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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Ko6ka_,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
vkeWMor'adel Blue FelisAdult (f)1,62860615
F93dKomodo Khatoo FelisAdult (m)2,27653118
4ZjvBlue Morisake Dragon FelisAdult (f)4,2011,1126
LmhCTBlue Kiyoshi Dragon FelisAdult (m)3,3818983
7HrBABlue Hiroshi Dragon FelisAdult (m)3,1848613
sMI8t(sMI8t)Adult (m)3,3547441
8NjdU(8NjdU)Adult (f)3,7088991
hlYQ4(hlYQ4)Adult (f)2,9126971
5uZCg(5uZCg)Adult (m)3,0971,0432
pihKI(pihKI)Adult (f)2,1527710
MJWtv(MJWtv)Adult (m)2,4828910
AjfQo(AjfQo)Adult (f)2,5028681
EV1TE(EV1TE)Adult (m)3,6141,1014
4AYel(4AYel)Adult (f)1,7226570
62QKu(62QKu)Adult (m)2,8346782
58HEi(58HEi)Adult (f)4,4731,1701
VH2Fb(VH2Fb)Adult (f)5,2381,1275
kgXLZ(kgXLZ)Adult (m)6,5297641
cy3zKAoira Kirkton FelisAdult (f)5,9419223
j4AbMOokamiRyuu's Release FelisAdult (m)6,3739054
GSR8y(GSR8y)Adult (m)4,6597353
iQeofKimonji Morisake FelisHatchling (F)2,6487102
av6CiSometimes FelisHatchling (m, F)5,3228344
FcRdZ(FcRdZ)Adult (m)3,5751,1011
GLdjn(GLdjn)Adult (f)3,2081,0522
TkZDv(TkZDv)Adult (f)2,9751,0000
mMmxL(mMmxL)Adult (m)2,6428373
Vd38s(Vd38s)Adult (m)2,8639942
X5xPk(X5xPk)Adult (m)3,9199561
moVTe(moVTe)Adult (f)4,0429874
cgAeA(cgAeA)Adult (f)3,9769687
9WdwJ(9WdwJ)Adult (m)1,9326871
8ulvI(8ulvI)Adult (m)2,1047432
t2ySa(t2ySa)Adult (f)4,3929381
DQbIX(DQbIX)Adult (m)5,1201,0300
HRkQM(HRkQM)Adult (f)5,3039171
GZ8JD(GZ8JD)Adult (f)7,4129161
Fzbrm(Fzbrm)Adult (m)4,5661,0161
IBvrH(IBvrH)Adult (f)5,8319984
pJbL2(pJbL2)Adult (m)4,3119671
Pz8Vw(Pz8Vw)Adult (f)3,3987051
G9Bhy(G9Bhy)Adult (m)3,1861,0502
BMVQt(BMVQt)Adult (f)2,9021,0241
O4Bbs(O4Bbs)Adult (m)4,8309563
WRJb2(WRJb2)Adult (f)3,8431,1564
ucOnk(ucOnk)Adult (m)3,7901,1713
qeMzV(qeMzV)Adult (f)4,0131,1861
FhOwR(FhOwR)Adult (m)2,1826290
l8HEm(l8HEm)Adult (f)4,3598273
6yorQ(6yorQ)Adult (f)4,7769411
sV3PW(sV3PW)Adult (f)5,3581,0931
ectRR(ectRR)Adult (m)5,0998223
rqyCr(rqyCr)Adult (f)7,3637923
7vCfw(7vCfw)Adult (f)6,8586702
NuDX1(NuDX1)Adult (m)3,1654484
WmsNA(WmsNA)Adult (m)3,9495060
vFEze(vFEze)Adult (m)3,9447972
pdVJgStark FelisAdult (m)4,3701,0833
YpRHsTetsujin FelisAdult (m)3,7331,0155
hFgBcIronman FelisAdult (f)5,9029976
MdlrP(MdlrP)Adult (f)5,2537753
