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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Silver Trophy
  • Trick-or-Treat
  • 2018 Valentine’s Day
  • 2017 Halloween Event
  • 2016 Holiday Event
  • 2016 Halloween Event
  • 2016 Valentine’s Day
  • 2015 Holiday Event
  • 2015 Halloween Event
  • 2015 Valentine’s Day
  • 2013 Halloween Event
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Kristum,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
H6bYf(H6bYf)Egg (F)
KjEeH(KjEeH)Adult (f)3,1908402
5NfXQ(5NfXQ)Adult (f)3,0948291
kMkPS(kMkPS)Adult (m)3,0648405
7Sfpg(7Sfpg)Adult (m)3,2358445
uV2rY(uV2rY)Adult (m)2,8787591
QLgWA(QLgWA)Adult (m)1,8886671
OL7zB(OL7zB)Adult (m)1,5846630
p6Pen(p6Pen)Adult (m)2,0026750
e5S50(e5S50)Adult (f)1,9966290
yqxLF(yqxLF)Adult (f)1,9836450
KRWBw(KRWBw)Adult (m)2,8857175
cA8ue(cA8ue)Adult (f)2,7197165
VMjqC(VMjqC)Adult (f)2,7267095
RDJ71(RDJ71)Adult (f)1,8317233
6MiA0(6MiA0)Adult (m)2,9087154
N6kyN(N6kyN)Adult (m)2,8417183
ADZww(ADZww)Adult (f)2,8267223
Ywc2Q(Ywc2Q)Adult (m)2,6537512
E43J2(E43J2)Adult (f)2,7557073
RTtQr(RTtQr)Adult (m)2,9227154
mTHjI(mTHjI)Adult (m)1,8337152
SDJ2W(SDJ2W)Adult (f)1,9667342
MSW5V(MSW5V)Adult (f)1,8527223
jiZVa(jiZVa)Adult (f)2,3705350
zrT6p(zrT6p)Adult (f)2,4405640
1CX3C(1CX3C)Adult (f)2,8685702
4VmPd(4VmPd)Adult (m)2,6775472
ppBpG(ppBpG)Adult (f)3,0415733
yEryGEnd May Be Trimmed OffAdult (f)1,8515740
ayOmfSerasu VikutoriaAdult (f)3,1967194
bBxOESo Let Us ConcentrateAdult (m)2,3605641
1HYk7On All Those ThingsAdult (m)2,1866242
FuWgbYou Love To HateAdult (m)1,7875561
0B5gvIt Makes ThisAdult (m)2,7865127
Rtek8All Worth The WaitAdult (m)2,4365702
WqJctBut Causes Us To SeparateAdult (f)1,8826080
LJKykAnd I Don't Know HowAdult (f)2,5516030
sOORkI Should FeelAdult (f)2,3746420
fuD0CThese Lights Make ItAdult (m)2,2285970
E3blWAll Seem RealAdult (m)3,0286140
nN3ldCan You See ThisAdult (f)2,7476110
9jNfD0r wear 1t 0n your wristAdult (m)2,7096040
ZY8i1Its Everything You WantedAdult (f)2,3546631
nSHkpThe Mark You Always MissedAdult (m)2,1585851
LiKMLCan You Feel ThisAdult (f)2,1105841
i5vRqCross Me Off Your ListAdult (f)2,7375762
UZRjPShe's Everything You WantedAdult (m)1,8466522
ge8QEThe Mark You AIways MissedAdult (f)1,9596510
MbEtuWith Dry EyesAdult (f)2,1996511
i7ntpSteady HandsAdult (f)2,3096693
b1qnlI Tried So Hard To UnderstandAdult (m)2,9258215
pG8Z7Why You Left Us All AloneAdult (f)2,3805641
NjkU2Three Broken HeartsAdult (f)2,0989474
6psouWith A Broken HomeAdult (m)3,7001,2511
jfVfpAnd I D0n't Kn0w H0wAdult (f)2,7918355
DVjVEI Sh0uld FeelAdult (f)5,9458657
ZxtPcTh3s3 Lights Make ItAdult (f)2,0285283
J48JUAII Seem RealAdult (f)2,0136334
yTaa4Can You S33 ThisAdult (m)1,7936452
nX5gR0r wear 1t 0n y0ur wristAdult (f)1,6585690
jZWrTIt's 3verything You WantedAdult (m)1,8216951
fdPwKThe Mark You Always Miss3dAdult (m)1,6686161
bTFDGCan Y0u FeeI ThisAdult (f)1,6876770
qC2XhCr0ss Me Off Your ListAdult (f)1,7396223
LTX1lSh3's Everything You WantedAdult (m)1,7555980
XFaZdThe Mark Y0u AIways Miss3dAdult (f)1,1595100
T1NNeCan Y0u See ThisAdult (m)1,3475410
Wvueo0r w3ar 1t 0n y0ur wristAdult (f)1,2655141
P8zDwlt's Everything You WantedAdult (m)1,4215860
