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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Krived,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
OQBLd(OQBLd)Hatchling (f)4,2767903
efwmXEden Efa PBHatchling (f)4,3677602
OZ3T2OzimandiaHatchling (f)5,6029314
4KrHISilver Tea Leaf PLHatchling (m)4,3077832
fFxtWLady FlorentineHatchling (f)4,3567843
FQCny(FQCny)Hatchling (f)3,7426371
IehSg(IehSg)Hatchling (f)3,7556552
vSUwJSunnniwa PBHatchling (f)5,5959412
dNRtUDantrossHatchling (m)4,4218213
FekU7FekkaHatchling (f)4,3897874
VzgFBAmphiaraus of Oecles CBAdult (m)5,4181,0574
OtNTwCassandra of Golden WingsAdult (f)5,0969986
QRAUENostradamus of Golden WingsAdult (m)5,4011,0443
TpD9HTeresa of Freaky PBAdult (f)4,5718403
6aQmpArmil PLAdult (m)4,5527982
m0I6cMotoko-chan CBAdult (f)6,5801,2255
191YqJulia ArcanaAdult (f)3,9878073
X3GObMaih WizardAdult (m)11,6901,39613
ir8LqLady of Gloria CBAdult (f)5,0701,0852
w9TiiGlorfindel Laurefin CBAdult (m)5,9811,2556
gxoFCGrox of InfernamusAdult (m)3,7227315
ZaGLZZaza PBAdult (f)3,8377046
ukAxfDaughter of Eol PLAdult (f)3,6347892
d7XIn(d7XIn)Adult (m)4,8607611
U33eZLady of Silver WindAdult (f)4,5148394
h6mG9Zefira PBAdult (f)4,5768034
Di3FUBarusu CBAdult (m)4,0338584
M1lCTMisty Wind CBAdult (f)4,7168242
XdzD0Host of Pale MoonAdult (m)4,7727214
pvFP3Omen of Pink Moon PLAdult (m)3,7287473
8xRfgLady of Pale Moon CBAdult (f)5,1579293
o2CBuLuna Alba CBAdult (f)5,1327741
XfaFmLuna-Polumna CBAdult (f)3,8177921
l0Fo2White Present CBAdult (m)1,9057241
ftg7CFrigg the Kingfisher CBAdult (m)2,3916217
9rQHL(9rQHL)Adult (m)5,7177813
9I2JNZenitsu-sama PBAdult (m)4,5978744
OdV2LLady Ariadna CBAdult (f)5,5178714
RmQBsLady Brigite CBAdult (f)5,9161,0967
iZNdVIzildur CBAdult (m)5,8521,1265
DSZG4Daisy Bird CBAdult (f)7,0431,23210
rT7SsRose Robin CBAdult (m)6,6351,1566
7Ev4kLady Eve CBAdult (f)6,0331,0503
yS0FbYosh CBAdult (f)5,5651,0092
ZuEtfZuleika CBAdult (f)5,4471,0062
0Gwal(0Gwal)Adult (f)4,2677952
gW3aEGwilin CBAdult (m)8,0911,0645
xHLxqRed Helga CBAdult (f)7,5079932
QfcyTMidori RiyuAdult (f)4,8507713
qEq9tEmerald Song PLAdult (f)5,4558262
KsbSPBrigite PLAdult (f)5,5371,1463
mz0dBAlmeraid of Thun PBAdult (m)5,3229202
QZ7XlQuezal CBAdult (f)4,6128902
v09SkSilver Green PLAdult (m)5,2508111
gwQA8Lord of Glowing Green CBAdult (m)4,0427981
no6aoNao PBAdult (m)5,3551,0395
Drp28Dolores PBAdult (f)5,3329643
HfeV3Hifa PBAdult (f)4,1408353
fgfl8(fgfl8)Adult (m)3,9707733
3javhLady Lalatina PLAdult (f)4,5276605
96rLwLord Dustiness CBAdult (m)4,9321,0493
9QFGLMark Mendota of Freaky PBAdult (m)8,7777775
