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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2013 Halloween Event
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Kritterly,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
aN7jF(aN7jF)Adult (f)3,4464252
Odsu7Brimstone  - CBAdult (m)6,6634454
dk9KwDaydream - CBAdult (m)4,0884092
oGghzDeep Sea - CBAdult (f)3,2845443
BwQ6B(BwQ6B)Adult (f)2,2176989
XpPIlDay of the Glorious DrakeAdult (m)4,2183452
0lXtFGlorious Drake of DayAdult (f)3,4524022
TA7ZX(TA7ZX)Hatchling (F)1,230831
BRghnMidnight RendezvouAdult (f)3,6964121
MfMPrRendezvou at MidnightAdult (m)2,5965462
igtjmGray - CBAdult (f)4,6743992
hgaqlGray  - CBAdult (m)2,8504832
YtghoGreen - CBAdult (m)4,6595922
ppk6hGolden NougatAdult (m)3,2544462
v2GQ8(v2GQ8)Adult (m)3,2066652
UWMKh(UWMKh)Adult (m)3,2244641
5pWBw(5pWBw)Adult (m)3,8613984
qachC(qachC)Adult (f)3,0706681
lULK0(lULK0)Adult (f)2,7574232
F6B5i(F6B5i)Adult (f)3,2087077
sdcyB(sdcyB)Adult (f)3,0204052
zW1QX(zW1QX)Adult (m)3,8634722
g5qGS(g5qGS)Adult (m)2,9774651
zSo4g(zSo4g)Adult (m)2,9595413
QIJe9Grave - CBAdult (m)4,9153311
iMhfd(iMhfd)Adult (m)4,9033450
y4itX(y4itX)Adult (m)3,8453580
Tbn0mWater - CBAdult (f)4,0304312
fHns9Magi  - CBAdult (m)4,0403562
2CAUmNebula - CBAdult (m)3,9614132
LGTCbOchredrakes - CBAdult (f)3,3974144
zXehFPillow - CBAdult (m)3,2205313
eBGal(eBGal)Adult (m)7,0067965
5kjxU(5kjxU)Adult (m)9,4886342
epvUuPurple  - CBAdult (f)3,1665063
RPUV0(RPUV0)Adult (f)3,6333923
DceiNRed - CBAdult (f)2,6314932
3kNxNRoyal Blue  - CBAdult (m)3,3411,0374
7uQmhRoyal Crimson  - CBAdult (f)2,8514182
0Ym7V(0Ym7V)Adult (m)4,4713842
4olqKSkywing - CBAdult (m)3,0625264
mUOL0Stone  - CBAdult (f)4,0074452
I93dr(I93dr)Adult (m)3,6513494
vug67(vug67)Adult (f)2,9014792
yDv4JCount Drako - CBAdult (m)2,6614643
GpuGfCountess Drakie - CBAdult (f)4,9403681
iSXEh(iSXEh)Adult (m)3,2974401
xaSuw(xaSuw)Adult (f)3,6384540
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