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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Labyrinthian,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
k9a0hUmenolthAdult (f)8,0405502
SFtn6(SFtn6)Adult (f)4,8689541
ciLt5(ciLt5)Adult (f)4,3049440
afR2w(afR2w)Adult (f)2,9756881
5vNtEAldreonthAdult (m)7,6591,3705
JJxQ0Creation's SinAdult (f)7,9347713
DxU9e(DxU9e)Adult (m)6,4359683
nrLY6Erik SpellAdult (m)7,3981,27810
iJjpiHoly ChangeAdult (m)8,4707535
zlbFQPtero FlameAdult (f)9,02764714
zLmh6Edgar Allan ToeAdult (f)6,1479902
Hvl2jLord SongAdult (f)8,5538211
4DmlN(4DmlN)Adult (f)6,6131,0263
uF04EMournful LadyAdult (f)5,1878342
bV7TfRoguecastAdult (m)10,29372013
8fRDXShimmering HarbingerAdult (m)7,5968604
9sNmoRoguescalesAdult (m)9,8997593
L9jd1Basking HopeAdult (m)7,9137794
GFRbVGlistening SongAdult (m)6,4001,0247
rkvM4Glimmer-of-ColorAdult (m)6,3869866
HY2I0Altered DiamondAdult (m)6,6331,01514
l2gnCNighttime VisionsAdult (f)5,6939055
335EoEmpress DevastationAdult (f)8,3438316
NjAKJMetallic SpectreAdult (f)6,3921,1777
IWC8e(IWC8e)Adult (m)5,6789222
W2FwcFabled LeviosaAdult (m)7,4895578
DLao7Alpha  QuadrantAdult (f)5,0948941
c5kx5PenkscalesAdult (f)6,7949474
GrQ1ESilver Starlight of Gosland IIIAdult (m)6,9115049
j48jGSong of SunrayAdult (m)9,9706763
4VsOT(4VsOT)Adult (f)6,4118843
uVW8B(uVW8B)Adult (f)8,5817506
uMpomMournful LordAdult (m)5,3588985
gUOZQ(gUOZQ)Adult (m)5,4811,0654
aP0QTThe  Silver  MistressAdult (f)8,9847713
cqkXAThe  Silver  MasterAdult (m)10,1458074
IVWzjThe Silver GardenAdult (f)8,1337995
LPBY5The Silver GravestoneAdult (m)7,1838163
uReYHThe Silver SepulcherAdult (f)6,8128244
C9FplThe Silver SilenceAdult (m)7,3768167
ivfv2The Silver BearerAdult (f)7,4508654
52MZuThe Silver BegottenAdult (m)7,5088124
aVE78The Silver MartyrAdult (f)6,9448045
35Y0UThe Silver MacabreAdult (m)7,5947887
6UQ1wThe Silver ThiefAdult (f)5,6308703
smGTVThe Silver TyrantAdult (m)5,0281,0295
lPpzCThe Silver IllusionAdult (f)7,4098171
TUZCuThe Silver IncarnationAdult (m)7,8648292
H6VO6The Silver BenumbedAdult (f)5,9799573
ww4slThe Silver BereavementAdult (m)6,7727507
8rfUsThe Silver QuestAdult (f)9,6148141
yuCUpBronzed Triwings IVAdult (m)9,4698085
3TYajBean FartsalotAdult (m)3,1826522
dbCfMAxec MarruwAdult (f)6,4495540
vcM6bEkxoh Rcusb Thuwed IVAdult (f)5,96891015
YEAQLModest KohaiAdult (m)3,6875072
MtfMpValentinus DarthlingAdult (m)2,9457617
7gOcjFrozen Altered HeartAdult (m)7,7345313
REPS6Seriff Ai XingAdult (m)4,5997592
78OZpMiiliaAdult (f)6,1676645
nqCWL(nqCWL)Adult (f)4,2177902
