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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Kojayo55,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
XuPL4KojayoAdult (m)4,0299051
L17RKI'll name everyone -- eventuallyAdult (f)5,6867705
hQENZI'm Awkward and UnusualAdult (f)6,4347353
UvArb(UvArb)Adult (m)3,9334423
DBSYlGreens AvenueAdult (f)4,3051,0271
KnBIxTrippin' TwinsAdult (m)5,8019833
nolIXMazda Rx-8Adult (f)2,7524263
wgUTUthe cold neva botherd me anywaiAdult (m)5,4709191
oYliWSKCUAKKAdult (f)5,9901,0973
rSzF9Mazda Rx 8Hatchling (F)5853061
b7uHyUgly CrayonsAdult (m)5,7239341
FpAp7Super Duper Crayon PukeAdult (f)6,9971,1471
RrtRRUnwanted CrayonsAdult (f)4,3048464
taQ0J(taQ0J)Adult (m)4,6147961
O3yoC(O3yoC)Adult (f)4,2367970
o3UWZNot A Cute BalloonAdult (f)4,3038443
TvWu1(TvWu1)Adult (m)2,2105563
Zv11FDo You See A Weird NameAdult (f)2,7877026
oKVMbIt's Probably A SongAdult (m)1,8913973
F48huWhy Don't You Google ItAdult (f)4,2741,1063
jbhiqEgocentricalAdult (f)5,0421,2299
OYs72AllocentricalAdult (f)4,3481,1934
JZ4dBA Flair For The DramaticAdult (m)4,7681,1871
7NGWLReason to LoveAdult (m)4,5859143
g2Aq7I Am Everything That's NormalAdult (m)4,9877766
wNLGHWe're Talking About PracticeAdult (f)5,2857981
ScWzvThe Boy Who Could FlyAdult (m)5,1878114
03lvfShe Looks So PerfectAdult (f)3,5449244
sFMspDark Night LegendsAdult (f)4,9101,01117
Znpz1(Znpz1)Adult (m)3,7437442
t35JUBlackest SheepAdult (f)3,3998087
EqRxxhunny why is the baby on fireAdult (m)2,4394881
D3ysAMalevolent SwanAdult (f)2,3014213
5XobjBUY ME MORE JEWELRYYAdult (f)4,3141,1473
xftx11 FootAdult (m)4,7377512
tC8K9My Neighbors Are FreaksAdult (m)4,3569453
9B0KeBottle of CokeAdult (m)7,2231,0056
qCALACalabasasAdult (m)2,8358864
EperBEmpress of EmotionAdult (f)3,6641,1834
NYnyV(NYnyV)Adult (f)2,7422872
bXGFzRatiosAdult (m)1,6505002
QGj0yJoyous DenialAdult (f)6,1289053
8AFl4Prelude 12 21Adult (m)6,2808381
XUqkSIncriminationAdult (m)5,0441,0792
sshhT(sshhT)Adult (f)5,2748424
vO7GoBlue Zebra DragonAdult (f)3,6789011
15kUVFeminist Blue ZebraAdult (m)2,8079802
iOdVWSpace Enough To GrowAdult (m)4,3891,1024
xzZOgScary Kids Scaring KidsAdult (m)4,7381,0174
R73UOBone Palace BalletAdult (f)5,7481,0487
Mf9d2We Came As RomansAdult (f)3,4571,2604
2t0NxMemphis May FireAdult (m)4,4409703
T0MXSBreaking BenjaminAdult (m)4,7121,0333
UGm94Hands Like HousesAdult (f)3,5011,1002
dmsRoThe Amity AfflictionAdult (m)5,4536294
Jid32Rise AgainstAdult (m)4,5031,0276
Ld9PEManchester OrchestraAdult (m)5,7067156
1fEAmThe Early NovemberAdult (f)5,7247078
ntscDDestroy Rebuild Until God ShowsAdult (m)5,0178377
qnxpnWe Are DefianceAdult (f)7,4975474
FSqj7The All American RejectsAdult (f)3,4169663
iLtnbiamsleeplessAdult (f)3,9788483
