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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Koro,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
pDmjCerberiusAdult (m)2,3871,07637
pXZvCerbaAdult (f)2,4581,09710
eRl0CebeliaAdult (f)3,6141,21031
dEDVBimediusAdult (m)2,0567148
ATIJBlue HellhoundAdult (m)1,9658295
5uKHTwo-faced BeautyAdult (f)1,9266433
0rEGThesaurus IAdult (m)2,3627846
Cc2PJCerberussa no tamashiiAdult (f)2,5378771
MtSroBigemini no tamashiiAdult (m)1,8966273
I18UNChip Chop no tamashiiAdult (m)2,0557401
UbPhCDouble Tag Team no tamashiiAdult (m)4,8101,0450
AZuzO(AZuzO)Adult (f)3,4864670
MiVSLittle CerbiHatchling (F)9953554
VQcd9Cerbus no tamashiiHatchling (m, F)2,4257990
bObG0BibeliaHatchling (f, F)2,4437940
JYgTRBlood Opal II no tamashiiAdult (m)2,8059193
Yd9knGray Lind no tamashiiAdult (m)2,0846742
QqeUELindwurm Fang no tamashiiAdult (m)2,0237090
ql0BsLindwurm Pride no tamashiiAdult (m)3,0334460
uRigi(uRigi)Adult (m)3,2007470
TgB82(TgB82)Adult (m)3,1134541
DjVf4(DjVf4)Adult (m)3,6864251
SKtcM(SKtcM)Adult (f)3,2734590
v83WC(v83WC)Adult (f)3,3735271
p1SrvOpal Green Star no tamashiiAdult (f)2,7036611
T9bZYTwo Worms no tamashiiAdult (m)2,6418445
qvwf3Opal CB no tamashiiAdult (m)2,6368702
Suwda(Suwda)Adult (m)3,7654351
EPpTB(EPpTB)Adult (m)3,8594572
A3Ycp(A3Ycp)Adult (f)3,2544771
dZEZF(dZEZF)Adult (m)2,2858090
Ubjas(Ubjas)Adult (f)3,2765050
feA1D(feA1D)Adult (f)2,7644482
AU9nr(AU9nr)Adult (m)2,7444680
uV5So(uV5So)Adult (m)3,5854741
Q4otb(Q4otb)Adult (f)2,8464821
OBYBB(OBYBB)Adult (f)3,4224261
vTDUD(vTDUD)Adult (f)3,9734332
9ddKm(9ddKm)Adult (f)4,5054301
behof(behof)Adult (f)2,4297620
e7Yrg(e7Yrg)Adult (m)2,1868010
PMxm1(PMxm1)Adult (m)1,9896580
ZTyEWhiteRay no tamashiiAdult (m)3,2141,57640
Qa1mShiro Hana no tamashiiAdult (f)2,22187222
BebGSchleimiSchleimAdult (m)1,7747371
IkNeRedEye no tamashiiAdult (f)8,3861,7204
8FSWqWhite Fever no tamashiiAdult (f)2,6119270
R9QXYAlb Erza III no tamashiiAdult (f)2,1757771
NCCT3(NCCT3)Adult (f)3,4783770
3gWNf(3gWNf)Adult (f)4,2864660
hkVGWhite Cloud IHatchling (f, F)2,8246248
9ZPOX(9ZPOX)Adult (f)4,1904521
o9UPL(o9UPL)Adult (m)4,1454390
037A8(037A8)Adult (m)3,9994401
fvqqc(fvqqc)Adult (f)4,0103850
WCGu7(WCGu7)Adult (m)3,4473981
Dnqpy(Dnqpy)Adult (m)3,3063902
TNBeO(TNBeO)Adult (m)3,3843951
33DN1(33DN1)Adult (m)3,4014010
vVqxD(vVqxD)Adult (m)4,7663460
BT1Vj(BT1Vj)Adult (f)4,2774101
3e79G(3e79G)Adult (f)3,3324690
