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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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    You pick up the scroll labeled “Korgster,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
    DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
    UrzY(UrzY)Adult (f)2,64028235
    dAXn(dAXn)Adult (f)2,66127539
    QG98(QG98)Adult (m)2,51630632
    z5uY(z5uY)Adult (f)2,47730134
    OJUQ(OJUQ)Adult (f)2,88133334
    ozh2(ozh2)Adult (f)2,41524745
    YaA9(YaA9)Adult (m)3,77354043
    oi5r(oi5r)Adult (f)4,10159245
    XTfv(XTfv)Adult (f)3,67250540
    dukx(dukx)Adult (m)3,84397123
    iXX2(iXX2)Adult (m)3,80140713
    Ku5X(Ku5X)Adult (m)3,43942026
    Mt3Z(Mt3Z)Adult (f)3,17629812
    bk5S(bk5S)Adult (m)11,0731,27415
    Ehxf(Ehxf)Adult (f)3,68050010
    5Zwm(5Zwm)Adult (f)2,72163436
    6JRU(6JRU)Adult (f)5,27196019
    Jt1t(Jt1t)Adult (f)2,71661221
    94nw(94nw)Adult (f)4,67090615
    okw8(okw8)Adult (m)1,77976112
    9h5z(9h5z)Adult (f)2,6052939
    1QzH(1QzH)Adult (m)2,59932413
    07SJ(07SJ)Adult (f)4,05444411
    5HXy(5HXy)Adult (m)4,23148517
    HBUl(HBUl)Adult (f)3,2901,31024
    QJOM(QJOM)Adult (f)2,1503809
    TIdD(TIdD)Adult (m)2,1163818
    iwjC(iwjC)Adult (m)2,06740113
    LArf(LArf)Adult (f)2,0083737
    nlSg(nlSg)Adult (f)2,5443486
    rW1d(rW1d)Adult (m)2,5683395
    U10Q(U10Q)Adult (f)2,5563394
    rC2D(rC2D)Adult (f)2,4843346
    0M9c(0M9c)Adult (f)1,9223166
    ChOg(ChOg)Adult (f)1,50239714
    s9Wi(s9Wi)Adult (f)1,9013217
    J85b(J85b)Adult (f)2,1703304
    KaoF(KaoF)Adult (m)2,7075352
    OW9e(OW9e)Adult (f)2,8335234
    6Yfe(6Yfe)Adult (m)2,9375429
    qcsr(qcsr)Adult (f)1,8365402
    8nm0(8nm0)Adult (m)2,6143403
    nP2R(nP2R)Adult (m)2,6763291
    9sO8(9sO8)Adult (f)3,0093322
    qJTP(qJTP)Adult (f)3,1113822
    E1rL(E1rL)Adult (m)3,0543733
    cvZj(cvZj)Adult (m)3,2123921
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