KDspHArtic MonkeysAdult (m)3,7398974
r15gIThe ExiesAdult (m)4,9906863
lX3PLArtist vs PoetAdult (m)4,3859936
AQGpODialektosAdult (m)1,83249411
M6sHiSwinging From The CastlesAdult (f)6,1131,1284
EhGucSAAIILLAdult (m)6,1487533
gBoD4Sound RemedyAdult (f)6,2971,0005
CddMEEverything Is All About MeAdult (f)5,1649189
OFoPl(OFoPl)Adult (m)5,2771,1135
WM2ttWhimsical NightmaresAdult (f)3,3371,1384
mu6gYHellish DreamsAdult (m)3,2121,1373
rBAnd(rBAnd)Adult (m)4,0901,0586
DTPDXReality TerrorsAdult (m)4,0239451
1IELeSpring RiderAdult (f)5,9671,1952
FUcZTSandpit TurtleAdult (m)5,6758893
GVNY6Plastic Ball PitAdult (m)1,7197224
5TqY9Plastic Fun SlideAdult (m)3,5441,1364
mL8eNMonkey Fun BarsAdult (f)6,1227391
ASc2hHollywood 18Adult (m)3,7208944
XxDjNCarmikeAdult (f)2,6689471
WUjwhMagic RenderingAdult (f)3,7089043
WRUBXMagic DrainAdult (m)2,2051,0131
BHYUeFancy Deli CheeseAdult3,5388134
mHVvSDelicioso QuesoAdult5,9615247
pz9TrCheese BreathAdult4,9909317
k48MuCheesy Mexican FoodAdult4,8988635
scBOVDollar MenuAdult (f)3,7039904
MrL5HMister Christmas ThuwedAdult (m)3,3365306
moaszMoaszAdult (f)3,5758117
SwIzz(SwIzz)Adult (m)3,5796262
DlRKAChristians AwakeAdult (m)2,5374372
KoBAPCherry Tree CarolAdult (m)4,8901,0074
6VaouFestival of BurningAdult (m)4,5039147
p0XkXPeppermint AntlersAdult (m)5,2098743
K9dONPeppermint StockingsAdult (m)5,1519194
wjgtJMythical ReindeerAdult (m)3,6679012
eCEYATrying To Hold Me DownAdult (m)2,3083643
2kODtSix BillionAdult (m)3,4138744
qbwJzPeppermint Pepto BismolAdult (m)2,6007852
GbIMA(GbIMA)Adult (m)3,8347382
SNjvnRocking CarolAdult (f)2,0585063
G6O47Candlelight CarolAdult (f)3,6371,0673
icL6NLeafy DecorationsAdult (f)4,9648649
LVBZrPolar AvalancheAdult (f)5,2268842
eJK8bSad Grey SnowAdult (f)4,9488222
H8WNrCoventry CarolAdult (f)1,8104791
bPapQBells of Saint MaryAdult (f)4,1951,1501
DrOE2Ribbons and BlingAdult (f)4,2509507
u4Iz0Holiday TraditionsAdult (f)5,3398874
cUFnbPurity RibbonsAdult (f)4,4396804
IkoHG(IkoHG)Adult (f)2,5917693
mUPtI(mUPtI)Adult (f)2,4618134
Bia51(Bia51)Adult (f)3,9077392
A9YtjInfant HolyAdult (m)2,1724641
hbfgWInfant LowlyAdult (m)3,9851,2012
e9rNSWinter ProposalAdult (m)5,6989075
TZpaIChristmas NativityAdult (m)5,1488608
GLkkfSapiencyAdult (m)4,80383025
PriSpPrispAdult (m)5,6053944
oYYz4(oYYz4)Adult (m)3,2816344
ssNKd(ssNKd)Adult (m)3,7897392
tPSLTHuron CarolAdult (m)1,8454271
45YZEA Gift of GivingAdult (m)5,4899163
GeKJNChristmas Cookie JarAdult (m)4,3419526
3uZ4TFrightful DecorationsAdult (m)3,5027667
eqQwi(eqQwi)Adult (m)3,6756742
jRdIx(jRdIx)Adult (m)3,0246703
YHTQUSing NoelAdult (f)3,9441,2411
aRoYcCall Off The BellsAdult (f)4,0101,2581
bQ4DbTranslucent CrystalAdult (f)8,4371,37062
FqZIsPrincess of Ice ManaAdult (f)4,61988014