HghIs(HghIs)Adult (m)3,0224731
bhSrX(bhSrX)Adult (f)3,6674491
JzlAF(JzlAF)Adult (f)3,1424630
vRzdt(vRzdt)Adult (f)3,8564490
sFJOx(sFJOx)Adult (m)4,9444110
wp3SQ(wp3SQ)Adult (m)2,9488041
07Xu6(07Xu6)Adult (f)2,9178221
A4W9B(A4W9B)Adult (f)2,8327991
Fqtpy(Fqtpy)Adult (m)2,8538200
iT0wF(iT0wF)Adult (m)2,7338472
boUJl(boUJl)Adult (f)3,2991,0081
kgzfY(kgzfY)Adult (m)3,1918842
z8EHz(z8EHz)Adult (f)3,4088672
lRUDM(lRUDM)Adult (f)3,3129012
RqV5C(RqV5C)Adult (m)3,0854300
qHS9O(qHS9O)Adult (m)3,6574920
f6CbS(f6CbS)Adult (m)3,2797420
3stbs(3stbs)Adult (m)3,5474550
vJyHZ(vJyHZ)Adult (m)3,1954660
ssSjq(ssSjq)Adult (m)2,2804950
9nBcY(9nBcY)Adult (f)2,0527090
RuABk(RuABk)Adult (m)3,4094560
YSwkM(YSwkM)Adult (f)3,7854851
kD637(kD637)Adult (f)3,3654570
nMIeo(nMIeo)Adult (m)3,5874971
ggF63(ggF63)Adult (m)2,9864420
VhtxA(VhtxA)Adult (f)2,9594251
ZR96u(ZR96u)Adult (f)3,6774640
bC0x5(bC0x5)Adult (m)4,2064860
hcB1l(hcB1l)Adult (f)3,2214541
0lM6u(0lM6u)Adult (f)3,1335530
wkOfa(wkOfa)Adult (f)2,4796270
amZJH(amZJH)Adult (m)2,5756340
69ya6(69ya6)Adult (f)1,8446020
LxyYX(LxyYX)Adult (f)3,4883942
PESxr(PESxr)Adult (f)3,4484041
qZZRW(qZZRW)Adult (m)5,0493380
xlNrk(xlNrk)Adult (m)2,9634473
oFDvF(oFDvF)Adult (f)4,2974871
m67e4(m67e4)Adult (m)4,3014440
G1G3F(G1G3F)Adult (m)3,8085011
5DNVx(5DNVx)Adult (f)1,9186702
M1A7U(M1A7U)Adult (f)1,9206542
wtmWM(wtmWM)Adult (f)1,9446842
9QIau(9QIau)Adult (f)1,9617240
1aXw5(1aXw5)Adult (f)1,9486461
ilzqI(ilzqI)Adult (f)3,4604410
I08PS(I08PS)Adult (f)3,8264770
LRPGZ(LRPGZ)Adult (f)4,4424460
jNaBU(jNaBU)Adult (m)3,5794261
p23oe(p23oe)Adult (m)2,9454410
tBDSA(tBDSA)Adult (f)4,1964201
Vo8C7(Vo8C7)Adult (m)3,8253971
vMFMP(vMFMP)Adult (m)2,9745070
IJpmH(IJpmH)Adult (f)3,9474840
5LwuS(5LwuS)Adult (m)1,9287160
p4aeQ(p4aeQ)Adult (f)2,9574721
HX9G8(HX9G8)Adult (m)3,6195120
Qfmy2(Qfmy2)Adult (m)2,9784840
lawXk(lawXk)Adult (f)2,8815071
DSPa9(DSPa9)Adult (f)3,9714330
iC6SD(iC6SD)Adult (m)3,8434470
UW6VV(UW6VV)Adult (f)4,5124170
PQ9Vy(PQ9Vy)Adult (m)3,3845491
v6ybr(v6ybr)Adult (f)1,9487170
2PWad(2PWad)Adult (m)2,2207550
FtX8G(FtX8G)Adult (f)2,3098100
Vq98F(Vq98F)Adult (m)3,6084220
8k5pt(8k5pt)Adult (m)4,0974240
S5U2m(S5U2m)Adult (f)3,4283801
VWTrQ(VWTrQ)Adult (f)3,3773990
XbzYF(XbzYF)Adult (f)3,3323990
sQiHz(sQiHz)Adult (m)4,0084031
VrDLT(VrDLT)Adult (m)3,5893890
iLEsn(iLEsn)Adult (f)2,8264800
E9edj(E9edj)Adult (f)3,2174521
pL8Oi(pL8Oi)Adult (m)3,2064531