EtyRT(EtyRT)Adult (m)4,1877843
TTJjFBuzzeroAdult (f)6,3945723
0W6k3(0W6k3)Adult (f)5,3476654
3Wi2YSpirkling ColorsAdult (f)6,6007057
kZX2K(kZX2K)Adult (m)4,6637974
o4i1D(o4i1D)Adult (m)5,9257374
eRBRuSeujkuc Seffoh Thuwed IIIAdult (m)6,6065836
89wfC(89wfC)Adult (m)4,1026711
DHun7Ekxoh Tehjuc Vad Thuwed IVAdult (m)6,0056770
IjRqXLingering ChallengerAdult (m)7,0336041
fzJpGO'  DeathAdult (m)6,5507275
S6fivWon't  you  spare  meAdult (m)4,8716913
vwJ9kover  another  yearAdult (m)3,5224450
4p0AtBut  what  is  this  thatAdult (m)7,2847125
RKcaiI  can't  see  -  withAdult (m)7,1777162
IPPEQice  cold  handsAdult (m)3,9587833
XF8Jntaking  holdAdult (m)5,1218044
x91Kxof  meAdult (m)5,9036324
V8YJ4When  God  is  goneAdult (m)5,1806682
z6OwWand  the  Devil  takes  holdAdult (f)5,3576642
fDXgTwho  will  have  mercyAdult (m)5,9286263
7WsOson  your  soulAdult (f)6,9485991
YV9RaNo  wealth  -  no  ruinAdult (m)4,5177563
MpdJUno  silver  -  no  goldAdult (f)5,6546392
Q1hhSNothing  satisfies  meAdult (m)4,4006373
GWfAobut  your  soulAdult (f)7,5805991
w6qCWWell  I  am  DeathAdult (m)4,9228005
fzsR7none  can  excelAdult (f)7,5445841
UGSsSI'll  open  the  doorAdult (m)6,3206102
xkIVPto  Heaven  or  HellAdult (f)3,9116922
SkEXXMy  name  is  DeathAdult (m)3,9927021
LppZqand  the  end  is  hereAdult (f)4,6045401
uNkfpJen TitusAdult (f)4,5475861
C4LIOHave  theAdult (m)6,4254681
S8SFmgates  of  deathAdult (f)3,7032571
lvN5Ibeen  opened  unto  theeAdult (m)6,5365751
QniHlor  hast  thou  seenAdult (f)5,3283873
riwL3the  doors  of  theAdult (m)5,7116410
hSH9Dshadow  of  deathAdult (f)4,3396372
TUX3lJob 38-17Adult (m)6,3635161
X6ZnJ(X6ZnJ)Adult (f)5,9305501
Cl0mC(Cl0mC)Adult (f)5,7225712
MteyR(MteyR)Adult (m)6,1735531
5MPbE(5MPbE)Adult (m)5,4215791
xGnB2Glowing CatastropheAdult (m)3,11069013
gLVAR(gLVAR)Adult (f)4,0517161
hNXQY(hNXQY)Adult (m)3,7137251
Dj26do Chill oAdult (f)5,4856276
5YQbjCelestial Red RubyAdult (f)5,9415372
0BVZD(0BVZD)Adult (m)7,7751,1324
04nWHNighttime GemAdult (m)6,9146064
YUGzy(YUGzy)Adult (m)5,3545989
VkM28(VkM28)Adult (f)5,6796391
RqF4YAshvasAdult (f)5,0646607
eGW9LIron AthenaAdult (f)7,0647435
FZ4GyGoworis Firesong of Gosland IIIAdult (f)5,2836871
lHp9ElntentionAdult (f)7,7345674
BBA3IImperial PreludeAdult (f)4,5284941
vZBZcGrande Ignis Thuwed IIIAdult (f)5,28666213
5DbTPbefore he can decayAdult (f)6,1216540
onOKJget him out the doorAdult (m)5,7376321
kVBax(kVBax)Adult (f)5,3896541
7B8hj(7B8hj)Adult (f)5,8607321
i9a3LHonored LuminescenceAdult (m)6,1847134
9wsKd(9wsKd)Adult (f)5,0976422
