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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Lady Crazy,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
mGJ5(mGJ5)Adult (f)93042225
mNDx(mNDx)Adult (m)87141529
G375(G375)Adult (m)64542625
vT82(vT82)Adult (f)68344228
S3gl(S3gl)Adult (f)6,54489113
Qu8v(Qu8v)Adult (m)1,1087804
h9QY(h9QY)Adult (m)8736195
AM2p(AM2p)Adult (m)5,46084212
Bp3o(Bp3o)Adult (f)4,02998511
pK6s(pK6s)Adult (f)2,7161,5558
FKM7(FKM7)Adult (m)2,6261,5165
kCcK(kCcK)Adult (f)7795234
NUxY(NUxY)Adult (m)9076424
RNb2(RNb2)Adult (f)7855960
uu7F(uu7F)Adult (m)1,3089421
rVbK(rVbK)Adult (f)65240638
m6YN(m6YN)Adult (f)68443732
KoW0(KoW0)Adult (m)67043123
MumR(MumR)Adult (f)59037133
UPU4(UPU4)Adult (m)7075520
flFW(flFW)Adult (f)1,1589120
mzwu(mzwu)Adult (m)7404941
2YsL(2YsL)Adult (m)1,3547603
MUyA(MUyA)Adult (f)1,0397333
SO1D(SO1D)Adult (f)7725911
lAmu(lAmu)Adult (m)80240525
Pt8B(Pt8B)Adult (m)9246585
ruZ0(ruZ0)Adult (f)1,1208751
Q2iY(Q2iY)Adult (m)7856030
7Sx2(7Sx2)Adult (m)55536425
eB86(eB86)Adult (f)6,58989413
9E3k(9E3k)Adult (m)2,11752621
4gMx(4gMx)Adult (f)1,86151015
Dpq7(Dpq7)Adult (m)1,5588613
86I7(86I7)Adult (f)6995470
RuSJ(RuSJ)Adult (m)7906110
WxYy(WxYy)Adult (m)6,51089011
Lxtl(Lxtl)Adult (f)3,89244011
Ajgp(Ajgp)Adult (m)1,5558583
Pd1h(Pd1h)Adult (m)5,4478389
RZjn(RZjn)Adult (f)4,02756712
WGuz(WGuz)Adult (f)2,3336178
5vLd(5vLd)Adult (m)2,3691,3856
Ifyc(Ifyc)Adult (m)6,63289619
s3uw(s3uw)Adult (f)9694613
HUGP(HUGP)Adult (m)1,1699031
Naki(Naki)Adult (m)68044234
Ap7m(Ap7m)Adult (f)4,8521,17010
4zGy(4zGy)Adult (f)2,6411,5259
hOD2(hOD2)Adult (f)1,0288020
EX0m(EX0m)Adult (m)1,0167870
lxiC(lxiC)Adult (f)6374691
fP79(fP79)Adult (f)6715344
vwEJ(vwEJ)Adult (m)1,2258921
PvqX(PvqX)Adult (f)1,22042223
QC4n(QC4n)Adult (m)67242128
Lun0(Lun0)Adult (f)61939130
PqVa(PqVa)Adult (m)2,41367011
Ah16(Ah16)Adult (m)2,04367410
oGJK(oGJK)Adult (m)2,07538317
YCBP(YCBP)Adult (m)5,60790311
CIfm(CIfm)Adult (m)4,8641,1726
cdVI(cdVI)Adult (f)9884764
uXjJ(uXjJ)Adult (m)7616010
MzCU(MzCU)Adult (f)5,04673517
8RpS(8RpS)Adult (m)2,6171,5197
MlnJ(MlnJ)Adult (m)1,0718270
kIz9(kIz9)Adult (f)6594791
WudH(WudH)Adult (f)7035550
LlJN(LlJN)Adult (f)6965471
cBRD(cBRD)Adult (f)9126463
9phs(9phs)Adult (m)1,0787852
MgDu(MgDu)Adult (f)1,0927734
eSq2(eSq2)Adult (f)1,1288911
EZhm(EZhm)Adult (f)1,1738502
7N1q(7N1q)Adult (m)1,3749793
Bvfp(Bvfp)Adult (f)1,0568290
lu7d(lu7d)Adult (f)63840337
wkt6(wkt6)Adult (f)9255945
NWox(NWox)Adult (m)1,0957705
HvG9(HvG9)Adult (m)6755345
meJK(meJK)Adult (m)1,0037074
BsSe(BsSe)Adult (f)1,0898530
RJMr(RJMr)Adult (m)7886110
7qsS(7qsS)Adult (f)4,04156412
gb5o(gb5o)Adult (m)1,9226109
JcHM(JcHM)Adult (m)1,5438543
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