f)3,9771,2845
WaahIsis and HeraAdult (f)2,5261,03211
G9e1Sky and RiverAdult (f)2,4361,0705
md3OHenry and DannyAdult (m)4,4904316
0MxMSabastian BucksAdult (m)2,9651,30931
5OKkEdward Scissor WingsAdult (m)5,3561,44623
J3VuLV Helena Bonham CarterAdult (f)3,8198762
KVA2NefradotalisAdult (f)4,4621,2416
cHhjMyka HartAdult (f)1,4899786
IEMl(IEMl)Adult (f)6,1971,4699
0CO6(0CO6)Adult (f)5,4551,2759
1R5dAir Ship CaptainAdult (m)1,2709108
f4sUHindenbergAdult (m)2,5149867
QTNlEquinoxus NightwingAdult (m)1,9611,0029
3k5GSolorian NightwisngAdult (m)1,4861,0228
NEURObsidian StarlaAdult (f)1,2448933
DfFKFathaveirAdult (m)3,23658511
kukCNightwing StarlightAdult (m)1,0837995
jGtbFirst Class Ellen RipleyAdult (f)2,0281,2408
dA43Our Darkest EraAdult (m)2,0357273
OQQuLV Moonlight SonataAdult (f)3,1081,0106
sK7fSancta TerraAdult (f)2,8248832
JAMOFalling From GraceAdult (m)4,4421,46620
Q9TBLV NightwishAdult (f)2,3439617
nfWMBlack and Silver MemoriesAdult (f)5,03790613
EpkUShadows Fall NersusAdult (m)2,7635993
LrbGAsher  de TemporisAdult (m)8,9499539
FgvqBlack Magic NersusAdult (f)6,6609172
3cJYNepenthe McArthur IsfelAdult (f)6,2817907
GjmhNepenthe KirjavaAdult (m)6,2027896
p2e8QValcona NersusAdult (f)2,7659803
aT6bLV Wish I Had An AngelHatchling (f, F)1,67455437
oIBuLV Century ChildHatchling (F)1,70219020
RGEKLV End of All HopeHatchling (f, F)1,94477226
liPPElvenpathHatchling (f, F)2,9102069
gSenLV WishmasterHatchling (f, F)2,9285575
qrnfLV The SirenHatchling (f, F)1,9775316
LIRWLV NemoHatchling (F)7681655
uD61LV RomanticideHatchling (F)1,0802338
cKDELV AmaranthHatchling (m, F)1,59131515
JPvgLV OceanbornHatchling (f, F)1,3937227
Y3JCLV ImaginariumHatchling (m, F)3,4486461
ofvjLV Sleeping SunHatchling (f, F)2,84554112
6Y1GLV Passion and the OperaHatchling (F)4,3879038
FKNxNox ValconAdult (m)1,1467697
7noEEbony NightAdult (f)4,7321,2588
60IhGutten NachtAdult (m)5,0861,2729
tELpAlabaster DawnAdult (m)3,2571,0487
Z5ebSiren's MidnightAdult (f)2,8889131
vC1ZEnya NersusAdult (f)3,3779276
AV8MMidnight's EdenHatchling (F)6912197
aug6(aug6)Adult (f)5,1471,1478
SO0u(SO0u)Adult (f)5,6451,40013
oboD(oboD)Adult (m)2,7118823
SFoR(SFoR)Adult (f)4,2761,0995
9T3N(9T3N)Adult (f)4,5831,1527
lY8M(lY8M)Adult (m)4,4139879
diI7(diI7)Hatchling (f, F)1,9794775
fb32eAdamarusAdult (f)3,1939358
Mk1t(Mk1t)Adult (f)5,1861,31111
G3aX(G3aX)Adult (m)4,7411,26411
