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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Bronze Trophy
  • Trick-or-Treat
  • 2018 Valentine’s Day
  • 2017 Halloween Event
  • 2016 Holiday Event
  • 2016 Halloween Event
  • 2016 Valentine’s Day
  • 2015 Holiday Event
  • 2015 Halloween Event
  • 2015 Valentine’s Day
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Kylen,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
rMYRio Welcome to Kylen's Cave oAdult (f)2,1215812
F59Xr(F59Xr)Adult (m)2,9977425
WRD24(WRD24)Adult (m)3,0287035
E5jSy(E5jSy)Adult (m)2,4797052
RAJJ5(RAJJ5)Adult (m)2,7917054
prRgB(prRgB)Adult (f)2,6235563
55SEJ(55SEJ)Adult (f)2,5985782
lPBbv(lPBbv)Adult (f)2,9365862
EtPsJ(EtPsJ)Adult (f)3,2267132
XR62c(XR62c)Adult (f)3,0457171
Becr1(Becr1)Adult (m)1,7827093
CEq3R(CEq3R)Adult (m)1,8517154
VZBlNo Wolves of Stone Ridge oAdult (f)5,9761,4909
9NerDWerewolf at the ZooAdult (f)1,7276855
jAQugAlpha's PrerogativeAdult (m)2,9708116
SA78iAccepting His AnimalAdult (m)1,7466842
5rdBkAccepting His HumanAdult (f)1,5775894
6Q46jFinding BalanceAdult (f)1,6505801
Ey0axGoading the EnforcerAdult (f)2,3675070
X0D8BThrough Dagus's EyesAdult (f)2,2515420
QZWt9Loving the EnemyAdult (m)3,0498443
3bbGlCasey's Love BiteAdult (f)3,0478762
CuxgJThe Wolf Biker's MateAdult (f)3,7691,0553
xnPX5Kyle's Valiant HuntAdult (m)4,3018354
5t8VBA Cajun in ColoradoAdult (f)4,0818578
rfjiOCatching a Bit of IrishAdult (m)4,1508472
EuOcCGustav's Gargoyle AdventureAdult (m)3,2038953
rjgOBChoosing His Christmas MiracleAdult (f)3,7799826
7r1fZThe Vampire's Special LoverAdult (f)3,8651,0042
kPXqcFreeing Demitri's WolfAdult (m)1,7245960
6FhofSoldier of Fortune's DownfallAdult (f)2,4135601
PauK1Just Lion AroundAdult (f)2,3475700
3TTdaThe Mountain Man's MateAdult (f)2,1495271
Kqna5Crashing the ComiconAdult (f)1,8135383
v8070The Wolf's Healing TouchAdult (f)1,6645871
IvRPsRehabilitating His DingoAdult (m)4,8378232
k06fvTrusting His RatAdult (f)5,9531,1673
KOaHhDrawing Out His WolfAdult (f)6,1471,1876
r2htQThe Vampire's GeekAdult (m)1,7036122
Kr68zHappy Furry New YearAdult (m)1,9696561
3neVSPaws For ChangeAdult (m)2,0775403
IE8jKDriving Broscht BattyAdult (f)3,1517054
w21GPPint Sized ProtectorAdult (m)2,9377066
aQOsHPaws Preening and Pumpkin PatchAdult (m)2,7325641
Jq7dwBranding an Icy HeartAdult (m)2,5065001
LkP9tSetting His Owl A-TwitterAdult (f)1,7825790
nzhuTFor the Love of a WolfAdult (m)1,8275882
GmgfZNeeding a Vampire's AgressionAdult (f)1,5485681
KZxMCSwaying the Marine's LoyaltyAdult (f)1,5645861
kEFHvCracking the Big Lug's ShellAdult (f)1,6145670
zMF7jHunting Season HijinksAdult (m)1,6205591
OYmyUThe Hated FinnAdult (m)1,2666402
wvksERediscovering HimselfAdult (m)1,4966560
tFfeySuccumbing to His NatureAdult (m)1,7596570
e3vURo Kontra's Menagerie oAdult (m)2,7414854
OnFGdMutegi's Sweet OneAdult (m)2,1677581
SYJpZCatlin's AppaloosaAdult (f)2,1427552
7UUAiHope for a BuffaloAdult (m)2,0647610
X19yADominating the WolfAdult (f)2,0817101
fKJpASpider SenseAdult (m)1,6696282
Ief38Swimming with PenguinsAdult (m)1,9606580
T8wxKGiving Perrin LifeAdult (f)3,4047969
n6FH9Silver-Tipped JusticeAdult (f)1,8096080
exsNZIn the Eyes of CrazyAdult (m)1,80250815
2YKqIBreaking the Playboy's CurseAdult (m)1,6265532
Jao4NCompromises For His MooseAdult (m)2,4025923
6MzNSRuffling the Peacock's FeathersAdult (f)2,9618674
p6D47Texas Longhorn SurpriseAdult (f)2,0386950
VTZukSecond Chance to MateAdult (m)2,3746600
ILzONUnwrapping an Alpha's MateAdult (f)1,7166180
R00jvCatting AroundAdult (f)2,1526451
abn1cEducating the PlatypusAdult (m)1,6725671
SFfVyLove On An Owl's WingAdult (m)1,4485980
lOQ3WWooing His WolfAdult (f)1,9446210
1KsRnSoothing the Zebra's FearsAdult (f)1,6935931
FOsEzo A Loving Nip oAdult (m)2,5687573
j2bOPo A Paranormal's Love oAdult (m)2,5817623
NR2xZo Carry Me oAdult (m)2,6337693
M0Uz1o Highland Dragons oAdult (f)3,0488412
aJerIo Gargoyles of Cuchalian oAdult (f)3,0658851
zNBrao Other Titles oAdult (f)2,1505223
FDTw6Nick's NacksAdult (f)2,37952411
8g94DMickey's MicronsAdult (m)2,49754511
CoIZNArra Jack IIAdult (m)3,4179223
PlZMkMurmur of the Wind IIAdult (m)3,0128533
jMRVwStonehendge IIAdult (m)3,0038764
ju5KcDust of Uruzgan IVAdult (f)2,7799522
7iGW3Lady Iskyr IIAdult (f)2,0135301
iEqOWZ'Minvovas IIAdult (f)2,9067630
eqHe6Ernieken Gun IIAdult (f)1,5735952
DrbBNAmberiose IVAdult (m)1,9785842
ZRf9oTeddy Sheen IIAdult (m)1,78452415
HvV4tMess Beyond Belief XXXAdult (m)2,5096022
ORiZOBugle IIIAdult (f)1,8076852
siAbLCarmelita IIAdult (f)1,6316232
hTRloMidnight IIIAdult (f)1,7336611
DyhG6Beersheba IIAdult (f)1,7136782
RGhSDNo Go ZoneAdult (f)2,0335414
h4bn9Shiny Icestorm IIAdult (f)2,1085552
KKM3tPhychaotic XXAdult (f)2,0797561
wjpmGShades of Night IIAdult (f)1,7506381
Y4eCCLetters in the Night IIIAdult (m)2,3708093
LV54uTrejer IIAdult (m)1,8945904
PZrCeMiss Catnip FreakyAdult (f)2,2835213
GCT0aSolus-brisingr IIAdult (f)2,2794953
qLvnIHypothermia IIAdult (f)2,3585071
oZCN7Hyperthermia IIAdult (m)2,2304932
Z1a8qSilvery Shocks IIIAdult (m)2,4565232
5wrFuThe Rainbow Snake IIAdult (m)2,3465262
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