wDawzDawz CBAdult (m)4,5137582
PrVOMProspero of Winter Fleury PLAdult (m)3,7317472
8r30HAtis Aeratis Draconis PLAdult (m)3,6508093
EyR1sEyris CBAdult (m)5,5529073
K4xe5Lilypad CBAdult (f)7,4218344
si8BqMaria of Gold Wind CBAdult (f)5,4169482
5XBdRExcalibyr CBAdult (m)6,5041,1504
1nD7mAbhainn of Loch Ness CBAdult (m)5,2579514
pYc2M(pYc2M)Adult (m)5,3517963
WNtGC(WNtGC)Adult (m)4,2707741
84W8JBona Aqua CBAdult (f)5,5991,1104
YgHE8Ariadna of Atlantis CBAdult (f)4,4619102
eEqLSDream of Atlantida CBAdult (f)3,7337685
GO7UfGoko CBAdult (f)5,0489603
4OlXgOlge CBAdult (m)3,8728373
8p5Lq(8p5Lq)Adult (m)4,7769094
8wcwjMagika of DarkAdult (f)4,5641,1925
DoxBDMahoutokoro PBAdult (f)4,3239581
XXwp2Jinxed ArcanumAdult (m)5,9221,1752
XCRA1Rincewind CBAdult (m)5,6971,2474
3DfmALady Irma CBAdult (f)6,9191,3903
tjrMMAngelic MagisianAdult (m)4,8441,0234
U61VZMagic AlegriaAdult (f)4,8868931
LhLZDLisa Ouhi PLAdult (f)4,8789031
JkrIGDawn Treader of Narnia CBAdult (m)5,4039803
AGLgdKnight of Aria CBAdult (m)4,8888761
3fvrpKnight of Flover PLAdult (m)4,5427661
GnNJu(GnNJu)Adult (f)4,3838933
RSxGFRose Flame CBAdult (m)4,4839064
yiR4XSilver Sunrise PLAdult (f)4,6158545
JbfdPLord Lafanten CBAdult (m)4,8589173
1w3CbAria Cuba CBAdult (f)3,9587564
9SUTZAl Suti CBAdult (f)5,3449544
vpoQNArion of Path PLAdult (m)4,1538693
kYeJx(kYeJx)Adult (m)4,3598373
9DAyyChristmas Daisy PLAdult (f)4,0309293
U482GKama-chan CBAdult (f)6,3821,2583
yGeYWAmira of Pink Moon PLAdult (f)4,8888893
XrLyYLady of Pink Mountains PLAdult (f)3,9987382
iwmz0Valentine the Present PLAdult (f)3,9817292
oJmaBLady Tiffany Ashing PBAdult (f)2,8736703
NIbVRGammel Ashing PBAdult (m)4,3128064
4QUiFArnold Ashing CBAdult (m)5,8658533
9bkS2Diana of Dyans PLAdult (f)4,6757062
ucgHzAshlie of Freaky PLAdult (f)4,6817863
xrKxMHenna PLAdult (f)4,5037902
2rZ92(2rZ92)Adult (f)4,9388713
55E06Timoty Ashing CBAdult (m)4,4857523
9VO4fTiffany Ashing CBAdult (f)6,6041,1597
iqqdM(iqqdM)Adult (f)6,8789503
I8MIYIvi Star CBAdult (f)4,6921,0032
eBTqrEbtar Sky CBAdult (m)4,7369786
3DuSLMylady Stardust CBAdult (f)3,6777494
n8oUp(n8oUp)Adult (f)3,9627566
S6VlPEeya CBAdult (f)5,4899302
4KladEelis CBAdult (m)4,0497982
SEdbuAlion CBAdult (m)4,9937383
OcuaZ(OcuaZ)Adult (f)4,3388153
aRhunAthelstan of Azure PLAdult (m)4,2097473
7i9rOAiro tha Azure Prince CBAdult (m)5,4729922
2PywlAzu-chan CBAdult (m)4,1657323
pBDzxAzure Princess CBAdult (f)4,9459464
snLVlPrince of Winter Azure PLAdult (m)4,2837146
Xk4GWHiro Uhufa PLAdult (m)3,6687342
1DDXU(1DDXU)Adult (f)4,5548054