fMOP(fMOP)Adult (m)5,0261,0067
T09P(T09P)Adult (f)2,4637591
7YfH9(7YfH9)Adult (f)3,4441,1413
aYn6(aYn6)Adult (f)3,8541,20915
HccU(HccU)Adult (m)2,4321,0563
2LbePepper the JackAdult3,1481,12627
ql5KCheddar the Mouse TamerAdult3,3419584
bOvBMunster the MonsterAdult2,1407964
m5gFTiki Chick ChickAdult (f)3,7498546
jMuKLV Ghost of ChristmasAdult (m)4,1251,37521
l60ZLV The Holly KingAdult (m)3,3101,21810
J881Winter's Silver BellsAdult (f)2,4261,02518
eZQTSnow White Winter's DreamAdult (f)2,9371,18815
latCScarlet ChristmasAdult (f)3,6497411
vtMXNoel's Winter GraceAdult (f)3,6817392
sJIKk(sJIKk)Adult (m)5,2871,0263
Hpocf(Hpocf)Adult (m)4,2571,0971
SJOYn(SJOYn)Adult (m)3,6191,1371
cpFcc(cpFcc)Adult (m)3,6481,1262
bWfL(bWfL)Adult (f)1,2434131
skOh(skOh)Adult (m)6,3001,1774
ts2E(ts2E)Adult (f)6,2841,2205
Jn0q(Jn0q)Adult (m)2,52387524
7Uj4(7Uj4)Adult (f)3,2271,04327
Y0uT(Y0uT)Adult (m)6,84884511
8gli(8gli)Adult (m)6,8938686
7osu(7osu)Adult (f)6,8468474
d19L(d19L)Adult (f)5,5218863
EjZP(EjZP)Adult (m)4,5847625
TCNp(TCNp)Adult (m)4,7778135
arrO(arrO)Adult (m)5,3587827
C8FH(C8FH)Adult (f)5,5977873
l6OT(l6OT)Adult (f)4,2784594
CYM5SIvy LavonAdult (f)7,1841,6007
cQ0Eo(cQ0Eo)Adult (m)3,1579903
Hwym(Hwym)Adult (f)1,8641,3357
bKP5(bKP5)Adult (f)1,0487224
kAmm(kAmm)Adult (m)4,6471,3405
k6jE(k6jE)Adult (m)2,55551719
a2WI(a2WI)Adult (f)2,43883412
YlSV(YlSV)Adult (f)3,2739778
CS9m(CS9m)Adult (m)1,9711,3107
OJdR(OJdR)Adult (f)1,3289446
PSpZ(PSpZ)Adult (m)1,9391,1927
vQHe(vQHe)Adult (m)4,3937905
2PHD(2PHD)Adult (m)3,9659255
4KUY(4KUY)Adult (f)5,7468035
2sPE(2sPE)Hatchling (F)51516211
ZenX(ZenX)Adult (m)4,3811,36314
lNu6(lNu6)Adult (f)4,0341,26311
2UhXDame DobermanAdult (f)3,4526473
W93QDolly DobermanAdult (f)3,4586521
7pq7Herr DobermanAdult (m)5,3139083
bOR5Coraline DobermanAdult (f)3,2196634
6cmSLolita DobermanAdult (f)3,8196502
cVBtGregory DobermanAdult (m)3,7886271
MCgLTherian DobermanAdult (m)4,2307073
dYQYBlack and BurnAdult (m)4,2537064
EaWsHanz DobermanAdult (m)5,5828053
42KKHertz DobermanAdult (m)5,7668024
qpjaAlexia DobermanAdult (f)4,4066531
WUUMIdas DobermanAdult (f)7,58890614
rZB0Cormille DobermanAdult (m)7,3298602
0Lvd(0Lvd)Adult (f)7,7698606
QgTL(QgTL)Adult (f)7,4691,09514
g0tY(g0tY)Adult (m)8,0479665
Zuv0Barkley DobermanAdult (m)6,6741,1663
52g5Lillianna DobermanAdult (f)6,1817511
34reHathorn DobermanAdult (m)6,6119125
