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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Kurei Chitsu,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
IYj1Sapphire DyadAdult (f)3,0215474
hUNMjNavy DyadAdult (m)1,2777004
Jenh3Indigo DyadAdult (m)2,1378125
oZHt9Ultramarine DyadAdult (f)7,8691,22912
hVTNbPrince Dovahkiin Rastafan TrifidAdult (m)3,0128222
0wRq6Lazuli DyadAdult (m)2,8295854
7pubr(7pubr)Hatchling (F)1,8325354
1YUck(1YUck)Adult (m)2,3786711
XsV9gBorne Of The ValeAdult (m)2,2357471
mQ1lBTwo Opinions Are Better Than OneAdult (f)2,4298031
YH6z6CB Silent AdaptationAdult (m)2,5257488
oCS6cCB Stealthy AdaptationAdult (f)2,4375860
GfZpsCB Lethal AdaptationAdult (f)1,8147241
1zRnlCB Vicious AdaptationAdult (f)1,9707932
jhUmbCB Terrible AdaptionAdult (m)2,0447242
I3cum(I3cum)Adult (f)2,2477998
N6FzNCB Corrupt AdaptionAdult (f)3,1879537
BTHSMDangerous And CruelAdult (f)2,5916264
lzIUDCB Dangerous AdaptationAdult (m)3,4166636
kOzdGCB Merciless AdaptationAdult (m)3,2705323
5Psg1Cb Seeking Out The WhispersAdult (m)3,7404863
zFuGfZ' Source Of Old Magic CBAdult (m)5,9449033
THLrPRising On ThermalsAdult (m)6,2499074
hEq76(hEq76)Adult (m)6,1118412
5UcPCB Pale ShiversAdult (f)2,1374614
oT8lCB HarmfulFear District 5Adult (f)2,1806353
PSpOfHarmfulFear District 5 round 2Adult (m)2,1957792
QXbdgHarmfulFear District 5 Round 3Adult (m)2,5937784
P8n3PControlling WizardAdult (m)2,4538294
uimMJPale ThreadAdult (m)3,4037815
fOdZSCliff BornAdult (m)2,3667643
VaPuACrow TaleAdult (m)2,4478014
MjYDFPale CoatAdult (m)2,4478295
zh9D1(zh9D1)Adult (f)5,1141,1282
B0STk(B0STk)Adult (m)6,2061,1082
07maY(07maY)Adult (f)3,5318192
KFTI3Surprising JewelAdult (m)2,9525145
HKBMsCB Elegant EmeraldsAdult (m)3,1355204
5AmfwThorns Of The ShadowsAdult (m)3,7996604
zxJfkZ'erious Fury Needs Skill CBAdult (f)4,7747482
ReiDP(ReiDP)Adult (m)2,3406791
LdfLh(LdfLh)Adult (m)2,2586951
JeD4L(JeD4L)Adult (m)2,3487023
0apHo(0apHo)Adult (m)2,5476370
NFZ25(NFZ25)Adult (f)2,4706444
vQjK9(vQjK9)Adult (m)2,5016123
93quU(93quU)Adult (m)2,4025772
7RXU5(7RXU5)Adult (f)2,4396022
gyMaV(gyMaV)Adult (m)2,2995952
U5eeu(U5eeu)Adult (m)2,7805891
Gueya(Gueya)Adult (f)2,6805492
euru5(euru5)Adult (m)3,1305363
Gh4Lc(Gh4Lc)Adult (f)2,8955662
sufPC(sufPC)Adult (f)2,8185312
A5NMk(A5NMk)Adult (m)2,9355652
Mqw8i(Mqw8i)Adult (m)3,2276330
rDS80(rDS80)Adult (f)3,1516270
GO4va(GO4va)Adult (m)3,8476051
AS52A(AS52A)Adult (m)4,5739353
apwFR(apwFR)Adult (m)4,0755061
VZVr7(VZVr7)Adult (m)4,1695866
ufZLQ(ufZLQ)Adult (m)3,6925621
GJv1U(GJv1U)Adult (m)3,6655560
CKDIm(CKDIm)Adult (f)3,0475661
hTDIF(hTDIF)Adult (m)3,4696001
VE9Ti(VE9Ti)Adult (m)4,4588003
HBvM2(HBvM2)Adult (f)4,4438122
z32WOZ'ongs Fill The Air CBAdult (f)4,3079961