6Qxg1Green Baikal CBAdult (m)5,7521,1022
DtkvqLady Belana CBAdult (f)6,0271,0415
BeG9ULord Behemoth CBAdult (m)4,3378983
0C8JnTemujin CBAdult (m)6,1609674
zbCG4Zibber CBAdult (m)6,7571,21711
0mNetCrocodile Omlett CBAdult (m)6,1621,0786
Qxfu4(Qxfu4)Adult (f)4,2027744
aUg6RRevived 0001 - Gray BaikalAdult (m)4,2537573
4IwwWWarroc of Grey Lake CBAdult (m)5,8221,0782
f5TN2Blue Fantasia CBAdult (f)5,0361,0892
PsIySLady Baloon CBAdult (f)4,0208922
HQqDfVinnie the Pooh CBAdult (m)5,1431,0413
zImQ6Floating Happy PBAdult (m)4,5427574
uqBhJBella the Unique CBAdult (f)4,2168784
yv4DmLord Helium CBAdult (m)4,6746732
0DgmKEorendil CBAdult (m)4,0847873
824kwKiwi of Roekerds PBAdult (m)5,2229723
yKbbgKim Jupiter PLAdult (f)3,9098232
QGWaABolita Magna CBAdult (f)5,7131,0574
3mUqGFire Duality PLAdult (m)3,9447803
uvY0vDior of Two Heads PBAdult (m)3,5057773
6dHYaDahlila of Desert CBAdult (f)4,6619062
3nn92Two-Headed Prince CBAdult (m)5,3519803
AjqDbAjida CBAdult (m)5,2599893
lNkPbSu Ji CBAdult (f)4,1818204
0ALoYOlay DoubleAdult (f)4,1528554
c3pEvColombus CBAdult (m)3,8817522
1IDDnIrida Nova CBAdult (f)4,3778224
BJQVPBlack Rose of Volcano CBAdult (f)5,3459573
usXQuLaudu Loxodonta PBAdult (m)2,2437477
20Sh6Black Rune PBAdult (f)5,4299802
YKNKkLord Raven PBAdult (m)5,9619061
WtblQBlack Webby CBAdult (f)5,0698294
a5B8eBlack Albina PBAdult (f)6,5371,0175
jsjGZBlack Orchid CBAdult (f)5,4838133
Qh453Black Quillin CBAdult (m)6,1298793
3zv0R(3zv0R)Adult (f)4,3284573
UtI1IBlack Volcano PBAdult (m)5,7169223
IEU5CBlack Illusion PBAdult (m)4,3808533
7gE7kBlack Ge PBAdult (m)4,6937174
R1feWRelle PBAdult (m)4,6778861
S9qm8Saqui PBAdult (m)4,7798641
Zaj5AZaja PBAdult (m)4,3198074
SUVJLSuvil PBAdult (m)4,8228993
01SNHOsennii CBAdult (m)5,1908831
FXnLaSpecial Black PBAdult (m)4,20984115
CMSwpLord Rattleshit PLAdult (m)5,5981,3086
K6UIMKymberly CBAdult (f)5,6651,3726
75a9yKaterine CBAdult (f)5,5141,3793
Q8skWLala the Golden Bone PLAdult (f)4,3378965
XrB29Bellatrissa CBAdult (f)5,6721,3355
Nbq4gStew SunshineAdult (m)3,9197732
24bXlLord of Old Bone CBAdult (m)6,9311,4633
XMv7oWhite Bones PLAdult (f)4,9271,0232
hwCAyBone CawAdult (m)4,9341,0423
XWfjXSilver Vixen PLAdult (f)4,9839361
MkOgEOgg Mac CBAdult (m)4,3878851
MoFkyBoston Black Tea CBAdult (m)4,6761,0161
mqtnyJasmin Dragon of Green Tea PLAdult (m)4,9576843
YBUzdChocolate Toffie PLAdult (m)9,6061,1412
fYQBuLondon Tea CBAdult (m)4,3958444
diapmLord DeamAdult (m)4,5508586
xeB9UIce Tea Cold BrewAdult (m)4,6988272
bMppiBambie PLAdult (m)3,9578163
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