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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “LIttle-Star,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
voNYVQueen of the Dark HorizonsAdult (f)2,5278322
KjDZkThe Village of DwarvesAdult (f)4,8181,2774
2gA6NYasoukaAdult (m)7,0401,7686
Q2Z6OFall of the Master ShogunAdult (f)2,5519072
lGc4CSpill Blood on FireAdult (f)2,6288112
ngCNKSession de CarnadoeAdult (m)3,1419114
VJ6ctSpeedingAdult (f)1,5236950
BurPWAs If The World Wasn't EndingAdult (m)2,1557071
6Z1ZAFalls Back OnAdult (f)1,5976911
d8xm5Just FourAdult (f)1,4796521
vhlHBWindow ShopperAdult (f)1,5767081
lTiXDStealing from a ThiefAdult (f)2,4736514
cU2AdDaytime GirlAdult (f)2,0726721
Mnn9zSing a Song Each DayAdult (m)1,7736889
UsXA5All Moving PartsAdult (m)2,6607652
ca9fwMiracle MachineAdult (m)3,1777842
zJrOsCat's SquirrelAdult (f)4,2837031
jVhF8Nature SoundsAdult (m)4,7577041
zjZZnI'm a MarionetteAdult (m)2,2528172
UQnxDStill No AirAdult (m)1,6435181
u1on1CupajoeAdult (m)1,8066563
R0Nm0(R0Nm0)Adult (f)3,5358432
knW3IDisgracelandAdult (m)1,9148831
QvinvExpresso LoveAdult (m)3,2746220
NEzrFI Don't Want to Hear Any MoreAdult (f)3,1135962
5QsLbLet's Get This Party StartedAdult (f)3,1527852
EGOGlUnsaintedAdult (m)3,4219863
Q4slvWe Are Not Your KindAdult (m)3,1068181
NRS35She May BeAdult (f)3,4488722
Y4d4oLonely EverydayAdult (m)4,0579071
HMhhjWhen People TalkAdult (m)4,0199191
tJMO9Insert CoinAdult (m)3,5858492
R3DEFScattering the ashesAdult (f)4,5019071
D5uJLRoad FeverAdult (f)2,9467171
dc9ChCouldn't Make Her StayAdult (m)3,1247371
7c35CI Am Waking Up TodayAdult (f)9,2488961
dINp1Couple of DaysAdult (m)9,3238931
bR985And I Think You Like Me TooAdult (f)9,4569001
yDNNIHow Far This Can GoAdult (f)9,6738851
EjMMBAll Out LifeAdult (f)4,4279410
ZnOzmDance Off The DevilAdult (m)3,9219121
6U9iZColours Of FreedomAdult (m)3,4747481
gFQ30Metal Is for EveryoneAdult (m)2,9987501
XblW8Nero ForteAdult (m)2,2537061
OON6dHelmet in the BushAdult (f)3,1266611
XNdmACut in the MiddleAdult (m)4,6807571
iv4XTRed Socks and the Smell of TreesAdult (m)3,4418031
zsPg0Ain't Got Nothing BetterAdult (m)2,8266071
Gud6mWhere the Rain GrowsAdult (m)2,9086331
t45ZQSecret AlibiAdult (f)2,9946441
wnq4VStill We GoAdult (m)3,2397522
T3tuoLike A Sword Over DamoclesAdult (f)3,4478843
v2j6uA Crisis Of RevelationAdult (m)3,5897821
hMQOJKeelhauledAdult (m)2,3669492
qK4aIElgard's Green ValleysAdult (f)3,7771,1433
ipKIaDans le Sang et l'EncreAdult (m)3,1409492
71VAiTrolls in the DarkAdult (f)2,6218802
2UBUvA Sing Far BeyondAdult (m)3,1209201
pOWvETsuioku no JoukeiAdult (m)2,7869055
vQegTOnly The Broken HeartsAdult (f)2,1567112
UBuArShe Lets Her Hair DownAdult (m)2,2956021
xX8ISThere Are Colors All AroundAdult (m)1,68560411
qGpQVYour Spirit to MeAdult (m)3,5049798