ptmSAViciously KindAdult (f)4,8269331
ZUjMXZ' Peaceful Guardian CBAdult (f)6,8811,0603
E1kUIFollow The Northern FlameAdult (m)4,9558114
cw5PcConnecting The StarsAdult (f)3,6358221
z4JF0(z4JF0)Adult (m)5,1001,0771
8uRYi(8uRYi)Adult (f)3,8738351
LIYICB Bloated BalloonAdult (m)2,0275093
dkC93(dkC93)Adult (f)7,4607081
KLWPX(KLWPX)Adult (f)8,9817880
4ECGpNyx the GreatAdult (f)4,77488518
sMDavHiddenAssassinAdult (f)2,88992817
qCh6HDarke NyteAdult (m)1,6706403
tPOf3Great DarknessAdult (m)2,6007002
ad5ddEmpress of NyteAdult (f)2,0116713
aFecWRoseCovered AssassinAdult (m)2,9097495
DdONCAmazonian the FierceAdult (f)3,0827792
W3e4lCB Origin of WarAdult (f)2,1897395
G7RGKDark Queen of ThuwedAdult (f)2,7438864
NOh7RTinselkin Controller of TimeAdult (m)2,9398584
QK30GCB Corrupted DemonAdult (m)2,2787572
u5ZnMFate Of AuroraAdult (f)4,5029754
hSK09Rocking You and Hitting HardAdult (m)3,1769131
DMZMXCreatures Giving the Final KissAdult (m)3,3559293
409eICount Down to Battle 3 2 1Adult (f)2,3878103
i5ob4Watcher of WarAdult (f)1,6236732
FW21IViolent DemonAdult (f)1,4527441
4r88pFullmetal WarriorAdult (f)1,5576950
nAcFhFollow the NyteAdult (f)1,7798250
sgmBmTarnished Silver BladeAdult (f)1,4426311
6rYQIHiding the NyteAdult (f)1,2326281
7pUmAStarter of WarsAdult (f)2,1726062
w3eRIPoisonous EnchanterAdult (m)2,0265872
9oOooCB Controller of FateAdult (f)2,2358693
PU0hdHeir of KuronthAdult (m)1,9637771
jWAk0CB Lurking In ShadowsAdult (m)1,5665701
SBJyKSecond Generation WarriorAdult (m)2,4155732
Xhlp6Bringing War BackAdult (m)1,7186224
UlTygCB Necromancer QueenAdult (f)2,5878551
LTq9DCorrupted WarAdult (m)2,1657011
lytD8Lurking Before FateAdult (f)2,1757082
Mkhy6Corrupting FateAdult (m)2,5366672
BNJ29Shadows Hide EverythingAdult (m)1,8756381
4V0tXListening to ShadowsAdult (m)2,5706861
hDqtRControlling ShadowsAdult (f)2,7939072
TZQlzCB Wrath DevilAdult (f)3,2279477
1SEdmSlate CharizardAdult (f)2,2566572
bwVHbOmen of WarAdult (f)2,4408141
RrTWUInfecting DemonAdult (m)3,3298452
TI9nXCB Rigor MortisAdult (m)2,3758082
UBXi9Dangerous DemonessAdult (f)2,1127291
q4IO9CB Silent ViperAdult (f)1,7366501
FKUA6CB Clashing TitansAdult (m)1,6316431
8u6Bk3g Bad Luck DogAdult (f)2,2147953
W8x0B(W8x0B)Adult (f)3,4123695
ZH1a1Z'ilent NyteAdult (f)4,2234986
nqPrSCB Shadows Are MovingAdult (m)2,2937681
wdRi6CB Voices In The DarkAdult (f)1,8236751
43uxVCB The Beast's CorruptionAdult (f)2,6228662
lquTR(lquTR)Adult (f)1,9728471
DhNxS(DhNxS)Adult (m)1,7976512
WQnTTFirst Man Of Umbra SilvaAdult (m)2,3347581
OvzC2Third Man Of Umbra SilvaAdult (m)2,4556043
rbzgRThe Dark JusticeAdult (m)2,7936735
RQBY2Lord Vincent NefariusAdult (m)2,7926503
xFIRaTenth Man Of Umbra SilvaAdult (m)3,8317434