42RWrWinter StrollAdult (f)5,36294810
pYFYZHoly WhispersAdult (f)3,8378733
Wa3dI(Wa3dI)Adult (f)3,9807335
vr1odHopeless OpusAdult (f)3,8138693
4VPKOTempt YouAdult (f)3,75386019
bU1B5Kissing DragonAdult (f)4,0038782
c0RKWBan All The MusicAdult (f)3,83484418
EhlGzChrist CopyrightAdult (f)6,3971,1363
tCXD7Drawing PinsAdult (f)4,5138851
yLcKKMountain At My GatesAdult (f)3,7867251
pgI9Z(pgI9Z)Adult (f)4,0977331
9Jm5IAbominable DragonAdult (m)3,7907632
3NKIU(3NKIU)Adult (m)3,6997232
4BabR(4BabR)Adult (m)3,0546580
snaDy(snaDy)Adult (m)3,0606561
zx9JBA Sponge In The OceanAdult (m)3,3079881
QSxtLShe's Going CoastalAdult (f)6,0098243
MJDaA(MJDaA)Adult (f)5,8251,1684
WfMUA(WfMUA)Adult (m)3,4016024
R39uBThe RevivalAdult (m)3,9789581
IgQjmWhoop Dee DooAdult (m)5,9498688
598r7I've Got Money To BlowAdult (f)5,6431,2723
12J6XFirewordsAdult (f)2,2675171
aAGPuThe Great AwakeningAdult (m)4,1699874
jpxz2of RevelationsAdult (f)5,5087852
v8t8fof GenesisAdult (m)5,0408722
60N9ZThe Robot With Human HairAdult (m)6,1941,3364
09YjECome With Me NowAdult (f)4,4057514
w33YpNatural EpidemicAdult (m)2,2325020
YvUvDWhy The Munsters MatterAdult (m)4,2921,1826
vsIyWHuman DisasterAdult (f)4,9008742
LzybTCupric IonAdult (m)2,9738613
DKbV0Art is IndividualismAdult (f)7,7435352
sYO3PLie Love Live LoveAdult (m)4,8566085
2iwVOBut We Are AliveAdult (f)6,8261,5576
K1GMKHere In Death ValleyAdult (m)4,4241,1042
QmI6JEpic Garden SnakeAdult (m)4,5497005
kuV0NWonderwall of GoldAdult (f)7,9287632
rKplpVictory GardenAdult (m)7,1621,0529
7eL6qCataplexyAdult (f)2,7297383
QXgD6The Holy AvengerAdult (m)3,2264450
28QdmUnder Your HaloAdult (m)4,6031,0972
s0NGz(s0NGz)Adult (f)4,0978009
av6k8I Fear I'm Too Far GoneAdult (f)1,0955292
5Vz2zPray for the DeadAdult (f)5,7308241
tvpOJI am an OceanAdult (m)5,3321,1597
sAnWvI  Am  The  SeaAdult (f)4,2671,1852
6HEwkThere Is A WorldAdult (m)3,4721,2912
FLCNjInside  of  MeAdult (f)3,4638501
Je9D7Lost in the AbyssAdult (m)6,3007515
YC0gcDrowned in the DeepAdult (f)5,6286801
2d6WiNo Set of LungsAdult (m)3,4009313
BXiBMCould Salvage MeAdult (f)4,3487902
YoEuEThere is a HellAdult (m)5,7667163
cIWEZBelieve Me I've Seen ItAdult (f)4,2098502
wMgmsThere Is A HeavenAdult (m)6,0436080
ci29ALet's Keep It A SecretAdult (f)4,2208331
4NjHhThere Is A Hell Believe Me I'veAdult (m)6,3956953
RvkqcSeen It There Is A Heaven Let'sAdult (f)4,3739450
aPcmhKeep  It  A  SecretAdult (f)5,0417635
l3FUbBABY I'M YOUR MANHatchling (m, F)4,5027413
BqkDVI'm An Aunt TodayAdult (m)3,8979521
Vx3bU(Vx3bU)Adult (f)6,8378918
8thyk(8thyk)Adult (f)5,8731,0676
gHfNB(gHfNB)Adult (m)6,4609701
hfrtkFiend of the NightAdult (f)4,0195362
2B00M(2B00M)Adult (m)4,0381,2094
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