VJK4TSilent AngelHatchling (f, F)2,3678591
kHZX0No Way Back Just ThroughAdult (m)3,4118831
DH8thFall Into Your HandsAdult (f)3,6447506
Obg6TFrom Dawn To DecadenceAdult (f)3,3647961
1oFxZ(1oFxZ)Adult (f)3,5897584
N3SY2Lost Not ForgottenAdult (m)2,3726641
ZQboxRefined By Your EmbraceAdult (m)3,7807831
TDoICNo More Cloudy DaysAdult (f)3,7997981
QdlAaYou CreateAdult (m)5,2058372
0YQnFIt Took Your LoveAdult (m)6,2948122
XYReDCamel's Night OutAdult (f)5,7937421
sVMgXAldhisslaAdult (f)4,0327492
HpuCeSince We Broke UpAdult (f)4,1768270
Ttw6lA World BeyondAdult (f)2,6976722
0TLVUU-Turn TimeAdult (m)3,6518612
GQPerWhere Would We Be NowAdult (m)5,1529053
278Ev(278Ev)Adult (m)2,98465412
PukB1(PukB1)Adult (f)3,3358553
yJwFNLate for the TrainAdult (f)2,8459421
J4q4sSitting Around at HomeAdult (f)2,8089184
SasE0You Say You Don't Love MeAdult (f)2,8448991
0AU2KYou Know You Can't Help ItAdult (f)2,8589231
RDQ3HSkin TightAdult (m)4,2429211
xaa1sYou Are on My MindAdult (m)4,2339124
GGj8XOnce or TwiceAdult (f)4,1258895
L4P4lNever Been in Love BeforeAdult (f)2,8287200
Lef4iAloha MamaAdult (f)3,1647602
S1qNwOnly Time Can Heal the WoundedAdult (f)2,0805470
CIKXmSet Your HeartAdult (f)2,9755220
qquBGSame Ol' StoryAdult (f)3,1996653
YSrQDRamble TambleAdult (m)3,2836252
pKDm4Silence in the SnowAdult (f)2,5206012
Ho7SlLes BoysAdult (m)3,0886151
kd5APTelegraph RoadAdult (f)3,1375830
u84cmPrivate InvestigationsAdult (m)3,1716110
6WgwxWhen All Light DiesAdult (m)3,9488792
QCG8gThe Answer Lies WithinAdult (m)4,9157371
ATCG2Long Road Out of EdenAdult (m)3,7657511
eDnqrFast CompanyAdult (f)3,7667962
JpO39ComaliesAdult (m)3,2416701
9sVMLTo Bring Me OutAdult (f)4,7456331
UFZRLStanding on RockAdult (f)4,3776891
rBraSWestern Ford GatewayAdult (m)3,9295572
Cp91FSong for LynetteAdult (m)4,5837421
37RokLogic of FreedomAdult (m)3,3078001
jw6dWWalk Away SlowlyAdult (f)5,9919143
asGFDHome in My HandAdult (f)3,0348290
nEJRANothin' I Won't DoAdult (m)3,0067161
oeqwRA Reason to FightAdult (m)4,4829532
r1mx3Masters of LightAdult (m)4,2531,0202
PcoYzLatin LightningAdult (f)3,1886861
IiCLoMovin' Down LifeAdult (m)2,3027350
PKGAiBending the arc to fearAdult (f)3,2396843
GFIgLA View of Burning EmpiresAdult (m)3,9258650
kPSHFLike Light to the FliesAdult (m)3,8278700
dEDW7This World Can't Tear Us ApartAdult (m)3,2466790
H0swkI Walk Beside YouAdult (f)4,3507632
HRXPWI Dreamed There Was No WarAdult (m)2,2125351
79o7tWhen the Sun Meets the SkyAdult (m)5,7897470
b4sYPEliytresAdult (f)3,0766401
wa1DJUrsvampAdult (f)3,4046961
97fUtManchester SuiteAdult (m)3,6027262
JnnQPKings Rise and FallAdult (f)2,7276673
CmvvuCradle of AngelsAdult (m)3,8377281
AlG5tHail the LegendAdult (f)3,1919120
MtnqwMouja no KoushinAdult (f)2,7776931
WghwkNow I HaveAdult (f)3,1017402
Dvc4nNeed HerAdult (f)3,5668393