6M00eTh3 Mark Y0u AIways Miss3edAdult (f)1,5345840
uo1NpCan Y0u S33 ThisAdult (m)1,6686560
Z2EdC0r w3ar 1t 0n y0ur wr1stAdult (m)1,7126240
lPXEnlt's 3verything You WantedAdult (m)1,5066211
fJs0zTh3 Mark Y0u Always MissedAdult (m)1,4286090
wqF0HCan U Feel ThisAdult (m)1,7986440
668ZoCross Me 0ff Your ListAdult (f)1,3045880
W6agJSh3's 3verything Y0u WantedAdult (m)2,7787901
bK0tJTh3 Mark You Always Miss3dAdult (f)2,1426730
ldqMFEND Cross Me Off Your ListAdult (f)1,8586450
6XD5VNo I Won't Call You BabyAdult (f)2,0636700
0AUjLI Won't Buy You DaisesAdult (m)1,8836040
AyYBlCause That Don't WorkAdult (f)1,8136190
fn5JqAnd I Know HowAdult (m)1,8616531
LLEcwTo Get You CrazyAdult (f)1,5366451
k2jInHow To Make You Want MeAdult (m)1,4556800
7gcp1So Bad It HurtsAdult (f)1,5036500
5ViBlI Wanna Be GoodAdult (m)1,7896530
RM3AEGood To YouAdult (f)1,9716441
mqMkuBut Thats Not Your TypeAdult (f)2,0446211
YY52ESo I'm Gonna Be Bad For YouAdult (m)2,4325382
Dhf1CToni9ht Toni9ht Toni9htAdult (f)2,8165731
DD0IMI'll MisbehaveAdult (f)2,1346530
XaAoIIf It Turns You OnAdult (m)2,4206500
BFg48No Mr Right If You Want Mr WrongAdult (f)2,2926420
doGE5I'll Tell You LiesAdult (f)1,8876500
F4yBzIf You Don't Like The TruthAdult (m)2,3036888
rCttYI Don't Wanna Be BadAdult (m)2,4818153
5E6iqI Just Wanna Be BadAdult (f)2,6378360
fVDJFEnough For YouAdult (m)2,7428421
aScnRWell I Just Wanna BeAdult (m)2,6328790
lWnYZBad 3nough For YouAdult (m)2,6528550
9jPLmWell I Just Wanna Be Bad EnoughAdult (f)2,6048420
Fipd5Hey Thanks For The NumberAdult (m)4,8181,4253
v3tpCI'm Not Gonna Call YouAdult (f)4,7521,4554
m2MPVCause That Won't WorkAdult (f)4,6591,4222
BdutiYou Like To PlayAdult (m)4,7371,4555
dUDvXHide and Go Get HerAdult (f)3,2168551
7ogSJYou Like Me BetterAdult (f)1,9446971
zv5nIWhen I Play The JerkAdult (m)1,8977020
oxDjpI Wanna Be Good GoodAdult (m)1,7835941
H6wz0Go0d To YouAdult (m)4,6631,2966
nM9TZBut Thats Not Not Your TypeAdult (m)2,7736769
MK1llSo Im Gonna Be Bad For YouAdult (f)1,8826481
x0hvQToknight Tonight TonightAdult (f)1,6466001
9cshPIll Misbehave If It Turns You ONAdult (f)5,8181,4112
09GaPNo Mr Right If You Want Mr Wr0ngAdult (m)1,5576200
nAIDiIll Tell You LiesAdult (m)1,8636850
4OPZwIf You Dont Like The TruthAdult (m)1,6206231
syCJEI Dont Wanna Be BadAdult (m)1,5866130
2AJHKI Just Wannna Be BadAdult (m)1,6416541
rnKB13nough For YouAdult (m)1,5576900
8VMAWWell I Just Wanna Be BadAdult (m)1,7695550
qL46dEnough For Y0uAdult (f)1,4946400
0Gt2kWelI I Just Wanna Be Bad EnoughAdult (m)1,6736102
Fb14TYou Love To Hate MeAdult (m)1,9296381
ZnLNGWhen I'm Chasing YouAdult (m)2,1645810
Un9QtAnd I Hate Say ThisAdult (f)1,7316130
itpUyBut I'm Stuck On Loving YouAdult (f)1,5336040
7WrarSo I Pretend That I Don't CareAdult (m)1,9875926
tKxu5I'll Stand You UpAdult (m)1,7006041
4XXnFTo Keep You HereAdult (f)2,7806142
r3HDHI'll Make You Hate MeAdult (f)1,7496263
tZCfYJust Enough To Make You Want MeAdult (f)1,5335933
z65wzI'll Misbehave If It Turns U OnAdult (f)1,9386201
Way6zN0 MrRight lf U Want MrWr0ngAdult (f)2,4445422
xPMLaI'll TeII You LiesAdult (f)2,6035452
6NTBVIf Ewe Don't Like The TruthAdult (f)4,0069402