YzEfO(YzEfO)Adult (m)5,5327854
nNCkK(nNCkK)Adult (f)4,8048505
Kx32B(Kx32B)Adult (m)5,9811,0482
52scY(52scY)Adult (f)8,3309885
m4U3qMaq FelisAdult (m)6,9941,1532
Z6ksfZoshkos FelisAdult (f)5,9961,1004
TbILG(TbILG)Adult (m)7,2769090
XoKa5Hoka Kurosaki FelisAdult (f)3,70077816
2BF5uTonny FelisAdult (f)5,9521,0024
YryWdWild Yory FelisAdult (m)4,1248632
YBxP2(YBxP2)Adult (f)2,5848866
g1lbN(g1lbN)Adult (f)6,9461,2893
uPmqx(uPmqx)Adult (m)4,6119983
42Uuy(42Uuy)Adult (f)4,0867386
2hQqM(2hQqM)Adult (f)4,3219792
z7MAj(z7MAj)Adult (m)4,2849682
xrt1U(xrt1U)Adult (m)4,3919781
tbI6r(tbI6r)Adult (f)4,4519872
NnHbl(NnHbl)Adult (m)4,3369381
iRLmT(iRLmT)Adult (m)4,8468211
nFBKH(nFBKH)Adult (m)4,7408261
QvahK(QvahK)Adult (f)4,7177991
YuZCk(YuZCk)Adult (f)3,7338183
xQx6g(xQx6g)Adult (f)4,4028910
LomG5(LomG5)Adult (m)4,8528391
Y7cGB(Y7cGB)Adult (f)4,8048461
GUPGX(GUPGX)Adult (f)4,7438441
GPZG3(GPZG3)Adult (m)4,4108051
XXyc5(XXyc5)Adult (f)4,7577970
AjTZt(AjTZt)Adult (f)4,7178081
e6rTv(e6rTv)Adult (f)4,2438211
gmWUe(gmWUe)Adult (m)4,5657782
mYVPy(mYVPy)Adult (f)4,2808210
JmigQ(JmigQ)Adult (f)3,9007742
3DfOK(3DfOK)Adult (f)3,8098901
29eEX(29eEX)Adult (m)6,4951,1110
aEKhu(aEKhu)Adult (m)6,4451,0780
3LsIw(3LsIw)Adult (m)3,3608520
4mv5j(4mv5j)Adult (m)4,1425143
cJXGT(cJXGT)Adult (f)4,7167472
Es5Z1(Es5Z1)Adult (m)4,3419004
tcmi8(tcmi8)Adult (m)2,3768013
PGJamJam FelisAdult (m)2,3796312
5QX9WSkiey FelisAdult (m)2,4636593
HjWjE(HjWjE)Adult (m)2,6336860
hsHPe(hsHPe)Adult (f)2,7286631
eFAF9(eFAF9)Adult (m)2,6346720
qXT6LLotta FelisAdult (f)2,4106331
sbnaYYanbi FelisAdult (f)2,4866622
FGFbV(FGFbV)Adult (m)2,6106710
jiH6OJin FelisAdult (f)2,6666481
2W6EYWeby FelisAdult (f)2,5156472
ABlfK(ABlfK)Adult (m)2,4916521
PRksi(PRksi)Adult (f)2,7047050
n55Qp(n55Qp)Adult (m)2,4906490
pTVpg(pTVpg)Adult (m)2,5796590
Iqxur(Iqxur)Adult (f)2,6886751
wwmg1(wwmg1)Adult (m)2,5426750
yVxjQ(yVxjQ)Adult (f)2,3668291
KdFZR(KdFZR)Adult (m)2,4158270
cAgML(cAgML)Adult (m)4,0888431
goqdZ(goqdZ)Adult (f)3,5759071
8vSe9(8vSe9)Adult (m)3,5569091
WRnku(WRnku)Adult (m)3,5728850
4y3wx(4y3wx)Adult (m)3,8548672
wqBUz(wqBUz)Adult (f)4,0068750
PN4Zx(PN4Zx)Adult (m)3,9518550
DgrVV(DgrVV)Adult (f)3,7888500
uiZpJ(uiZpJ)Adult (f)3,6758571
IEJ9e(IEJ9e)Adult (m)3,8658821