Xh9Y7Don't Close the DoorAdult (f)3,6748771
GeAMRGotta See JaneAdult (f)3,6538581
4N3ZWThis Wheel's on FireAdult (f)3,5638380
ZgoezTake My Hand-Close My EyesAdult (m)3,6648421
6uU4BAt the LibraryAdult (f)4,3449021
8JfiNRoad to AcceptanceAdult (f)3,1156913
9KM6aBest Thing in TownAdult (m)3,1506552
DgKog(DgKog)Adult (m)2,6487001
MqJn7(MqJn7)Adult (f)5,0769451
vybzUEntrance of the ConflagrationAdult (f)3,6249011
b3daPA Fortune in LiesAdult (f)2,8466041
Xy9MuPeruvian SkiesAdult (f)3,3495712
I79m9Frail Grasp on the Big PictureAdult (m)3,7608001
GfljMMe InsideAdult (f)3,2706951
qWHLxDrivetimeAdult (f)3,6176870
QGRqnFive Crooked LinesAdult (m)4,2357382
CX4uSEvil All Over the WorldAdult (m)5,1309401
jVsNXEight Days on the RoadAdult (m)3,1047911
K8revHate to See You GoAdult (f)3,0466760
4Er07(4Er07)Adult (m)5,0511,0793
r3B50From the RooftopsAdult (f)4,1988351
liPj8Burn One Turn OneAdult (m)4,0638120
gjimUBootleg GingerAdult (f)4,1618161
SZBxsLive Like You're On FireAdult (f)4,8578611
VsoPwBombtrackAdult (m)4,6868340
7OkSuWeight of my WorldAdult (m)4,8538511
8hqT1Trouble in My WayAdult (m)4,0509502
RfO5oRock and Roll OutlawAdult (m)3,1156980
SgkLsStronger on Your OwnAdult (m)4,5219231
OssQ4Hold On to MemoriesAdult (f)2,7407010
BdzEvGhost BalletAdult (m)4,3491,0172
8rQRwAimai na MikakuAdult (m)2,7816891
AL3Yg(AL3Yg)Adult (m)5,0009133
V0HBK(V0HBK)Adult (m)3,2736800
W348w(W348w)Adult (f)3,1696810
zh42S(zh42S)Adult (m)4,7471,2003
DFMci(DFMci)Adult (m)3,4618683
S5Xse(S5Xse)Adult (m)3,6167812
i3BfKThe Army InsideAdult (f)5,2047721
0OLacYour Sweet EyesAdult (m)7,4271,1192
zyVsfFatdaddyAdult (f)7,4871,1653
cpqkmRunaway SoulAdult (f)3,5167191
kw8huSaviour of NothingAdult (m)4,3119442
ChUBGRock the NationAdult (m)2,5407341
M6Rik(M6Rik)Adult (f)3,4427313
zkGBv(zkGBv)Adult (m)4,1149622
GFjJvSoul InmateAdult (m)4,7528613
hNaQVDevilmentAdult (f)2,9136092
0XR5IStar GarbageAdult (m)2,5796240
zG2mcMarknadsvisanAdult (f)3,0686661
gAzuLWordsworth WayAdult (m)3,1807172
u7ouEValley of the DamnedAdult (f)2,8468912
DahjBThe Dark Tower of AbyssAdult (f)2,7839532
Mfl2mAn Deiner Seite - Ich Bin DaAdult (f)3,3701,1421
jSRuDMassacrons Nous Dans La TaverneAdult (f)3,2329472
n1V4CJet City WomanAdult (m)2,6089511
n6fQIIndestructibleAdult (m)2,3768063
jw5SeGouzi Monsieur VacheAdult (m)2,2599813
hXOpvRock In AmericaAdult (f)1,2216232
KMh1ZHordes of ChaosAdult (f)1,6166731
EDEFUEverything Fades To GrayAdult (f)1,5176181
SuU8MPush PushAdult (m)2,1295862
AxwK8Lace and WhiskeyAdult (m)1,6586322
uDBllNothing Stands in Our WayAdult (m)4,3537603
QBkMaNever Go BackAdult (f)5,9651,0962
oC3kdRock and Roll RevivalAdult (f)4,7066841
7EErGEveryday ManAdult (m)4,7656983
KFItRHollow LifeAdult (m)3,6639242
tuR9zDet iskalla trollblodetAdult (f)4,5068253
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