iU236Fourth Man Of Umbra SilvaAdult (m)2,5587292
BvQIX(BvQIX)Adult (f)2,1116041
d8WCQ(d8WCQ)Adult (f)2,2736671
AkmWhUnnumbered Man Of Umbra SilvaAdult (m)3,5586235
9yZ4n(9yZ4n)Adult (f)2,4646563
QWl0USecond Man Of Umbra SilvaAdult (m)2,4216681
5XT1H(5XT1H)Adult (f)2,4777876
IDz0JSixteenth Man of Umbra SilvaAdult (m)2,7628456
7fs9h(7fs9h)Adult (f)2,5367261
ePEWM(ePEWM)Adult (f)4,7401,2194
qG8Ms(qG8Ms)Adult (f)5,4771,0461
gK33C(gK33C)Adult (f)5,4921,0412
Rg8DUFirst Lord Of Umbra SilvaAdult (m)3,3206737
yaNPiAbaddon StyxAdult (m)2,5346798
BLqTF(BLqTF)Adult (m)2,9306763
JENv5(JENv5)Adult (f)3,6336267
fWDfu(fWDfu)Adult (m)3,0106846
yZ0Ie(yZ0Ie)Adult (m)2,9936794
YGgtASecond Lord Of Umbra SilvaAdult (m)2,1577263
t8xJK(t8xJK)Adult (m)2,3616274
V8vXN(V8vXN)Adult (m)3,1135842
x5NTg(x5NTg)Adult (f)3,3015721
ZIztxZ'ombie Master CBAdult (f)3,0265541
IKX3jInbred Darkside of DorkfaceHatchling (F)1,4336284
crO0rMini Dark GalaxyHatchling (m, F)1,9838265
L7ChgPure Evil With a Hint of LoveHatchling (f, F)1,9715783
8XeS3Shadows Born of Holly GhostsHatchling (F)6662881
68kn9Incarnation of WarAdult (m)2,6091,06511
6slNAGreat Twisted ShadowAdult (f)1,9106543
F6IjUBringer of WarAdult (f)1,8366312
xj3U2Corruption of WarAdult (m)2,3294586
E6R2aSorceress HeirAdult (f)2,5717882
dsU7sDaughter Borne Of WarAdult (f)1,9356902
1gf1pThe Shadows SpeakAdult (m)1,6446172
CnCXMCB A Scent That Never LiesAdult (m)1,5238151
Zuh2vZ' Uh Too U cbAdult (f)1,5338001
imQQ8Silver Laced And FragrantAdult (m)2,5696172
zELp8Z' Sweet Smelling ValentineAdult (m)1,5035951
wEp8W(wEp8W)Adult (m)2,1456293
r1WftSweets Hide SecretsAdult (m)2,7027901
Zm3ow(Zm3ow)Adult (f)3,2095911
0lTRiCavern RosesAdult (m)2,2635762
lJeuDSweet Natured ShadowAdult (m)3,9738771
JJvzaCB Queen Of Everything She SeesAdult (f)1,2974201
10dvaCB He Who Honks The LoudestAdult (m)1,1834021
zfb22(zfb22)Adult (f)5,0981,1062
22qfM(22qfM)Adult (m)4,8696772
zGLsn(zGLsn)Adult (f)4,6699812
CU1QgCB Black Blooded QueenAdult (f)1,6866671
zWwUwZ' Wow U Win cbAdult (m)3,3086702
fvtBXCB Crimson DemonAdult (f)3,6777143
eZgdL(eZgdL)Adult (m)1,4915881
6zIzu(6zIzu)Adult (f)2,1737720
EIte3Sanguine YuletideAdult (f)5,0867342
249L2CB Outwitting The SphinxAdult (m)1,9329051
In4CXCB Answer My RiddleAdult (f)1,8619123
yEx31(yEx31)Adult (f)1,6066402
lsrED(lsrED)Adult (m)1,9506852
r8SGu(r8SGu)Adult (m)1,6236200
2QhYt(2QhYt)Adult (f)1,7176491
psDbZ(psDbZ)Adult (m)1,9366521
Z0fqt(Z0fqt)Adult (m)5,1501,0945
VZlhh(VZlhh)Adult (f)6,7646611
wnrPT(wnrPT)Adult (m)7,7417201
Zp1kH(Zp1kH)Adult (f)4,0979152
MXCUSouls And Patterns Never EndAdult (m)1,6475833
39ZAInbred Evolution of DorkfaceAdult (m)2,4425986
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