zcmcI(zcmcI)Adult (m)4,4154400
hPqy7(hPqy7)Adult (m)3,8454770
45EiC(45EiC)Adult (m)4,1094220
AjMFz(AjMFz)Adult (m)2,8984920
YHrVh(YHrVh)Adult (f)3,3424040
N00CB(N00CB)Adult (m)3,2414641
3h5dW(3h5dW)Adult (f)3,7894820
mL7Ze(mL7Ze)Adult (f)3,6614602
5WY9Y(5WY9Y)Adult (f)3,4573891
bEpZ3(bEpZ3)Adult (f)3,3394260
Ks7lM(Ks7lM)Adult (m)3,9904530
WibmG(WibmG)Adult (m)3,5005030
laYNz(laYNz)Adult (f)3,6374222
1MPb1(1MPb1)Adult (m)1,7356090
cVvdIchigo MotchiAdult (m)1,9939718
eSpSKiichigo MotchiAdult (f)3,4489712
keeqGreen Tea MotchiAdult (m)2,3129612
maiOMomo MotchiAdult (f)1,5975843
Av0aVMomo motchi no tamashiiAdult (m)3,1781,1961
HMBQFAzuki Motchi no tamashiiAdult (m)4,0041,6319
q2uKHRingo Motchi no tamashiiAdult (f)2,5116773
i02HNKuro Anko Motchi no tamashiiAdult (f)2,0887870
kKvB7Bourbon Motchi no tamashiiAdult (m)2,9689390
pTMCLPeach Motchi no tamashiiAdult (m)2,7427981
MiURyUme no MotchiAdult (m)2,3648751
ZhTDChiisai motchiHatchling (m, F)2,5814449
vamqV(vamqV)Adult (m)4,6754311
merKe(merKe)Adult (m)4,1494321
3jrl5(3jrl5)Adult (f)3,5865760
mcwKr(mcwKr)Adult (f)3,4494540
MZlMi(MZlMi)Adult (f)3,1194600
iSd4H(iSd4H)Adult (f)3,4244780
Z4dC8(Z4dC8)Adult (m)3,1234460
ALI8T(ALI8T)Adult (f)3,6624480
c02IE(c02IE)Adult (f)2,7284690
eDMVz(eDMVz)Adult (m)3,8984910
cqtuI(cqtuI)Adult (m)2,1227770
KCl6r(KCl6r)Adult (f)2,0157060
5TWrYami TamashiiAdult (f)2,0318923
oE6VDevil's CryAdult (m)2,9101,11615
po2fCiel NoirAdult (m)3,1521,09627
1CZ3Starnight DorkfaceAdult (f)4,4531,0826
3lP8Ludwig van Beethoven IAdult (m)3,81298919
3EAPSenshi no tamashiiAdult (f)2,7319029
SiDEMozart IAdult (m)3,0256057
VN9LDiabolic WaltzAdult (f)2,5157959
B25GDevil MozartAdult (m)1,7766064
74TXDark Being IAdult (m)4,9171,2297
18nMDark Corona no tamashiiAdult (f)2,1168056
TgMLKazuka no tamashiiAdult (f)1,7537464
4qqMtSly Draconia no tamashiiAdult (f)2,41890315
snI37Kitty Hepatica no tamashiiAdult (f)3,5981,3005
lfaWPBlack Knight no tamashiiAdult (m)2,6609353
VvlCgKitty Lover Hepatica no tamashiiAdult (m)2,6098574
TsELjBlack Baroness no tamashiiAdult (f)2,9918281
SdM2PBlack Duchess no tamashiiAdult (f)2,8759334
0Zt5GPure Black no tamashiiAdult (m)3,05299310
6TA7OSweet Black no tamashiiAdult (m)3,0221,0027
7OUQkPure Black II no tamashiiAdult (m)3,0221,0655
6K4EUBlack Lord no tamashiiAdult (m)2,1647904
cF2Z3PB Black III no tamashiiAdult (f)2,8111,0471
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