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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Kyra_Kitsune,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
TaKplTiempo Cyhyreath CBAdult (f)2,9897321
7YSKcCrona DalzellAdult (m)3,5845231
xTRvWKestrel DalzellAdult (m)9,8601,1942
ES3dHSamhain CyhyreathAdult (f)9,5921,3612
1wjgGFlux Cyhyreath CBAdult (f)5,5381,1785
NfZO9Qurth CyhyreathAdult (f)4,3759491
QuB6FDuskFell Cyhyreath CBAdult (f)5,6151,2063
4OcaeNightfell Cyhyreath CBAdult (f)3,9249102
1jrjbMariana Cyhyreath CBAdult (f)3,8977936
Lbp6TTierna Dalzell CBAdult (m)3,6616921
QoFLMNorth Wind Dalzell CBAdult (m)3,2896760
jS8PlSouth Wind Cyhyreath CBAdult (f)3,2836811
BSJEsEast Wind Dalzell CBAdult (m)4,1251,0302
lr5WIWest Wind CyhyreathAdult (f)3,6138671
F2p03Diyanat Dalzell CBAdult (m)5,4531,1382
0InFzUnsophylax Dalzell CBAdult (m)2,2545913
b4DqDBriagenn Dalzell CBAdult (m)12,1911,40626
VYFSpCirrus DazellAdult (m)3,8237062
2TqtLTerra Fish CyhyreathAdult (f)2,8967462
zeCjeIacchus Cyhyreath CBAdult (f)6,1141,1781
CL5wcArmon Dalzell CBAdult (m)4,1198551
xHPNZDuskwing DalzellAdult (m)3,8458291
A0dme(A0dme)Adult (m)3,6819960
QbJrWSpiritus Cyhyreath CBAdult (f)3,0457520
G1UWMBreiries CyhyreathAdult (f)4,0428351
rIcbX(rIcbX)Adult (m)4,3268553
2fXT7Azure Cyhyreath CBAdult (f)4,9997483
zAJiVViridios CyhyreathAdult (f)4,8655471
aQUqKSkaldi CyhyreathAdult (f)4,0478351
cG9X8Amumu Dalzell CBAdult (m)4,0759733
twTdU(twTdU)Adult (f)5,8211,0690
0zTiNScathatch Cyhyreath CBAdult (f)4,1936620
OFsFmBaine DalzellAdult (m)3,6588401
qCNb5Crestwave Dalzell CBAdult (m)4,1021,0290
9qXI0Riptide DalzellAdult (m)3,6758442
FMJ7uHuntocar Cyhyreath CBAdult (f)4,5569251
bmkL0Maihb CyhyreathAdult (f)3,5648642
ysuTf(ysuTf)Adult (f)4,6031,2742
8kk6c(8kk6c)Adult (m)4,9451,3721
lz3gd(lz3gd)Adult (m)3,5098410
GBW6H(GBW6H)Hatchling (m, F)4,0258611
z9uZJFushia Dalzell CBAdult (m)4,3096531
KfN6KTaina Cyhyreath CBAdult (f)5,9851,1282
1AedUAquilius CyhyreathAdult (f)2,7759490
I6HOBThunderstruck CyhyreathAdult (f)3,7438132
wGEWX(wGEWX)Adult (f)4,2431,1540
byjhvSleeping Giant Dalzell CBAdult (m)4,2749340
Dk4ytThorn Cyhyreat CBAdult (f)4,2158801
t8orXRadobaan CyhyreathAdult (f)3,3457872
j3QLWVillage Lanterne Cyhyreath CBAdult (f)5,5791,1733
UnqPGAlatreon CyhyreathAdult (f)3,4858482
tDIZyTeostra DalzellAdult (m)3,6568351
s1pmAFaroth DalzellAdult (m)3,8578973
5V1I1Lunastra Cyhyreath CBAdult (f)3,9138972
4Hj5mFracture Dalzell CBAdult (m)2,6435971
rYgu2Stained Glass Cyhyreath CBAdult (f)3,2507483
szRu8(szRu8)Adult (f)6,0031,0450
07YdhDelve Cyhyreath CBAdult (f)3,5486660
zv2lyAeroga Cyhyreath CBAdult (f)2,1165801
2LgDn(2LgDn)Adult (f)5,0041,1200
J8gJRHojoki Cyhyreath CBAdult (f)8,2639324
x5rHPXariph Cyhyreath CBAdult (f)3,2548321
HdXXG(HdXXG)Adult (m)4,0869151