3HtkZ(3HtkZ)Adult (f)3,5834052
jkEXP(jkEXP)Adult (f)6,0026092
CDFr9(CDFr9)Adult (f)6,2935971
S9Yp2(S9Yp2)Adult (m)4,4297603
jh3u5(jh3u5)Adult (m)5,7326090
gzOieBlossom LunarisAdult (m)5,3988075
bySS9(bySS9)Adult (f)3,3167213
daoZ2(daoZ2)Adult (f)5,9086402
5KdRm(5KdRm)Adult (f)4,2368161
REGPe(REGPe)Adult (f)4,1758062
kHvOw(kHvOw)Adult (f)5,3506341
nCDQ0(nCDQ0)Adult (f)6,2406320
q0RZe(q0RZe)Adult (f)4,3253111
apjMN(apjMN)Adult (f)6,1248301
Jts5j(Jts5j)Adult (f)6,0914673
grjxf(grjxf)Adult (f)7,5146052
ECcXCPure MagicaAdult (f)4,7125821
uETKQ(uETKQ)Adult (m)6,7527774
NVqdNDesipis KissesAdult (m)6,8586981
lv1u6Just One More TimeAdult (m)6,1696570
TFlX5Sibia Slovakia LancheAdult (m)7,4936263
ha5TqMango EpsilonAdult (m)7,5285094
QdXj9(QdXj9)Adult (m)6,4464791
RXfkRCitrus  SweetsAdult (m)6,2595712
VOJLy(VOJLy)Adult (m)7,6476031
bmKsh(bmKsh)Adult (m)7,5605932
SE9Ja(SE9Ja)Adult (m)6,9695842
OeqFZMuwa Thuwed VIIAdult (m)5,1665481
3ZbzF(3ZbzF)Adult (m)5,6395741
Oq5YO(Oq5YO)Adult (f)2,9504793
YDQIj(YDQIj)Adult (f)6,3905831
YKjX0(YKjX0)Adult (m)4,4937692
fIQPK(fIQPK)Adult (m)3,3914242
8Hjby(8Hjby)Adult (f)4,4718514
5jc5h(5jc5h)Adult (f)5,7586082
dtv0W(dtv0W)Adult (f)6,1335921
dCZli(dCZli)Adult (f)7,9595402
3DDkH(3DDkH)Adult (f)8,0575473
FyGz4(FyGz4)Adult (f)7,4116082
clald(clald)Adult (f)6,4417001
nm69f(nm69f)Adult (f)5,6856282
hkGQW(hkGQW)Adult (f)6,6395682
GiWWAJeweled LunarisAdult (m)3,3844942
QrFsiMoonlight RosepetalsAdult (m)6,1406272
08HTkMoonlight  PetalsAdult (m)7,6295112
JJGyzname daddy 10Adult (f)5,2876232
kSfVTGifted Dreams of Gosland IIIAdult (m)2,8336436
hFJOc(hFJOc)Adult (m)3,5314441
C7o4b(C7o4b)Adult (f)7,4515683
hwckeMaikaraAdult (f)6,0947243
fzp3P(fzp3P)Adult (f)6,7101,1342
Q040w(Q040w)Adult (f)6,1531,1583
zQ30O(zQ30O)Adult (f)5,8931,0593
3PCoK(3PCoK)Adult (f)6,5158522
UxntPGolden CorvaAdult (f)5,7647204
xw6Kc(xw6Kc)Adult (m)3,2425351
dmQWa(dmQWa)Adult (m)5,4388342
209XK(209XK)Adult (m)5,8391,1781
FTKzH(FTKzH)Adult (m)5,8121,1731
Bpj1J(Bpj1J)Adult (m)6,1671,1932
m811k(m811k)Adult (m)4,2135123
tbloS(tbloS)Adult (m)5,2136932
oMc7h(oMc7h)Adult (m)5,0909773
j9qZV(j9qZV)Adult (m)7,0139162
VNVug(VNVug)Adult (m)6,4366962
AjWbK(AjWbK)Adult (m)3,9548599
Zxc9LPinkest PetalsAdult (m)7,7285422
RlFb1(RlFb1)Adult (f)5,3266314
wLgxw(wLgxw)Adult (f)5,9816254
qGvI0Angelic ElementsAdult (m)6,0836574
glsiYMelodious CarrotAdult (f)5,5698553
i48qB(i48qB)Adult (f)3,6285042
PleJS(PleJS)Adult (f)3,8855091
69ohV(69ohV)Adult (f)2,9576424
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