5emlDontus DobermanAdult (m)7,0158985
DD8D(DD8D)Adult (f)3,3669027
4nhS(4nhS)Adult (m)3,9508433
Nmtf(Nmtf)Adult (m)3,6767284
s86MSingular SensationAdult (f)4,4109686
Ks9v(Ks9v)Adult (m)3,7671,0705
ZSp6(ZSp6)Adult (f)4,6931,2916
iFav(iFav)Adult (m)4,7111,2918
3sKE(3sKE)Adult (f)4,2199385
gnOP(gnOP)Hatchling (m, F)1,26583218
VTSGMy Victorian GentalmanAdult (m)2,2397018
9Lb1(9Lb1)Adult (m)1,1814942
L4C1(L4C1)Adult (f)5,27295710
a7efMy Victorian GentryAdult (m)1,4664797
8g3f(8g3f)Adult (m)2,2946513
0PW3(0PW3)Adult (f)2,2826395
DASS(DASS)Adult (f)1,8765901
D2CfMy Victorian LadyAdult (f)1,8566242
kuJl(kuJl)Adult (f)1,9546081
ucJI(ucJI)Adult (m)2,1896945
6J7p(6J7p)Adult (f)2,3966522
TVts(TVts)Adult (f)7,1721,1605
RToi(RToi)Adult (m)7,1781,1675
XeIM(XeIM)Adult (f)6,2551,1804
DWcI(DWcI)Adult (f)3,4306946
SNbR(SNbR)Adult (f)4,2807073
g2X6(g2X6)Adult (m)5,7277803
Xl5I(Xl5I)Adult (m)1,92681418
X9nX(X9nX)Adult (f)1,5928936
ZW8q(ZW8q)Adult (f)4,9731,3929
V8A1(V8A1)Adult (f)1,6801,0859
5sp7C(5sp7C)Adult (m)2,8789275
MUTt0Sapphire Tragic EndingAdult (f)2,7549681
hJEUP(hJEUP)Adult (m)3,1111,0122
cF2qAries DanteAdult (f)1,89880016
1f2Z(1f2Z)Adult (f)1,3579517
SxLT(SxLT)Adult (f)1,1867915
7LU1(7LU1)Adult (f)4,9271,2127
dLkT(dLkT)Adult (m)2,9679443
lMpJ(lMpJ)Adult (f)5,4631,4148
m669(m669)Hatchling (m, F)1,3475813
s5WvH(s5WvH)Adult (m)3,5719715
U3NWLV Jack the Pumpkin KingAdult (m)2,9109034
6d4jLV Jack O'LanternAdult (m)2,8808863
oP2GPumpkin Sweetie PieAdult (f)2,7076925
nRt8LenorAdult (f)2,6106753
AbidDrake Von DartAdult (m)2,6236811
QKURMortisha Adam'sAdult (f)2,6836821
Rv8ouNocturne MortisAdult (m)3,2471,1994
nvWdBLV Nightmare Before ChristmasAdult (m)3,9431,3723
kdAkNHollow WeenAdult (f)3,8711,3372
aLe8YCT Crimson WingsAdult (m)3,8891,3483
LFH0BMisery MortisAdult (m)3,8511,3684
a4XSWLV Haunted HalloweenAdult (m)3,9181,3751
RGtnQShadow's NachtAdult (f)3,9061,3853
X16Q5Avalon's Veil of MistAdult (m)3,8261,3482
jsjtfPhantom TWAdult (m)3,3201,2233
oO4GPWitche's SpellAdult (f)3,9601,3753
tu5TRShadows LandAdult (f)2,3921,0481
v4da6LV Forever NightAdult (f)2,5251,0951
ijWeUWendigo MoonlightAdult (f)2,3421,0585
qZ0uLLenor the RavenAdult (f)1,5527771
f9dkHLV HP LovecraftAdult (m)1,4467411
2nosKEdger Alen PoeAdult (m)1,4477412
tCu4(tCu4)Adult (f)3,4346591
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