GSRfrTeal Cyhyreath CBAdult (f)4,1539931
H6YF1Maola CyhyreathAdult (f)1,9646800
TbOHACorin DalzellAdult (m)2,0106441
HlkpIKashbah Dalzell CBAdult (m)2,9138203
LtrD3Gravira DalzellAdult (m)2,5397371
bRYEIClaymore Dalzell CBAdult (m)2,1086661
s0UYDDoubt DalzellAdult (m)2,9738696
wuXnRHassassin Dalzell CBAdult (m)2,5667984
UnOtXNausicaa Cyhyreath CBAdult (f)4,3848152
6bJdmRattlin CyhyreathAdult (f)6,1001,2439
LiTtCDusk DalzellAdult (m)4,1666621
aubDTNero CyhyreathAdult (f)3,3475420
iSKuoKuo CyhyreathAdult (f)4,7326682
dwj5HDwalin Cyhyreath CBAdult (f)4,8959710
6SmpRSin DalzellAdult (m)4,5919131
l24liElif DalzellAdult (m)4,3078051
1FjTmXiuhcoatl Dalzell CBAdult (m)4,3789500
mKtG8Batuo DalzellAdult (m)2,8789293
SpN6p(SpN6p)Adult (f)4,6671,1520
Cabip(Cabip)Adult (f)4,0461,2652
KgofaNora YanginHatchling (F)3,6027152
TRmnnUmber CyhyreathAdult (f)5,5451,1162
VU0pO(VU0pO)Adult (f)3,9829153
SdqiDWraith CyhyreathAdult (f)3,6511,2527
Q1Lj2Specter DalzellAdult (m)2,4619203
DtIWjCubone DalzellAdult (m)3,1407253
mlvsCFaolin Dalzell CBAdult (m)3,2228162
jzTgNFaolin Cyhyreath CBAdult (f)3,5168640
UcWgZ(UcWgZ)Adult (m)3,9088691
h2V4M(h2V4M)Adult (f)3,8748400
Ko863Ginseng CyhyreathAdult (f)2,2255834
1ezInSecret Dalzell CBAdult (m)5,5577501
03oBz(03oBz)Adult (f)5,7921,0821
toL43Ebony DalzellAdult (m)1,9876252
8gj4IWanderlust DalzellAdult (m)5,8578702
qCYsXAdelrim Dalzell CBAdult (m)4,6358330
8WycYWyncinay Dalzell CBAdult (m)4,2079582
67LhlPyroclastic Cyhyreath CBAdult (f)4,6229221
VjMOj(VjMOj)Adult (f)3,8149982
wyGv0(wyGv0)Adult (f)3,8858165
DIROv(DIROv)Adult (f)2,3026014
mSb9HCrai DalzellAdult (m)1,9486315
4e1b8Alec DalzellAdult (m)2,4027842
9AffpCheri Cyhyreath CBAdult (f)2,6189064
Ap73VSinead CyhyreathAdult (f)2,0196932
uBIi3Enya CyhyreathAdult (f)5,1831,23715
RdTU8Astral CyhyreathAdult (f)2,5457407
c5D6ZTsugaru Dalzell CBAdult (m)5,4328758
Wk3avGold Touched CyhyreathAdult (f)3,5965792
Rs0ChWaves CyhyreathAdult (f)5,7207575
3NAFAGlitterkin DalzellAdult (m)6,1768365
Njvf3Thanen Cyhyreath CBAdult (f)5,3281,0732
3vf1j(3vf1j)Adult (m)4,3627893
4XItAElectrified Dalzell CBAdult (m)3,8037042
zGUF7Jolt Dalzell CBAdult (m)3,7396912
jwpyQBolt Cyhyreath CBAdult (f)3,2996011
6jrf6Stun Dalzell CBAdult (m)3,4225151
IYCLiTriflc Cyhyreath CBAdult (f)3,4025210
AOcv3Sproat Cyhyreath CBAdult (f)4,1918851
Voq87Delian Cyhyreath CBAdult (f)4,2198532
hNU4uLiztkl Dalzell CBAdult (m)2,6928364
u7X7JCraydoe Dalzell CBAdult (m)2,4978041
klQVISulphura Cyhyreath CBAdult (f)2,5048882
DgYiOAmaria Cyhyreath CBAdult (f)2,8238571
taCgPItura Cyhyreath CBAdult (f)5,6401,1251
0l8lXKeely Cyhyreath CBAdult (f)2,7938942
rJzRPTalener DalzellAdult (m)5,8238963
6wTDUHallowed Dalzell CBAdult (m)3,5619833
5wUaQWendigo Cyhyreath CBAdult (f)2,4597822
lVHTzBasset Cyhyreath CBAdult (f)2,5207981