inItDI Don't Want Ta Be BadAdult (f)4,3321,0081
gzK0AI D0n't Wannna Be BadAdult (f)3,4689307
3suGzI Don't Wanta Be BadAdult (f)3,1498902
dCYlYI Just Wanta B Bad Enough 4 YouAdult (m)3,7591,0543
AO87kEND Bad Enough For YouAdult (f)3,8351,0462
NKnl0I JustDrove UnderThe LincolnSignAdult (f)2,1005510
aHfPdTo Where New Jersey MeetsAdult (m)2,1585480
gThfxThe New York LineAdult (f)2,2305610
oFpC5ThroughTheTunnel 4 The Last TimeAdult (f)3,1277570
YcuCNWith Everything Crumbling BehindAdult (m)2,8826454
SbuvtIStoodStillUntil I FeltTheShakesAdult (f)2,4405574
zGiaJOf TwoBodiesThatWere PartingWaysAdult (m)2,2455201
WJc1fI Don't Want To Be The One 2 SayAdult (f)2,4405772
3w5v9I KnowThisHurtsBut ItsTime2BreakAdult (f)2,6856013
TptAwIn2PiecesTheFaultLineIsNotSecureAdult (m)3,1898072
9x0dqBoatOrBridgeIsNeeded2GetBack2HerAdult (m)3,1717751
1LSwCI Feel LikeIAm ParalysedWhen IAdult (f)3,1668073
KfIecLookAt TheExtraSpaceLeftIn MyBedAdult (m)3,1848164
lxG4bAndThinkAboutAllTheThingsWeDidAdult (f)3,2067891
BiX9nAtLeastI'mFeelingMoreAliveIStillAdult (f)1,9297041
UxcHkHaveSomeOldWeightI'veGotToShedAdult (m)2,1295651
pmr2JBefore I Find HappinessAdult (f)2,6507141
BApj3Make Mountians Out Of My WorriesAdult (m)1,6985783
cZ1TWIPlantPainInsteadOfSturdyTreesAdult (f)2,6307250
P5egwI Got To Wash These Old SheetsAdult (f)1,6895690
tR8L5SoICanFallAsleep ThereAreTimesAdult (f)2,2636980
T742BThereAreTimesIReachForThePhoneAdult (m)1,6666520
vmiXUToTellYouThereMightStilBSomeHopeAdult (m)2,2865500
Tk4IBHoldingOntoTheSlackRopeAdult (m)2,3575613
5KXfsBut Thats The Whiskey Talking SoAdult (m)2,3747063
XIxrhIHopeYouCanFindSomePeaceInLifeAdult (m)1,7936361
JrdLqCan You Survive Without MeAdult (f)2,1637640
ie6nmCause I Thought I'd Be FineAdult (f)2,0767640
SygyANowI'mSlurring EverySingleLineAdult (m)2,3458001
8KDTuI Feel Like I Am ParalysedAdult (f)4,2758303
pW1XrWhenILookAtTheExtraSpaceLeftAdult (f)1,9796980
FAJXoInMyBedAndThinkAboutAllTheThingsAdult (f)2,0504984
oCKt4WeDid AtLeastI'mFeelingMoreAliveAdult (f)2,1864834
IDPayBut IStillHaveSomeOldWeightThatAdult (m)2,8939882
1UZMXThatIveGotToShed IveGotToMoveOnAdult (f)2,7877883
085kABeforeICanFindHappiness ThisIsntAdult (f)1,5496061
jV5apFair NobodyTaughtMeHowToLetGoAdult (f)1,7145510
8I9ntJustBeHereNowAndYou'llBeSetAdult (m)1,9395960
IQbZ6FreeFromSorrow ButAtThisTimeAdult (m)2,7275380
vAE3GIDontSeeClearlyHowWillIKnowAdult (m)2,7855601
eK9HSWhatIsThePoint WhatIsTheMeaningAdult (m)2,6595860
nhnBuNow I'm StrugglingAdult (f)1,7835751
qQ4YkI Blackout So I Cant DreamAdult (f)1,6765780
LeCd8But I Still See You SneakingAdult (m)1,8785680
lsBWHThroughMyWearyHeadISufferFromAAdult (f)1,8506300
cR53pDroughtOfMedicineToDullSelfDoubtAdult (f)1,9856702
CObTFHere To Please CBAdult (m)1,8206210
GGkfLJust Out Of Reach CBAdult (f)2,0025701
JMLLXLickeroo CBAdult (m)2,0976391
9HstRBuckeroo CBAdult (f)1,4826251
Ny8bDYou Belong In CBAdult (f)1,6315860
nmcuxLittle Bit Of Ice CBAdult (f)1,9656320
QDW8mAurua CBAdult (f)3,1141,1113
m9Q8xTwo Of These CBAdult (m)2,2306651
rZFJ1Kelf CBAdult (m)1,8526391
gbNGzLeft Wanting CBAdult (f)2,0236230
8ezSsHospice CBAdult (f)3,8549854
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