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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Kowhai,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
rc74(rc74)Adult (m)1,3583954
JLbU(JLbU)Adult (m)1,3313913
SGa4(SGa4)Adult (m)1,3854033
T2uK(T2uK)Adult (m)1,3884013
niea(niea)Adult (f)1,7743193
tPlk(tPlk)Adult (m)98145810
721g(721g)Adult (m)98345911
CNrZ(CNrZ)Adult (m)1,4663944
pAku(pAku)Adult (f)1,3074293
SauF(SauF)Adult (m)1,6314954
0pWm(0pWm)Adult (f)1,5074725
lGFY(lGFY)Adult (f)1,8684182
6Llb(6Llb)Adult (f)1,1523184
M8hv(M8hv)Adult (m)1,3793953
phQL(phQL)Adult (m)1,3923604
sp9T(sp9T)Adult (m)3,1554813
qQfD(qQfD)Adult (m)2,2265137
G47L(G47L)Adult (f)2,1254895
UM6N(UM6N)Adult (f)2,1454904
nSUt(nSUt)Adult (m)2,1704964
0In4(0In4)Adult (f)2,1973623
3G4G(3G4G)Adult (m)1,4903763
ApZY(ApZY)Adult (m)1,2973795
R4ID(R4ID)Adult (m)1,2323273
8lml(8lml)Adult (m)2,4293935
2jgq(2jgq)Adult (f)1,2573695
AvIY(AvIY)Adult (m)1,9114014
3SyJ(3SyJ)Adult (m)1,27785834
R5Xq(R5Xq)Adult (f)3,1711,78431
fspu(fspu)Adult (f)1,21483110
maqH(maqH)Adult (f)1,38295513
ytLX(ytLX)Adult (m)80758910
iOLe(iOLe)Adult (m)1,1528079
w3YT(w3YT)Adult (m)1,7129676
fXkQ(fXkQ)Adult (m)1,3116977
P7I8(P7I8)Adult (m)2,84533154
EQqA(EQqA)Adult (f)1,2366429
LcIU(LcIU)Adult (f)1,2366398
bfUs(bfUs)Adult (f)2,39156021
tvv1(tvv1)Adult (f)2,1811,0427
OKsP(OKsP)Adult (f)2,6714293
MJA1(MJA1)Adult (m)7803157
SGHB(SGHB)Adult (m)1,9051,2228
I6oA(I6oA)Adult (f)8796301
Syzx(Syzx)Adult (m)1,2316174
ZJOZ(ZJOZ)Adult (f)1,2066085
1FGx(1FGx)Adult (f)3,0821,74013
rF9F(rF9F)Adult (f)1,9121,2299
MsZA(MsZA)Adult (f)1,9131,2299
NTJJ(NTJJ)Adult (m)1,86730752
R5AB(R5AB)Adult (f)2,25928845
V4Wb(V4Wb)Adult (m)1,0037294
2KBP(2KBP)Adult (f)3,0931,74216
Veks(Veks)Adult (f)1,6071,0888
yjtL(yjtL)Adult (m)1,0187397
R2zL(R2zL)Adult (m)1,0917536
rfZH(rfZH)Adult (f)1,0428423
Miwy(Miwy)Adult (f)9207195
Tr1P(Tr1P)Adult (m)2,15250516
ID4o(ID4o)Adult (f)9306651
IW6l(IW6l)Adult (m)9616861
IZE0(IZE0)Adult (f)9596851
AWeI(AWeI)Adult (f)3,6431,6516
9jXs(9jXs)Adult (f)3,6551,6576
BTWF(BTWF)Adult (m)3,6271,6426
Crpn(Crpn)Adult (m)1,9294022
CIyY(CIyY)Adult (f)3,6161,6473
BQWf(BQWf)Adult (f)1,9304043
Xnc0(Xnc0)Adult (m)2,2203674
2SFc(2SFc)Adult (m)2,26431811
O3YZ(O3YZ)Adult (m)2,6784283
jib7(jib7)Adult (f)1,8303592
NVfp(NVfp)Adult (f)3,7734874
NsQr(NsQr)Adult (f)2,2173663
MYlP(MYlP)Adult (f)2,6834315
MrSN(MrSN)Adult (f)2,6804293
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