2Fe1rFenric Dalzell CBAdult (m)2,5237962
CyRpsFellbeast CyhyreathAdult (f)1,8505962
QiSn4Fellbeast DalzellAdult (m)1,8095852
JE6hP(JE6hP)Adult (m)4,9241,1671
qy8oJLampert CyhyreathAdult (f)4,2626432
8T1COMagaska CyhyreathAdult (f)3,1257911
dodmD(dodmD)Adult (f)3,6918201
CWD3V(CWD3V)Adult (f)4,0817032
VCGU2Astraed Cyhyreath CBAdult (f)4,4459971
kWllgCaligula Cyhyreath CBAdult (f)4,0049133
8wagnTagu CyhyreathAdult (f)3,9369857
OZSufCupris Flame CyhyreathAdult (f)3,7667932
d9LK4Fae Cyhyreath CBAdult (f)2,8099192
89iUAKinslayer Dalzell CBAdult (m)2,1515813
wkczgEpica Cyhyreath CBAdult (f)1,8685882
szLUwFinalcry DalzellAdult (m)4,2828167
xhZTCVychan Dalzell CBAdult (m)3,0051,03410
0zmZNGhenrid CyhyreathAdult (f)3,8846302
ijy82Mistwraith CyhyreathAdult (f)3,4481,2364
XsUxKPoltergeist DalzellAdult (m)2,3488680
HRVHOAlgorim CyhyreathAdult (f)3,6368433
ZrPixSheogorath DalzellAdult (m)2,8098122
jOrUiJorui Cyhyreath CBAdult (f)4,5698572
mMK2VShishou Cyhyreath CBAdult (f)3,7308901
1S1qL(1S1qL)Adult (m)4,5541,1311
UQS9RConstellation Cyhyreath CBAdult (f)4,2976371
iYvP1Kamrin CyhyreathAdult (f)8,9431,1592
zR3vpEmilia CyhyreathAdult (f)3,2634963
bm25kThe Big CheeeseAdult7,7511,0161
3Xy3JThe Small CheeeseAdult7,5801,1779
eQMBCKyra Cyhyreath CBAdult (f)3,6256162
ujjpIRift CyhyreathAdult (f)4,1618441
JfmV2Devianne Cyhyreath CBAdult (f)5,4601,0984
8XJIqOneiroi Cyhyreath CBAdult (f)4,0678772
0vYdx(0vYdx)Adult (f)4,5318231
r0OMUFenrir Dalzell CBAdult (m)1,8816292
vi0gNFachin CyhyreathAdult (f)3,3176142
R8f4d(R8f4d)Adult (f)4,2248122
SJsEFTangwyn Cyhyreath CBAdult (f)4,6199073
O66j3Felar Cyhyreath CBAdult (f)3,3888022
8l8STKoalemos CyhyreathAdult (f)3,3908111
9QSLgSenri Dalzell CBAdult (m)1,7906975
dTjy4Swiftstrike Dalzell CBAdult (m)9,1141,3305
L1UT5Falon Cyhyreath CBAdult (f)2,4788212
paVXXPavaxx DalzellAdult (m)3,8359371
F1c8zFulgrim Dalzell CBAdult (m)4,3711,2622
PjPbh(PjPbh)Adult (m)4,4398193
CN0PLAlasdair DalzellAdult (m)2,26732513
qF8P1Agment CyhyreathAdult (f)3,8246682
2bgVsIon Cyhyreath CBAdult (f)5,9948265
3O0kYMyrna CyhyreathAdult (f)5,5431,1061
L3WS5Malachite DalzellAdult (m)1,8606927
OUKlHGimmic DalzellAdult (m)3,7126975
zh48qHaloke Cyhyreath CBAdult (f)5,3089663
R4PKaInferno Dalzell CBAdult (m)2,3627372
dZ7ZbVelkhana Cyhyreath CBAdult (f)3,4678341
5jwTZDivantae Dalzell CBAdult (m)3,5108351
7WtO3Ganz DalzellAdult (m)3,8568093
CWH1GAislinn Cyhyreath CBAdult (f)4,1849543
RNLWVDaileass DalzellAdult (m)1,9426680
MKSlYSeraphina CyhyreathAdult (f)1,8988543
jjXwiFlora DalzellAdult (m)2,9239453
MGlTbFaunar Dalzell CBAdult (m)1,9196110
OhKymPaprika Cyhyreath CBAdult (f)4,6641,29120
vGhn4Chihiro Cyhyreath CBAdult (f)2,5299228
822OvNacirema Dalzell CBAdult (m)3,3949874
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