LvCTw(LvCTw)Adult (f)3,7988520
IOQuU(IOQuU)Adult (m)3,7888550
NpyYd(NpyYd)Adult (f)3,8038593
ZzGUP(ZzGUP)Adult (m)3,7728311
uJIjq(uJIjq)Adult (m)3,9608432
hWooM(hWooM)Adult (m)4,1078390
uI2gB(uI2gB)Adult (f)3,1598751
yye6n(yye6n)Adult (m)3,1859000
JU4si(JU4si)Adult (m)4,1658311
BpONq(BpONq)Adult (f)3,4708851
MsitA(MsitA)Adult (m)3,2098061
zz4r4(zz4r4)Adult (f)2,6048701
msYSv(msYSv)Adult (f)2,8215470
EpsNy(EpsNy)Adult (m)4,0508080
tHECt(tHECt)Adult (f)3,5368490
ScqXJ(ScqXJ)Adult (f)2,7905308
6WPD1UPD FelisAdult (f)3,2984795
bSBYCBS Bike FelisAdult (f)3,0984904
MyHV3My Heaven FelisAdult (f)3,2315217
QLkXXLuk FelisAdult (f)4,1789052
bpT8i(bpT8i)Adult (f)5,5778892
Y5luk(Y5luk)Adult (f)4,4236550
W5XLULu Rainfur FelisAdult (f)3,6407643
0SaXtOsa FelisAdult (m)3,6554422
f4WCz(f4WCz)Adult (f)3,6686643
xpib6(xpib6)Adult (m)3,6656222
Nos26(Nos26)Adult (m)3,7596312
00kFy(00kFy)Adult (m)3,6806062
U6wBO(U6wBO)Adult (f)3,3977703
QUMvV(QUMvV)Adult (f)3,5778141
aO6l7(aO6l7)Adult (m)3,5178101
LMIxq(LMIxq)Adult (f)4,2005112
zYlEO(zYlEO)Adult (m)6,6269532
2eFDI(2eFDI)Adult (f)5,5229242
qFBCm(qFBCm)Hatchling (m, F)4,0866563
NiClFauxnix FelisAdult (f)2,44957417
plHjQ(plHjQ)Adult (f)3,3227603
pWDcP(pWDcP)Adult (m)3,6567215
cGMsR(cGMsR)Adult (f)3,0337004
cSCZ4(cSCZ4)Adult (m)3,5039241
AJocN(AJocN)Adult (m)3,0388311
n7RDc(n7RDc)Adult (f)2,8949512
eLa2v(eLa2v)Adult (m)2,9128991
LrNAg(LrNAg)Adult (m)3,0051,0301
K1SRR(K1SRR)Adult (f)1,9007701
KS6r1(KS6r1)Adult (m)2,4519162
g60sq(g60sq)Adult (f)3,4496632
4MdbM(4MdbM)Adult (f)3,5625386
8vZas(8vZas)Adult (m)5,1371,1221
2iq67(2iq67)Adult (f)6,4578523
CGd2V(CGd2V)Adult (f)6,3578592
4SLln(4SLln)Adult (f)7,1928571
w8U7v(w8U7v)Adult (f)6,9029351
53FXp(53FXp)Adult (m)6,2099720
Uhdc0(Uhdc0)Adult (f)6,1961,5812
sBsQY(sBsQY)Adult (f)4,8148903
n5ZEV(n5ZEV)Adult (f)3,1194780
eH06B(eH06B)Adult (f)4,6894011
GZJOU(GZJOU)Adult (m)3,3068260
bqOk8(bqOk8)Adult (m)4,1458401
xmtIA(xmtIA)Adult (f)4,3659722
kaewJKaef Faii FelisAdult (m)2,9586092
gz7sPPogzz FelisAdult (f)4,4478020
CvKS1(CvKS1)Adult (f)5,8871,0190
ofD76Dof FelisAdult (f)3,7977362
fceDkAlbino Masaru Dragon FelisHatchling (m, F)2,5396882
emagW(emagW)Adult (f)5,6479026
g5Y60(g5Y60)Adult (m)5,4959152
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